Tim Tebow Rally Held by Jacksonville Fans

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At 3:16 PM today, a group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans decided to hold a rally, which was to last for 3 hours and 16 minutes (all allusions to Tebow’s faith, of course), in order to convince the owners of the Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow as their next quarterback. The charge, led by organizer James Stewart and supported by members of http://www.jags-tebow.com/, was held at Jacksonville’s stadium and drew a whopping crowd of 20 people. The attendance of supporters was actually outnumbered by the media, who managed to pull in a crowd of 30. Despite the low attendance, Stewart believes “We’ve accomplished what we had hoped for the first time out.”

The movement at www.jags-tebow.com asks the ever-important question, “WHY THE HECK NOT?”. The site states that Jacksonville is easily the worst team in the NFL, so why not bring Tim Tebow on as the new quarterback?: “If the Jags got Him….Overnight, The Jaguars would be on the National Stage. The Stadium will be full of Tebow Maniacs & Tebow haters alike. The whole country would tingle with anticipation & all eyes would be on Jacksonville.”

The fans of Tebow coming to Jacksonville have a point. Right now, Tim Tebow is not even on an NFL roster and he is still getting tons of national and international attention. The LA Kiss, Gene Simmons’s arena football team, has offered Tebow a contract. Recently, Tebow was offered $1 million to play football in Russia. Earlier this year Tebow was the subject of a petition to the White House for President Obama to force Jacksonville to sign the former Florida Gator. Even Chuck Norris has gotten involved in Tebow-mania, asserting earlier this year that Tebow is the “ultimate clutch player” and that Jacksonville should definitely sign him. Why?: “To put it simply, it’s because Tim could help turn that mediocre team into a championship one. Tebow works miracles on the field, and his inclusion would embolden the spirit of the Jaguars’ players and fans.”

What do you think? Should Tebow become Jacksonville’s new quarterback? Respond in the Comments section below.

While there seems to be much support for Tebow going to Jacksonville, there is also much opposition. The Bold City Brigade, a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville which seeks to expand and embolden the fan-base, has created a website called “Even If He’s Released”. This website is simply an online petition for those who are against Tim Tebow coming to Jacksonville. Currently, 581,433 people have signed the petition – significantly larger than the 20 people who showed up at the rally earlier today.

Jacksonville’s owners have voiced their staunch opposition to the acquisition despite all of the support. Their opposition is understandable. Tebow has been released from multiple teams now due to his performances and abilities on the field. No NFL team would argue against Tebow’s positive impact on the fanbase. Even though he is not on an active roster, Tebow jerseys still rank fifth in sales, and he is still currently ranked as the league’s fifth most popular player. However, the goal of an NFL team is to win games, and Tebow simply cannot perform. There are rumors that Tebow’s agents want him to become a motivational speaker, a role which seems to be much more his billing.

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Tim Tebow Rally Held by Jacksonville Fans
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  • andrew

    cowboys fan here says H*** yes I would sign him if I were the Jags. I wish Cowboys would take him instead of Kyle Orton as backup. Who has better chance of taking us to the promised land if Romo gets injured? Sorry Orton. Nice hair but I’ll take Tebow.

    • Javier

      Look, Tebow, seems like a great Role Model for kids to follow especially coming out of a great Christian background. He had an excellent college career and should leave it at that. Yes Tebow helped Denver win some games but he didn’t do it alone. Football is a team Sport and Denver at the time was not your average team since they had and still have a great supporting cast. Tebow did not win those games all by himself. He had a shot to come back and prove everyone that he was no fluke quarterback with the Patriots. I was Supprised though at the fact they even allowed Tebow to get a shot since they never go with two back up quarter Backs since Brady took over. Tebow had an opportunity during Pre-season but played awful. How can you even average -2 yards in two games in the NFL leting even that be just pre-season??? Like those signs say 3:16 at the Ralley, to me those seem like his stats numbers for passing completions and attemps this pre-season. I’ve been a cowboys fan since 91 young enough to understand the concept and the sport of football, through thick and thin have and will always continue to be a Cowboy fan. No offense or anything but I wouldn’t want Tebow as a back up due to his stats. Yes Romo makes bone headed mistakes but he does have great season stats which I would rather take my chances with vs watching a young quarter back that hasn’t showed yet he can be an actual NFL QB. Even Kyle Orton he may not be great but at least he is a better Veteran back up QB who I would rather take my chances with. Funny how supposeably Cowboy fans who dont know the team very well don’t know that kyle Orton is actually one of the best Veteran Back QB’s in the NFL who is under Appreciated. No offense to Tebow or anything he seems like a great young man and all but he has to understand that he won’t make it in the NFL as a quarterback and if he wants to play maybe he should try a diffrent spot where he can actually run with the ball. Like he did when he was in Denver besides throwing little short passes since he does not have a long range throw.

