Tim Tebow Still Doesn't Have a Contract in T-Mobile's Super Bowl Ads

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Ex-quarterback and meme-generator Tim Tebow doesn't have a contract - either with an NFL team or with any mobile provider.

T-Mobile has announced that Tebow is calling the plays - in a set of Super Bowl ads set to air this Sunday. This is the first time that T-Mobile has ever produced ads specifically geared toward a Super Bowl audience. Luckily for us, the company has decided to post a couple online to generate advanced buzz.

The premise of the ads is simple - look what Tim Tebow can do without a contract! Look! He's free to go bull riding, be a rock star, or save puppies from a burning building!

“We’ve seen such a huge response from our Contract Freedom launch that we wanted to showcase the momentum of our latest Un-carrier move on a much grander stage,” said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer of T-Mobile US. “You can’t get more visibility for a big message like this than at the Super Bowl, and who better than Tim Tebow to embody the relevance of contract freedom.”

Adding to the no-contract appeal, T-Mobile recently began paying off early termination fees of customers wanting to make the jump from other carriers.

Although it's probably not how he'd prefer it to go down, it looks like you'll get a dose of Tebow during this year's big game.

Image via T-Mobile

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