Tip Receipt Hoax: Family Denies Leaving a Nasty Comment in the Tip Box for Gay Server

    November 26, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Remember the waitress in New Jersey that claimed she wasn’t given a tip because she is gay? It turns out that is a hoax. A couple that wishes to remain anonymous contacted NBC 4 New York and said the whole thing is a lie, plus they showed their receipt and credit card statement as proof that they did leave a tip.

Dayna Morales submitted a picture of a receipt to a pro-gay Facebook page earlier this month that contained an anti-gay message where her tip was supposed to go. The note left on the receipt reads “sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life.”

Morales said that in addition to not receiving a tip for being gay, the family also made a rude comment to her based on her appearance. “Not only was it a family with two kids, but as I introduce myself and tell them my name is Dayna – the mom proceeds to look at me and say ‘oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!'” In the Facebook post, Morales went on to say that she is a former Marine and that she served “to keep ignorant people like them free.”

Check out the original Facebook post, which includes the receipt, below. Click “See more” to read Morales’s entire note.

People were outraged to hear that this former Marine was denied a tip just because she is gay. Morales received at least $2,000 in donations from people that felt bad for her.

After a family recognized the receipt that went viral and showed proof that they left no such note, it appears the whole thing was a hoax. According to NBC 4 New York, the husband and wife Morales accused of leaving the anti-gay note not only proved that they didn’t leave the note, but that they left a 20 percent tip as well.

“We’ve never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that,” the wife said. After showing NBC 4 New York her copy of the receipt and her credit card statement that showed she left an $18 tip, the wife also said that based on the handwriting it was impossible for her to have left the note. The woman said that she is left-handed and that the handwriting indicated a right-handed writer.

So far Morales is denying that the receipt is a hoax and still claims she didn’t receive a tip, despite the family having proof via their credit card statement. The manager of the restaurant Morales works at is investigating the situation, so it should be interesting to see what they turn up.

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  • http://Yahoo NORMA GIPSON

    Some people look for attention any way they can get it. If this really did happen. Then we as a people need to look at our selves in a brighter light. Its a dark world and we need light to see our way through. My light continues to shine that I may help one along the way. You never know who’s down. If someone is more different then you, just know that he or she had a little bit of to much time on their hands and they wanted to put a smile on someone face. Whenever theirs something to look at then theirs always something to talk about, And that is what makes us all different.

  • http://yahoo Judy

    There is a total at the bottom that says 93.55. If the tip was added in why doesn’t it show up on the total?

    • Chrissy

      I am a waitress and you can print up extra reciepts in case the printer jams or something. So she must have printed up an extra reciept and filled it out herself. Must be a drama queen looking for easy attention.

  • Tracy

    The tip it written in after the original charge is printed on the receipt. Hence, the server prints a ticket with the total, and brings it to the table for the customer to sign & add a tip. There are multiple copies. The couple also showed a copy of their credit card statement!

  • Jeanne

    I wonder if the wife did make the “Dan” comment, though?

    • Lori

      Another story said that family thought they heard the hostess say that their server would be “Dan”, so when “Dayna” showed up, they did make a comment. They say it was not intended to be derogatory at all. They were just expressing their surprise that it was a different person than they were expecting.

  • Andrew Michael Storm

    These people are lying! I do not know why everyone jumps up and believes them! FIRST the Restaurant receipts shown are Merchant and Customer copies of the Cash resister receipts. Both copies are brought to the table when the bill comes. The Customer signs the Merchant copy and , if they want adds a tip. There is NO TIP added to that copy and THAT is where the note is written. The other copy is for the Customer to take home. There is no reson for the Customer to write a Tip on that copy since that does the Rstaurant ZERO good in toataling the bill. These people wrote this in later to cover their Butts for the News Media. And as for a crediy card Statement, How could they possibly have their Credit card Steatement with a charge for tjsi meal on it already since this opccured on November 13 of this year occording to the bill and it is still November (now only the 27th) This chrage would not appear on their Credit card Statemnet until their NEXT billing cycle even if the Restaurant immediately sent their copy in to the Credit card Company. This would likely not come out until their December Bill not November and only a few days later?? That does not even make sense. I think they FAKED this whole thing for the local TV Station to make themselves look good and doing it without givib=ng their names?? This whole thing stinks! Let’s see the Credit Card reciept! The Customer’s Copy of the Receipt provers ZRO onlythat they could have writen in those fiqures after they left the Restaurant. That stuff is NEVER written on the Customer’s copy of a Reciept. And as to the stuff about being left handed, are they BOTH left-handed? who knows who wrote the note, the Husband or the Wife and how can we PROVE who the guy voted for or why??? Give me a break!!

    • Barb

      You can see purchases minutes after buying someting on my credit card statements online. Also my husband ALWAYS writes the tip and total on his customer copy so he gets the correct total on the check register. ( its also a good practice to check and make sure the waitstaff didnt add more)

    • Iris

      You realize that most credit cards allow you to go to them at any time to print up recent purchases that show up within a day or so? You also realize that the handwriting on the customer’s copy DOES NOT match the handwriting on the other copy? You’re just going to take the waitress’s side to the bitter end just because you feel sorry for her. I’m not saying she’s guilty or innocent, because someone else could have done that, but I’m saying that the family took the proper steps to prove their own innocence. I’d hate to have to dispute something with you, because I bet you wouldn’t believe me even if I showed my BANK STATEMENT.

  • Anji

    The “receipt” that they presented was the customer copy. Anyone can write a tip on their copy. As for the “statement”, I find this questionable because – as a commenter previously pointed out – they would not even have a hard copy statement yet….

  • http://chroniclesofsweetiebee.com/index2.php Sweetie Bee

    Why sit back and guess and guess and point fingers. If the customer wrote the note, let them be accountable and if the waitress wrote the note, let her be accountable. Notice the unique handwriting on the receipt? There is capitalization mid-word. The writing is unique. If I was the customer, I would produce some other receipts signed or something that has my writing, like a canceled check to prove I didn’t write the nasty note, and the waitress, she should produce her job application. If I were her boss or her manager, I would run to the back and pull her file, or look at anything recently she had written on and compare the handwriting. This mystery is solvable.

  • r17

    http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Dayna-Morales-Receipt-Gay-Server-Lifestyle-Note-Marine-233672131.html Waitress in Anti-Gay Note Dispute Was Dishonorably Discharged From Marines: Source they interview people who knew her she aint looking so good