Tonsil Surgery Tragedy: Brain-Dead Diagnosis Fought

    December 21, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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“Is this normal?” asked Nailah Winkfield over and over as her daughter sat in a bloody hospital gown holding a cup full of blood.

An Oakland television station tells us of Nailah Winkfield, a woman facing one of the hardest decisions of a mother’s life. After a routine tonsillectomy gone tragically wrong, Winkfield’s 13-year-old daughter is now declared to be brain-dead by doctors after losing an extreme amount of blood hours after surgery.

What happened to Jahi McMath? No one is quite sure, and her family wants more light shed on the subject before giving up completely. Although the doctors at the Children’s Hospital Oakland have declared her brain-dead and wish to discontinue life support as is protocol, attorney Christopher Dolan has won more time with assertions that Jahi has shown enough signs of life to warrant further investigation– but from doctors independent of the Children’s Hospital.

According to one doctor not related to the case, it is common for a family to reject a diagnosis of brain death. The family’s attorney, however, states that “there is mistrust and there is a conflict of interest” concerning this entire ordeal. Understandably so– Jahi McMath’s loved ones are suddenly left with an unconscious child after only receiving what was supposed to have been a routine procedure.

Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo granted Jahi McMath’s family more time Friday with the hopes that a resolution can be found by Christmas. Right now, the family is asking for a peace of mind and some clarity, and hopefully they will receive it.

Image via KGO-TV

  • Jenna D

    While I understand her parents wanting to believe their child will wake up and walk out of the hospital, it isn’t going to happen and now they are just loving the media attention and the cash donations they are receiving.
    It’s ashame that judge is just as much as media whore as the mother.

    • liff

      they signed the consent for surgery,They were informed the complication.

      • Pattie

        You can not have any procedure done without signing consent. Even if you have an emergency they make you sign consent.

        • Knight

          So if you go to a hospital un-concious with a fatal wound, they have to see if you wake up for surgery?

          If the person is of proper mind and awake, they HAVE TO SIGN CONSENT, but as soon as that person passes out or anything, you are allowed by law to do what it taks to save their life.

      • metoo

        liff, that’s cold. There’s something seriously wrong with this complication. It’s inexcusable. Seriously are you a human or a robot? Do you have no heart? The people that screwed up here need to be held accountable. These days it’s all about money and quick conclusions. How about some humanity for a change.

        • RN

          Woking in a hospital you know what is going on better. The attorney for the family explained actions of the patient that is a basic actions of the brain not her. They were informed of the risk and death is one of them. People think we should live on forever. I do have a question about the blood loss which I believe lead to the heart attack. We don’t know that so we are not fully informed.

          • Spikepine

            Any parent who ends up with a child on life support after a simple surgery would be in shock. I don’t understand the insensitive and negative comments about this case. This child went to the hospital and might not ever go home. How are parents who love her supposed to feel?

          • Kenn McCarty

            Just like a liberal…automatically throwing blame before they really know what happened.
            Last I checked, the human body does NOT come with a guarantee.
            Pretty sick that you’re already willing to throw people under the bus.

          • suckmycock

            shit too dumb fook that much blood loss a good nurse would have DONE MORE!

          • suckmycock


          • Carol

            “Working in a hospital… ” You must be the one changing the bedpans, cause you have no common sense or compassion to be anything else.

          • Housecaller

            RN? Really? With your spelling and grammar, I’m not sure you graduated from the sixth grade.

            Over the years, I’ve cared for more than one child who suffered from catastrophic post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage. Unfortunately, the outcome for the child is usually unsurvivable. Brain death, especially with children is so difficult to comprehend and accept – the child appears to be merely asleep/unconscious, because the ventilator inflates their lungs and helps oxygenate to body, the patient often is pink and seems to be in a recoverable condition. With the heart beating and the child having a pulse, the sad illusion of life frequently makes it impossible to believe the precious child is dead. Adding attorneys and the media are the absolute worst things to bring to this situation.

          • http://Yahoo! Barbie Garcia

            You sound like a cold-hearted female dog.

