Time Warner Cable Sinks To New Low Over Fear Of Google Fiber

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Time Warner Cable Sinks To New Low Over Fear Of Google Fiber
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I’m lucky that I live in a city with a locally owned ISP. I don’t have to put up with the monopolistic ambitions of the big dogs like Time Warner and Verizon. Read any online message board regarding Time Warner Cable and you’ll see story after story of customers being fed up with them. They want something better like Google’s fiber network that’s currently under construction in Kansas City. That very fiber network has Time Warner scared.

Thanks to Gigaom, we now know how scared Time Warner Cable is of Google encroaching on their turf. Somebody snapped the following picture while in the TWC offices in Kansas City:

Time Warner Cable Wants Kansis City To Spy On Google

They’re not even outright offering a reward, but just a change to win $50 for information on Google. The fact that they want city employees, who probably got a job thanks to Google coming to town, to spy on the company is hilariously petty.

It’s a prime example of what’s wrong with the current Internet infrastructure in the U.S. It’s no secret that we’re behind the majority of Asian countries on speed and service. Big cities only have one or two major ISPs with nobody to challenge them. It’s a system of localized monopolies so they get to make the rules that govern how we access the Internet. Google is challenging that and TWC knows they can’t compete with Google’s service that will be faster and cheaper.

If TWC wants to keep customers and compete with Google, they’re just going to have to improve their own services and lower prices. Trying to compete by offering petty bribes to city employees is not going to get them anywhere.

Time Warner Cable Sinks To New Low Over Fear Of Google Fiber
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  • http://twitter.com/dolfer Dolf

    Thanks Zach. I can’t believe that in 2012 we still have such crappy Internet in the US. It’s all corporate greed and back door pay offs to politicians to keep the status quo. Google gets a lot of flack but they would earn big points if they could destroy the cable monopoly and force all companies to raise their games. Ridiculous that all of these countries are zooming along while the US still is paying a fortune for 1-10Mbps. That poster is pathetic on so many levels it’s not even funny. The cheapo “award” is priceless! 😉

  • patrick

    yes verizon and time warner reaaaaaaally suck ass,
    i live in woodside queens and cant even get fios. verizon you super suck ass

  • kcanon

    whats the big deal. its going live the 24th by ku med.

  • http://www.whiteoutpress.com Whiteout Press

    I’ve got two choices, that I know of: AT&T and Comcast. I’ve got AT&T and it is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t know what’s worse – they’re moronic employees at their local store, their crappy products/services, their 28 day “month”, or their thousands of clueless customer service employees in India. Way to go America.

  • http://www.jarvisedwards.com Jarvis Edwards

    I’m so glad to hear this. Time Warner should be ashamed of themselves. I “did my time” with them and thank God I switched to a less-monopolistic Charter.

    Time Warner has horrible customer service, super-pricey Internet service and they just love to spy on our surfing habits and relinquish information to the Web police.

    Verizon is also bad and very unreliable, AT&T is bad…..hopefully Google will help push the big few out of the spotlight and take some casualties with it.

  • The Facts

    I don’t think “Kansas City Employees” means people who work for the city of Kansas City MO or Kansas City KS. It means Kansas City employees of Time Warner Cable

  • Peter

    The article, the responses and the TWC pathetic plea are laughable… Most folks in the US don’t care about their speed as long as their email works and netflix doesn’t buffer… end of story.
    Price and switching hassles will drive the mission for all the combatants unless you’re a gamer, geek or uber use… that would be three market players competing for <3% of the pie. Google has their work cut out for them. OTT video is available, sat delivery is fine and better then cable IMO and 5m is plenty fast… If the incumbents want to play hardball they'll lower their prices and increase speeds (easy for TWC)…
    The question is how many billions is google willing to flush, to prove a point… ?

  • Trish Burnett

    I’d already decided to turn in my TW equipment before I read this article, but I can say for a fact that it substantiates my decision. I’ll be without tv (no clear view of the southern sky) but TW’s services are so SO poor I can’t justify spending 145$ a month for them.
    I’ve complained and complained but to no avail. Watching the Olympics was excruciating with missed movements and speech and didnt match the picture, I can’t rely on downloading movies (try telling your grandkids that one) internet connection is always disrupted, and they still want their money one month in advance. Seriously???
    I’m done.

  • Steven

    Google is taking a loss on it’s service, it’s extremely costly to implement, and they won’t be able to cover some streets (not even the city). There’s a reason this type of Internet isn’t implemented across the board because no company would a) sell services at a loss, unless they were trying to gain money in other areas (such as all of Google’s services) and b) because people don’t like hearing they can’t buy it. If my neighbor on the next street has Google and I can’t I wouldn’t be exactly happy about it.

    I think they need to improve quality and service, but what you’re asking for across the board would take decades to implement. Can you imagine being a customer paying for them to run Fiber to rural areas in the United States like they do for Cable?

  • http://websites.com joshua

    I totally agree that they are awful. Ever since they put a stranglehold on the cable we get it has started freezing up and Web goes down constantly. They can’t seem to fix it no matter how many visits they make. Figures though. I work for a law firm that has a monopoly in my area and what do ya know they sold out to convicting innocent people so it satisfies the nsa and dhs. Mostly 15 to 25 years old. They plan to convict everyone in that age group so they can gain biometric signatures on them. Weird huh

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