Toddler Mauled by 7 Dogs Dies in Georgia

    March 28, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Family pets are,on the internet at least, normally shown as protective of their family, especially babies and children. One family in Georgia, however, learned that some pets don’t make friends with toddlers.

Local Savannah, Georgia news station WTOC is reporting that a 21-month-old girl was killed when seven dogs attacked her outside her home in Ellabell, Georgia. The seven dogs were all pit bulls or pit bull-mixed, and have now been put down.

The girl, Monica Laminack, reportedly crawled outside through a doggie door while her 12-year-old brother was supposed to be watching her. In total, there were a reported five people in the house at the time of the mauling. The family owned a total of nine dogs. A beagle and Irish setter were not involved in the attack, and were not put down.

Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith told WTOC that the girl was found with multiple bites on her body and had apparently been dragged throughout the yard sometime during the hour-and-a-half after she crawled outside. Smith related that the girl’s body was cold when first responders arrived, indicating that she had been dead for some time. The sheriff indicated that he expects charges related to the death to be filed.

(Image courtesy Dante Alighieri/Wikimedia Commons)

  • Katrina

    if so many people were home and she was cold when found that doesnt make sense not only should the dogs be help responable but the adults home as well. I know as a mother you cant always have an eye on your child at all times but with all of them people there that is terrible. I feel bad for the brother he will blaime himself and also his family will be mean towards him like it was his fault.

  • http://webprolife kay

    dont people have any sense. dogs are very terriorial and they fight. when someone gets in their way it isnt a pretty picture. STUPID , STUPID IS ALL I CAN SAY. AT LEAST NOW THAT CHILD HAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. LATER WHO KNOWS IT COULD HAVE BEEN SOMETHING WORSE. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

  • Lila

    How horribly sad that no one even noticed she was missing for an hour and a half.

  • Sara

    While I am saddened to hear that a child lost her life, I am always irritated to find that “pit bull” is thrown around so generally to describe any type of negative behavior in a dog. “Pit bull” is NOT a breed of dog! It envelopes several different breeds, about 11 in total. They are also mislabeled in the media because of how they look. As the owner of a rescued American Staffordshire Terrier, it deeply saddens me that they are thrown into the media as the “agressors” in any negative piece of news. If this HAD been a beagle (the only dog I’ve ever been bitten by, by the way), it would not even be on Yahoo! Why did we need to say the breed of dogs in this article? The REAL ISSUE is that there was a severe lack of parenting and guidance going on in this household. I also find it completely unnecessary to rip a photo of a “pit” from Wikipedia. This poor girl lost her life, we don’t need to see a picture of a random dog who wasn’t even involved in the incident.

    • dixiedog44

      Seven Pit Bulls in one back yard? By itself, it sounds like a recipe for disaster! Defend them as much as you want, they are known to be aggressive animals and that is why most people have them. Sure, I know that not all of them are that aggressive, but the majority are. If you store dynimite in your closet, should you really be shocked if you have an explosion that blows the house up?

    • Stephen

      Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier IS a dog breed…falls under Cluster 4 of Dog Breeds…

    • Stephen

      there are sum “pit mixes” out there that are NOT a “purebred”…but the American Pit Bull Terrier IS a breed (UKC, ADBA)

    • Stephen

      and it’s always the owners of American Pit Bull Terriers that say “they aren’t aggressive”…of course they aren’t aggressive with the owner (Pack Leader)…it’s when the idiot owners let the roam the streets or around apartment complexes, not on leashes, when they aren’t around their Pack Leader, and they get near someone unfamiliar or near small children, they then become aggressive…how many more times do we have to hear “omg, my dog has never bitten me or any1 before, im surprised he/she did that”

  • Cheyenne

    I’m so sorry for the family’s loss, but of course it just had to be a “pitbull” didn’t it? There is to much hatred on them that its sickening. Thats just my thought, but again. I am soo sorry for the family’s loss.

    • http://Yahoo tw

      i will put down a Pit trespassing on my property in a second. Why wait to ask him if he means harms to you?

  • jerry

    The 5 other people in the home could have and should have prevented this. Like all child deaths…drownings,guns being hit by cars….. where is the parental supervision…most of you that are bashing pitbulls please google the top 10 biters of dogs…. you will be suprised!

    • http://Yahoo tw

      And so will you. All dogs with teeth can bite. PITBULLS KILL!!!!!!

  • S Dozier

    Instead of focusing on the “breed” of dog, the focus should have been on the abysmal parenting! Having a 12 year old be responsible for watching a toddler when there were adults in the house? What were these adults doing that they couldn’t watch this little girl? And having an unlatched dog door into a backyard containing 7 dogs? No one noticing this child was missing for an hour and a half? No one noticing the noise of the dogs attacking this child? Were they all falling down drunk or on drugs?? I certainly hope there are charges filed against the adults in the house!!

    • WT


  • bonnie hallas

    Charges against the parents should have filed already. I feel sorry for the 12 yr old because the parents in all probability will blame him. He will also blame himself. I pray that the parents already have the 12 yr old in therapy. Just simply a case of neglect!