        • Marta

          Parents should be well informed about tonsillectomies. Yes they are routine but this surgery has a HIGH risk. The first being bleeding. Think about where your tonsils are… Right beside main arteries. The consent form states bleeding as a high risk. Rarely happens but almost always fatal.

      • cc

        Death is a complication of ANY surgery, however, a routine tonsillectomy? Thats scary. Don’t so bitchy about it, the family is going to lose their child from the most routine ever surgery.

      • Spikepine

        If you sign the consent form, which all surgery patients do and you end up dead; I hope your family simply say, “He signed the consent form and he knew that there was a possibility that he would die from the surgery.” Would that be fine with you?

      • suckmycock


        • K McCarty

          To the idiot who calls herself “c***s****r”… From your rude name to your rude manners…you’re the kind of person who desperately needs to go into surgery and have major complications. No one in a civilized world would miss you.

      • Chris


        • marta

          Are you responding to me? I never said anything about a normal complication. A complication is not normal. Who is the uneducated ignoramus(you spelled it wrong)?

    • Pattie

      Why must you call the mom a media wh***. She doesn’t trust the hospital at this point and has a right to a second opinion. I hope you never have a tragedy where your are judged in such a way your are judging the mother. And real people have kind hearts and are making donations because of the tragedy. If you’re ever in the time of need you may have some understanding.

    • Sue

      Seriously??? What a cold person you are. You should be praying for the poor family. I also pray that nothing like this happens to you or your family; I’d certainly hate to “see you become a media whore”…

    • Nichol

      There is hope. I was tragically hit by a car when I was 5 years old (28 now) and I was on life support and in a coma for 2 months and they said I was brain dead. And the doctors kept telling my mom they suggest her taking me off life support, but she never did. I’m fine now. I just have some memory problems and migraines from the head injury. So anything is possible!

      • Angela

        23 years ago the tests available to diagnose cortical (higher brain) function were much less accurate. Although I applaud your optimism, it is highly unlikely that this girl would experience a similar outcome.

        I am a pediatric OR nurse and perform tonsillectomies daily. I think it likely that the “blame” will fall on the poor management/assessment of her blood loss following surgery. It is not unusual to bring tonsillectomy patients back to control post-operative bleeding. Based on the description, someone underestimated her blood loss and the result was tragic. Very sad.

        • Chris

          If you are an OR nurse….I hope you don’t “perform” tonsillectomies.

    • Mason M

      Are you out of your fucking mind? You are a serious cunt.

    • nikki

      I think you are a cold hearted person. This woman has lost her child and the only thing you can think of is money and attention. Maybe that’s how you function but not as a normally functioning human being with the feelings. Your comment you could of kept to yourself.

    • metoo

      I’m sure they’d much rather have their daughter well and happy than receive media attention.

    • http://www.webpro Gwendolyn Carrington-Smith

      I can tell this writer is white. If the girl was white the whole world would be crying out in outrage. Since she’s black we have people like you uncaring and inappropriate in your comments attacking a family that’s fighting for their daughter life. Get a clue because you obviously don’t have a heart.

      • Johnny

        Obviously You Are Blind Because At The Bottom Of The Article There Is A Picture Of The Writer And She Is Black. Of Course Someone Always Has To Play The Race Card. The Issue Is About Life Support, Maybe You Should Read The Article Again.

        • annsapire

          @ Gwendolyn carrington-shith
          Don’t make this a race thing, you are the racist here instead of feeling for the parents you have to bash the race. Get with it and hold your tongue!

          • Spikepine

            annsapire, she was not making it about race other than responding to Janna’s comment.

        • Parri

          Johnny anybody can put anybody’s face up there doesn’t mean that person is black unless you know them personally DUH!

      • Spikepine

        The reply was not about the writer being white, it was a response to the comment made by Jenna.

      • http://yahoo Gloria Moore

        Let’s all stop calling each other names; i.e. liberal, white, black…In this case it doesn’t matter. The sad part is that someone thinks that a parent is more concerned about attention and money as opposed to their child. This was not something that was contrived on the part of the family. This was something that they experienced through no fault of their own. I would think that they want their child back and if they can’t have her back THEY want to know, for themselves, that they SHOULD give up (ON THEIR OWN TERMS).

