Tribler Aims To Circumvent Anti-Piracy Efforts

    February 8, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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The ongoing battle over legislation like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA has focused on blocking access to sites like The Pirate Bay and others that provide centralized access to torrent files for users who want to download content. In the midst of all this sturm und drang, however, the makers of one torrent client have been quietly working to make such torrent discovery sites obsolete.

Tribler is a torrent client that’s been around awhile – it’s currently up to version 5.5. Unlike other clients that require you to obtain .torrent files from the internet and then use the torrent client to open them, Tribler operates on a purely peer-to-peer basis. That is, instead of searching The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, BTJunkie, or one of the other myriad torrent sites, Tribler’s search box brings you results taken directly from peers who have the files you’re looking for available to download. That means that search for and downloading a torrent file is completely decentralized. That in turn means no domains to seize and no websites to shut down, which makes laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA even less likely to have any real impact on piracy than they already were.

Tribler is open source, and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

[Hat Tip: TorrentFreak]
  • Austin Hoffman

    true it can never been shutdown but thats really OLD technology, server-level file hosting was the SUCCESSOR ot bit-torrent/kazaa/lime-wire…etc…etc which without seeds tend to be very slow or even non-functional….free file hosting on the other hand…fast, and always available (unless the FBI shuts it down ofcours, lol)

    anyway, my fav:

    …hotlinkz baby 8)

    • Papa smurf

      Yes, I totaly agree with you.
      Indeed, I’ve been using Emule (in Kad mode) for something like 8 years now (yes I’ve never stopped to use it on top of bittorent, DL and even Newsgroups), and it works the same way (no central server, an integrated search feature, etc) as this “new” product.
      This is true that it cannot be stopped by server disconnection by the police, BUT, as it is done in my country, the police can use altered versions of Emule to create “honey traps” and collect IP address of users who try to download the stuff they share on those machines… and than users are procecuted !
      So, this is not a totally safe solution… unless you add to than a good VPN of course… but then the download speed sucks.

      Anyway, it’s good to see that people continue to search ways to continue to allow file sharing.

      • Hmm

        If the law enforcement officials are distributing copyrighted material without permission then they are breaking the law. If they are not distributing copyrighted material then no law is being broken if I try to download it.

        • Hmm

          I forgot to add, if they are distributing copyrighted material WITH permission, then the copyright owner has consented that the material be distributed to me. Hence I have the permission of the copyright holder to download, and no law is being broken.

          Honey pots like this would be entrapment.

  • evolvtyon

    Not trying to underminurate this program but I was there when kazaa was all there was, and it was nasty. same with emule over the years. I’ve already tested and immediatly felt the hazardous of the past. If something really is set to save BitTorrent it will be actions like Piratebay is undergoing right now adopting the Magnet link and great clients like utorrent and such.

    Sharing types like soulseek, kazaa, limewire and even this where supposed to be dead a long time ago. Pherhaps it’s time they say goodbye for good and let the fufure take it’s course.