      • http://Yahoo Yarry

        Tebow has a big problem; he does not have a good repertoire to qualify to be a football player. He has not assaulted anyone, has not killed anyone, not been vulgar to anyone,has not been in JAIL. Thus, he does not qualify to be part of ASSAULT AND BATTERY GAME!

        • jmj858

          The problem he does have is that he believes that anyone who does not believe as he does deserves to be tortured forever. I’m not a fan of this mindset and is one of the many reasons he is currently unemployed, IMHO.

  • THunter

    If he were a dog-fighting, accused-of-murder, pot smoking, tatooed, wife beater and been treated like he has, the President, the media, the NAACP, and even the United Nations would DEMAND Jacksonville sign him–and they would.

    • cornstock

      No one has treated him badly. The worst thing anyone ever did to him was cut him from the team. More players are cut each year than are signed.

  • K

    The sign should have read “TEBOW 3:16″.

  • b monty

    This is the perfect fit for Tebow. The stadium wil be full, the Tebow shirt etc sales will boom. He is a winner with character, morals, and values. The NFL can’t be all about winning. Tebow is the ultimate role model for the youth and young adults of America. Let’s bring back the team values and player values that we need in pro football. The Patriots and the Jets have the wrong attitude.America should hope each lowlfe team loses every week. If Aaron Hernandez was allowed to play football this season, either team would take him. What is wrong with the NFL is what’s wrong with America….the wrong “heros”…the wrong values…

    • dennis

      b monte has it right Amen!!!!

    • Harold Provins

      I think Tim is an exdeptional young man,he loves to play football& has the will to win.he took Denver to the playoffs somebody should sign him.Look at some of these guys that got all the chances.I believe its all about his religion that the Nfl don’t want him.

      • cornstock

        It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his religion. It’s because he looks terrible in practice and he has looked terrible in his playing time in preseason games the past two years. Also, having him on the team invites a media circus to always be present around a team. Coaches don’t want a backup QB that can’t read defenses or throw accurately who requires his own press conference each week. Nor do they want to have to constantly answer questions about him. His best chance would be to get signed as a third string QB and possibly get to play in some wildcat formations.

  • Donald L Cady

    By all means-the jac’s should sign him-he makes the team better with his attitude & leadership-I wish Dallas would sign him he would make a great backup QB [sorry Kyle you’re sorry] for Romo

  • DonWin

    It would be a win/win losing situation. One person doesn’t make a winning team, but it would be entertaining.

  • phil stark

    Tebow is a great quarterback and I hope he’ll get a job with Jacksonville, but he needs to LEAVE JESUS AT CHURCH !!!

    • Melissa

      As Christians, we are the Church!!

    • p g

      You should go once in awhie buddy. What you got on this planet to look up to ??

    • Harold Provins

      Wrog Phil thats why the country is in such bad shape to many people have left God out of their lives.

    • Butch Taylor

      Phil, Tebow is who he is with Jesus. Tebow would not be the same without Jesus. If you know Jesus you can’t just leave him at church. If you don’t know him, I pray for you to know Him. Jesus is bigger than the NFL, Tim Tebow lives that. It would be awesome for Jax to give him a real shot, for the fans, not for Tebow. He will be a winner at whatever he does! God Bless

      • Lancer

        Yaaay-ah ! You Go Butchie !

        Mon down to the next rally ! It was KICKIN-IT !

    • http://yahoo Superhook

      Sorry Phil, you carry Jesus with you no matter where you are. That’s what made Tim the man he is. He’s way above the rest. All he needs is someone to have faith in him and give him a chance to show what he can do with a little experience that no one has given him in the pro’s. They just shove him out there and say WIN. He’s taken a lot more bull than I would ever have.

  • Conrad Kerwath

    One day Tim Tebow is going to take an NFL team to the Super Bowl. Jacksonville would be perfect. From worst to First. DO IT WHILE YOU CAN…Bold New City of the South.

  • dennis jemison

    Gawd Yes sign Him!!!! Turn your Team around and WIN WIN WIN with this Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s Honest and Is Faithful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SIGN SIGN SIGN SIGN Him!!!! Go TeBow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lancer

      Yaaaay-ah! You Go Go Go Girl! We needed YOUR kinda enthusiasm at the rally.

      Next time…lets get better organized.

