Trayvon Martin is Added to Church’s Nativity Scene

    December 30, 2013
    Erika Watts
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A church out of California has stirred the pot with their controversial Nativity scene. The Nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist Church includes Joseph and Mary, but Jesus is nowhere to be found. Instead of including Jesus in the scene, the artist that designed the scene decided to use a bleeding Trayvon Martin. Many people are furious with the altered Nativity scene, calling it “blasphemous,” among other things.

Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in February 2012. Zimmerman was eventually charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. The high-profile case ended in July 2013 with Zimmerman being found not guilty, a verdict that left many outraged. Since his death, Martin has become a symbol for race relations and gun violence in the U.S., which influenced artist John Zachary’s decision to include Martin in the scene.

The controversial scene shows a hoodie-wearing Trayvon Martin hunched over with blood spilling out of his chest. The blood spills over to the front of the Nativity scene where the phrase, “A Child is Born, a Son is Given” is written.

Check out images of the Trayvon Martin Nativity scene below.

Zachary, the Nativity scene designer, insists he wasn’t trying to make a religious statement with his inclusion of Martin. Instead, Zachary says he is trying to send a message about gun violence. “My feeling about it is that we have so many guns in our country and there are so many killings and it’s unique to our children. And I think that people still need to talk about it in a reasonable manner until there’s something done about it,” Zachary said.

The artist also said that he hopes that, like Jesus, Martin will be seen as a symbol of hope. “He was, in my view, an innocent child like the innocent children killed by King Herod,” Zachary said. “I think the Nativity has to be relevant to our time. I think Jesus is a symbol of hope and I think he has to be seen in today’s context.”

As you can see from the Twitter posts below, some people don’t think that using Trayvon Martin in the Nativity scene was remotely appropriate.

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  • http://webpronews.com Carol

    That is just wrong. Jesus is who he is and to replace him to get attention pertaining to Trayvon is just wrong. Shame on whose ever idea it was.

    • Tom

      The kid was murdered but this is soooooo bad.

      • John Bauer

        Trayvon was not “murdered”. He was killed because he attempted to kill Zimmerman.

        • Dan

          He was murdered. How could an unarmed teenager attempt to kill an armed man. You live in Florida right John

          • john

            You only wish Trayvon Martin was murdered.
            Why did he attack an armed stranger? Duh.

          • Ted

            This is so wrong in so any ways. Trayvon doesn’t belong in that scene! That’s ONLY for the Baby Jesus. It’s sad Trayvon died like he did but it was his fault. Not Jesus.

          • WG

            Just because someone isn’t armed, doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Look up the Julius Johnson story in Reading, PA. It happened not that long before Trayvon Martin.

          • Duke

            Why are people trying to glorify a kid that was expelled from 2 schools in the Miami area because of his involvement with DRUGS? Putting Martin in the nativity scene is disgusting and an insult to Jesus!!!!

      • Todd carson

        It is a terrible thing but Trayvon was killed assaulting a man. This was found to be the case in a court of law.

        • Dave Hanson

          You fools…these “want-to-be” gangsters play their “knock out game” until they misjudge their target, and then have to pay the price. Long live Zimmerman.

      • Doc

        he was a gangbanger that got what he deserved. period.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Jirah

    I think that this was a REALLY bad idea. Of course what happened to Treyvon was a terrible thing, but Christmas for me, and to a lot of people is all about Jesus Christs’ birth. Not Treyvon, nor about his death. This has absolutely nothing to do with whatsoever!

  • Kelly

    Really!!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!!???? Disgusting!!!


    wow.. this bull crap never ceases to amaze me..
    an effigy for a drugged out thug who deserved to get shot…
    what else wont the culture of entitlement try for socialist propaganda

    • http://exodusklan.com Matthew

      we all know trayvon didnt die for our sins but damn people can yall really look pass the dumb shit and look at the bigger picture stupid ass people i hate when people make stupid comments like everybody that made one about this probably half yall mother**** don’t even go to church but everybody got an opinion **** yall!!!

      • http://Mattsucks matthew is a douche

        Now, now, Matthew, that punk thug got what he deserved…it would be great if all the scumbags like Trayvon (and probably you) would just wipe themselves wiped out in a big gun battle (look at Chicago for instance) and rid this country of scum that we don’t have the time or the money for. It makes me so happy when douchebag parasite losers like T-Mart reap what they sow. Hey Matt, F you, and F the other punk thugs that get turn into crybabies and want to get the justice system involved once they’ve been put in their place after trying to act all tough and get called out.

        SUCK IT.

        Now go to bed Matty-poo, because your mommy has to get up early tomorrow to go to work in order to support you….since you’re probably still living in her basement.

