Tom Cruise Girlfriend Rumored To Be Restaurant Manager

    December 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Tom Cruise is in the market for a new girlfriend after his very public split with former wife Katie Holmes. So, who has the actor set his eyes on this time? His new rumored love interest may just surprise you.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Tom Cruise is now dating Cynthia Jorge, a 26-year-old Queens native and restaurant manager. The report comes after sources saw Cruise dancing with Jorge at New York’s Le Baron nightclub on Dec. 18.

Reportedly, Jorge is the one who made the move on Cruise. An insider reported that Cruise visited Jorge’s restaurant for a business meeting, and Jorge gave the movie star her business card before he left. The two met up at the aforementioned nightclub only a day later.


So, is this a little rebound fling or is Cruise taking this newfound relationship seriously? It’s hard to tell at this point, but a witness said the two were “grinding together” at the nightclub. He also called a private car to take her home at the end of the night. If anything, Cruise is at least interested.

A report from People, however, is saying that there was no date, and Jorge just met Cruise for a few drinks. A source close to Jorge said she was just showing Cruise around town while having a casual night out.

As for Cruise, sources close to the actor said the star remains single after his divorce with Katie Holmes. The source also notes that the actor is not dating anybody at the moment.

  • Melanie

    This seems very early to be saying he has a new girlfriend. Two things come to mind for me. First, she gave him her card, so started the ball rolling. Second, he needs to be without anyone for awhile. I don’t think he is a horn dog with women, so if he wants people to believe he is NOT gay he needs to curtail working so hard at not seeming to be gay. Meaning, the more he acts like he is a horn dog and getting back in the game, the more gay he seems. I have no clue if he is or is not gay and I don’t really care. Just saying acting like you are straight is different than actually being straight. I would recommend acting like you are sad over the loss of your ex wife for at least another year, at minimum.

  • Donna

    All Tom Cruise does is get involved with women that he can recruit into The Church of Scientology and to get down their pants. Those are his two goals. Scientology is nothing more than a cult. Why do you think his past relationships have failed. It does not seem that he will give up the church for any woman, so why would someone be interested in him knowing his history.

    • Rickster

      Considering SHE gave her contact info to him, I think youre way off base.

  • Deke Thronron

    Cruise is going through inner turmoil being that he is gay and he cannot let the world know this and so he will drift from one woman to another until he finally comes to grips with this self-realization and lets the world finally know that’s he’s been hanging in the closet all these years! One thing I will bet you is that this relationship will disolve as every other one will as well until he comes clean.

  • Brenda

    I think he just wants a younger woman that he thinks he can control. Scientology figures into it immensely.

  • Todd

    Tom Cruise is gayer than I am and that’s saying something. He is looking for a new beard, not a real woman; one he can get on a 5 year contract to play the part of his wife, much like Nicole Kidman and Katie. I wonder if he really thinks he is fooling anyone anymore?

    • janet

      I agree with you 100%!!!!!

      • marianne prine


  • janet

    Funny how all his women stay the same age yet he gets older. I also agree with a previous post that his “gay”dar is very strong. Hopefully he will stop hiding behind his religion and come completely out of the closet and be truthful to himself…he is definately gayer than gay!!!!!

  • Kaitlin Taz

    Okay, now yes I do agree that Tom has gotten strange over the years with all of his scientology stuff and comments on ADHD meds and what not but, we do live in America where we all have the right to our own opinions, while we may not all agree, it still is everyones right, and the whole “manager of a resturant” label, is that really necessary? Who cares! Do all hollywood celebs have to date other celebs? And props to her for making the move! If I were her I probably would’ve done the same thing, I mean come on have we not all seen him in Top Gun or Rock of Ages.. ;D

  • rm

    It’s a cover. Most people doubt that Cruise partakes of the opposite sex

  • Katie

    Is he still in the closet??? Tom, baby, it’s okay, please swing those closet doors open…once and for all!!!

  • phyllis

    i have no ideal if hes gay or not. scientolgy believe is enough for me to run the other way. maybe the woman is trying to find money hes capable of paying her. i agree he needs to sit back and take a look at his life, hes had to nice and lovely ladies, hes not some one to want a future with.

