Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence

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Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence
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A tiny humanoid skeleton found in Chile’s Atacama Desert has been hailed by UFO conspiracists for years as proof of extraterrestrial life. Now, actual science has proven that the skeleton, as with all currently known life, originated on Earth.

According to a LiveScience report, researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine have used DNA testing on the fossilized skeleton. Despite the figure being only 6 inches long, the testing revealed that it comes from a human who was 6 to 8 years old when they died.

The researchers have not yet determined what deformities may have led to the obviously strange skeletal figure. The age of the skeleton has also not yet been determined, though the current estimate is that the person it belonged to died “at least a few decades ago.”

The tiny skeleton is featured prominently in a new documentary by noted UFO conspiracist Steven Greer, titled Sirius.

Judging from the movie’s trailer, Greer isn’t too interested in proving that extraterrestrials exist – he takes that as a given. Instead, he seeks to expose a purported conspiracy of corporate interests and oil conglomerates to keep alien technology a secret

Tiny ‘Alien’ Skeleton Debunked by DNA Evidence
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  • Roslynd

    When I was in college I had a friend whose daughter had a rare disorder. Her daughter would never grow to be more than maybe 2 feet tall at the most. However, unlike with dwarfism where the hands and head are normal sized, this girl looked exactly like a miniature human. Her mother called her daughter her little china doll because that’s exactly what she looked like.
    As to the shape of the skull, we already have evidence that societies in this area where the body was found wrapped the skull at birth to create the warped shape.
    This is no alien. Just a person who had a rare syndrome whose parents wrapped their skull. Next.

    • http://www.yahoo.com GEORGE GOLDEN

      look again this is not the same !did your friends daughter look like this, the answer is no !this is not human !

      • Brenda Gilbert

        I’m with you George!!!

      • Jennifer

        Apparently the DNA results actually showed it was PART human, i.e. it had a human mother. The skeleton was of a male. The sophisticated computer which analyses DNA and cross references all knowns to make a match, found a huge quantity of ‘Unknown’ data which they could not match up with anything. The DNA specialist said this was unusual to say the least but that he would reserve final judgement until the ‘unknown’ data had been analysed further. Not an open and shut case after all!

    • George T

      Yeah, we all know about those 6 inch humans with their heads wrapped with cranial binding procedures. Hmm…that must be some pretty damn small binding wrap. What’s the width of that, you think? 1/16th inch? And we also hear all about those babies who are born so small they slip right out of their mom’s V and never grow a single inch bigger their whole life. You nailed it.

    • jb12341

      Its called “progeria” and there’s alot of info about it out there as well as docs on the health channel. Basicly they’re exploiting the body of a little human being that had alot of medical issues, but was not an alien. Its hard to believe this type of stuff still happens in today’s time. If everyone was more open to science and gaining knowledge they’d know about disorders such as progeria and maybe we’d have found answers to our origins. Its time for religious folk to let the scientists educate us. The galaxy is too vast to say there is no other life out there, but why are we looking for it on our own planet? Why aren’t we pursueing the technology to explore outside our solar system? Oh right because conservatives tell us there’s nothing out there. Let’s spend tax money on building statues and keeping the whitehouse lawn maintained. NASA isn’t important and that’s just sad. We’re so smart yet such ignorant creatures. -_-

      • jared

        Too bad the scientists weren’t as educated as you or they would have stated that as the cause. I guess the scientists at Stanford just aren’t open to science.

    • An ‘actual’ critical thinker

      Frantic conjecture is one hell of a drug..

    • Sum1uallno

      6 inches 6 years old and 6 months ago this comes to light. Satan is the bringer of light…. Just saying… Strange

  • http://www.yahoo.com GEORGE GOLDEN

    they lie and can’t stop! they want us be believe that this is a child from a human, with 15 ribs, a spiked head, and sharp fingers,on each hand, and the eye sockets, who was the scientist, was he on crack when he perform the texts, and did he use human DNA, to cover the reality that this is a alien reality !they will do anything to keep us mentally imprisoned! they are truly evil, from know on lets not wait for the Government to give us the truth about this phenomenon, lets do this on or own! if we know something is true, why do we need the Government to give us the a ok…we really don’t, anymore !