        • manny

          well said…reap what you sew….At the end of the day where were his parents..his guidance..his role models if not at home.there is people and places that wanna help you just gotta want it

      • appalled

        We are looking at the bigger picture. Christmas is about Jesus not some drugging thug. If you want to make a point don’t mess with a sacred symbol and replace Jesus with a thug. Trayvon is dead and gone.

        Justice was served, maybe not the way you or lots of other minorities wanted, but the man who was accused of the crime was tried and found not guilty. That does not give any church the right to desecrate a sacred symbol of Christmas with their disgusting propaganda.

        The black race needs to stop making excuses, holding stupid candlelight vigils, and burying their heads in the sand about what is happening to their race, because of the high rate of women having babies by multiple fathers who are nothing but sperm donors, black men killing each other daily, and the high crime rate among young black men. They need to start acknowledging the problems so they can be fixed, instead of blaming a man for the killing of one teenager. Black men are killing each other on an unprecedented scale daily and yet your race chooses to make an example of one lone teenager who was shot and killed by a half Mexican, half white man defending himself? How sorry is that?

      • John

        Matthew, you’re too ignorant….how can you compare Jesus to that African American boy??? really??? This is wrong on every level!!! SO sad to see ignorant people defend this “nativity scene”….

      • Doc

        maybe if he was in church instead of out stealing this wouldn’t have happened. maybe if his mother knew where he was. maybe if he wasn’t a gangbanger.

    • T.J.

      I do not agree with what the Church did, but your comment equate what they did….freak sad. There are those folks who deserve to severe punishment, and in the manner in which it took place was not called for. I would love to be able to say, yeah , that person deserved to die if it was one of your relatives..lol, I wonder how would your ignorant ass reply then. What a bad decision that Church made, and what a bad decision your parents (brother and sister) did by making you (inbreed)

      • Theresa Marsh-Ennis

        Not 1 riot broke out when OJ Simpson got off scott-free for killing 2 white people and yet George Zimmerman stood trial and was also found NOT GUILTY, difference is white people accepted the verdict and let it go, black people & black communities protested & continue to portray Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim… This nativity scene is just another way for blacks to continue playing the VICTIMS !! !! !!

        • Raven

          The difference is, he was a teenager regardless of whatever his lifestyle was. Besides George Zimmerman was just in trouble not to long ago for threatening his girlfriend..I bet if he would’ve killed her too or someone else y’all wouldn’t be defending him then! Which he probably will end up doing anyway in the future.

          • JT

            Thank you, it’s about time somebody said it. None of them defend him or come around when he’s in trouble for assaulting one of their own. Like you said which WILL happen again.

          • Doc

            this reminds me of the ike and tina situation…you know…where a black man is out of control…oh…you don’t like that?

      • Frank Burns

        Do you speak or write any English?

    • Lambyboo

      Your kind of thinking is exactly why the road to the Trayvon Martin killing truth will come out because those involved, connected, responsible and related will never be able to rest unbtil it does. Even thought its already clear this boy was killed for absolutely nothing. The world aint gonna rest over this one, you can bet on that.

    • Gilletha Williams

      First of all Mondo! Treyvon was not a thugged out drug addict fool, he was minding his own business walking in his own neighborhood and not carrying a weapon, get your facts straight!

      • chris

        Gilletha he was a thug wanna be taking pictures with guns, getting kicked out of school for being caught with stolen property, and he had pictures of a pot plant in his room. So yea he was a degenerate hoodlum who attacked a man and tried to kill him and died because of it.

        • Melvin

          All the attributes you have attached to Trayvon, had nothing to do with someone suspecting him of a crime and despite advice from 911 dispatcher decided to take the law into his own hands and pursue this teen. The artist’s vision lead him to make this depiction and only he can explain the meaning. The point is that this murder left a imprint on this artist heart as it did many others in the world.

      • http://Mattsucks Gilletha is a douche


        Did you see any of the pics of the victim (by the way, T-Mart was not the victim in this case you imbecile)….Gilletha (what kind of trash name is that anyway???) you are an uninformed racist loser who is only concerned about the scumbag parasites of our country that will never contribute anything positive only because of their skin color (thankfully T-Mart won’t be contributing anything anymore). If T-Mart was white you’d probably be all happy that he was killed. What you don’t understand is that it has nothing to do with skin color, it’s all about how you present yourself in public….T-Mart was a thug, he walked around acting tough, he talked smack to the wrong guy, then physically attacked him, and then got what he deserved….so, the take away from all this is that these punk thugs get what they deserve.

        That’s life.

        Deal with it.

      • Ken

        What? Really?

      • Duke

        What Kool-Aid have you been drinkin?

    • kenneth

      I like the way that they show travon as a twelve year old boy, when in fact he was a seventeen year old tattooed man with hate in his heart. He got what was coming to him.

