Top Party Schools: Ohio University, University of Georgia Are Your Best Bets for Debauchery

    July 20, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Top party schools: Who needs an education when you can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to party yourself into oblivion? Apparently a lot of people base their collegiate future upon which school offers the most opportunities to cut loose, though I’m sure potential students aren’t running this particular fact past their parents. Unless, of course, their moms and dads are partiers, too, in which case they may have openly recommended places like Ohio University or the University of Georgia. If fun is your major, then these schools are your best option.

The list, which was released by the Princeton Review, gives you a breakdown of the top schools that are known for the wild and wooly ways. If your parental units are majorly concerned about what type of atmosphere you’re heading into this fall, perhaps you should keep this article away from their prying eyes, as it might expose your secret plans to consume copious amounts of alcohol in-between classes. And the last thing any of us at WebProNews want is to allow your classes to get in the way of your partying. Heaven forbid.

Below you can find 20 schools that party harder than anyone else out there, which, of course, is something to be proud of when shaping the minds of the younger generation. I know I sound like a cynical ass and a giant douche, but I tend to get a little fussy whenever someone says they’re attending a particular college so they can stay drunk the entire time.

Before you start bombarding me with expletive-laden hate mail, please note that my opinions are not based on the schools themselves. They can’t help it if their students are notorious partiers. However, high school graduates who make their decisions based solely on the establishment’s reputation are the ones I’m shaking my head at. Just to clarify.

Ohio University – Athens, Ohio
University of Georgia – Athens, Ga.
University of Mississippi – Oxford, Miss.
University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa
University of California Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara, Calif.
West Virginia University – Morgantown, W. Va.
Penn State University – University Park, Pa.
Florida State University – Tallahassee, Fla.
University of Florida – Gainesville, Fla.
University of Texas – Austin, Texas
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
Syracuse University – Syracuse, N.Y.
Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, La.
University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, Wis.
DePauw University – Greencastle, Ind.
Indiana University – Bloomington, Ind.
Arizona State University – Tempe, Ariz.
University of Maryland – College Park, Md.
University of Vermont – Burlington, Vt.
University of South Carolina – Columbia, S.C.

  • Ken Owen

    This is last year’s list (released Aug 2011), fyi…

    • Jaelynne

      Yup! This year isn’t over. Whoever wrote this article needs to re-evaluate.

  • Matt

    no Chico State in California?

  • Mel

    This must be the schools that our politians went to.

    • Sally

      Look at that pic…would make a momma proud? Wonder what the graduation rate is?? LOL LOL Hate buckeyes!

      • Gerry

        Buckeyes?……check your facts &^%$face! That’s The Ohio State University. This is talking about the Bobcats of Ohio University. You must be a Mich grad…

        Will never forget nights on the hill! Go Bobcats!

        • Mary

          Ahhh, the hill! I miss it too! Best mountain biking ever!

        • Lindsey

          Grad rates must be lower at your school if you’re dumb enough to think Ohio U is the home of the Buckeyes. THE Ohio State Univeristy is the home of THE Buckeyes!OH…….IO!!!!

          I agree with Gerry….you must be from that awful state up north!!!

  • Brad

    They won’t be for long. Back in the day Chico State and Cal Poly SLO were the party schools and now they’re ghost towns because both the city and the schools came down hard on partying.

  • BloodDoc

    Though Louisiana State is listed in the current Princeton Review survey, I’ll always remember what the Playboy editors repeatedly stated in their 1980’s Party School listings: “Louisiana schools were not listed in our rankings, as it would be unfair to include professionals with amateurs”.

  • Ashley

    i live near UCSB. University of Casual Sex and Beer

  • Mary

    1997 Bobcat Grad, BSCE and made $100k+ 6 years out of the program. Partying was just honing my time management and social skills for the corporate world! My husband is a bobcat alumni, and I am encouraging our 3 daughters to go there too!

  • Sara

    This is what PISSES me off so damn much! I bet these students party their butts off, drink, sleep around, party some more, and then are given easy A’s and passes on their school work. THEN, top universities such as Princeton or Berkeley will accept one of these lazy, party-goers who didn’t earn their A’s, over someone who went to a respectable college with higher standards, didn’t party, and got the B+. That’s how it works out, unfortunately. So if you want to get into a top graduate school, go to one of these easy party schools, get the A, and then you’ll be just fine.

    But really, you’d think these students would grow up. How immature they must be. And how cool they probably think they are, with their beer pong, half-naked Facebook photos.

    • Steven

      I’d like to see you try and make A’s at the University of Texas. Just because it’s a great party school doesn’t take away its credibility as one of the top institutions in the country academically.

      • Stephanie

        Oh my god, shut up.

