Tom Cruise Divorce: Katie Holmes Fires Cruise’s Bodyguards, Beefs-Up Her Own Entourage

    July 2, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Katie Holmes has fired her security team because they were too close to Tom Cruise, TMZ is reporting. The team of one bodyguard and one driver was assigned to Holmes by Cruise when the two were married 5 years ago. They worked for Cruise for years before being assigned to Holmes full time.

According to TMZ, Katie has been seen in public with an entourage of 5-6 bodyguards and the the ones that she traveled around with for the past 5 years are absent. According to their source, she fired the two because of their allegiance with Tom Cruise.

TMZ claims that Katie Holmes divorced Tom to prevent him from putting Suri in a radical Scientology group called Sea Org. According to the celebrity gossip magazine, Holmes also believes that she is being tailed by Scientologists after the two split.

Sea Org is a boot camp for Scientologists were children as old a five go to learn the highest levels of the “religion.” Is the increase in security a response to being followed by Cruise’s Scientologists or is the danger all in her mind?

[image source: the gloss]
  • Marc Lanotte

    i think you need a proof reader.

  • James

    what an awesome pic of katie holmes. gawd that side boob is giving me a woody.

  • j whitt

    it is a shame that such a beautiful a woman as she is has such a bad taste for men. anyone that has ever seen an interview with tom cruise HAS to be able to see that he is a NNNUUUTTT!!! his so called religion is a poorly disguised cult. started by a egomaniac and continued by equally unstable persons. it may be hard for some people to believe but i feel sorry for them. they have lived this cruel joke for so long they think this is NORMAL. WHAT A SHAME!!!