      • no of your business

        It is amazing to me that everyone is talking about Trayvon as if they knew him. The information that everyone is repeating is stuff that got from the news and everyone knows the news tells the truth. Why is it that people are so quick to judge but no one is talking about the crimes that Zimmerman has and does commit but because he is not african american he gets a pass. It must be great to get a pass on everything and being able to make excuses for what they do. I guess that is how it works in white america.

        • Lisa

          It is so obvious that the majority of these comments are from bigoted white people. Black, White, Red, Yellow, a person is a person and should not be murdered. If it was their family member would not be so harsh.

    • Bobby

      I heard our Lord and savior Trayvon could turn water into “Purple Drank”.

  • Marz

    That is pathetic way of trying to get some attention.
    That guy didn’t die for my sins, Jesus did.
    Sooo wrong!!!!

  • Matthew

    I sat here for a couple minutes with my mouth open until the outrage set in. Of all religious institutions, the nativity scene should never be tampered with or altered to reflect any modern-day occurrence. There is absolutely no connection between the two scenarios. The nativity scene is a sign of birth, hope, new beginnings and spirituality. Now it just looks like carnage. Totally unacceptable and everyone involved with this should be ashamed.

  • Cahil Quirk

    I will repeat my previous comments. You weren’t there, you do not know what happeed or what you would have done. Let’s address racism. The “LEADERS” try to stir it up all the time. I will sit down and discuss how racism is acceptable from black people by our society with whomever would like to challenge me. If a caucasion person says BLACK they are attacked for being “insensative”.
    That being said, this is one of the more absurd things I have ever seen. SHUT UP YOU IGNORANT RACIST PEOPLE

    • Rob

      I don’t think you’re smart enough to coherently debate the subject of racism because neither you nor 95% of the population can even correctly define racism. Racism by definition is the idea that one race is “biologically superior” to another race, that is to say that a black person, for example, could never be as intelligent as a white person simply by virtue of the fact that he or she is black. It seems that everyone thinks it’s fine to substitute the word “racism” when what they really mean is bigotry. But then the word bigotry doesn’t have the visceral impact of the word racism, so people will use racism, but do so incorrectly. The problem with this is ultimately you lose the impact of the word and eventually you call someone a racist and it has no meaning at all. You will have equated someone who has a general dislike of black people due to the urban thug culture to a grand dragon of the KKK who is just fine with lynching blacks just because they are black.

  • steve

    Who ever did this Nativity did it for attention. They dont care about Christianity or that Martin boy. It’s all about publicity and seeing about maybe making a few bucks on the side later. What a lame idea..smh

  • What?

    Really? I don’t like George Zimmerman. He is a nut. I will say this a thousand times. Anyone who is in a neighborhood watch person looking for trouble, anyone setting people up, or any entrapping another human being is a crazy person. In fact, I believe they are agents of the devil because really what they are doing is creating bad circumstances by tempting people. I knew a woman once, who used to set up men on the internet. This woman was literally crazy and she had a criminal background. I am convinced many innocent men went to prison because of her craziness. I know she didn’t turn over all the stuff she was doing and saying to the men. She simply lied a lot. She was crazy. Trayvon died because of George’s craziness.


    Trayvon Martin was not a “child”. He wasn’t that little innocent boy that they showed so often. He was a full grown man. I grow so tired of hearing that teenagers are children. What do we see in the news every day? We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race, now we have teenagers stabbing over race and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid use is rampant at high schools. Teenagers are as big as adults and are doing everything adults are doing. The reality is that our teenagers are not children. They completely know what they are doing and they should be held responsible for their own choices. Why do you think things are not getting better? It is simply because teenagers are never held responsible for anything.

    The whole situation was unfortunate. On one side, we have a crazy man stalking people and looking for trouble. On the other side, we have a fully grown man that did display a tendency to want to a be a gang member. Gang members are not people you want to be around. Some are decent and trapped in the lifestyle, but the vast majority are horrible people. Go to the prisons. 95% of the prison violence is done by the gangs. Not the murderers, not the rapists, not the domestic violence person, not the druggie, not the sex offender. It is the gang member. They rape, rob, steal, stab, fight, and kill in prisons. It is a mentality.

    I believe both are at fault. Two morons unfortunately met one day. Although, if dumbass Zimmerman would have just minded his own business nothing would have happened. So, really I put more blame on him. However, Trayvon Martin is not Jesus Christ. In fact, I would imagine Jesus Christ is wondering how can he save both George and Tayvon. That is what we forget in society. We tend to look at one person as good and one as bad. What Christ knew is that no one is good. No one. Including himself. We all need his mercy. All of us. Frankly, all of us are to blame for the violence in the world. We all are complicit in some way to the violence. Either we don’t help, we aren’t kind, we don’t care, we think we are better than other people. There is a thousand ways to be guilty of something.

    • T.J.