      • thomas

        i can tell you are black.
        because you smell nasty.

        • Spikepine

          Thomas, you and people like you show your stupidity and ignorance every day.

      • Chris

        Please don’t play the race card here. It doesn’t EVER belong anywhere let alone here. If you cut the human body open we are ALL the same color. Let the race bs die.

      • takaro

        I am a yellow man, and I agree with you.

    • Truthbetold

      It’s sad when people make false assumptions like this one posted by Jenna in regards to a family having the faith to hold on to dear human life – this is her child for crying out loud. It is clear that this family is in shock, grief and are simply not giving up on hope with this unfortunate turn of events from what should have been a simple procedure. It has nothing to do with media attention and money which is a very ignorant statement to arrive to especially after examining the story behind how this all came about. No money or media attention in the whole wide world could buy or replace a human life – the most precious gift from God. Think before you speak.

    • Spikepine

      Wait until your child has been butchered and is brain dead and then you post a comment. This has nothing to do with the media and the doctors are not God.

    • http://yahoo Gloria Moore

      I don’t know how old you are OR what your experiences in life are BUT if you live long enough you will one day regret the last part of your comments. It is evident you have not experienced anything traumatic in life because you wouldn’t have made this comment. The first part of you comment allows you to feel as though you have compassion. The last part actually shows your heart. YOU don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s a horrible opinion to express in writing. On behalf of the family, who I don’t know, I forgive you.

    • Louise

      What a ridiculous comment. This family is grieving and to assume she wants media attention is shameful on your part.

    • Ann Capezzuto

      Some of you people are really cold. you must not have kids. I do not believe that the family is looking for money or attention, I sounds to me like the doctors want this to all go away before an independent Dr.gets a chance to examine her. They are worried about liability here. No parent wants to pull the plug on their child. Where there is life there is hope.

      • You are all wrong!!

        While it’s hard to grieve the loss of a child or any family member the reality is she is dead and they are prolonging the grieving process. They need to let her go already this is just the cold hard truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

    • http://K Paige

      That is such an ignorant thing to say! You must not be a mother yourself. If it was my child I would be just as devastated! Of course ANY parent will hope and pray and even begin to believe their child will wake up and walk out. Can you blame them though? You know Jenna, it’s a shame heartless people like you walk this earth and innocent children get taken!

    • sunnierskies

      You are an idiot. There is not one once of compassion in ANY of your comments. How dare they want their daughter to walk out of the hospital after a tonsillectomy. So, when something tragic happens to you. We can only hope that you will shut up and not sue if needed, and not not say anything to the media if needed, even if that means possibly warning patients at a hospital where a little girl does not wake up and is covered in blood because lets make sure we don’t create media whores. Go back to my first statement.

      • http://Dean Sam

        Where is the compassion in your comment sunnierskies!?

    • Chris

      You are a heartless bastard. I surely hope you never have to face something in your life like this poor family is going through. SHAME ON YOU….GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY FOOL

    • Dolly

      This has nothing to do with her being a media whore this has to do with a mother fighting for her child. Her child’s life. As a mother (which you clearly are not) it is your job to fight for your child especially when your child is unable to do so.is so bad she wants a second opinion ? No. Once she gets it maybe she can get closure. I say this with the opinion of having a sibling be taken off life support. it is not an easy thing to deal with.

    • Cori

      Your comment is pitiful. I feel bad for you and whoever is around you. I’ve seen many miracles happen…You don’t get to choose who dies and when… They go when they are meant to go. So many people are willing to give up so quickly…I’d hate to be surrounded by people like that. Hope goes a very long way… This is coming from someone who didn’t have much hope, but have been lucky enough to witness people come back from being clinically dead. If this was your child who went in for a “simple routine surgery” and came out spewing blood and then went brain dead from it, you’d have kept this shitty commentary to yourself. Idiot.

    • Carol

      So you think that these parents don’t have the right to a second, independent opinion? This is what they are asking and they are being refused.