    • http://www.yahoo.com GEORGE GOLDEN

      oops 16 ribs

    • ehginc@yahoo.com

      Do you really think an alien is going to have the same anatomical structure as humans? I see skull, ribs, bones, feet, hands. Use your head and get a life

      • adam

        Actually. The scientists stated that it has only 10 ribs to our 12. Not sure where you read 16

        • Sum1uallno

          It is how many rips they ate…

    • T.M.

      Agreed. Dr. Greer was in charge of the oversite of the testing/results. To my knowledge even he does not know the final results announced through SiriusProject. Too many high-ranking/decorated military/FAA/and police officals along with highly educated persons testify to “something” being real. Who needs the gov’t to tell you. Look for yourself. The Bible makes mention in the book of Ezekiel and Revolation about descriptions of what people record (real ones, that is) today. Open your eyes/mind!

    • Kassie

      NO George I can tell you with 100% certainty that this VERY respected professor is NOT on crack. The top in the field preformed the tests and the results were the results. In no way would they alter their findings to appease one side or the other. There was no government cover-up to keep you mentally imprisoned. They are professionals and in search of the truth as well.

  • munch

    as a human myself i remeber being much taller at 6 to 8 years of age lol

    • martin

      Humanoid is opposable thumbs and fingers and bi-pedal. A typical grey is cataloged as humanoid. Humanoid is not always homo-sapien. Besides, the two main dr’s say it will be years before the tests are done to determine the missing 9% of the DNA. My wifes little green friend from Mars named Henry said it’s his cousin but he may of been joking since they clown around. lol

  • AJ

    If it were human, this would be the size of an embryo in it’s mother’s uterus at about 3-4 months into pregnancy unable to survive outside womb and would’ve instantly died upon birth, certainly during those premative times.

    And if by some miracle how could it survive to age 6-8 years of age?

    • la

      An embryo’s bones, and even a small child’s bones, are mostly cartilage and would have disolved, not fossilized, over time.

  • James

    Whoa………six to eight years old and only 6″ tall? Come on…..give me a break. All alien talk aside that simply is ridiculous sounding an only a few decades old? More like a deformed baby buried in the desert. And how was this skeleton found? The article seriously lacks details.

  • TJ

    Wow…so you’re trying to say aliens have basically the same bone structure as humans…they’re just very tiny? I won’t go so far as saying there is nothing out there in the universe but I do believe they would look way different than humans.
    On another note, maybe there is truth behind Tom Thumb.

  • Brenda Gilbert

    I am so tired of my intelligence being insulted, is man really so vain to believe they could possibly be the only intelligent life in this vast expanse of space. Give me a brake, quit assuming that we are all so gullible to believe their lies. Cover ups are for out of control people, I on the other hand would really appreciate the truth.

    • john

      You are so right, they wouldn’t tell us the truth, never have, most humans are ignorant to the fact of other lifeforms out there somewhere, some i have no problem believing are already here, have been a long time.

    • FB

      You spelled break wrong!!

  • Corey

    They found the skeleton on an episode of Destination Truth it’s a show on SyFy. Look it up

    • Theresa

      I was just wondering if that was the skeleton that they found on Destination Truth.

  • H.

    6 inches long and 6 to 8 years old. (Really.)

