Tom Brokaw Hospitalized, Blames It On Ambien

    September 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tom Brokaw was briefly hospitalized after an incident on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that left him feeling “light headed”; but never fear, fans, Brokaw is just fine and says he took a little too much Ambien early this morning.

“After medical evaluation and a round of tests, Tom was pronounced in great health. … We’re immensely grateful to the team at Carolinas Medical Center for their excellent care and professionalism,” NBC News President Steve Capus said in a statement.

His appearance on “Morning Joe” had viewers concerned when he exhibited slurred speech and couldn’t keep his train of thought on track. But Brokaw insists the culprit was half an Ambien, which he “mistakenly” took earlier this morning.

  • Emma Hamilton

    Be careful when you take Ambien. Have to give yourself time to sleep it off.

  • willieg

    Glad to hear he has an excuse for his slurred speech.. too bad he has no excuse for his looney lefty opinions. His criticism of Condi Rice’s speech was the end of the line for me ever watching NBC News again..