Tour The Louvre On Your Nintendo 3DS


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For a while now, 3DS owners who happened to be visited the Louvre could use their handheld as a sort of virtual tour guide. It was one of the more unique functionalities to come to Nintendo's handheld but its appeal was pretty limited. Now Nintendo is bringing the Louvre experience to gamers all over the world.

Nintendo announced today that its Nintendo 3DS Louvre tour app is now available for download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. No longer must you book a plane ticket to France and brave the lines to tour the Louvre with your 3DS. Now you can just boot up the app and see all there is to see about the world's most famous art museum without actually being there.

As part of the announcement, Nintendo filmed an entire Nintendo Direct from within the Louvre. It will show you how to use the app and tour the museum from the comfort of your own home. The entire museum is represented in the app, complete with 3D models of all the sculptures. The audio commentary for each work of art is also included in the app for those who want to learn about each piece.

The Nintendo 3DS Guide - Louvre - will be available on the Nintendo eShop starting December 2 for $19.99. That might seem a little steep, but Nintendo claims the guide features over 400 works of art, over 30 hours of audio commentary and 3D photos of many of the Louvre's rooms. There will also be physical copies of the guide available exclusively in the Louvre gift shop.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]