  • Richard

    George, You are an idiot… There are thousands (if not millions) of combinations of genetic deformities that can take place in one human being… The skull was wrapped at birth to change its shape… The rest of the deformities are a result of MULTIPLE genetic syndromes… There are a number of syndromes that add ribs – look up BCCNS JUST FOR ONE… There are a number of syndromes that alter the hands/fingers and feet/toes… There are a number of syndromes that leave the child less than two feet tall… You do not see these very often, because they are usually sheltered by their parents and family – until death comes at an early age, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE COMBINATIONS OF THESE SYNDROMES!!! Don’t broadcast your ignorance to the world – that is a very dangerous thing for you to do…

    • adam

      Richard. The scientists themselves stated that ” there is no known form of dwarfism or other deformity known to man to cause this anamoly” Read another article with actual details and you might think about this a little more.news.yahoo.com/alien-looking-skeleton-poses-medical-mystery-201222636.html

      • Richard

        Adam, “Scientist” is a very broad term – as with any profession, including doctors, most have no idea what they are doing… (Look up Richard C. Webster – a very well known doctor… He often said that 95% of Doctors have no idea what they are doing… And his Practice Stats proved it – 95% of the Reconstructive Work he did was correcting what other doctors had screwed-up.) I listed one syndrome that produces extra ribs… YOU chose not to check it out – So, with just that ONE example, I just proved you and those “Scientists” who say there are no known syndromes that cause such deformities, wrong… Let alone the hundreds of known syndromes that affect the physical aspect of our extremities… AND hundreds more that affect our physical development… Combine some of these and you have thousands of possibilities for VERY “Deformed” humans… So, You are the one that needs to study – not me…

        • Richard

          BTW, The bit of “Unknown” DNA found in this human proves the genetic aspect of the deformities… “Scientists” had never seen some of the DNA found – BECAUSE this human’s DNA had been altered at the genetic level, by combinations of syndromes never seen… Make Sense???

        • johnniesazzler

          Richard, so let me get this straight. Richard C. Webster, a doctor, say that 95% of doctors have no idea what they are doing. What makes you think that RCW is in the 5% of doctors that do know what they are doing?

          It’s such a strange world that you’re living in.

    • Richards anidiot

      Lol . You are quite ignorant about human anatomy and types of disorders. Shut your mouth because writing in all caps doesnt make you look smart. Half wit

  • adam

    If you want a much more informed article with actual details.


  • http://gofiggr.com Danof89

    It’s a Jeff Dunham “Achmed” key chain…the conspiracy has been thwarted…you’re welcome

  • http://reviewingstuff.com JamesMC

    It’s exciting to think about life on other planets, other civilizations, and extra terrestrial technologies. Unfortunately, however just proving that something is unexplained doesn’t prove anything about aliens in spaceships. I believe in UFOs only because UFO are the initials for “Unidentified Flying Object”. As for aliens flying around and it being covered up by the government… I haven’t seen any verifiable proof of that and won’t believe it until I see otherwise. As soon as I read about the “alien” skeleton, I assumed that science would have a good explanation. I’m happy to see that REAL scientists took this seriously and proved once again that there is usually a better explanation than “aliens.”

  • Sam

    I don’t believe what this article purports. There is NO way that skeleton is of a 6-9 year old human.

    • http://Yahoo Alacya Watford

      I Know RightSam{3}

    • johnniesazzler

      Believe Sam, or understand?

  • steve fahl

    I have a whole family of these little people locked up in a cage
    they keep saying something about millions more comming soon!

    • pjc

      what do they eat?

  • Jeremiah

    Just because the the DNA from the sample they took off the skeleton matches that of creatures from earth does not mean its not alien. Other reports read that the DNA had an 92 percent match to that of humans. The difference between mans and monkeys DNA is only 1-2 percent. So off of the information provided in these articles does not prove really anything at all.

    • GK

      What ‘reports’ are these?

    • pjc

      yes it does
      monkeys are not extra terristrial you dodo
      re read what you wrote and then go hang your head in shame
      you have just proven a cirle is square
      no more

  • Eva Slade

    and the craft that it came down on was really a weather balloon..

  • Jon

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I haven’t seen too many 6 inch tall 7 years old walking around (not to mention the fact that it does not look human at all, regardless of size); I call a cover-up.

    • Thelma Badger

      I dont know any six inch people besides an unborn fetus.

