Touch Panel Makers Look For Growth in Low-Cost Devices


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Touch panel makers are raking in ever more revenue from larger, higher-resolution top-tier smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. Even so, the saturation of the high-end smartphone market in the west means that manufacturers are now looking to mid- and low-priced devices in developing nations for industry growth. Touch panel manufacturers will have to follow suit to stay relevant.

DigiTimes today is reporting that touch panel manufacturers are expecting low-priced mobile devices to be large sources of growth throughout the rest of 2013. Manufacturer Wintek is reported to be preparing flexible GFG touch panels, and TPK will look to the low-end touch panel notebook segment, which is on the rise despite the overall touchscreen notebook concept not catching on with consumers.

The report's unnamed "industry sources" also stated that at least one touch panel manufacturer is preparing an ultra-thin (0.3mm thick), flexible touch panel solution, possibly for use in mid-sized to larger Windows 8 notebooks. That touch panel is expected to hit production late this year or early next year.

As both Apple and Samsung shift strategies to opening up mid-priced smartphone markets in China, Brazil, and India, panel makers will also have to seek out new markets for their products. The DigiTimes report points out that Taiwanese touch panel manufacturers in particular will have to innovate and find new markets to keep revenues high.

(Image courtesy T-Mobile)

(via DigiTimes)