  • tv

    He has had a BOYFRIEND from way back in the day. I cannot figuire out why after all this ,time he has not come out ?? He has enough money. He had a great guy in NYC awhile back and seemed to be happy but now he is looking only for money? And not a Happy Partner SAD very SAD !!!

  • PJ

    So the Church of Scientology has selected a new bride for Tom, how nice.
    I wonder if she was selected from the people in the locked building in the compound in So. California.
    Selecting from those people would be perfect, walking from one hellish prison into another.

  • What?

    Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE IDENTY revealed!!! Tv Fanatic just post an new video on their site. Here is the link: goo.gl/1hHDJ

  • Debbie

    Tom, shame on you for dating young ladies who are old enough to be your daughters. Do yourself a favor and get your head and mind examined by a real expert. For you Miss Jorge, run for your life and run fast before Tom and his cult ruins you…..

    • marc

      Nothing wrong with a younger girlfriend. It keeps the blood young:)

  • http://yahoo.com Joyce

    So Tom has a new girlfriend. A possible new member he plans to recruit for his cult aka Scientology he brings to right now. Interesting. And she does look kinda like Katie Holmes too

  • Tom S.

    BOY! That’s a BIG step down!

    • flaflyboy

      Step down?? From an actress? You have that baackwards.

      • Cheryl A.

        Totally Agree flaflyboy

    • Cheryl A.

      A step down? Why because she is not an actress? Not everyone is rich and famous and that doesn’t make them less of a person. She is an everyday working person just like the rest of us and as far as you know she could be the nicest person he’s ever met. Shame on you for judging her by her non celebrity status. I guess I could judge you by that comment and conclude your an A-hole.

  • TRUE IDENTY revealed!!!

    Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE IDENTY revealed!!! Tv Fanatic just post an new video on their site. Here is the link: goo.gl/1hHDJ

  • TRUE identity revealed!!!

    Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE identity revealed!!! Tv Fanatic just post an new video on their site. Here is the link: goo.gl/1hHDJ

  • flaflyboy

    I hope she doesn’t mind her boyfriend taking it up the shoot…

  • stinkerbell

    RUN, GIRL….Wake up and smell the chloroform! You are simply victim #4 or 5 or whatever, to impregnate and grow the “church.”

  • Dago T

    Papa’s got a brand-new beard.

    Keep trying girls, Tom. Some day …

  • Jan

    She would have to be pretty clueless to fall for a loser like Cruise but he does have mega bucks

  • TRUE identity revealed!!!

    Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE identity revealed!!! Someone just post an new video on youtube. Here is the link: goo.gl/1hHDJ

  • Travis

    You queers are really “stretching” and in fantasyland. I guess it makes you feel validated to accuse someone of being, without any evidence whatsoever? Silly little cornballs! 😉

    • Cheryl A.

      Travis you are so right.

  • myrah

    I heard he said that she was nothing jump on a couch about.

    • BB

      She is really an ugly woman!!!!!

  • Travis

    All the cornholers on here seeking validation by accusing someone else of being gay, and without a shred of evidence! Calm down, and get some relief by trolling your favorite AIDS park! Geeze.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/princesfashions Ben

    Sure are alot of people thinking he’s “touch”, lol, gay. So many people thinking this are probably right…Tom booty popping or popping butt! hee hee lol

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/princesfashions Ben

      male butt that is!

    • GargantuaUnchained

      Wow, isn’t there enough hate in the world without you jealous juvies trying to incite conflict. What ever the dude is, has nothing to do with you. He will probably continue to get more of everything you can’t including women. Maybe you should try to get some not hate on those who do.

      • Cheryl A.

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. I get so sick of the rumors of who is gay and who is not. It is no ones business but there own.

    • Cheryl A.

      They probably got the two of you confused.