      • Sum1uallno

        and 6 to 8 years old…

  • james

    why hide the fact that aliens do exist and have so for years,, and that we have their technology in trade for natural resources that they need from this planet,, don’t be stupid and believe all that hogwash.

    • pjc

      i have an alien who lives right beside me
      and i also saw one while smoking some stuff
      they are all over

  • Kroanos

    I don’t know about it being alien but there have been legends in South America about Gnomes for hundreds of years.

    Look up Duende on Youtube and you’ll find a bunch of videos most of which are fake but there are a couple that are hard to deny.

    • joe schmoe

      How irresponsible is this reporting? A 6 inch skeleton is supposed to be 6 – 8 yrs old? There is no way to rule out what it is until more research is done on DNA testing.

  • Bill

    It is all Bush’s fault.

    • Sum1uallno

      wtf LMFAO

  • Troy

    Not sure if the author of this article watched the SIRIUS movie regarding the DNA findings. Although MOST of the DNA matched human DNA, SOME DNA did NOT match any known human DNA or any known disease gene abnormalites. Very interesting movie. Recommend this as MUST SEE!

    • Sean

      Agreed. The stanford scientist ( forget his name) was very hesitant towards the end in disclosing exactly what his final thoughts were on the results/what the being was etc. a lot that is not being said here IMO. Major problem dealing with this subject within the scientific field is ridicule,career suicide,gov. “threats” I would even imagine. Some food for thought. It has to be reiterated here for those potentially reading this shoddy article : The results were not definitive.it is not 100% human and/or has the case been irrefutably proven either way,for or against.

  • ubiquitous

    The Earth is flat because I can’t see it curve.

    • Daniel Ford

      Watch the old Gods Must be Crazy movie and you will see the guy throw the coke bottle off the edge of the world.

  • Donna

    I believe mankind are the aliens to this planet .

  • Leanne

    I heard one of the Stanford scientists talking about this creature on the radio and he never once said they were sure that it originated on earth. Irresponsible reporting, as usual.

  • http://Yahoo Alacya Watford


  • http://Yahoo Alacya Watford

    Wat are saam DOING!!

  • http://yahoo Leo Pompeo

    There is aalready proof of aliens.Many types of glass and other objects prove it.

  • Suzy Creamcheese

    I am O Negative blood. I did not descend from the primate species as 90% of the planet did. Science refuses to research and can in no way explain this genetic “abnormality” – it’s just quietly ignored. For kicks, search: RH Negative blood and aliens.

    That six inch kid was probably one of my hybrid sisters. Just sayin’…

  • Whatthehek

    Aliens are already here. Look in the Home Depot parking lot. They try to attack your car when you drive in.

    • Greene

      That, and the Wal-marts!

  • knox

    Having human DNA does not prove this specimen is from Earth.

    • Sum1uallno

      “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

      The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

      Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

      The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

      It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.” Carl Sagan

  • T.M.

    A friend and I witnessed a blue sphere/orb zip across the night sky covering roughly 5-6 miles within about 4 seconds. No noise (helicopter/plane), no tail (meteorite), no blinking lights, the speed rules out any drone/balloon/flare, nothing we ever witnessed before. I never believed in this ‘stuff’ before, but since my own witnessing account and noting all the testimonies: Too many high-ranking/decorated military/FAA/and police officals, former astronauts and cosmonauts along with highly educated persons testify to alien craft being real, there are too many reputations on the line for a little sci-fi entertainment/risking ridicule. Bible references (descriptions) in Ezekiel and Revolation match many videotaped sky vehicles… I don’t know… just keep your mind open.

    • T.M.

      …. the blue sphere/orb witnessed, closely matches the descriptions of Foo Fighters witnessed endless amounts of times during WWII. Pictures of them are on ther internet.

    • Pamela

      The best response to this story so far!

    • 1

      One night behind my friends house me and my friends saw a very similar blue light as you described and it zoomed down the roof/edge of the house and it disappeared immediately.