    • jess dee

      you’re ignorant

    • Erika

      Your comment takes the award of the sickest, most moronic
      comment of the year

    • K Mc

      As the parents have asked for, our family is including them in our prayers.
      We could never begrudge them their hope for a miracle and want a second opinion…or at least some time to process and come to terms with the whole thing.
      The only “media whores” here are the media themselves.
      The body does not come with a guarantee; even seemingly simple procedures can go very wrong and not be the fault of medical personnel…it is so wrong to throw them under the proverbial bus. This is a heartfelt tragedy for everyone involved. EVERYONE, from Jahi, her parents and the medical personnel, deserve our compassion, support and prayers.

    • K Mc

      As the parents have asked for, our family is including them in our prayers.
      We could never begrudge them their hope for a miracle and want a second opinion…or at least some time to process and come to terms with the whole thing.
      The only “media whores” here are the media themselves.
      The body does not come with a guarantee; even seemingly simple procedures can go very wrong and not be the fault of medical personnel…it is so wrong to throw them under the proverbial bus. This is a heartfelt tragedy for everyone involved. EVERYONE, from Jahi, her parents and the medical personnel, deserve our compassion, support and prayers.

    • kim

      Bitch you are out of line she needs the help #fuck you what if it was your child?

    • Cherron

      You stupid bitch, her mother is doing what she feels is right for her baby.. Shame on your dumb ass..

    • Cherron

      You dumb bitcch! The mother is doing what she can to save her baby…

  • liff

    it is common complication of tonsillectomy.he problem is more ENT doctors are performing the surgery.Is that necessary ?

    • Sue

      You are correct, and doctors don’t seem to “know” why this happens. I had it happen when I had a tonsillectomy in my 20’s, and nearly died. My bathroom looked like someone had been shot from the blood spewing from my throat. Luckily, I’m here to talk about it; this poor child won’t get that chance. My heart goes out to the family.

      • Spikepine

        Thank you for an intelligent comment, and I am so very glad you survived your surgery. Many people posting comments don’t seem to understand how hard it is to let your child go. Some idiot even mentioned the parents loving the media as the reason they won’t disconnect their precious child, whom they have loved for years from life support. Some people are too insensitive. It guess if they were in this situation they would feel differently.

    • Kenn McCarty

      To Liff…”Butchered” ?…really?
      What a jerk. In this country, a doctor can have a long and successful career…do tons of excellent work until something goes wrong, a mistake, a body just not quite right, who knows…and people like you immediately throw them under the bus by throwing out the “butcher” card. Do us a favor, please take your chances and never go to a doctor.

  • Sue

    This same thing happened to me when I had a tonsillectomy as an adult in my 20’s. I was pouring blood out of the throat so fast I couldn’t breathe, and my bathroom walls were covered in blood – it looked as though someone had been shot. I was rushed to the ER twice, but doctors weren’t quite sure why I was bleeding. Thank God I stopped, and am still here today to talk about it. My heart goes out to the poor family going through this!

  • moneyluv


  • beatriz

    I almost lost my son (23 years old) last year because a tonsillectomy. The doctor told me he was ok…and he left, in a hurry. After three days of an agony of pain, he started to bleed. I called his dr…to hear the same, its normal, blah blahblah. one hr later he vomited so much blood that mi kitchen s floor was a red nightmare.Countertops, sink, everywhere. His “doctor” finally accept that he was having a terrible hemorrhage. MADE US GO TO HIS PRIVATE OFFICE, NOT TO THE HOSPITAL, AND TRIED FOR ONE WHOLE HR. TO STOP THE BLEEDING!!!!!! After that, finally, he made me drive my son to the hospital. He got a second surgery. The doctor said “he ll be ok, this things happens”….my son was released in the morning…his face color was light green. he couldn’t drink, less eat. The pain was excruciating. To make this shorter…three days later, another TERRIBLE hemorrhage. His Dr. told me, when I called him hysterical, that “he was in a meeting”….????? Do you believe this guy? Well, believe it. Anyway, another doctor from his office, dr. Hogan, angel in Earth,went to the hospital to take care of my son…another surgery. Three in eight days. This doctor, who wasn t even “his” doctor, went to the hospital every day to check on him. From the nurses and from another surgeon we knew why my son had so many problems…:”his” doctor fault.
    After one month, my son started to eat again. He lost 25 pounds. His voice changed completely. We went to three lawyers trying to get some justice for my son…nope. Because…he survived! No brain damage! No one doctor is going to testify against him! So “his” doctor is free to keep doing this to other people. TONSILLECTOMY IS NOT A LITTLE PROCEDURE. BE CAREFUL.AND PLEASE: CHECK ALL THE REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR DOCTOR!