  • KC

    Last time I checked this was still america and freedom of religion was still a right anyone could exercise…so what if he still has the same taste he’s always had…perhaps life’s to short to settle for a more mature woman…the guy is a perfectionist and has an excellent work ethic, After all these years, with all the paparrazzi and close circuit tv’s everywhere, don’t you think he would have been seen or caught in the act with a man if he were gay? Get real and get a life…all I hear is pissed off woman, and male homosexuals complaining, his hollywood movies speak for themselves and he enjoys his life! that’s all that matters…these woman are adults and not stupid are they? Grow up!

    • Maire

      Not really! His personal life can be as cloaked as he wants.

    • Cheryl A.


  • Maire

    It seems the same as in the past. I have read stories after his previous divorces/break-ups that he has to immediately find a new girlfriend (even soliciting his mgr to seek them out) with specific requests as to build, etc… I dunno–something to prove?

  • KC

    you dont know…and who’s problem is that…

  • Diana Spencer

    Run girl…..run as fast as can in the opposite direction of Tom Cruise! He’s a train wreck waiting to happen and his (3) ex wives can attest to that!

    • stor

      His ex-wives would also tell you he’s gay — if they hadn’t signed agreements saying they wouldn’t breathe a word about that…in exchange for MILLIONS of dollars.

  • Lori

    Definitely run… especially if he starts talking about Scientology!

  • Tony

    who wants a guy that’s been married 3 times…clearly he’s either not good at it and/or there’s something wrong with him.

  • Sara Jenks

    How many beards is it going to take before Tom comes out of the closet already?
    Ugh he’s such a drip!

    • stor

      Amen. Travolta did years and years ago — but no one paid any attention. People believe what they want to…

  • http://webpronews theresa

    She was just showing him around town???? Really??? He’s a NY native, why would she need to show him around????? I smell a rat!!!

  • http://webpronews John Harrison

    Please Tom, don’t tell us you’ve finally found your soulmate. It’s really getting old. I’m quite sure there are at least 10,000 other women that will be your soulmate before you die. And, probably alone!

    • tracy l.goodman

      I don’t think that money is the issue,it is morals.

  • nar

    I have always admired Tom Cruise he needs to sort out his love life, too much of money is causing the problem.

    • Paul Lennon

      You have a very low threshold for admiration.

      • emmysmom


    • stor

      Cruise is gay. Hate to break it to you but — that’s been WELL KNOWN in the industry for — 25 years?

  • Grinch

    With a nose like that she could be mistaken for his sister.

  • stor

    The “rumors” you have heard for years that Tom Cruise is gay are NOT rumors, my friends. And NOT ONE of Cruise’s ex-girlfriends or 3 wives has always just SHUT UP (as they should, of course) — but that is because they were paid one TON of money in return for an agreement that they would never, ever, ever talk about their personal lives or Cruise’s sexual orientation. BTW: in case you’ve missed it, John Travolta, the other famous Scientology devotee is also gay. Yes, yes, he said so in the press more than 10 years ago. I know the former concierge of a Four Seasons Hotel in a major city who said they actually had to tell him (this was some 10 years ago) that if he didn’t stop molesting the male attendants in the gym, they would have to bar him from the hotel (can you imagine how BAD it would have to be for a hotel like that to threaten to shut the door on a MAJOR star like Travolta?!) So — I wasn’t too surprised a few months ago when, yes, yea — there it was! Men who worked in hotel fitness centers saying that Travolta basically assaults and molests them (I didn’t say “rapes” them — but grabbing a man is molesting him, just as it is if a man grabs a woman’s breast of backside…) don’t give me “but they’re married! They have kids!” Yes, so what? You don’t know that Vanessa Redgrave’s father was gay (think they had 4 in their family) and SO many more. Maybe Cruise is bi- — who know? But Travolta certainly seems to be — at any rate there is clearly some sort of an “agreement” between the spouses.

    • zoe

      You must be on some powerful drugs,

  • Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE identity revealed!!!

    Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE identity revealed!!! Someone just post an new video on TV FANATICS. Here is the link: goo.gl/1hHDJ

  • KC

    proof…where’s the proof that Tom, not John is gay.

  • Dwkekidls

    And what was all that Oprah show “jumping on the couch”. Ms. Jorge might want to be forewarned. This man is in complete control if you want to be Mrs. Tom Cruise – good luck, sweetie.