  • tom

    Oh Boy, the looneys are on the warpath now. Good Luck to realsci

    • matt

      Oh absolutely, because we all know the factually accurate the new testament it. Dumb shit

      • Wounded Eagle

        What are you talking about Matt, you can’t even spell. Kristin, one day it won’t see so hilarious to you.

  • Nathaniel Watts

    Ok, so DNA testing is revealing this skeleton as “human” as it did with Starchild Skull as well, BUT, doesn’t a wolf and dog have the same DNA? And don’t German Shepherds and chihuahuas have the same too? What I’m getting at is we already know that aliens and humans can interbreed (it’s all over the Old Testament) and if that is the case, then of course their DNA is going to be extremely similar. What I would love to find out info on the diagnostics of nephilim bones. Those skeletons exist, but they are never mentioned. Testing of them will probably reveal human too and I’m sure no one could fully agree with that assessment.

    • Scott

      Perhaps the “Adam and Eve” that God created on the other planet didn’t sin. This would allow them to use the full capasity of their brain. That’s why they able to figure out a way to get here but we still haven’t figured it out ourselves yet due to original sin.

      • Kristin

        Oh my f’ing god… You people that take the Bible for it’s literal stories (vs. a moral one) are HILARIOUS!!!

        • David-Wisdom

          So right…Kristin! It’s a book of stories… get over it folks!

    • T.M.

      Now your talkin… agreed. Remember though, Nate… we are just the dumb public.

  • Scott

    God created man here on earth with human DNA. God created other life on other planets. Why is it not possible that he still used humanlike DNA?

    • Voltron

      There is no god. And even if there was he/she probably hates us humans for taking the gift of life and abusing it to kill each other.

  • cn

    I have to echo the comment from Know. Human DNA does not even prove life originated on this planet, just that it can be found here in abundance.

    • Kristin

      Human life stems from Amoeba… The Earth is FLUSH with it… What the heck are you talking about??? lmao

      • corey

        Dont u have to have DNA to compare something too?? How can they look at DNA and say nope!

  • MiMI

    The lead line says it “contains” human DNA…. so does it “contain” it or is it 100% human DNA? Because to me, that is a big difference. And why couldn’t the scenario be that human DNA arrived here on Earth from somewhere else ? Doesn’t prove that it originated here.

    • Rosanna



    I don’t disbelieve in ET’s, but this critter looks more like a humanoid, despite the weird cranial shape, which could be a birth defect, which would explain its early demise, or an intentional restructuring (as in some ancient Central or South American skull manipulation). Even so, just because “they’re” saying DNA points to humanoid, that could be another in a string of lies and disinformation perpetuated by those who are just too terrified by the truth to tell it. Whatever can be disclosed should be.

    • T.M.

      SweetMartian – I agree… I have no shame in telling my eyewitness account.

  • http://yahoo alan r

    What had happened was,the momma was wayyyy into that coca leaf,and that was just a little peruvian flake/crack baby!!!I seem ‘em before up in n.y. no kidding!!!

  • Cali

    What about Primordial Dwarfism? It is possible that this existed back then just as it does today.

    • knox

      Primordial dwarfs are closer to 3 feet, this thing is only 6″!!! Do you know how small that is!!!

  • Kevin Vergamini

    How can a human being that is 6 to 8 years old be only 6 inches long?

    • knox

      It can’t.

      • J

        Dude, am i the only one who has ever heard of Tom Thumb, or Faeries, little people, so on and so forth. I find it rather funny that we have thousands of years of folk lore describing living beings just like this and yet the first thing anyone goes to in the modern age is UFO’s and Alien life forms…

        • Sean

          Coincidentally there are some interesting similarities and parallels between ancient folklore and the modern UFO/Alien abduction phenomena. A lot of people need to at the least do some bare minimum research.Preferably with an open mind before prematurely scoffing & disregarding “irrational,impossible,insane” theories/Ideas.

  • Dianne

    This still doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it being an alien? Just because its DNA is human doesn’t mean that it and its relatives are Earthlings! Until we have DNA from aliens and their DNA doesn’t resemble anything on Earth, we really don’t know whether it is an alien or mono-Earthling!

