Track Palin Divorces After A Year Of Marriage

    December 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s oldest child, is ending his marriage to wife Britta after a little over a year. The two have a 1-year old daughter together.

The couple filed jointly, according to TMZ, which means they have reached a decision about custody issues and child support. 23-year old Track and 22-year old Britta were high school sweethearts.

As part of one of the nation’s most infamous families, Track will now have to endure media scrutiny and the inevitable social media comments; on Twitter, the commentary has already begun.

  • http://yahoo Enya Faiss

    What do you mean – one of the nation’s most “infamous” families? This family has done nothing extraordinarily different from any other American family except Sarah Palin ran unsuccessfully for vice president. If this were any other family, there’d be nothing that the leftist media would deem newsworthy about this. Get off the Palin’s case, will you??

  • http://yahoo Enya Faiss

    I already wrote what I think — and for an unknown reason, it’s not being posted. What’s wrong with my other post, is it because I stuck up for the Palin family?

  • http://www.twitter.com Jerry

    This headline is misleading I thought I was going to be able to TRACK the progress of Sarah Palin’s divorce.

  • http://facebook gloria

    the whole family are losers can you see sarah as president she cant even run her household never mind the country the whole family are a joke

  • http://facebook gloria

    the whole family are losers can you see sarah as president she cant even run her household never mind the country the whole family are a joke this was my only comment

  • mila

    What’s wrong with you people–if you do not have anything good
    to say, especially if you are sounding very derogatory like Katie Couric, the former anchor of CBS who looked down at Sarah Palin…then just don’t say anything. The Palins are not perfect family are you and your family perfect??? I stand by the Palins–Have any one of you served your country like Tract Palin did? Have anyone of you became a mayor of a city like Sarah Palin, a governor and a Vice Presidential candidate of United States? If not–just don’t say anything. The Palins are a good family that deserve respect.

  • Sooner

    The nasty comments about Mrs. Palin demonstrate the abysmal ignorance of those sending the posts. Of course, Yahoo, identifying a former VP candidate as “infamous” demonstrates at the far left web-site to pander to its idiot base. By the way, did any of these correspondents notice that the costs of Obama care is increasing because the costs of medical supplies will shortly be increasing several percent. Oh yes, “Death Panels,” perhaps the idiots writing these posts ask their 70+ grandparents what they think about getting a knee, or hip replacement. Age will be a very large factor in denying transplants (corneas, heart valves, et al) and replacement parts (artificial knees, hips, et al) because of Obama Care’s “Costs-Benefit” determining factor. Obama in one interview when asked about a pace maker for a 90 year old lady, told the worried daughter that her mother would probably “get a pill” to make her more comfortable. Get ready, Great Britain’s form of health care is here!

  • amameeg

    Seriously, apologizing for the media hogging Palin family?? YOu are right that it is nobody’s business except for the fact that they made it everyone’s business when they decided to do a reality show about their family. Don’t hold your family up to be a paragon of virtue in the public eye and then expect not to be criticized when it falls apart.

    • Andrea

      amameeg, give me one quote where anyone in the Palin family said the family was a paragon of virtue. You simply can’t because you pulled that out of your rear in order to attack them for it. You’re doing what most Liberals do, they create strawmen and attack them instead of attacking something actually said or done. Liberals are hypocrites with no moral authority, yet they always act like they are when they attack others who don’t think like them. You are as hypocritical as they are. You don’t criticize them for any reason other than you HATE other people and probably because you are miserable and want to bring other people down to your level.

      • Concerned

        There is an age old saying as well as a scripture that says:

        Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the core.
        Look how Sarah has been so accusing & disrespectful to other people, especially,the President,whom the People chose. [i know, even if the people are idiots’ also]
        But think,Sarah, by degrading,scrutinizing others, she draw attention to herself & family to be scrutinized & there is much,like Sarah can be made a spectacle of.

  • http://att.net lonnie duke

    I think it is a horrible the way people love to put someone down .
    Sarah Palin’s political views are not mine . Still she at least tried to better herself right or wrong politically has nothing at all to do with her family . Divorce is nothing new to any family anywhere in the world . I think Sarah is a very attractive woman . It is sad that she and her husband have had so many problems that are really no one else’s business .