  • claudia pascale

    At 16 as I woke up from a tonsillectomy I was informed I almost bled to death during surgery. Since it happened while I still under anesthesia I have no trauma of it but this happened 46 years ago so believe God sent His angels to keep me alivr. My heart goes out to the mother of the 13 year old. I lost a child. Its difficult to comprehend at times.

  • kathy

    When I was 6 yrs. old I had a tonsillectomy…..after surgery I bled all over the sheets, gown.. face. They took me back to Operating Room and saved my life …by compressing big big wads of gauze on each side of my throat….they told my mom I was probably not going to make it…but I did..am &# today…Thank you JESUS …..I got to enjoy life and raise 4 children Aso I had blood transfusion in my elbows and ankles .I knew something was going on..but I didnt know I was dying

    • Spikepine

      I am so very happy for you. And as for having four children, you are totally and completely blessed.

  • http://www.webpro Gwendolyn Carrington-Smith

    By the way I was responding to Jenna d

    • Spikepine

      Obviously, someone was too quick to accuse you are using the so-called, “Race card” to take the time to understand that you were responding to the comment made by Janna and not the writer of the article.

  • Patrick Flanagan

    The Hospital is responsible for this, and now they think they have the right to make decisions about her condition ? They want her off life support because it’s cheaper than keeping her alive. They can’t even put the cost issues aside when they caused this in the first place.

    Who the hell do they think they are ?

    • lizbeth

      My cousine was declared brain dead by the Dr.’s and the hospital wanted to pull the plug. The family refused and he is alive now, walking talking and happy they held some hope. They should give more time and have some hope, otherwise what do we have in this world? And people should stop playing a race card. Most of us are mixed with other races and it is pitiful people try to get their way with this. Christ.

    • You are all wrong!!

      You have no clue what you are saying and obviously no medical background. There is no electrical activity in her brain she is already dead. It’s the ventilator keeping her breathing. people need to accept the fact that she is dead and quit making ignorant comments when they don’t understand whats going on.

      • Spikepine

        People will accept the fact when they get ready. You and no man on earth is God. God has raised the dead; obviously the family is believing in God and not man.

        • You are all wrong!!

          I believe in science only morons believe in god. You obviously never to a psychology class otherwise you would know that the grieving process should not be prolonged.

      • jess dee

        the one stating ignorant comments is you… hope you never have a child on life support and you want a second opinion..and i do have medical backround..how do you know anyone else doesnt get off your high horse and f*ck yourself

        • You are all wrong!!

          If you had a medical background higher then a CNA ( a 1 week course) then you would understand what I am saying. Obviously you and the others on here are not in the medical field and are spewing stuff out of your ass instead of facts. Have a nice day good luck with your CNA job wiping butts all day.

          • jess dee

            The only butt I wipe is my own and I’m not a CNA. This story is not simply about a family grieving and the girl on life support, it’s the way the hospital handled the incident and the family requests a second opinion. There’s no wrong in asking for a second opinion, especially in the medical field. But what the hay what does a little oh CNA like me know about this medical science stuff. Idiot, assuming what I do for living shows no creditability in what you say. Proved my point.

  • kathy

    Oh also……I am 73 today…and have been living with someone elses blood in me…all these years….AND my daughter had to have her tonsils out at age 30….don’t think we didn’t pray and pray for her..cause its even harder when one is older..(not a small child)…let us pray for “strength” for all involved …..yes…my daughter did just fine…loving that Ice Cream..

    • Spikepine

      God bless you for your comment. God bless your family.

  • darcie

    I believe this is the families decision and not the hospitals decision to take her off life support. I pray this little girl wakes up and shows the hospital how much they really screwed up! Prayers for the family.

  • precious

    I think this family deserves to have more time. This is a very shocking experience they’re going thru. Prayers to the family.

    • You are all wrong!!