      • jaydeee

        Agreed. UT is hard and our motto is “work hard play hard” and that we do, but UT is definitely a great school and quite hard, with some top programs in the nation and the world. The classes here are quite challenging, I must say, and the way they grade us here is harder than you think. It’s hard to get an A in the college of natural sciences if you aren’t in the top 5-7% of your lecture class!

    • Randal Long

      Actually the new path for success is obtaining a chuck of money, investing it and move it and yourself out of the United States of America. Those in the labor force no matter how I you think you are in the management scale are all just modern day slave laborers.

    • dmc

      Listen up…my son goes to Ohio University… it’s a TOUGH school!!!!! Believe me he studies his ass off for his grades and NO ONE there gets handed anything. Go whine somewhere else.

    • Kyle

      Well, Harvard can’t be number one in everything. This list, which was released by the Princeton Review ALMOST A YEAR AGO (kind of like buying a brand new 2013 car in mid-2012, the list for the previous year comes out later this summer), is amazing. Ohio University is no Harvard or Princeton; on the other hand, it is no BYU either. Sara, if you want to come off as an ignorant, stereotypical commentator, please take your talents to a YouTube message board, or some other place where people with likewise views gather. Although grades are part of admittance into a graduate school, they are far from the only thing. Extra-circulars, test scores, prior work experience (this is a big one for the more prestigious schools…most people can’t just waltz into Wharton, Harvard Law, or the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine without some sort of experience), and live interviews are among the other things that are part of the admissions process. However, if what you’re saying is true, lazy party-goers have no time for this. I am usually not one for pointing out hypocrites, but stereotyping and ignorance exude immaturity. Also, get your facts straight. Those photos are mostly on Twitter now. Only parents really make use of Facebook, its slowly withering away. To the writer of this article, thank you for the breading ground of banter that you have created; however, it may have been pertinent to wait a few weeks for the new 2013 rankings.

      • Steve


        The word is “breeding”, not “breading”. Obviously, you attended college for something other than spelling!

        • Kyle


          Sometimes the keys stick. Imagine if the world wasn’t full of incredible people like you. People who have the time to read through every word of a post, just to find one little item wrong with it. People who find thrills in finding grammar mistakes. People who, in their own right, have probably never had a spelling issue. I wish the the internet had more people like you Steve. Maybe, just maybe, if you have the time (I know that is a long shot), I can send you every single post that I think about posting from now on. You could review it and edit it, and if you find something wrong with the spelling or grammar, you can laugh to yourself and know that the time you spend laughing and giggling at a spelling mistake is the most fun that you will have all day. Maybe spelling is an upper level class, and maybe this article is both a “breeding” ground, and a “breading” ground; regardless, Steve, you are pathetic.

          • jaydeee


          • English Teach

            Imagine if the world WEREN’T. (It’s a hypothetical conditional…)

          • 7474

            Cry like a baby Kyle.
            If the keys stuck, you would have spelled “Breeding” correctly. But, you actually had to put your little finger on the “a”.

    • Ted

      Sara you could not be more an idiot. Act like partying doesn’t go on at every university. The difficulty of the university reflects nothing on a party ranking

    • Bitter Much

      Looks like some is bitter about never going to college, or at least having fun while there.

    • Subhas

      You are absolutely 110% accurate Sara. These Party Universities should be more strict and top schools should screen people more rigorously, before they allow them in. Also, education should be the only scale of judgement in the job market, not the names of schools!

    • Matt

      Sara, in the future feel free to check your facts before you post ignorant comments. Please don’t worry about getting into any top graduate schools anytime soon.

      DePauw University is #50 on Forbes’ “America’s Best College’s” list, ranked better and directly above two Ivy League schools (Cornell, and Penn) as well as Vanderbilt.

      Link: http://www.forbes.com/top-colleges/list/

      Also, The Washington Post recently released an article regarding college student’ time spent studying where DePauw was featured as one of the highest in the nation.

      Link: http://www.depauw.edu/news-media/latest-news/details/28615/

      Furthermore, Berkeley (the university you mentioned that will accept our “lazy party goers” for our “A’s we didn’t earn” is ranked at #70, 20 spots lower than DePauw University.

    • Jackie

      Any school can and probably is a party school. No matter where you go, if you want to party you will find a place to party. Yeah, maybe these schools are more open about it, but that does not mean that the students at these schools do not work their asses off to get the grades they do. I am a junior at Ohio University and I continually work HARD to receive the grades I do and nothing is just handed to anyone there. I will 100% be proud of everything I have accomplished and experienced when I graduate. If you have never even visited the colleges I suggest not talking so much trash about them or the students. OU is a beautiful campus and a wonderful community to live in and be apart of. I found this on facebook and it could not be more true. People will roll their eyes and say, “Oh, party school,” and to that I say I’m proud. We party, we study, we spend money we don’t have, our campus is beautiful, our hills keep us fit, our bricks keep us careful, our lack of excellence in sports keeps us humble, our small town keeps us close, our bars keep us social and our friends make it feel like home.