    • George

      When Sarah made public comments on other people’s moral behavior, she made herself fair game for public scrutiny and comments.

    • Jonathan

      Sure! Why not?! The Palin’s are all about living a God-fearing life…
      That’s why they; have underage, unprotected sex before marriage, then have that baby out of wedlock. And you know how much the Lord loves his ardent followers getting divorced!!
      Enough with this fake piousness from this loser family! Hypocrites all, they need to disappear from the public eye!

      …and Lonnie? If you want to make an actual argument for someone, mentioning that they are attractive has ne bearing on whether or not they are hypocritical, competent, etc.

      The problem I have is that these people dispense all sorts of negative judgment upon others, then engage in like behavior as if they are above reproach. The other is that they have been forcing themselves on us for how many years after their flash with relevancy 4 years ago!! I believe personal is private and we should respect that, but these people aren’t private. They shove themselves in front of any camera that’s turned on, and say the most ridiculous crap you’ll hear anywhere!! I have no sympathy for these people…

  • dean

    Sarah really named her kid “TRACK?”

  • Julie

    Sarah Palin has made it her business to make snarky self righteous comments about everyone else, and then made a reality show parading their family on TV for money. I have not seen any more moral fibre in her family than in any other, and yet she would make claims that a gay couple should not be allowed to marry??? Why not? It’s not as if any of her own children have shown any sanctity for their own marriages or relationships. Everyone is an idiot when they don’t subscribe to the Christian bully mentality. Do it my way or thou shall burn in hell!

  • Dennis

    Hey….holier than thou Christians…Jesus railed against divorce…basically said there is no such thing in the eyes of God. So much for Christian values, eh?

  • steven

    well, well, well, like mother like son, 1/2 time govenor for 2 years, and son, now can’t handle responsibility either. So much for family values, 1st was daughter Bristol, now Track, what next from this family… they are not even hip enuf to be on TLC

  • steve

    As for this whole issue, has anyone thought this family is not perfect like any other family with struggles. Since when are they accountable to anyone else for their actions? Media seems to think can rule the whole issue when referring to anything to do with the Palins. They are accountable for themselves. Anything that goes on between them is no body elses business. Media just likes something to blab about. I stand with this family period.

  • Luke

    Why is something that God hates (divorce) so prevalent in our society today?

    It is because people today do not know what the Bible says about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

    “Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery and he who marries one who is divorced from a husband commits adultery.”
    —Jesus Christ

    “Adulterers…will not inherit the Kingdom of God.”
    1 Corinthians 6:9

    Marriage is a “Covenant for Life”

    The wedding vows are “till death do us part”. Romans 7:2-3

    There is nothing unclear about what Christ said.


  • jon

    The prominence of the Palins is an unfortunate after-effect of John McCain’s absence of judgement and his detachment from his campaign. It is not surprising that they would continue to garner interest – this being the era of reality of TV and lowest-common-denominator media coverage. The press could redeem themselves to a degree if they would simply stop reporting on the trials and tribulations of the Palin family. While Sarah Palin does deserve scorn for her lack of insight, ignorance and disregard for the country’s welfare, her children should suffer from undeserved media attention. Leave them alone; they have enough to deal with given that they are her children.

  • Rivers

    While I really did not care for The Palin Family to be on a reality show primarily because I don’t think that anyone should subject their families to hateful comments such as I have read here. I do not hate our current President, I just do not care for the standards he believes will make this country a better place to live. And as far as Christian values go, I can only speak for myself in that my being a Christian is only because I have accepted the finished work on the Cross when Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins and the sins of the whole world. This does not make me better than any other human being on this earth, it just means that I realized that I have an inherited sinful nature and God who is Holy cannot have sin in His Presence. This does not mean I still don’t sin, it just means that when God sees me he sees the blood that Jesus shed for me has covered my sins from his eyes. And as for any lessons that were taught to me by my parent to strive to live a Godly life thru reading and applying Gods word the Bible to my life, If I fail it has nothing to do with them but everything to do with my own short falls. It is so easy in this day and age to lash out and be hateful to one another because it has been so ingrained into our heads because we are being told that its okay to act like this by many media, television and movies. Sometimes I believe, starting with myself is that we should attempt everyday we wake up is to look in the mirror at ourselves, and try to help and encourage one another than to always look for ways to hate.