  • http://awholesaler.com Phil

    I say Tebow should play for the jags they got nothing to loose he be better than they have now “Go Tebow”

  • Michael

    “The goal is to win games…”
    That is hilarious. The goal is to sell tickets, merchandise and grow the fan base. Traditionally that happens when the team wins – except Tebow comes with his own fan base that will support him regardless of performance on the field.
    Debate his merits as a quarterback all you want, but Jacksonville scored 2 points against the Chiefs and 9 points (6 points in “garbage time”) against Oakland. They are awful. Get fans in the seats, sell merch, continue to draft as your record will suck, and hopefully build for the future while making a sound business decision now.

  • Linda

    Would LOVE to have Tim Tebow signed as a Chicago Bear—feel he would be a GREAT addition!!!!We need someone of his caliber to HELP Jay Cutler!!!!!Please!!!!

    • Calvin

      You certainly are not a Bears fan if you want that loser!
      Bears need good people not people who have been rejected by almost every team in the league!

      • daniel

        Really hes a loser funny won two national championships and heisman trophy what an idiot

    • BobbyJ

      Da Bears have one great icon..DITKA..at this time, we do not need two my friends. Jay Cutler gets his strength from the power of Payton and Halas which is why they are 2-0.
      Tebow needs to go to the lowly Vikings because even Thor the sissy god has given up.

  • http://exployer nancy

    Someone should stage a time and Tebows fans can all show up to that game and show them how we could fill the stands…And who decided he can’t play…oh no not again is someone denying what we all watched in Denver and I might add there hasn’t been anything worth watching. Had the Jets turned him loose, he coulda woulda put them in the playoffs also. Since then they haven’t LET him play. You give him five minute plays after sitting on the bench for a year. I think alot of us want to see the good guy win.. If they can let Josh Freeman have 5 years to do nothing why not give Tebow a chance

    • p g

      I would drive from Charlotte. Got NOTHIN here.

    • Anthony

      why wouldn’t they give him a shot? They can’t get any worse.
      I would bet money that if Tebow was the starting QB over Gino Smith in the season opener against the Patriots, the jets would have won.

      Everybody talks about how much potential Gino Smith has but he hasn’t done squat??? Yet everybody badmouths Tebow and he has a winning staring record and a playoff win under his belt… and all in his first starting season??? That just goes to show how pig headed and moronic the NFL has become. They NFL coaches did not like the Denver fans showing them up by putting up a billboard to bench Orton for Tebow. In fact there are still people who think Orton is better than Tebow? Ya, Denver would have gone to the playoffs if they kept Orton as a starter right??? Idiots!
      Can you say “blackballed”?

  • Sonny

    Of course, 581,000 signed a petitions against Tebow. They are afraid if he is the quarterback, the Jaguers might start winning and their teams would lose. I have never heard of that many people not wanting any player to be on the field. Who is behind such a thing? The Jaguar management???

    • p g

      They look up to thug nut job, uneducated scum.

  • Doug

    The bottom line is this: any time Tim Tebow has been given a starting job, whether an high school, in college, or his lone starting job with the Broncos in the NFL, he has succeeded. He has NOT been “released by multiple teams” – he has been traded by two teams, and cut by one team, after failing to impress the coach after taking a couple snaps in a practice game. Give him another starting job in the NFL, and if he goes 2-14, THEN you can call him a failure in the NFL. But so far, his lone NFL resume is “took a 1-4 team to the playoffs and beat the heavily-favored Steelers in the first round” and you can’t call that failure. Give the man his shot – he’s earned it.

    • cornstock

      Actually he was traded by the Broncos to the Jets, then cut by the Jets, and then cut by the Patriots.

      • Qinkilla

        And technically, since nobody else seems to want him, he’s being metaphysically cut each and every day by every team in the league. I think he should take the million to play in Russia.

  • Gene Alvarado

    Count me in!! I vote YES. This kid has HEART and FAITH. Not to mention PASSION and DESIRE. All he needs is a chance to demonstrate these traits and live his dream. C’mon Jacksonville, there’s no where to go but up!!

    • Lancer

      You got lotsa passion too Gene-o.
      Shoulda stuck around for the after so you coulda lived your dream.

  • shirley weitz

    We want Tebow…JAX Jag’s NEED Tebow.

    • Lancer

      Yeaaaah Bay-bay! We ALL want more T-Boy!

  • Lancer

    Nice costumes T-Boy Faaaaanz!
    I wish I would have known you ere going to wear drag. Try
    to give us a headzup next time, we can get more support !

  • norm

    They need to sign Tebow and let him lead the offense and do what Tebow
    does best. He’s a born leader and has a natural instinct to take advantage of every skill and talent afforded to him.

    • Lancer

      Yay-ah Normie Boi! T-Boy does LOTS of things BEST!

