'Tropico 5' Announced for PlayStation 4


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As hyped as it was, SimCity ended up disappointing nearly everyone. The game's small city sizes required players to engage in multiplayer or build multiple cities rather than create the large, complex cities fans of the genre enjoy. Though small, the mechanics within cities were also odd, with pathing issues causing traffic jams or ineffectual fire brigades. Add to this the always-online DRM built into the game (which caused the launch fiasco) and it's unclear who exactly the game was made for.

For fans of city-building games, however, there is hope. Kalypso Media today officially announced that Tropico 5 will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

Tropico 5 is the latest island-nation simulator from Kalypso, putting players in the shoes of "El Presidente" the multi-generational leader of Tropico. Much like other city-building games, players will have to build up their island's infrastructure all while dealing with natural and man-made challenges and attempting to govern an ever-increasing population of citizens. The new game also adds co-op and competitive multiplayer modes (not mandatory) for up to four players.

“We are delighted to be able to work with Sony to bring Tropico 5 to PlayStation 4 and enter the next-generation market.” said Andrew Johnson, managing director for Kalypso UK. “The PlayStation 4 version of Tropico 5 will expand the Tropico brand to the new generation hardware and to a new generation of gamers."

Kalypso has not announced a release date for the PlayStation 4 version of Tropico, but says that one will be announced "in due course." The PC version of the game is currently set for release sometime during 2014.