      What?, I agree with some of the things you have stated in your reply, however, Treyvon was someones child, anyway we put it, he was. He was a teenager, yes and he much like many other teenagers had his fair share of growing up and troubles. However, parents some always puts their child up high when certain circumstances take place like that case, knowing better. He did not deserve to die the way he did despite his past, and to be honest it does not matter if he was a bad child, good, any race limbo, he was not a grown man like the grown man that killed him for no reason. As for the killer, yes I agree he is a more than a nut case but a dangerous killer, and rather gun happy in the worst way, and there are many young man before and after the case with Treyvon Martin who have killed innocent people, despite their back ground as a teenager growing into a young man, it is what took place once they committed the crime. In order to be a full grown man, Treyvon had to have grown into a full young man, never made. Perhaps had he lived, he might have been a juvenile delinquent or on the other side of the law, who is to say……he is not.

      • @T.J.

        Oh….I agree with you. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Martin deserved to die. I am just saying when you have two people that may be messed up and they meet under a bad circumstance…. well bad things happen.

        I have seen many altercations in my life and in just about every one of them, both people were at fault. The only cases were with the gangs. Gangs will attack innocent people in a heart beat. But in most 1 on 1 situations often EGO gets people killed.

        Somehow I think both George and Trayvon both had EGO problems and it got Trayvon killed.

        • T.J.

          I agree that both had ego issues, and the thing is Zimmerman has been displaying his since that verdict. It takes two, in most cases…I agree

      • Rob

        Mm-hm and had Trayvon followed through on his threat to Zimmerman, “you gonna die tonight motherf*****” what then? He could certainly kill someone like a full grown man couldn’t he? Would he have been charged as an adult? You bet! I’m so sick of hearing how Trayvon was just a troubled young kid. Luck of the draw that Zimmerman wasn’t the one bleeding out on the ground. Had Trayvon been able to grab his gun, the story would be about how some black man killed a neighborhood watch guy. But it wouldn’t be much of a story would it? Black guy kills white guy, not news. White guy kills black guy, now that’s news because Lord knows the press loves a story where they can fan the flames of racial hatred. I don’t know why we can’t get that through our heads. This isn’t a story about some white guy on a crusade against blacks, this is the press playing us. They manipulate us like marionettes and we just go along with it, and they rake in the bucks because they keep us glued to the sets with their sordid tales.

        • @Rob

          Just like the person said. Two messed up people met. Things got ugly. I too have seen many fights. That is pretty much how it happens in all of them. Two hot heads get together. Most of the time there is someone there to break it up and be a peacemaker. On that night, there was no one and someone died.

        • T.J.

          Rob to be honest with your “mm-hm” we do not know exactly what was said to be honest because I personally feel some of what actually took place was altered, hell I could be wrong. The only thing we all know for sure someone died because someone killed him, he did not have a weapon (Treyvon), point blank. Despite who said what from I gonna get you sucka, your gonna die, it does not mean a damn thing. What is very much evident is what is visible and that is what we all have who was not there, “how about that” Mm-hm”…lol. Unless you were there and you witnessed every single thing that was said, then yes…mm-hm, you knew it all, but I doubt you did. I know I do not know what really took place and time was given to Zimmerman to um well ya know get his story to together, hell it would have been helpful if Treyvon could have at least shown up for the trial..oh my bad..he had a prior engagement….he is dead. This trial was not to determine if Treyvon was a good kid or not growing up, what he did on his face book or what Zimmerman and his wife cooked that night. That case related to the fatal incident at hand…..despite what might have been said………….

  • Chris

    I think the artist was just being artistic. Some of you hypocrites need to relax. The mass majority doesn’t celebrate Christmas the way it was intended in the first place. May the memory of Christ & Trayvon live on.

    • Miss Sniff

      The nativity scene IS a symbol of Jesus and religion. Treyvon has no business being part of such a big symbol of religion, it is a slap in the face of Catholics. They could easily have put his statue in the Skittles factory.

    • http://chrisneedshisheadchecked Chris-tarded

      Chris you are a moron.

      Get your head examined.

    • Ken

      What memory of Trayvon? Thug wanna be? Who wants to remember that?

    • T.J.

      Looking at it from an artist perspective is good Chris, and like many thing the first view can in some cases to many including myself give the instant impression of negative image at an instant glance, take it from an artist. It also might have led to some of course mixing religion and taking it very personal due to their religious beliefs (understandable), but as you stated artistically speaking, looking from all angles can soften the outcome of many first view of it.

  • http://yahoo bryan

    why is a pos thug in a nativity scene just to flame the tension

  • Slushie

    No one deserves to die. Especially not a child.

    But this has been taken way to far. I feel bad for the family I really do. But this… This is to much. WAY to much.

  • T.J.