  • John Jacobsen

    Those of us who have some understanding of what it takes to be a QB in the NFL do not believe he has the throwing mechanics and accuracy to make it long-term. Maybe TE.

    • donkey kong

      “those of us who have some understanding” – you don’t even have a job you jerk off; what are you an offensive coordinator or a college scout? How many passes have you completed in an NFL playoff game – jack offs, all of ya’s. Tebow would have Jacksonville better than Buffalo, Miami, Cleveland , Oakland, San Diego, Tennessee, the Jets the second he stepped on the field – honestly is there a QB on any of those teams I just mentioned who has ever won a playoff game as a starter? Mechanics are for jack offs who don’t understand anything about courage and what it means to face a man from inches away and be able to beat him physically – thats what Tebow does – he takes the ball in his hands and beats the man trying to stop him, physically beats him. I would take that over all the Tannehills and Sanchez’s and half punk QB’s running around the NFL today – even that punk Kapernik showed his true colors against Seattle yesterday by quitting halfway through the second quarter.Tebow won’t quit as he is a man of Faith and believes to his core that hard work will pay off with rewards – take your mechanics and put it where your husbands tongue is right now, twerp.

      • Lancer

        Sounds like you wans “beats-him” too you donkey kong. Wants the “balls in his hands” and Ev’thaaaang !

        • C. Fontana

          Lancer – Could you please repeat what you were trying to post; I do not understand exactly what you want to say.

      • cornstock

        I won’t even respond to how ridiculous your statements are except to say that regardless of what Tebow did in Denver, it was painfully obvious in his preseason games with the Patriots that he has seriously regressed. He was already the least accurate QB in the league in Denver, and he played just as bad as a QB can possibly play in the Pats third preseason game.

        Also, those teams that you mentioned have multiple QB’s that have won more playoff games than Tebow. Mark Sanchez took the Jets to the AFC Championship game in back to back years. Phillip Rivers has won a couple playoff games in San Diego. Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Cleveland, and Oakland all have QB’s that are either in their first year (Buffalo), second year (Cleveland, Miami, Oakland), or third year (Tennessee).

      • Paul

        your rant is a joke, Tebow would make Jacksonville the same team they are today. And yes, anyone with an ounce of football understanding knows that Tebow has already tried… and failed. He is no nfl QB, sorry.

      • John Jacobsen

        I agree that Tebow has the ‘courage’ and the desire to ‘physically beat’ the guy trying to beat him. What you fail to understand is that this is a prerequisite to playing in the NFL. They all have it…many to even a greater degree than Tebow. So it actually does come down to mechanics, particularly for this position.

  • Erin

    Why does Riley Cooper get to play after his ridiculous antics but a good guy, who is WAAAYYYYYY better than Josh Freeman, like Tim Tebow doesn’t get any time. When he was in Denver he went to the Playoffs, then was released to make room for their ‘merchandise seller’ start quarterback Peyton Manning. Moved over to the Jets and had a few minute plays not using his full potential at all. Signed by the Patriots I had hopes, think the Bill would find a way to use him on the field that other teams hadn’t thought to do. Then that came crashing down. Someone needs to work with him to help him make the transfer from college to professional, instead of poking fun at him for his beliefs. If more children had athletes like him to look up to, instead of people like Riley Cooper, Aaron Hernandez, Ochocinco, etc. things would be a lot better. Sign the guy, you’re close to Gainesville, your sales will increase, your games will be televised, your General Manager and Owner will be happy with money in their pockets again. You can’t suck any worse than you do now…gone are the David Garrard days Jax, give the rest of your team some hope, rally behind Tebow!!

    • Qinkilla

      Because Riley Cooper can catch and Tim Tebow can’t throw.

  • micksee

    Hell yes why not the Jaguars are going to be destroyed in Seattle so give him a shot and see if he can do anything.

    • rudy bush

      i can just see the “Pope” in the crowd pulling for Tebow isn’t that something to witness

  • Nervey

    Why not? He would only be an improvement over what they have now. We have all seen the (empty) stadium in Jax during games. If TT is signed, within 1 week the Jax stadium would be sold out for every home game.

    Nuff said…

  • DT

    Tebow is a winner–plain and simple. He led the Broncos to a
    championship (Manning hasn’t yet) and Florida to National Championships. What he contributes to a team off and on the field is immeasurable. He is what pro sports are supposed to be.

    • J F

      Denver’s defense led them to where they were NOT tim tebow. People who say tebow led them to the playoffs obviously know NOTHING about football and only go on what they hear from other people, not the REAL facts. He is a great athlete and if he comes off his sinful pride and accepts the fact he is not a QB he could have a successful professional career..To bad he never learned the serenity prayer..the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to accept those I can not..he can’t change the fact he is just NOT a QB, but if he accepts that and still wants to pursue football he can be successful.

