“Top Gun” Sequel Probably Won’t Happen Now

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When news of a sequel to the ’80s hit “Top Gun” first made the rounds on the web, it was greeted with a mostly enthusiastic crowd; despite the fact that remaking/mining classic films for new box office gold has grown a bit old, many can’t deny the nostalgic love they have for certain things.

With “The Town” co-writer Peter Craig tapped to do the script and action junkie Tony Scott on board to direct, it seemed like things were falling nicely into place. However, with Scott’s tragic suicide back in August, those involved with the project are looking for a way to release the film that won’t be disrespectful to the director or his family.

If things don’t pan out for the sequel, the studio always has the 3-D version of the first film–which was made to be released around the same time in order to drum up excitement–and it’s possible they may just leave it at that.

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