  • Steven

    Hook ’em!

    • jaydeee

      The eyes of Texas are upon you!
      I think UT should be further up, but then again most of us don’t reveal how much we party lol

  • Victor Ochoa

    The University of Illinois was no mere party school. If you happened to survive the engineering school, among other schools which were (and are) top-notched, you emerged well-educated and ready for work.

  • Brian

    the Princeton review is useless. I was attending WVU the year they named it the top party school. It should not have been in the list. The ‘facts’ were taken from a poll in the student union. No info from the Engineering Campus, or the medical campus. Just the idiots that don’t attend classes. Are these Universities beacons of academic standards. NO! But come on, how do you rate a party school?!?

  • James

    When Colorado State was at the top of the list I was there. And we deserved to be at or near the top of these lists when I was there. Fort Fun had check points all over, and the hardest thing was choosing what party to go to. I always went to the rugby players party. I had the cops called more times than I can count to the places I would be. And we had the riot police show up a few times as well when people decided to take the furniture out of the house and make a bonfire in the street. People that say these lists dont mean much are the people who were hard at study when the rest are party hardy! Good thing I made it through by paying people to take my tests! I got caught my senior year and was about to be kicked out so I blamed it on being an alchy, and they bought it and let me stay…I did my own work the rest of the semester

    • JP


  • kade madison

    Wow, I totally read this wrong. I thought by top party schools they meant the schools gay bottoms go to find sex partners. My bad. 😉

  • Glenda

    OU….oh yeah!! Daughter just graduated after a GREAT college experience, that went way beyond the #1 party school!

  • Dan

    forget about syracuse university. im 30 minutes away at a d3 school and we go harder then them any day. suny cortland all day

    • Monica Stevens

      What about R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology) and the University of Rochester??? I can remember the bars on campus back in the day….they knew how to party!

  • Jamie lynn

    im suprised boulder isn’t on here

  • Lee

    University of Wyoming….nothing else to do

  • Katie

    I’m surprised UCF isn’t up there. We call “U Can’t Finish” for a reason. It should replace FSU on that list.

  • zeno333

    When I went to Edinboro State College in Pennsylvania from 1976 to 1979 it was always said to be high on the list….I hear its much tamer now. On the walls of the stairs going into the dinning hall there were always TONS of party notices…..

  • Zayda Valadez

    Chico is not on their! OMGGGGGG :O

  • http://stressjudocoaching.yolasite.com Stress Judo Coaching

    I went to Ohio University in the early 80s
    3 of the best years I will never remember

  • JC

    I’m suprised East Carolina is not on there. ITs a party school too and close to the beach

  • bill cowell

    What happened to the good old days when University of Michigan, Western Michigan and Central Michigan Universities were fixtures on this list?

  • joseb

    what about University of Houston!?

  • http://yahoo jay-rod

    Obviously written by Wermser, Poin Dexter and Lamar. If they correct any of my spelling…it’s to be one of them. Go Texas Tech, drunk and naked 24/7. Those were the days, now you can’t even see a movie!

  • Kae

    In truth, every school is a party school. If you’re looking for it, you will find it.

  • pinhead

    wtf it’s missing chico state

    • chico state

      I know WTF how is Chico State University in Northern California not on this?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Craziest party school in Cali competing with Santa Barbara

  • Philip Roddy Jr

    If a list like this was out when I graduated back in 79 I would have been a happy camper and signed up ASAP. Remember these colleges mode the mind of our future generations. God bless you for putting this list out. Hey future students sign up for these fun schools and Party On!

  • monroe

    The University of MY GARAGE

  • Really?

    Why can’t we find someone who will hire us?!?!?! Oh, maybe because they want adults who will actually work. Wont anyone “forgive” us our debt we earned while partying? Wow, so proud of our “higher educated”.

  • Bill

    Want to have some fun, print all these comments, put them away for ten years. Review what you have said here ten years later and see how irrelevant they sound.

    • Robert Burns

      Over 10 years ago, Playboy did one too. Ohio U. was #1.

  • David Vela

    Wait a week.

  • Lori

    Yep, I attended OU back in the 80’s! It hasn’t changed in all these years! I miss the late night trips to the Burrito Cart.

  • Matt

    University of Colorado is up there too

  • Fred

    It is interesting how many of the top party schools are ALSO highly ranked academically. Given the choice between a good academic institution that is stuck in some boring, cold non-college town and a good academic institution that is in the middle of a vibrant, active, fun and warm college town atmosphere, I’ll take good school + fun every day.

    • DeniseR

      After trying to find the original article, I did find that in order to be on the list the schools had to be listed in another top 50 ranking. Might answer your question.