      They are in denial they are just prolonging the grieving process and need to accept the fact she is dead. When you become a Dr. then you can make a comment but you obviously don’t even have a college degree. If you did you would have taken a Psychology class learned about death and the grieving process. The people writing comments on here are so stupid no wonder this country is going to crap. Get an education people!!!

      • Spikepine

        It’s the doctors that butchered this child; so what is your point. Anyone can type their opinion.

        • You are all wrong!!

          Yup your right anyone can type their opinion. I just happen to give facts thats my point. People are ignorant and thats ok. Im just correcting the people that are wrong. This page seems to be filled with a lot of ignorant people.

      • http://yahoo Nan

        You are the reason education is not working. It’s education combined with compassion that create the greatest good. Your name says it all. It can’t be possible that everyone is wrong but you!!! How intelligent is that. Next time, think before you press the send button.

        • You are all wrong!!

          Oh i did and im in the medical field. If you and all the other idiots on here were in the medical field you would know I was right so just get over it!

          • jess dee

            Quit saying you’re in the medical field you probably clean toilets all day… janitor

      • Educated ED.

        First of all, my heart goes out to the family of this little girl. May GOD comfort them and give them peace. Now in response to your comment…

        I have an education. Most importantly,I have a heart,too! All the education in the world will not prepare a family for the untimely loss of a loved one. My father was critically ill, and we knew that he was not going to make it. However, my siblings and I respected the decision of our Mom to be sure with all her heart that it was time to let Dad go. We did not want her to look back and agonize over if she let him go too quickly.
        I will pray for you and hope your family never have to make the decisions this little girl’s family will have to make.

        • Kathy Stewart

          When did your dad pass?

      • jess dee

        are you a dr? if you are… you sure as hell dont have any sense and sense you dont learn in a text book. too bad your parents had sex and your dad left in long enough for you to be brought in to the world and comment on others story when you dont know jack sh!t.

        • You are all wrong!!

          Jess it’s too bad your such an idiot and can’t comprehend what im saying. I’m trying to put in really simple terms for morons like you to understand. Is it still going over your head? I’m sorry if you still can’t understand.

          • You are all wrong!!

            here is some info and questions about brain death in which a person can legally be declared dead. The Heart has it’s own pace maker and can still beat outside the body as long as it receives oxygen. If you really want to learn something then click the link or you can keep flappin at the mouth. I suggest actually learning something.

          • jess dee

            Thank you

  • Paula

    Praying for Jahi. Don’t give up. My friends brother was unresponsive in hospital and Doctors wanted family to unhook him and let him die. They refused and moved him to another hospital, where it was determined that he was overmedicated. They reduced the medicine and by the next day he was sitting up eating on his own.

    • You are all wrong!!

      Thats not the same as Brain Death but thanks for trying. Keep your day job.

  • http://yahoo carolyn

    my grand daughter had a brain injury, they said she was brain dead , but she was holding my finger and putting pressure on it, they said it was premative reaction, I told them know, they tried to get her parents to unplug her because she was brain dead, well I begged them to take her down slowly, the next day she woke up ad they said oh no, she is suppose to stay under I said what the hell is going on here , and later that next day they moved her to a normal room, I didn’t leave her side at all when I went to the bathroom I left the door open so I could see her at all times , 2 days later we took her home , never ever give up on your loved ones, if there is a chance that they could wake up , they will , I HATE THOSE DOCTORS THAT TRIED TO GET HER PARENTS TO DONATE ORGANS!! I believe they were trying to not help her and take her organs to make more money…..

  • had to pull the plug

    Give the family more time. I was told my husband was brain dead. I made the doctors run ALL the tests to see if there was any hope on 3 different days. I made myself ready to accept this as well as my daughter. It took me a couple more days, then I decided to donate his organs and tissue, rather than let him go on the way he was.

    • Spikepine

      I hope you have found peace since your husband’s death. You still have the love of your child. God bless you.

  • Sam

    It is incredibly ignorant that anyone has the audacity to call the mother a “media wh***”. Her child is on the verge of life and death. The family has all the right to delay pulling the child off the plug, the hospital caused this heartbreaking tragedy, the least they can do is own up to it, and grant the wishes of the family. I really do hope a miracle happens and that she is able to live, such a young age to pass, so much life ahead of her.