    Although the out come of this case went wrong on all levels, despite the fact of this young boys history of trouble, did not deserve to die in the manner in which he did. However, this Church doing this was the worst I have seen and very much pathetic, sad, ill, and out right morbid. If I owned a Church I would not want something like that sending ill messages because that is and was not a positive move at all, what so ever. It looks “Horrific” to say the least, and this crime case was not something to advertise and be mixed with a religious twist. Everyone is entitled to feel how he or she feels about anything, but putting it on display with blood on his hands are ya serious, a bunch or mixed and messed up messages. Some things are better left alone, this bad decision was one of them…wow

  • http://yours Jake James

    Replacing Jesus with a guy that potentionally was a thief out to burlarize the home of anyone who may have forgotten to lock their door or window…

  • Jon

    How little does this church think of Jesus Christ when it’s willing to replace Him in a nativity scene. If I was going there, I think I’d reconsider being a member.

  • Judy Haynes

    Next thing you know, they’ll be putting Barack Obama in a nativity scene in place of Jesus, since after all his supporters say he’s the Messiah, or the Chosen One. Look for it to happen.

    • tina dill

      you are sooo right, Judy I expect it any day now!!!!!

  • adoreme

    I see it as art and the way he wanted to express how guns are killing INNOCENT people. This is suppose to be a free speech country , right! So, that is what the artist did and he wanted to send a message about guns… not that I think it was a good idea since lots of people are sensitive about how the case involving Trayvon was handled and all.

    • cathy

      this wasnt a speech it was a change to the nativity scene and the nativity scene has nothing to do with guns. your comment was a wast of time and lacked intelligence

    • WC

      1) Art is subjective.
      2) Guns don’t kill people all by themselves,someone has to point it
      and pull the trigger.
      3) This isn’t a free-speech issue.
      4) I think it was a stupid and misguided thing to display regardless.
      5) Be glad this wasn’t an Easter display……..

      • cathy

        I forsee an empty parking lot and empty collection plate come sunday morning

    • adam w

      first, trayvon wasn’t innocent, he attacked a man
      second, “lots ” of people? no, few people maybe, but not lots. especially now, no one cares, a future inmate is dead.

  • Miss Sniff

    This is sickening. How does Treyvon even, in the slightest bit, compare to Jesus? Seriously??!

  • Frank

    That’s messed up, what next? A gay dude sitting there bald-headed and wearing a mini skirt?

  • Kia

    It’s sad what happened to him, but people are just doing things to get attention at this point. Sickness comes in all forms let him rest.

    • Lambyboo

      I dont think people are doing things like this to get attention, I think people are keeping Trayvons memory alive and God Bless them if their heart is in the right place. I think it is.

  • cathy

    This is just wrong, Offensive, racist and misguided. The nativity scene comes from many many many years ago and treyvon wasn’t part of it and you cant just take jesus out of the nativity scen and put treyvon in there. The church that did this is just as degrading and disgusting as the westboro baptist church. Very disturbing and the naacp is probably pleased with this degrading change.

    • WC

      This only goes to show that if you try to use a religious scene to make a political statement you only come out looking like a damned idiot.

  • Edmund Froelke

    Guess what? Trayvon was a thug, and he is still dead. Jesus rose from the dead. What about you Trayvon? gonna rise thug?

    • Wonderful Lady

      You are a piece of SH*T and need to get a life! What a DUMBA$$!!!

      • Ken

        Is that the best you could do?

      • Janet

        Your comment is what is wrong with society today.

        • Janet

          Directed my comment to “Wonderful Lady”.

  • trayvon Martin

    It’s not like christianity even exists in the U.S so idek why you people are bitching like you even care about jesus you just wanna get you 2 cents in like youre a true believers.

    • cathy

      i will come back and comment when i stop laughing at your stupidity

  • Lambyboo

    I am grateful to artist like you because Trayon and all innocent killings of kids should be memorialized. I do see Trayvon as a sign of hope like Jesus. Thank You for being creative, artistic, and bold. I love it from the bottom of my heart and I think his family is honored.

  • http://GoogleChrome Jane

    ARE YOU EFFING kidding me??? Seriously?????????? This shouldn’t even be news worthy…. Yes..it’s a tragic story…but get real people…let’s get a freakin’ life…shall we???

  • Wonderful Lady

    If they did it for attention they got all of yours didn’t they? If they wanted people to talk about Treyvon’s death they accomplished what they wanted didn’t they? I guess they had to do what was necessary to make people think about what happened to this young man for NO reason!

  • Arnold

    That is one screwed up church! making a hero out of a punk druggie!

  • smh

    this is completely disgusting! completely unacceptable!

  • chris

    How dare you put this hoodlum in place of our savor Jesus Christ. How dare this name do this and how dare this church allow such a blasphemous thing to be done. I am sickened by this. This should be taken down or changed right away.