      • J F

        also he did NOT lead the broncos to a championship, they lost the in the 2nd round of the playoffs, but manning led them to the afc championship game.

        • cjrito

          Manning did not lead them to an AFC championship game….they lost in the 2nd round (their first playoff game, since they had a bye). Manning has never led the Broncos to a single playoff win.

        • Doug

          Oops – looks like you’re the one who, in his own words,”obviously know NOTHING about football”. Manning did NOT take the Broncos to the AFC championship game – he lost to the Ravens IN THE FIRST ROUND! Maybe you’re the one who needs to learn to “accept things you can’t change.”

          • cornstock

            They lost to the Ravens in the 2nd round. They had a first round bye because they had the best record in the AFC.

      • spanther

        Huh, where was that D when they went 1-4??? Exactly. I don’t think Tebow is star material, even starter material. BUT neither are the other two QBs that Jaxonville have. Gabbert is literally the worst starting QB in the league, maybe in the millenium, and while Henne is decent, he’s inconsistent. Why not try Tebow? He’s got a better resume than both these guys and at this point, Jax have nothing to lose. They already are the laughing stock of the sports world.

    • Lancer

      You go…go…GO…Girl !

    • Rob

      What are you smoking man? Noone has led the Broncos to a championship since Elway in 97-98

  • Don

    He seemed to do an excellent job for Denver. Why not sign him?

    • No to Tim

      His completion percentage with Denver was 47% which is terrible. The offensive line got Denver as far as they got. Stats don’t lie.

  • bigDAWG

    Bring him to JAX. He’s a good person and that’s exactly what this poor excuse of a NFL team needs in the locker room…a LEADER. The Jags are a joke :/ They’re an embarassment to the city that I call home. How worse could we get with him? Gabbert is horrible! At least bench him and start Henne. At least he has a better record as a starting QB.

    • cornstock

      They did already did bench Gabbert and start Henne. Henne didn’t do much better yesterday.

  • BobbyJ

    Tebow is better than Jesus becuase the ball just goes through Jesus’ hands.

  • a phillips

    why not sign tebow he took denver farther in the playoffs than peyton did sign him with performance incentives and play tebow ball and watch jags win

  • paul


    • Doug

      He was his backup because Leak was a senior when Tebow was a freshman

      • paul


    • jack

      Paul, you are so confused, I want even bother to debate with you. Wake Up!!!

      • paul


  • Michael Loftus

    Tim has been a winner every place he has played,someone somewhere needs him. I hope it’s in football, but if not he will be a blessing to someone somewhere else.

  • marian

    I don’t understand why the JAGUARS don’t sign Tebow either. What do they have to lose. He can’t command too much money for management to
    worry about. People would want to go to games. Let’s give him a chance. Would love to see him come here and lift us off the ground.

    • dang

      the only way that’s going to happen…….the jaguar’s stadium is turned into the the tebow evangalical sunday televised service…where you all have to tithe 10% plus your ticket cost to pray to your false god!

  • http://yahoo steve

    Jags dont need Tebow. We already have two of them.We need to spend the money and get the QB that will move us up to the next level,and I’m not talkinn about 2nd from last, Im talkin about a real gunslinger that will get us out of the hole we’re in.And the offensive lines gotta make it happen.

    • james

      Thin you better go team meetings and put a vote of no confidence in on the owner, management, and staff if you want to bring in a high dollor gunslinger, because that is the only way it is going to happen.

  • Ron

    I was certain the Pats would sign him. It just seemed to me that he would have fit in well there. I know he’s unconventional. His throwing motion is jacked up and he holds the ball too long. But he is also a winner. If given a chance he will help some team win, simple as that. It might not be pretty but he will win.

  • Lancer

    C’mon JAX ! We ALL wanna get on the T-Boi train !
    Choo-chooooooo! We’ll PACK those stands for that hunk !

  • Karyn

    I concur. Sign Tebow w/the Jax Jaqs!!!

  • Jerry McLauchlin

    I’ve thought since Tebow graduated from UF that Jacksonville was acting like a bunch or morons not to try and draft Tim. Of course if you look at the decisions the owner and the management have made over the years you can rest assured the combined IQ of all management is something less than 3:16 Tebow has proved himself at every venue to be a leader. Even at NY Jets he was better than the starting QB or second string QB. Tim would solidify a fan base and pack the stadium which might just be a incentive for management to put together a team of pros instead of dying a lingering death. Tim is a winner Jacksonville Jaguar management, wake up and pick him up….