  • Garth

    Horrible story, These parents should be put down. The body was cold, really? The house had 9 dogs and the toddler was outside for 1.5 hours with no supervision. Disgusting!!

  • scott

    these pit bulls are a completely necessary menace to society… my previous neighbor had 3…2 turned on 1 out of nowhere an tore it to shreds, completely disgusting, im so sad for what this little girl, no doubt, went through

    if you own one your an idiot.

    • scott


    • bob

      @Scott- You’re the idiot for your moronic comment. The parents are idiots for not knowing where your 21 month old child is for an hour and a half (probably longer than that). Having that many pit bulls in one residence sounds like they could have been fighting the dogs. At the very least they were negligent in their care. But back to you Scott, why not think before commenting on something you know nothing about.

  • michael hunter

    Did you note that two other breed of dogs did not participate in the killing. Pit bull and their mixes are dangerous as some instinct seems to trigger attack, and even more aggressive when in a pack. The parents are extremely negligent in having this breed of animal in a household with the toddler

  • http://Yahoo tw

    “But they’ve never done that before”. “Yes ma’am and they will not do it to her ever again.”
    How many stories does it take for stupid people that own pit bulls to realize they will maul or kill your children, you, or your neighbor?
    Wake up idiots- is the loss of your child worth it? A high tech monitired alarm system with DVR is much better it seems than the funeral for your kid and still having to put down the dogs. And you could face charges. Someone should be held accountable.
    And lastly, if your dogs are that important, stop breeding(having kids). You dont have the sense or parenting skills needed to raise a child.

  • Rebekah

    Lord have mercy on us. Why why why was this allowed to happen? No dog of any breed should be in possible contact with a small child, without a responsible ADULT present. Babies don’t make the sounds that dogs expect from humans. They make high pitched mewling noises that dogs associate with small prey, and it WILL trigger a dog’s attack instinct, even more so with a pack situation.

    As a side note, I’ve only ever been bitten by my sister’s small fluff dog, and a lab mix puppy that I surprised in the dark (silly me), and I’ve handled many, many dogs during rescue work. The article didn’t say the other two dogs were in the yard. They could have been kenneled some where else.

    • Angel

      I agree with you completely Rebekah. As with you, I forgot to mention, the only dogs EVER to attack and bite me from the time I was young were a chow chow and a siberian husky. I’ve been around many different dogs my whole life, and did not own a pitbull till later in life. I had been around them many times and never had an issue with them. I finaly had one of my own and she’s been nothing but a joy in my family’s life. Our son was only six years old when we brought her home as a pup. She is his best friend and he’s eleven years old now. My nephew was a two year old toddler around our dog when she was only a three year old dog. She played so gentle with my nephew. She let him chase her and she would wait for him to catch up to her before continuing to run. God bless the family and I’m sorry for their loss, but these dogs most definitely DO NOT NEED MORE CRAP MEDIA attacking them.

      • http://www.vatican.va Luigi

        “but these dogs most definitely DO NOT NEED MORE CRAP MEDIA attacking them.”

        Reporting the FACTS is not an attack.

  • Angel

    I have a serious problem with the hatred towards the breed. First of all, this is a case of child neglect and dog neglect. You can’t expect to have seven dogs of ANY breed in a backyard and not have dog fights amongst them. All dogs will fight. They are pack oriented and will fight one another to show who’s boss. If any person, child or adult, were to get inbetween ANY breed while they are fighting, you can expect them to be mauled. There is no reason to have that many dogs in one backyard. As for the comments about pitbull owners defending their dogs, I have introduced my dog to complete strangers her entire life, and NOT ONCE has she ever offered to do anything other than kiss these people. It is truly sad for this little girl to have lost her life due to the ignorance of her parents. It is NOT the 12 yr old’s responsibility to look after a toddler especially when there are four other people in the home. What’s with the random pitbull picture???? Good job at distorting the facts again MEDIA!!!!!

  • http://yahoo norma

    This is absolutely horrible.
    What were five adults doing,Drug’s/alcohol? And noone missed this 21 month year old baby for 1.5 hours? And who in their right mind has nine dogs, especially pit-bulls and pit bull mixed, and not be in a controlled electrical fenced-in area? Who can afford to feed nine dogs? Apparently, this child had been neglected previously and she is no longer in physical or mental pain! I pray they charge these five lazy adults!

  • Richie

    I have been around pit bulls and pit mixes most of my life, and have owned a couple, and have NEVER seen one act vicious in any way…because they were raised right! In this case, the animals are not to blame…this little girls PARENTS are to blame! With ALL those ppl in the house, NO ONE noticed the girl missing for over an hour..no one heard the commotion the attack must have caused? Leads me to question just what the hell these “adults” were doing! Sounds like these so called parents are unresponsible parents, so i am sure they will lay the blame on the 12 year old boy, which is sad as it is not his fault that his parents are unresponsible idiots! Now i will close with this phrase…PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!!

    • FC

      ALL pitbulls should be put down. They are an evil, viscous breed of dog. Anyone who makes excuses for them or owns them is equally irresponsible and should be arrested. It IS the breed and the owners are all wanna be tough guys. People who go with the “I have a pitbull and they are very gentle, would never do that, bla blah blah” – those people make me sick.