  • IncaApocalypse2013

    Firstly ~ she SHOULD be FIRED from her Job for such blatant starFUC*&^……Most “celeb” restaurants have VERY strict protocols in dealing with “celebs” unless you are the ‘soup du jour” for entertainment…get my drift! Secondly ~ if this is Kosher than that is one pathetic female to be besotted with a narcissistic ,arrogant , greedy , fame whore, talentless midget ~ well welcome to Hollyweird 2.013 ~ Masters of deception & mass programming that would put a smile on Dr. Mengele’s face…..amazing that all these Jews are affronted by Iran BUT have no qualms buying BMW’s, IGFarben’s & Degussa technology while using the VERY techniques developed by Mengele at Auschwich……Monarch programming & MKUltra……..Tommyina Cruise is One PERFECT example of their product….also Travolta & recently Hoffmann who could not keep his hands of young men on Letterman………The programming like in Zoolander goes on the FRITZZZZZZZZZ every now and then see Kanye & Diddy~do all skirted-up……..oyvey! the illuminati must be desperate if this heifer is the best the can come-up with……Sorry Hollyweird……your BLANTANT violent drug pushing violence, your XXXboxes of death etc etc and your LIES are cathching up with you. The People grow weary……they HATE the Whore! so your aging “celebs’ that have sold their souls to the devil ….still have……contracts to fulfill……Look at Madonna….NO rest for the WICKED!:)

    • Bob Cap

      Your rant made as much sense as your username……

  • KC

    whoa…somebody needs to go back on their meds ASAP!

  • http://yahoo Diana

    I guess if you want 10 min. of fame talk to Tom He needs to grow up and start being a man. Good luck to Katie and Suri.

  • David R

    How big is her penis?

  • yippyskippy

    i dont think it really matters who dates who in “hollyhood” or what actors do on their own time, or who they date, no ones business but theirs, i enjoy movies NOT actors personal issues, people have alot of time on their hands when they can sit in judgement of others and not know what goes on behind closed doors, again NO ONES business, just keep the great movies coming Tom Cruise, haters are gonna hate doesnt matter if you invent the cure for all that ails this world, people need to worry about what goes on in their own homes and not worry so much about what goes on in others! peace out

  • http://---- Radhakrishnan

    Definitely run… especially if he starts talking about Scientology! It is true.


  • http://WebProNews Montessahall

    Here we go again… Tom Cruise hooking up with yet another woman who is half his age and twice his height! He has had more than his share of “doomed from the start” relationships.

  • Hollywood Ron

    He makes great movies. Jack Reacher is over the top.

  • Lyle

    Tom go on The Ellen D. show and jump up and down on her couch

  • Puddy Knife

    I wonder if she believes in the evil lord Xenu also.

  • And

    I am sure there was an intense round of interviews by tom and the church of scientology to find this young lady.

  • ron ruchtie

    Tom, stop at Walgreens and buy a pack of condoms before your next date with Restaurant Manager/Goldigger. You will thank mr later.

  • Matt

    Nicole and Katie should warn her about Tom!

  • sheliah

    I think Katie finally woke up I think what he did to Nicole was wrong and she finally found her happiness I think tom tries to brainwash the women he’s with I hope this woman is smart and runs the other way and I to believe he’s gay

  • vivian

    Pra mim Tom Cruise é uma gay enrustido, extremamente inseguro e infantil. A igreja faz ele acreditar que é hetero. Se não, porque um homem lindo, bem sucedido e rico necessitaria de contratos de casamentos? Porque, todas as suas ex, nas entre-linhas insinuaram falta de sexo? Nenhuma das mulheres (Kidman, Cruz, Holmes, Boniadi e Pecoraro) são ingenuas, queriam alavancar carreira. Inocentes mesmos só os filhos.

  • susan kuby stassi


    OK! when will this story stop!? I think tom made it clear that she not his new whatevet she saids maybe you should get the facts before you say anything else you know telling lies just don’t get you anywhere. susan kuby stassi,