  • No to Tim

    If Tim Tebow is such a miracle player and can get teams to championships why doesn’t a single team in the NFL want him? Does anyone actually look at his stats as a football player? They are horrible. Even at Denver, where his fans think he was this amazing quarterback, his stats were terrible. He didn’t even complete half of his passes that season. One lucky pass in a game against a defense that had multiple injuries does not an NFL quarterback make. He seems like a great guy and a great athlete, but drop the whole quarterback thing-he can’t do it.

    • Michael Loftus

      win and loss percent is one of the best in college and the nfl..google it..he wins, bottom line.

      • Rusty S

        Michael…just because he did in college doesn’t mean he can carry it over into a professional career. (Google his stats since going pro)


        • jack

          Rusty, the only team that let Tim play was Denver, did you miss what he did there?

          • cornstock

            Tebow was 9-8 as a starter in Denver. Not terrible, but considering all the talent he had around him, not impressive either. Look how much Denver improved once they got a good NFL QB to lead the team.

    • legolos57

      If you actually look at the stats for Tim at denver for that year his stats was better than any other quaterback in the league.

      • cornstock

        His stats were literally dead last in the NFL that year. He’s the only QB in the last 20 years except for Jamarcus Russell to get to play an entire season without being replaced with a completion percentage under 50 percent.

    • legolos57

      If you actually look at the stats for Tim at denver for that year his stats was better than any other quaterback in the league.

      • mnbb

        Uh, no they weren’t.

    • Paul

      No To Tim – don’t assume all Denver fans thought Tebow was great at QB, most of us didn’t. The minority is incredibly vocal and may have made it seem like it was a 50/50 thing… it wasn’t. You get together and talk with people who actually know football and not just meaningless statistics (yes, number of wins is fairly meaningless when you’re talking about the value of a single player, even a QB), you find that nobody with a mind for football thought he was going to make it in the NFL without a major overhaul of his mechanics… that clearly hasn’t happened in the two years since.

      Sorry folks, you have to be able to get the ball from point A to point B, preferably in a spiral motion (yes, that actually makes it easier for a WR to catch, it ain’t just pretty). You must also be able to work through your progression of WRs. Tebow was not able to do any of that, defensive backs could read him like the bible… You guys can throw his record at me all you want, I was watching every second of every game with my own two eyes (and I pulled for the guy in a big way, don’t think I didn’t), he and the offense did not deserve to win many of those games. They hung the defense out to dry time after time, not even effective enough to win the occasional field position battle (our D routinely had to start around mid-field and usually held strong). So you can say Tebow won, you can say he was a winner through college (like that matters), you can talk about what a great guy he is (like that matters), but Denver doesn’t want him, Jacksonville doesn’t and shouldn’t want him, nobody wants him on their team. I suppose some of you call that persecution, but it’s really just good sense.

      It’s clear from the likes/dislikes that it’s mainly Tebow fanatics reading this article… wish there were some other people with half a brain on here to help me out, common sense is definitely not prevailing around here… and I guess that in 15 years you’ll all be saying that the greatest QB in NFL history never got his chance… sad

  • Big Irish Guy

    The Jags will not sign Tebow, never. Their goal is to be the worse team possible, so they can get the nod to move to LA before the Bucs.

  • Joan D. Givens

    I am Tim’s biggest fan; I think he hasn’t really had the team that
    has given him a chance. Jacksonville , why not he would at least
    fill the seats and just might surprise everyone. Team Tebow ALL THE WAY…..

    • http://webpronews Betsy Ratliff

      If you let the man play on a continuous basis, I believe you will
      be surprised at what he can do. It’s like losing weight, you can’t
      do it sitting on a bench. Weren’t we all taught that practice makes perfect. Goooooooooooooooooooo Tebow !

  • Dee Sanson

    I don’t know that much about football, but I do know enough to watch and listen to what a player does, both on and off the field. Tim’s passion for playing quarterback, the extensive work he has put into training and learning, his ability to be successful as a quarterback is unquestionable. Everyone can get better at what they do, and I am sure Tim will tell you that himself. To be successful, you can’t have someone putting you in a corner, and pulling you out only long enough to be seen, and then put back in the corner. It takes time to develop. He took the Broncos to the playoffs, after they had been losing. How can anyone say he can’t be a quarterback? He has to be given the chance without the guys in the booth looking at the opponent to see if they can make more money with the other quarterback, like the Broncos did. I’m thankful that Payton Manning has recovered and doing so well, but even he was treated poorly by the Colts. The old saying, “What goes around comes around,” How sad this greedy world is. By the way, when you’re a Christian, you can’t leave it at church, because Jesus Christ lives in your heart. I hope Jacksonville will reconsider, and allow Tim to come home, and make this a team fit for the NFL.