      • Dogs Need Love

        To “FC”, you are un-informed and, for lack of a better word, IGNORANT, regarding the breed.

        Try reading the book “The Lost Dogs”, Michael sVick’s dogs and their tale of rescue and redemption, by Jim Gorant.

        Anyone with a heart will cry and the treatment they received and will rejoice at what they became with unconditional love, patience and the commitment of a community…it showed that healing is possible even after the worst of life’s traumas.

        Wow, with your negative attitude, I feel sorry for any one or anything that isn’t up to your perfect standards.

        Look in the mirror at yourself before you judge!!

        SHAME ON YOU

  • San Rafael Blue

    Many pet owners are in a state of denial that their dog or cat could ever do what comes naturally, which is to attack as a pack till the target is destroyed. Something was going on in that house, in that family for such systematic negligence to occur!

    • Stephen

      i agree…while yes i do say it is the parents fault for their negligence…i also say many pet owners are in a state of denial when they say THEIR dog or cat could never do harm…as long as they are around their owner (Pack Leader), they will usually remain obedient…it’s when the idiot owners let their animal run the street, or around apartment complexes without leashes and their owner is nowhere in sight, that they become aggressive when getting near someone unfamiliar or small children…but that’s not only for Pit Bulls, it goes for a lot of breeds…but there are some breeds of dogs that are more aggressive than others, american pits being one of them…ive seen an american pit bull terrier and a rottweiler remain obedient around their owner, but act like a different dog when let loose…my girlfriend has a shih-tzu…and i guarantee, for all those Pit owners that say “their” dog doesn’t bite or isn’t aggressive, if u were to bring your dog to my girlfriends house, and leave it in the backyard unattended for a few hours, i would come home to a shih-tzu torn to shreds…why? cuz the Pit is a bigger, stronger, more aggressive breed, and it’s Pack Leader isn’t around, and it’s in an unfamiliar environment….but if someone else were to bring a less aggressive, smaller breed like a volpino or corgi by, and leave it unattended, you won’t have the same results…they may chase each other around, but i won’t come home to a shih-tzu with body parts all over the back yard…bottom line, don’t leave certain breeds unattended around small children and keep ur dog on a leash when outside your own home

      • Stephen

        and for that pit bull terrier and rottweiler i mentioned…yes they do remain obedient when im around them and their owner…but would i place an infant on the ground in a bedroom, and allow them to be alone with the infant while i and the owner aren’t around? NO…because NATURAL instincts can/will take over for an animal around something that can’t defend itself or make the same sounds an adult would make…i don’t care how obedient you think your pit is

  • Deanna

    I have to agree…..WHERE WERE THE ADULTS? How can a 21 month old child not be missed for 1 1/2 hours? What about the noise and screaming from the attack? Many breeds have had their turn in the bag. Dobbies, Shepherds and now Pits. I pity the poor 12 year old brother. He will live with this the rest of his life. I will be watching to learn if the parents, or resident adults are charged and arrested for negligence.

  • Gerald

    I just wanted to point out the following: Just because there were five adults in the house does not mean that they were part of the same family. Perhaps it was a multiple family home. Maybe these people were in a room on the other side of the home and used to the constant noise of the other family’s dogs. Maybe some or all of them work the night shift and sleep during the day. At this point, who knows? If these other adults were part of the same family, why would the parents put the 12 year old in charge? If they were family members, then shame on them. Where were these parents anyways? Charges against all present or involved would be a good thing.
    I am very sorry for the little girl. May she rest in peace. For the record, I too, hate pit bulls and the stupid owners as well. Stupid darn dogs will end up killing your kids or pets in your own back yard with or without supervision. It all happens in a second. Stupid dogs might even not be being aggressive. They will end up killing your child or pet even if they are “only playing” –

    • Keegan

      4 generations of that family lived in the house together.

    • Keegan

      4 generations of that family lived in the house together.

  • Nick

    Does anyone ever wonder why these breeds (the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier) are called PIT bulls? When the breed was registered as “American Pit Bull Terrier” with the UKC, it was named so based on the arena in which it was bred to fight. It was bred to fight and kill other dogs in a pit in the ground. If you’re arguing that the PIT bull wasn’t bred for fighting, the very name of the animal proves you wrong.

  • Nick

    Furthermore, the term “pitted,” as in “the two best teams were PITTED against each other,” is a reference to dog or cock fighting pits.

  • Sam

    Anyone that own that many dogs, especially pits, are asking for nothing but trouble! And I have a pitbull, but I have ONE, and no matter what breed a dog is, they’re ALL capable of biting or attacking a human. I had over 200 stitches from a dog bite when I was a toddler, and the dog was a German Shepard. Obviously, these people are irresponsible, and most likely shouldn’t have had any animals!

  • http://none Trish Grant

    Poor Baby…..he had no idea what was going on…only on the plant for 20-some months….and it is attacked by a wild-animal.

  • aaron

    the mom have to be with the kid