  • Duane Stadnik

    These comments sound like remarks from the medical profession covering for their own or someone without children.Let something happen to their cat or dog and look out.Doctors bury their mistakes and practice their entire professional life. I have a 10 year old and if something like this ever happened I would be out for blood too.

    • You are all wrong!!

      Thats why they call it practicing medicine.

  • All So Hypocritical

    If there is a chance that she is alive, then all avenues should be exhausted. Life is precious and doctors have made mistakes in the past.

    Life to me is simple. You treat the sick. You don’t give up on people. If there is the slightest chance, you don’t give up on people.

    We think about the almighty dollar way too much. What does it profit a man if he gains the world but losses his soul in the process.

  • Gloria Lilly

    I am a nurse of 30 years and yes while she did sign the operative procedure form to accept the surgical risks, I have seen countless major surgical errors that was covered or attempted to be covered up. I have seen teaching hospitals allow young inexperience surgical interns operative without notifying anyone that they were essentially practicing and making mistakes on cutting, taking off the wrong parts, sloppy suturing, leaving in instruments, and not taking the proper precautions on eliminating potential side effects or major complications. So while this death may SEEM like it is all covered under the consent form it may be not. If it was me I would have my lawyer’s nurse and or doctor read the surgical notes and examine the girl’s body. Thank you. Nurse Lilly

  • Jeff Dunn

    This is sad and no parent should be rushed to make a life altering decision regarding their child on the spot. If medically there is malpractice and neglect of procedure, the family has all rights to avenues to hold those accountable.

  • galacticspice1

    As a surgical scrub nurse myself there is never such a thing as a routine surgery. My heart goes out to her family along with the staff involved in this tragedy.

  • Mabel

    Regardless of what caused this, my heart breaks for this child’s mom and the rest of her family who have stood vigil for countless hours seeking answers. The pain in her eyes breaks my heart. I pray that no matter what the outcome that she finds some peace in time.

  • http://seadoc.com Craig Michael Uhl, MD

    This young lady needs to be transferred to an independent hospital where confirmatory testing of brain death can be certified. These tests include:

    When the full clinical examination, including both assessments of brain stem reflexes and the apnea test, is conclusively performed, no additional testing is required to determine brain death.

    In some patients, skull or cervical injuries, cardiovascular instability, or other factors may make it impossible to complete parts of the assessment safely. In such circumstances, a confirmatory test verifying brain death is necessary. These tests may also be used to reassure family members and medical staff.

    Any of the suggested tests may produce similar results in patients with catastrophic brain damage who do not fulfill the clinical criteria of brain death. The confirmatory tests are.

    Angiography (conventional, computerized tomographic, magnetic resonance, and radionuclide): Brain death confirmed by demonstrating the absence of intracerebral filling at the level of the carotid bifurcation or Circle of Willis. The external carotid circulation is patent, and filling of the superior sagittal sinus may be delayed.
    Radionuclide angiography (CRAG) does not adequately image vasculature of the posterior fossa.
    MRI angiography can be quite challenging in an ICU patient because of magnet incompatibility with lines, ventilator tubing and other hardware.
    Cerebral arteriography: This test is often difficult to perform in a critically ill, unstable patient.
    Electroencephalography: Brain death confirmed by documenting the absence of electrical activity during at least 30 minutes of recording that adheres to the minimal technical criteria for EEG recording in suspected brain death as adopted by the American Electroencephalographic Society, including 16-channel EEG instruments. The ICU setting may result in false readings due to electronic background noise creating innumerable artifacts.
    Nuclear brain scanning: Brain death confirmed by absence of uptake of isotope in brain parenchyma and/or vasculature, depending on isotope and technique used. (“hollow skull phenomenon”).
    Somatosensory evoked potentials: Brain death confirmed by bilateral absence of N20-P22 response with median nerve stimulation.

    • You are all wrong!!

      Craig an EEG would suffice just fine. Why waste time and money on a bunch of tests when we know what the outcome is.