    • Rusty S

      That “passion” doesn’t carry over into the field. He has a lousy arm. Period.

      All the praying in the world isn’t going to fix it, either and he would rather whine and act like a child than admit that just because he wants to be a QB doesn’t mean he will.

      • flnative52

        Rusty………HAVE YOU EVER HEARD TIM TEBOW WHINE?He’s always the most gracious.

  • llori

    yes tim would be an asset to any team.the jags should sign him as soon as they can.how can you lose with a servant of the lord?

    • Rusty S

      By having a servant of the Lord who has a lousy arm?

  • rudy bush

    there’s something special and feel this energy but i’m not ever giving up. i want Tim to show the world what faith is,i want him to be the quarter-back for jags.

    • dang

      nfl doesn’t sign players because of their faith….they sign them to produce and win……and that’s not happening with tebow…….this is football….a business…you want to revere tebow then give him a parish in your town!

    • Jamie

      He could be just as good a servant to The Lord at fullback. Tebow is big and he can run. He needs to convert to a different position, other than quarterback.

    • Paul

      um, faith is faith and football is football. Please don’t confuse the two as the entire Tebow nation appears to have.

    • Paul

      OK Rudy Bush – that one’s for the quote board… did you keep a straight face as you were typing that?

  • http://boylstons.blogspot.com William Boylston, III

    On this day, where evil has again occurred on American soil at a military base (Navy Yard) I would think ANY organization would start to think it is wonderful to have one in the faith that our laws are mostly based upon, in their employ. But really, Tim is so true in his faith, none of this, even smug writing or commenting bothers him. No doubt he loves football but more importantly, he loves THE LORD more than this life! Someone put above, he needs to leave Jesus at church. That is a direct defiance of the many things Christ said and taught. No, he and all followers of Jesus better not leave Him at church. He told us if we do not acknowledge Him publicly, He will not acknowledge us before His Father. Tim not only acknowledges Christ, he proclaims Him. GOOD! Just read 1st John 4:2 and you will understand it clearly, that Tim is of God and has The Holy Spirit within him. So Tim is in my prayers as are the families and friends of those who went to be with Our Lord (if He was their Lord) as I always will for the families and friends of those who died or were so hurt on 4-15-13 in my home town of Boston- on the street that bears my family name. Tim is a beacon of hope for a better future through FAITH that is between a soul and Almighty God, not ‘religion’ that is of man. God bless Tim Tebow, brave before his LORD and SAVIOR as were so many of those who came before us to establish our inalienable rights, including so many of my ancestors who helped found this city that just mistakenly let Tim Tebow leave it. Posted for Mary- I’ll be visiting you soon http://obg.aboutbrookline.com/oldstones/boylston_mary.html

    • Paul

      Seriously??? Don’t even go there on a football post (or any), there are many good people of many beliefs (and many others who are also good people and DON’T have faith), why would an nfl franchise even THINK about employing someone based on their faith? Should my employer have hired me based on my faith (or lack thereof)? And it’s pretty clear you mean the Christian faith, could you possibly be more narrow-minded? Do you really think our laws are mostly based on Christian faith? Read a book (and no, not that one). Do you really think that Denver ‘mistakenly’ let him go? And I’m not saying that as a man of faith he needs to ‘leave Jesus at church’, but the guy creates his own media circus, he does it knowingly. That does not help his cause in wanting to be an nfl QB, teams do not generally want that around their team.

      I think the intent of your post was well-meaning, but seriously open your mind…

  • fizzo

    tebow is terrible. he’s been let go, in one way or another, by 3 teams. he has no desire to work on his mechanics to improve his game. if he did, he would quit saying his future is in god’s hands. tebow doesn’t make anyone around him better, they make him as good as he is going to be.

    • jack

      Hey Fizzo, Did you miss Tim playing for Denver and taking them from 0&4 to the play offs? Did you bother to watch any of his outstanding performance with the Gators. Give me a break, the last two teams didn’t even let him off the bench so how can you even reference this. Wake up and small the coffee.

      • Rusty S

        I love how you Jesus Freaks get their panties all in a bunch and seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to be rude to other users who disagree with you, jack.

        • Matt

          Rusty. This is an ironic comment. Jack’s comment was hardly rude and his points were astute. Rude would be calling people Jesus Freaks because they support Tebow. The simple fact is that Tebow is a winner. It has nothing to do with Christianity. He’s not on the Jaguars because he attracts too much attention. If he was under the radar he would be on a team.

