Tom Cruise Rocks For Some, Ruins Film For Others

    June 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tom Cruise has played a lot of varied roles over his career, but something about his latest one is capturing a lot of buzz in the movie world, and quite a bit of it is good.

As Stacee Jaxx, an “80s rock god who is an amalgamation of Axl Rose and Stephen Tyler, Cruise is stealing the show for a lot of critics, even though his story isn’t the central one in the film. The movie–which is based on the hugely successful 2009 musical–focuses on two young kids trying to make it in the big city who ultimately fall in love–a tale as old as time. But those who have seen the film are giving Tom Cruise praise for breathing life into a storyline that’s been done a million times before, saying he carries the tale and leaves the audience wanting more every time he’s offscreen.

A karaoke musical in which almost everybody bursts into FM anthems at the drop of a hat….by rights “Rock of Ages” shouldn’t come off as a one-man show. But it’s an uneven fight, and you might find yourself itching for the fast-forward button whenever Cruise is off-screen, writes CNN’s Tom Charity.

Cruise even sings in the film, although that’s nothing new for the actor; he lent his pipes to characters in “Top Gun” and “Magnolia”, as well. But this role is a bit different, as it requires Cruise to create an entire persona around the voice. And while several think he did an admirable job, others are having a difficult time seeing past his action-man persona….and the “musical” aspect of the film.

  • Becky

    Tom Cruise is a talented actor who I enjoy watching. I thought it was romantic when he jumped on Oprah’s couch. I don’t care that he practices Scientology as a way of life just as I don’t care about all the other actors that do. He has a lovely family, seems to be well adjusted and puts up with a lot of negativity from people who sit around around and judge everybody else.

    • Jill

      I absolutely agree with you!

      • marie

        See my comment above as I agree with you too.

  • Kevin

    Tom Cruise is ROCK OF AGES is a JOKE! He’s an over the hill bad actor who needs to just go away.

  • Miki

    Tom Cruise is just one of dozens of top actors all trying to make careers in the film industry. The older they get, the harder that gets. He is one of the more down-to-earth actors working today. So he chooses a religion YOU don’t agree with, it’s HIS life. So he has a bad interview on Oprah. How many of YOU have given nationally-televised interviews and come off perfect. Before each of his feature movies, he’s pretty much required to give nationally-televised interviews. So he came off bad in one. Big deal. He’s not the greatest actor working today, but he’s a decent guy, working his trade. Haters, just give it a rest.

    • Sam

      Dead on!!!! Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • marie

    I agree with Becky. Tom Cruise goes all out and performs in an outrageous movie and does all the singing and goes all out to entertain which he does as do all the other actors and you get people who all they can do is criticize. I dislike them as they couldn’t do it themselves. My motto is listen to the opinion of people who themselves have products in the same area and maybe, just maybe I would listen but those 4 above don’t. I am definitely going to the movie as are tons of others from my office as well as my friends!

  • Sam

    Go Tom – you rock!! He is the best actor around and his movies always entertain.. Can’t wait to see it – watched all the trailers and who cares what anyone else thinks – I don’t let people tell me what to like or not… so don’t even care for their commentary….

  • Jon Adamich

    Could everyone please look at the avatars of the twitter accounts posting negative comments?

    I think we can negate those.

  • casey

    I was impressed with Tom’s performance. I really think he did an awesome job playing his character.

  • mea25

    Great movie especially at the IMAX. Trending worldwide. Gonna see it again. Heck w/the plot…its just an entertaining summer movie. 4get the critics, see the movie yourself n u make your own judgement. 6/5 Soundtrack debuted at #1 on multiple Billboard charts even b4 the movie hit the theaters 6/15. Can hardly wait for the DVD now which they say Julianne n Tom danced a steamy, sexy dance to the song “Rock U Like a Hurricane” which was cut out of the movie because it was too hot.