Trent Reznor Slams Grammy's, Tweets "F--K YOU" To CBS


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Singer-songwriter Trent Reznor performed at the prestigious Grammy Awards for the first time on Sunday, Jan. 26.

Reznor was slated to close the big award event in an all-star, stellar collaboration with Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl on drums, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham.

They opened their set with the Nine Inch Nails hit "Copy of A."

Unfortunately, the biggest night in the music industry definitely didn't go according to plan for the former NIN front-man.

Although they did perform, the CBS network snubbed the full performance and cut it short.

When the rock-star quartet moved on to their second number, which was QOTSA's "My God Is the Sun," the performance was axed as the closing credits started rolling.

While it's been noted that Reznor's anger problems have improved over the years, the 48-year-old industrial rocker still has his moments where he goes from '0-60' in matter of seconds.

This time was definitely one of those moments, because shortly after the Grammy's Reznor took to Twitter to share his disdain of the network's executive order by bashing the big event.

It's quite obvious that he was angry about it, but its also probably safe to say he was a little disappointed, as he held the performance to such high regards just days prior. On Thurs. Jan 23, he tweeted confirming that they'd be taking the stage for their first-ever Grammy telecast performance.

While his actions are shocking, its not too surprising as this isn't the first time he's bashed the Grammy's. According to the Hollywood Reporter, back in December 2011, the controversial vocalist - who a Best Original Score Oscar earlier that year for the Facebook film The Social Network - shared that he didn't even know where his previous two Grammy awards were.

He also shared why he feels the Grammy's don't matter. "Why don’t the Grammys matter? Because it feels rigged and cheap," he said in the 2011 interview. "Like a popularity contest that the insiders club has decided."

Image via Facebook | Nine Inch Nails