  • http://yahoo tex

    I wish the “artist” would make another display and replace Mohammad or a Muslim holy figure and see what happens. These people attack Christianity because it is easy pickings, no one ever gets beheaded for attacking Christianity. Think about that for a few minutes and let it sink in.

  • Rob

    Yeah, because Jesus was a pot smoking gangsta wannabe. Please. Stop trying to convince us that Trayvon was some kind of angel. Remember that his last words to George Zimmerman were, “You’re gonna die tonight, motherf*****.”

  • Trish

    I don’t think Jesus would approve.

  • bulabula

    nigrs r stupid

    • Jasmine

      Ya mother probably is fuckin one right now dick head

      • JT

        That’s why he’s mad.

  • karen o

    So … do I say Merry Tray-mas or Happy Martinday?

    Please tell me this article was a stupid joke…..!!

  • Chris

    U people are toast. Now the people in

  • JP

    “And I think that people still need to talk about it in a reasonable manner until there’s something done about it,” Zachary said.

    What a douche way to say “I’m going to continue to whine and create a scene disrespecting others in the process, until I can force my opinion on everyone else.”

  • Jasmine

    Its amazing everybody was so concern with what Trayvon has done in his young life but wen he was murdered he wasn’t doing anything illegal now if someone u don’t know is following and they don’t verify who they are yes your going to stand your damn ground like Trayvon did.

    And for all the ppl that wanted to call him a thug or a hoodlum your own damn kids are probably smoking pot, snorting powder, and popping pills how dare u judge someone else’s kid when u don’t kno wtf you own kid is up too yes lil Ashley, Brittany, Hannah, and chad, and Henry are prolly 10 times worse then Trayvon God rest his soul

  • Chris

    It’s his art and he’s free to create what he wants. I see nothing wrong with it. I’m “outraged” the kid was murdered by some thug with a history of violence against children, law-enforcement, and three girlfriends. Not to mention his history of racist Myspace posts.

  • T

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen! How terrible and the people who allowed this should feel bad!

  • ken

    first that martin kid was a punk,a theif,a druggie and a black racist..second that church needs to be kicked out of the united methodists and then takendown…the have no idea what god is,no idea what jesus christ is

  • David

    This is more than just wrong. Completely just irresponsible for the church to even allow this. Jesus Christ died for my sins, not a kid with a history of petty violence. Though I am sorry to the Martin family for the loss of their son, this is sickening!

  • Ken

    The blind leading the blind, idiots…………..

  • Marco

    Thank you Trayvon Martin for dying for our sins. I cut down a xmas tree this year and decorated it in your honor. WTF am I even looking at right now? I’m not going to bother getting in to guilty vs. innocent because it’s irrelevant. Trayvon Martin is not our lord and saviour. I’m annoyed and I’m not even religious! This was a publicity stunt and nothing more….

  • Alex

    Kind of strange but I totally get what the artist is doing. I applaud his efforts and I think his display is very thought provoking. Don’t let people just go on with their lives supporting a murderer and thinking the whole thing will just eventually go away. Make them uncomfortable enough to think about what they are really supporting. BRAVO!!!

  • Gina

    Yes this is ‘blasphemous’…and everybody in that congregation walks away in shame, unless they worship a drug addicted punk kid?

    Glad TM is off the streets; I’m sure it saved so many lives.

  • SER

    Poor taste…..I get the concept, just inapproriate :(

  • SER

    I almost hate to comment on posts like these…it just so sad to me, how ignorant and hateful people are in this world. Prayers for all…..

  • Ken

    Sad, this kid died for a rep, this church has lost it’s way and George has gone crazy. WWJD? Forgive and love–what will you do?

    • john

      Let’s start by accepting that Trayvon Martin got himself killed and while that was tragic, it was justified.

      • pamela

        I guess Jesus got himself killed too, by defying the Pharasise the way Trayvon “defied” Zimmerman huh? You are what is wrong with society. And everyone saying that Trayvon was a “thug” and a druggie…just think about this…what were the people that Jesus hung around and associated himself with? It sure wasn’t the “elite pure” society. I totally get and commend the artists vision and if you don’t then I feel sorry for this world.

  • Liz

    This church has a Constitutional right to display their representations of their faith as they see fit. Don’t like it? Suck off.

  • Janet

    What about all of the hundreds and hundreds of nameless black youth’s that die every year at each others hands in the streets in gang wars leaving grieving families to wonder why, and when will it stop? Who represents them? Not Travon Martin!

  • Caroline

    This is pretty sick. Forgetting what the Christian part of Christmas is about. This church has lost its purpose in the community. Sick.

  • SK

    I may not have been sure of it then, but since the trial, George Zimmerman has more than proven to me that he’s guilty as sin and has major issues with anger management.

