Transgender Newsman Switches Genders, Again

    August 6, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A transgender newsman last week determined that he is not, in fact, female. Don Ennis, a national assignment editor for ABC News announced to his friends and family this week that he is once again male, according to an email obtained by the New York Post.

Ennis had reportedly come out as transgender back in May. He began dressing as a female and asked his colleagues to call him by the name Dawn. He announced that he would be separating from his wife, and began receiving hormone treatments for a male-to-female transition.

In the email, Ennis explained that he recently suffered from two days of what he calls “transient global amnesia.” He states that he began to believe that it was the year 1999, and was confused as to why he was wearing a wig and bra. Ennis even went as far as to accuse his wife of playing a prank on him, but relented when he found his growing breasts.

Ennis soon regained his memories, but stated that his identity as a female did not return. He stated that he is now dressing as a man again, and using the men’s restroom. His desire is now to be the male Don Ennis once again.

“That will be my name again, now and forever,” wrote Ennis.

“I am now completely, unabashedly male in my mind, despite my physical attributes.”

Ennis explained that he had visited a hospital for testing before his amnesia and was informed that he had a hormone imbalance. Since his transition back to a male identity he has been receiving hormone treatment and will reportedly undergo surgery. In the email, he explained that he was “misdiagnosed” as transgender.

Ennis assured the recipients of his email that neither his transition to a female identity or his more recent switch back to a male one were practical jokes. He also stated that he would continue to be an advocate for LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage.

“It’s so odd to be experiencing this from the other side; as recently as last Friday, I felt I was indeed a woman, in my mind, body and soul.”

(via New York Post)

  • Reality ….

    This is just oh so confusing of an article.

  • http://Yahoo Ml Barnwell

    This just shows how confused these people are. It is ridiculous to put others in that bathroom, out of consideration. Why should their comfort be secondary to a bullying Whatever you want to call it. America is in the grip of a strange time, where normal people are secondary to the abnormal. They are in the very minority, they should use the bathroom of the sex, written on their birth certificate.

    • http://n/a PattyM

      “These People”? How many transsexual people do you know? Do you think that you can form a reasoned opinion of thousands of people on the basis of limited knowledge?

      I made the male to female transition in the 1980s and have been active in the gender community since 1985. Along the way I have met literally hundreds, if not thousands, of transgender people. Of that huge number there have been two – count ’em TWO – who regretted transition.

      The professional standards of care have many hoops to jump through for the express purpose of filtering out those who would not benefit from changing gender. One of those hoops is called the real life test. A transsexual is required to live fully as their target gender for at least a year. Since on one can hold it for a year or more the women’s room is the only available choice.

      Bathroom usage is a subject that has been raised a million times over the years. What is the problem, really? Women’s rest rooms have doors on the stalls. Every transsexual woman I’ve met uses the rest room as any other woman. She (I) use the stall, sink and mirror just like everyone else and then go on her way. There is no harm to anyone. There is no danger to the other women.

      The idea of men dressing as women to peek in the restroom is a sick fantasy that keeps coming up. Have you ever heard of a verifiable case of that happening? If it were to happen, existing laws cover crimes like that were they to be committed.

      Your insistence that people use the rest room of the sex on their birth certificate is not a good idea. During transition most of us pass well as our new gender. No one knows our backgrounds and we like it like that. In my own case, after a year on hormones, my former wife walked right by me without recognition. The appearance changes with medical treatment are dramatic. Suffice it to say that I have lived and worked as a woman until recently (now retired) wit no reference to a past identity and there are many many others who can say the same.

      Now, realistically, what would happen in the men’s room if a woman came in? If read (identified as other than apparent gender presentation) there is a very good chance of being subject to physical violence. There are trans people murdered virtually every day because of our transitions you know. If seen as a woman the men would be uncomfortable – or possibly try to rape her.

      Presumably you are not in favor of the death penalty for trying to live our lives in peace.

      The bottom line is that for those of us born transsexual transition is the only effective treatment. You may be uncomfortable with the idea but to us transition (including surgery) is an undoubted blessing.

      • Jay T.

        Well said, Patty M.

        Just today I had to venture into a mall/shopping centre to use the restroom. I virtually held my breath as I approached the ‘ladies’ because I knew what would more than likely happen if I entered, and the looks I would receive, as if to say ‘you don’t belong in here’.

        I decided to walk past the entrance and use the disabled toilet, as it felt like a much safer option.

        What a bloody luxury it is for those who don’t have to think of these things or go through this sort of thing on a day-to-day basis, when all you want is to go to the toilet.

  • JoseyWales

    Sounds like he ABC should give him a title change as well. He should become a national reassignment editor.

  • http://www.hunginthemiddle.com Bobbie Thompson

    EVERY life experience is different . . . and that holds true in the trans population as well. Don/Dawn/Don is not the first trans person to make the change then revert that decision . . . and each has their own personal reasons for doing so . . . just like we all have put own reasons for doing everything we do in life.

    Being trans is real . . . and here’s what it like in KENTUCKY.

  • thevaliant x

    The career (and money) must have gotten in the way of transitioning. Funny what will people do (and recant) for the almighty dollar.