    • knox

      That’s what I keep saying.
      … It’s frustrating that this story is the top result through Yahoo, and the headline is totally MISLEADING.

    • troy

      Thanks for placing some sanity to this whole bs.

  • Amanda

    If I see a human that is 6 inches, I will quit smoking.

    • ryan moore

      lol, me 2! i will stop smoking if i see a 6″ human/alien

      • sketch masterson

        If I see ANY alien, I won’t have a pair of clean underwear in my entire bureau.

    • Babie

      Amanda if I see a “human” that is 6 inches tall and not a fetus I may start smoking and it won’t be tobacco.

    • Ellie

      Me too lol.. probably choke on the smoke if I saw one too.

  • vanhellslinger

    These kind of stories bring out all kinds of “us”. The Creationist which to me is total insanity to believe the Infinite Universe was created by some “guy” god that may have waved his magic wand and instantly the “less than infinite universe?” became infinite and full of glaxies, stars, planets. Then there is the hard core Atheist who dismisses life on other planets because it always ends up in debate as something the Creationist lends ear to. I still don’t understand much of the ancient Sumerian text on the Annunaki and then there is the Raelians who really have a nice sound but I don’t like the claim that Rael is the Last Prophet of God the Father of our genetically created existence. OH Well just keep praying some and maybe he’ll answer. I was reading the Tanya and a chapter on Jewish Sages that Fast and Pray so much that their teeth turned black. Now that is devotion and desire to find this Astronaut God-Father.

    • Rosanna

      Ok anyone who believes adam and eve were the first people on earth and were created by god, clearly has problems accepting reality and holds on to fake hope of the afterlife, that does not exist. It is funny to me how people still buy into that bullcrap.

      • g

        what are your beliefs i’m just curious

      • Babbi

        Your narrow minded religion of “nothing” is so tolerant. Very typical and so sad.

      • troy

        Even those who quote the bible about Adam and Eve fail to understand that the story is a metaphor for the beginning of humankind, not about two people.

    • sean

      Uh Vanhell, couple comments/Questions: What the ell does this article have to do with creationism? You strike as one of those mouth-frothing anti-religion folks who has to preach his beliefs no matter the subject or situation is. Secondly, I suppose you consider yourself a logical person, well logic 101 teaches us that it is a fallicy to use strawman arguments. I mean, most creationists I know don’t believe in a “guy god” who uses a “magic wand” and the Bible says nothing about the universe being “less than infinite” (although some physists have in the past and I think the present too). Lastly, take a chill pill. Calm down or you’re gonna have a heart attack and find out all-too-soon that your belief in Atheistic Fundamentalism was wrong.
      Oh and for the folks who believe this body was an alien, what would it take to prove to you that it isn’t? The scietists test it and you say they are lying. What do you want?

      • carey

        Sean: The existence of God and the existence of aliens are not mutually exclusive. Do you think we are the only creations of an all powerful God?

        • sean

          Carey: I did not say so. I have NO opinion on whether or not alien life exists. (BTW, the great Christian author C.S. Lewis positively did believe in alien life.) I only say this supposed alien evidence has been debunked. Also, I find it amusing that these same people scoff at those who believe in God cleary have a religious-like faith in the aliens. They even take it personally (as people of faith often do) when you question their beliefs. Just read the stuff posted frothing angry posts here. And no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise (just like they accuse people of faith being). We send people to the death chamber on the very evidence these people here today reject
          Sean Wooten

          • Seanc

            sean…Did you even watch the documentary that this crappy misinformed baiting for clicks talks about? if no then shut up. you do not know what you are even talking about. the results were not definitive…People amaze me at just how quick they are willing to just tag along,regurgitate what the next person believes or tells them to believe…or in this case…the majority having not even watched the documentary/case that this article is quoting,falsely quoting the results at that! No wonder the world is falling a apart. the baw baw mentality is strong and going. Blind leading the blind.