  • Truth

    Really the stuff people post on the internet, will never come out face to face. All this racism, and hate towards each other is beyond ridiculous and beyond ignorant why can’t people just get along

  • marie

    To all of you who so called Christmas is about Jesus are so hateful. Jesus wasnt hateful like you.how can you talk about Jesus and hate at the same time and shame some of you so call christians.I guess Jesus only died for your sins not Trayvon right wrong he died for all of us but because we are to blind to see and pass the whole thing we use Jesus to justify our hatred and the reason why trayvon should not be there. For the christians you all wondering why the world refused to come in it is because of people like you who cannot forgive and cannot love others. my question is what would Jesus do? I am pretty sure a lot of you hateful people will be on line to go to hell if you dont repent your wicked ways.

    • http://yahoo karen s

      I remember my Mother saying, “they’re going to hell in a handbasket”. I worry for my grandchildren growing up in this world we supposedly “live” in now. It’s only getting worse, and my great grandchildren are even more at risk.
      Trayvon didn’t have to die. Zimmerman should have never been carrying a gun to begin with. He was only neighborhood watch. You call 911 and report, you don’t chase someone down with a gun. I would fight for my life too if someone was chasing me with a gun. As for the nativity scene, I get what they are trying to do, but I don’t agree with it. They could have added him somewhere else in the scene, and saved alot of uproar.

    • Annette

      Thou shall not judge

      • Annette

        This was meant for Marie (above)

  • Ender

    So so wrong and so idiotic. You want to honor someone, you don’t put them in the place of Jesus.

  • mommymoon

    Try spending time with your own kids rather than march to NOWHERE.

  • Theresa Marsh-Ennis

    Are you kidding me !! Trayvon Martin taking the place of Jesus ?

  • Theresa Marsh-Ennis

    Not 1 riot broke out when OJ Simpson got off scott-free for killing 2 white people and yet George Zimmerman stood trial and was also found NOT GUILTY, difference is white people accepted the verdict and let it go, black people & black communities protested & continue to portray Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim… This nativity scene is just another way for blacks to continue playing the VICTIMS !! !! !! !!

    • Me

      Well, maybe whatever community that did not support OJ Simpson should have stood up and said something.

    • Me

      You have a choice to stand up for what you believe, and if you don’t then that’s your choice. My culture has taught me that you don’t have to fight unjustice with fighting. We can fight it it with awareness. Of course, many don’t like that because we know stick up for ourselves and stick together when it comes to it.

  • Debbie

    OMG this is the worst case of disgrace i’ve ever seen. He does not belong in the navity scene. I’m sadden that someone lost their life and I have my opinion of what happened as does everyone else but a jury did not see it as murder. There are better ways to get your message out but you don’t use the navity to do it. That is just wrong.

  • Pam

    This is just absurd. Trayvon was not Jesus and he absolutely does not belong in the nativity scene. Put Jesus back!!!!!

  • Me

    Just because someone’s background is not as clean as the next, does not mean they deserve justice. I often think, if I had been been in his shoes as a black male, I would not be here as well. Someone posted about Trayvon being expelled twice. So what? Did he deserve to lose his life because of that know. So much ignorance on here. smh.

  • http://Facebook Stephanie b

    Omg is this really bothering you guys. Do you not have lives that something like this made as a memorial for someone is going to bother you. Get over yourselves, I feel so bad for the parents of that little boy who have to read arrogant comments. You don’t like it fine but shut the hell up. You guys are a bunch of damn winers. It’s not hurting you or anyone else. You want one with baby Jesus then start building your own shit..

  • Stephanie

    Christmas has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with Trayvon Martin and to add him to a nativity scene is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. WTH is wrong with people?!?! Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. To signify it with something else, especially something like this, is very inappropriate and demeaning to those of us who know and understand what Christmas is truly about. SHAME ON THEM!

  • Linda

    Wow, out of all the victims of crime in history, only Trayvon deserves to become part of a nativity??? I thought the nativity was about Jesus’ birth. To put this nicely, what a bunch of bull****!

  • jep

    Yeah…comparing Jesus with a black THUG. Stupid no matter how you look at it.

  • Annette

    Who is really behind this? The Rev JJ or Al Sharpton? This is despicable.

  • http://logical Kendra

    No-one knows what actually happened all we had was the words of a felon who wanted to be a cop. Only God knows what happened and HE WILL BE JUDGED. We all will be GOD SAID LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER not to be racist, kill ect. Point being if he had let the Cops do their job and not try to do it for them none of this wouldn’t have happened God gave the dispatcher the words don’t follow him and if you are afraid as he claimed to have been HE WOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED HIM. His father lived there so he had to have been seen there before ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US ALL!

    • http://logical Kendra


  • M T

    Travon’s PR Camp rivals that of Beyoncé!! Where are the pictures of the tattoo faced marijuana carrying teenager that Zimmerman shot? This is out of hand!!!