  • Preecha

    Sad. Very sad. Root cause analysis a must – prob. being done.
    Transparency essential

  • veronica lee

    Ignore Liff people. My mom had a serious stroke last month and has been placed in a nursing home longterm. She was in the hospital for a month and in the home two weeks. She just called and said she is ready to go home. Prayer changes things. Everybbody reading this; pray for the family!

  • Carol

    My heart goes out to the family of this girl.
    The family has the right to a second, independent opinion as to whether their child is truly brain dead. Why is Oakland Children’s Hospital in such a hurry to turn this child’s life support off?
    We need to start holding medical personnel criminally responsible for their actions. If what happened to this child was not the ‘normal’ surgical complications, then someone needs to be held responsible and charged. Enough is enough with doctors and surgeons getting away with this.

  • Anne McKinnon

    This is a common procedure. It should have never come to this. Nurse and Doctor should have done something before it got to this point. I am sure being a nurse or doctor you knew that much blood was not normal. All will be held accountable in this matter. I will pray for this family for sure they left the life of their child in the doctors hands and this being such a common surgery now a days should have never ended this way.


    WOW! I can’t believe how cold some of you people are, just reading these responses! I don’t care if this girl was white yellow red or blue, as a HUMAN BEING she wasn’t given proper medical care in the first place. She should not have been bleeding like that and the doctors and nurses should have known better and acted faster, NO ONE SHOULD BLEED THAT BAD FOR A FEW HOURS. I don’t think these people are media whores either, they just TRAGICALLY lost their daughter due to some bad surgery. They are i am sure very untrusting of doctors at this point! i don’t have children, but i couldn’t imagine losing anyone i loved in a botched surgery this bad then have people pressuring me to take them off life support! YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT I WOULD WANT ANOTHER OPINION AFTER WHAT JUST HAPPENED! God Bless these people! And I really hope that some of you responders find some fuckin’ HUMANITY!

  • Makka

    Would not have happened if they had used “Thermal Fusion” .

  • Debra

    My heart goes to the mother and family. They need answers and time.
    That’s the hardest thing in life to ever to ever do.TURN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE SUPPORT OFF. I went through that in 2007 and knew in advance but wasn’t any easier.
    It has nothing to do with color,money,attention,Its love Its a child.
    God,please watch over this mother and family and give them the strength to get through this.

  • Erika

    They better leave this girl alive until other doctors have had
    a chance to evaluate her and THENA LEAVE HER ALIVE until and/or unless the parents give up on her deem not to.


  • Valandria

    I have to agree with suckmycock, his screen name doesn’t bother me and I think he said it best, this child should have gone back to the O.R. period. When does a blood transfusion stop a bleed if it’s a surgical incision? I float throughout the hospital and occasionally through the PACU, if I were to ever get a patient in recovery who was bleeding the way it is said this child was bleeding, if the surgeon didn’t come I’m calling Rapid Response any nurse making comments on this page knows when you’re volume depleted from bleeding there is a definite change in the b/p and pulse; therefore you know this child had to be symptomatic. TO hell with a consent and informed consent and the risks, this is beyond that. Negligence!

    People can be mad at Jahi’s mother til the cows come home, if this child went into cardiac arrest from bleeding she was symptomatic, the medical staff failed this child and now they want her to disappear because they effed up. Any medical professional working in an acute care setting knows these patients are in the hospital because they are unstable and require frequent monitoring which is what the doctors certify in their notes to justify keeping their patients over night and I believe this child was due to stay in the hospital overnight.

    Jahi McMath should not ever have bled to the point her heart stopped. I hope I never have any of you as my nurse, I don’t do my patients like that, they might stress me and get on my nerves, I but I have never had this happen because I have a duty to my patients and Jahi’s medical team failed in their duty to her.

    • RS

      Jalaria you hit the nail on the head! I had the same surgery for sleep apnea also, at the age of 46.. A few days later I started bleeding profusely. I stuck a towel in my mouth and drove myself to the hospital ER, which was about 12 minutes away. All the while bleeding and choking. I loss a significant amount, and was prepped, but was not given a transfusion. Makes me wonder how much this child bled before the nurse realized for her to be given a transfusion first. Negligence!

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