        • Michael

          Wow, people still believe in the imaginary guy up there? OMG!! We are doomed. Hopefully there will be a day where our civilization will look upon all religion including its “God” invention as nothing more than a primitive type of thinking. Why do we feel like we need to worship something, why do we think that we are always below something or some being or entity, its because we don’t know whats out there, we don’t have answers to simple questions and how the universe works and where we came from, so we make up all these things to feel better about ourselves and try to make sense of it. A typical primitive civilization we are. That is the truth. Look at the civilization thousands of years ago they written on stones about beings that have come to earth and taught them astrology, math, agriculture, language, science… but of course we choose to believe the Abraham story about him going in the mountains ALONE saying that there is one God and no other Gods should be worshiped.

  • George Noble

    That’s right, Diane. It does in fact happen to be an extraterrestial
    being which has some human DNA—-from the experts I’ve heard quoted.
    In fact many of US are from various star systems—-and some of us are gradually awakening to this fact.
    A native american Chief Golden Light Eagle, the former Standing Elk, now has been guided by “great spirit” to encourage each of us to learn who our “Star Family” is. You can learn more by googling and looking at the “Star Knowledge Conference”, coming up in Iowa this summer—June 21st.

  • Amazed

    I don’t think a 6 inch tall human being could live to be 6 to 8 years old outside of some kind of test tube or incubator. Something is very wrong with this entire story. The fact remains that the skeleton is real. Also, DNA does not lie. A six inch tall human being that isn’t a fetus is a first. What was this child doing out in the desert anyway? It couldn’t have lived by itself from babyhood to childhood. Someone raised and fed it. It’s a scientific experiment that somehow escaped or was dumped.

    • David-Wisdom

      No Amazed… what could a 6 inch skeleton of a “child” be doing in a desert? Maybe a deformed child… way back in the day (who would have been an outcast for sure)… was dumped by parents who could no longer take the ridicule. That makes a lot more logical sense rather than an alien. Just like religion.. us humans love to make up stories about the things we don’t understand.

  • ryan moore

    mr. patterson you are such a liar! did you watch sirius? did you hear what the guy that did the DNA said? you are such a lame ass, putting out blah blah blah . your article is so wrong and how dare you lie .. i bet i know more than u too, what have you done in your life besides lie in these stupid little articles you write wth no basis what so ever

  • troy

    Still could be alien with DNA akin to us earth creatures

  • Rocketman

    I noticed that the article said that the body had “human DNA” but what I didn’t see in the article was that the body was “100% human DNA” which is noticeable by it’s absence. Meaning that the body could have been a hybrid, half human and half alien.

    • less dumb than the guy above me

      pretty sure thats assumed i mean by your reasoning he did not say it was not 1% donkey either

  • George Noble

    VanHellSlinger, Does the New Living Expo come to a city in your area?
    I suggest you attend if possible, as there is lots of information which will ground some of these facts down to earth from the realms of thought and theory discussion where you presently are. You could also google & have a look at David Wilcock’s blog, “Divine Cosmos” and Sheldan Nidle’s PAO, Planetary Ascension Organization. This stuff is absolutely real, but one must attune, do one’s spiritual homework, practices in order to perceive it. Persevering in some form of meditation practice and prayer, asking to be shown…is how I came to perceive some of this. Our percepts are determined by our concepts. So, for those who’ve never see a UFO or had the direct experience of ET encounters, this stuff can sound incredible. I happen to have had my own direct experiences. Our U.S. government, unlike most others has not been forthright with it’s citzens regarding the ET presence & visitations here—-which have included some gift technologies which would render obsolete the internal combustion engine and drug and knife (allopathic) medicine. They have come to help in general, tho there have been exceptions in the past.
    At the National Press Club in Washington all this week there is a “Citizens Disclosure Hearing” taking place with 30+ eyewitnesses from around the world testifying before a panel of 6 U.S. lawmakers. This is being streamed so you can watch/listen live—or subscribe and have access to recordings through the end of May. Cost is only 3 or $4.

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