  • DeniseR

    So how exactly did the author choose the schools as “top party” schools? Did I miss that in the article? It would be a waste to go to UCSB and spend your time there too intoxicated to remember living there.

    • DeniseR

      Okay, so I clicked the “Princeton Review” link only to go to another article with a link. Clicked that one to go to another article that is quoting the Princeton Review. Still don’t know how any of them determined the top “party schools.” Don’t seem to be able to get back to the original source.

  • DeniseR

    “The guide’s rankings are based on email surveys voluntarily filled out by 122,000 students at more than 370 colleges across the country. On average, about 325 students from each campus respond, and university administrators often call the rankings unscientific and say they glorify dangerous behavior.”

    Found this on Huffington Post. The schools are correct, not a scientific study at all.

  • George Politico

    As an Alumnus of Florida State University, I’m surprised that we didn’t even crack the top 5 (if the list is in order, with the most inebriated at the top).

    With education costing what it does these days, it makes more sense to attend online lectures hung over and half-stoned.

    • Robert Burns

      Florida State, nah. I went there. Boring. I was practicly born at Ohio U. My dad went there. Top of the list for probably 50 years.

  • trace

    Shocked that osu didn’t make the list!

  • joe paterno

    ohio state man…..they be having a bunch of butthole reaming parties with their yankee penn state buddies! big ten is such a joke! cheating and raping!

  • Madd Jack

    let’s go mountaineers!

  • Jeanne K

    Hang on, folks! The Princeton Review ranking list published in this story isn’t a new “2012” list but the “old” one that The Princeton Review reported in August 2011. Unfortunately a couple organizations put “2012” on this very list in their posts of them on their websites without indicating source or actual time we reported them.
    Go to http://www.PrincetonReview.com in late August 2012 to see which schools made Princeton Review’s 62 categories of “top 20” lists (not just the “party schools” list) THIS year. – Jeanne Krier, Publicist, The Princeton Review

  • http://yahoo.com george

    i am dissappointed in my old school siu carbondale it use to be number 1 now not even in top 20 lol

  • Twinkletoes

    WHAT? Lack of couches in Morgantown, WV? Is that why they dropped to number 6?!?

  • Eliseo

    As a Graduate of IU class of 1977, I can state for a fact that IU is a partying school, I attended many. However it is also a great academic school,and I also SPENT many days and nights studying in its WORLD class library.

  • Troy

    It is sad and a little disappointing to see my alma mater the University of Wisconsin at number 14. When I was there from 1988-1997 we were either at the top or close to. Everyone seemed to manage to get thier work done and still have time to party and have a good time.

    • Rob

      I sure hope you got more than your bachelors after being there for nine years.

  • Matt

    If Ohio University is #1 why is there a picture of the University of Floridain this story? It might be a dubious distinction but let us get our proper recognition. “Stand up and cheer….”

  • Annoyed

    I really don’t want to hear anymore about student loan debt if we have time to take polls on Party schools. It’s as though we’re celebrating them. Our society is a bass ackwards JOKE

    “Gotta get me a liberal arts degree so i’m quialified to work at Mcdonalds and bitch about my student loans”

  • Annoyed

    Anybody remember the idiot From UW Whitewater? Carreer student, 13 years at the school and then makes the rounds on the late night talk shows. Way to perpetuate celebrating bad behaviour PRINCETON. notice they aren’t on the list? They must be laughing their tales off at how stupid our country is.

  • Jose

    ASU has the pool parties baby!!! The VUE!! The white girls over here are nice.

  • OU Student

    OU ooohhh YEA!!

  • Aidan

    And not single private school among them.

    • slickwilly1313

      depauw is a very small private school…very expensive too

    • boo23

      syracuse is a private college

  • Vicky

    I personally know a couple of students form AZ; lots of them wind up with a serious drug addiction and no degree. My best friends straight A student brother went to Iowa and flunked out his first semester; luckily he kicked his drinking problem after wasting 3 years of his life. U of I loaded with druggies, too. NIU and SIU are a couple of dumps. Why not just save the $ and go to Cicero or The West side of Chicago and do your drugs/booze there? Explains why American college students are just a bunch of stupid, illiterate Obama voters.

  • Jeff Flinn

    Ohio University has ALWAYS been “THEE” party school. It is famous for its Halloween celebrations, Court Street bar scene and its numerous Spring Fests.
    And yes, of the 20 or so OU classmates I remain close friends with (30 years after graduation), all but one of us received our degrees, and most are still in their chosen field of study. — Class of 1982.

  • http://youtu.be/WA010yM5qj0 Starseed Micha-EL


  • chris

    Went to LSU,looks like we’re slippin’.

  • pianolegs

    Time for those for-profit schools — Phoenix — only serious students enrolled — traditional schools harbor drunks and drug addicts.

  • JakeTennyson

    Ohio University National Champs yet again!

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    I thing this is appreciated to organized party.