  • Renee

    This is disgusting. I truly believe that the court made the right decision in letting George Zimmerman go. Was he guilty of murder? Maybe but the court couldn’t prove it. This is nothing more then an act to get the pot stirred once again. Nothing can be done to bring this kid back from the grave so why insist on doing this? IF they really want people to be aware of gun violence then why don’t they go into the inner city and photograph the young gang members walking around with guns terrorizing innocent people. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s how these young children are being raised. IF the parents would take the time to teach them love and respect for others, like Our Lord Jesus Christ did then most of these needless deaths would stop.

  • Christine

    THat’s just stupid!

  • ucfaith

    You people are just a cruel as satan himself. Trayon Martin didn’t stand a chance and if this picture respresents gun violence, I am in total agreement as we are all children of the king just as JESUS… We all know that racism is the real issue here— Jesus wasn’t white either, but yet you walk in stores and find pictures of a WHITE Jesus portraying that he was a WHITE man. But yet you get mad when a black boy is portrayed as the son of GOD. I think it represents power and I still feel that Trayvons killing is payback becasue for the first time in HISTORY a black man got away with MURDERING two white people, yes OJ Simpson did it, heck yeah —- now you can feel the pain of how it has felt when you white folks have been killing us off for years and still trying to do so now. Sick society !!!

    Get some mental help people, you all are sick FUCKS… RIP Trayon Martin. Fuck George Zimmerman !!!

  • http://kenwiezer.com kenneth wiezer

    I’m dancing in the street over this brain storm idea. This just goes to show you that a trouble boy needed help and got it to late!

  • Stella

    This is an insult to Christianity and a ridicule of the birth of Christ! How dare they? NOBODY has the right to substitute the birth of Christ with any social, political or whatever propaganda.
    We African Americans are beginning to push this “Trayvon Martin” thing too far.
    This is obviously an attention seeking move. We should know better as Christians. I’m scared of what this world is turning into.

  • Disgusted

    This is totally insane, Jesus is the reason for the season not Trayvon Martin… Any church who does something this stupid isn’t a church at all. I believe in God and Jesus, this so called church is worshipping Trayvon Martin not Jesus…

  • sonia

    Our savior is the reason for Chrismas. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of replacing him with our own selfish acts of materialism and self gratification during the Christmas season. If you’re critical of this artist, you better be one of the truly few Christians who actually keep Christ in Christmas. Otherwise the stone you’re casting should be cast back at you.

  • liz

    That is wrong on so many levels. The nativity scene is about the birth o our Lord Jesus Christ. Not a forum for what is going on in this world. People should be more God like and maybe these things wouldn’t happen. My son was shot and killed. He was not a gang member. His killing was random. But I would in no way portray him in such a dispicable and disrespectful manner. Trayon only made headlines cause he was black. Well it was a black boy that killed my latin son. What about that? Really people. Believe in God and what he stands for and maybe the killings would stop. Don’t glorify it!!!

  • Teresa

    This is not about whether trayvon is a thug or whether he was the victim. This is about a CHURCH replacing Baby Jesus in the nativity Scene. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, not the death of Trayvon. It is utterly disgusting that anyone would do this, most especially a CHURCH who is supposed to preach the Birth of the Savior. This church should be ashamed and embarrassed and the congregation should be outraged!

  • Jennifer

    I do not think this is at all okay. I am very sorry the family lost their child, but Christmas is not about Travon Martin. No one should ever try to replace Jesus even if this is “symbolic” to this artist or church. You can try to be more like Jesus by following his way according to the Bible but you certainly can not replace him.I also feel like people have played on Travon’s death and used it to their benefit to promote their agenda which is also wrong.

  • http://Chika74 Lidia Gonzalez


  • zack

    I find it funny how some of you are judging the church’s idea, yet some of you probably worship celebrities before you even think about Jesus. Don’t be a hypocrite to yourself to judge someone else. Let me ask you this, on your birthday do you give thanks to Jesus? Or do you go out and party because its your birthday?

  • John Kwarack

    If the Methodist Church wants to associate itself with “No Limit Nigga”, that’s their business.

  • Noah

    It’s California… what do you expect? The congregation should, if they were Christians, abandon that church….

  • http://yahoo bryan

    if someone did this to a freakin menorah or the karon people would be getting there heads cut off the person who did this is going straight to hell in a handbag

  • jim bananas

    lets add the little criminal to Mount Rushmore.

  • jon

    One difference.
    Treyvon was real.

    Jesus was made up to control people and sell ipods!

    Where’s the phony outrage when a pink bunny started hiding eggs?
    Or when they started adding days to christmas so you could shop more?

    Or when a turkish saint became a old fat white guy delivering gifts to children?

    Or when they changed “Jesus'” birthday from spring to winter?

    Grow up people.

    How can you get mad about changing something that has been changed dozens of times.

    Its like getting mad at the alternate ending to the muppet movie!