          And just to be clear, being rude would be calling you an idiot. Which I just did. :)

          • dang

            if he’s such a winner…then why doesn’t he have an nfl contract…..why doesn’t he become a minister….maybe that’s where he’ll be a winner!

          • cornstock

            The facts weren’t astute. Denver wasn’t 0-4 when Tebow took over. Also, he got plenty of playing time in the preseason for the Jets and Pats, but he looked so terrible that the Jets never gave him another shot, and the Patriots cut him outright.

        • wolfman

          Hey Rusty S get your head out of your rectal cavity and look at the stats. Tebow barily played at NY but when he did he moved the ball toward the goal line better than any of the other QB’s including their starting QB> Tebow took the Broncos from 1-4 losing season to the playoffs. Jax needs a leader and Tebow has proven he is just that. I don’t care if he’s a Christian, atheist or worships rock and trees. He isa leader and the Jaguars haven’t had one for too long.

      • cornstock

        The Patriots gave him plenty of playing time in the preseason, more than Brady got, and he looked terrible. I’ve always liked Tebow, and I pulled for him every game he played in Denver. However, his accuracy has gotten even worse since Denver traded him. He looked absolutely terrible this preseason. He throws were routinely 3 or 4 yards off target.

        • Skippy

          The Patriot offense is incredibly complex and difficult to learn. The pre season receivers were way off the mark on most plays. Tebow is a winner no matter what. You cannot disregard what he did in Denver. That ass hat in NY NEVER had any intention to play Tebow. Rex the dumbass Ryan was humilliated that Tebow beat his team when Tebow was QB in Denver. The Jets traded for Tebow banking on the fact that Manning’s career was over and ONLY to burry Tebow’s career. WAKE UP!!! TEBOW IS A WINNER!

      • dang

        hey jack….the reason he didn’t get off the bench and was released……..because he isn’t an nfl qb…….his passing accuracy….decision making….leadership is non existent…..teams don’t pay players to pray….unless they can produce..which he can’t…….!

      • Jamie

        Jack, if Tebow is so great, why can’t he catch on with a team? Why was he treated like an unwanted child by the Jets? Coaches want to win. The sad fact is that he is a verity athletic man who can’t throw. He’d be much better if her converted (not in the religious sense) to fullback. He may even be a Hall of Famer there, if he applied himself.

        • Buddy

          He’s too righteous for the playboy crowd.

      • Paul

        dude, those of us in Denver who sat here and watched every game, know exactly how we won those games. It was never Tebow, though he f’d around for enough of the game to ensure a last-minute ‘miracle’ finish. I like the guy and wish him the best in life, but his accuracy was the worst I’ve seen by an NFL QB, he took about 3-4 seconds to get from his first read to his second, he’s just not a good QB. He is only going to get worse as he relies less and less on his young legs. The only plus for him was his turnover ratio, other than that he was completely ineffective and couldn’t even keep the defense off the field (see if you can find his number of 3-and-outs… it was MANY). This stuff about him not getting a chance, that’s such BS. You think the Jets and Patriots didn’t give him a chance? Did you all spend time at training camp, practice, and did you happen to see his performance against 2nd string D’s in the pre-season? Sheesh you’re all nuts…

        • cornstock

          Paul, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve always been a fan of Tebow, but the ridiculousness and outright lies that his supporters spew make me sick. People with no knowledge of football are going head over heels to defend him and claim he’s being discriminated against when he simply can’t throw the football. It’s as simple as that. No team wants to have to change their entire offense to a 1940’s style without a viable passing game simply to give Tebow a job.

        • Michael Loftus

          Paul, he was qb and Denver won..isn’t that the point? here are some stats for you and an interesting article about his skills…in a repost..read this article and then make your case..also as a starter in the nfl his winning % is better then several of the top 15 qbs in history..http://www.boston.com/sports/blogs/statsdriven/2013/06/the_tim_tebow_show_rolled.html

          also this has stats for best qbs..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_wins_by_a_starting_quarterback_(NFL)

          • Paul

            I read the first article, I’m not at all impressed (or surprised). You can’t collect 1 season’s worth of games for a QB and call that a statistically representative sample. I could care less about the QB rating since I don’t even know the entire algorithm for that, but I’ll say that a 75 rating is pretty crappy and not something I would want on my team, or that I would be bragging about if I’m you… the thing about him being a backup, he plays with a completely different set of plays so he would have to be the right fit for the starter. I already addressed the wins stat, yes, the job of the QB is to win games. I give Tebow a tiny slice of the credit for the wins he got in Denver, the rest goes to the team around him that held the fort while he waited 3 quarters to score. Tebow had a GREAT team around him, the first 5 games under Orton were an abberation and a product of a new system. Not saying Orton was the answer, but I will say that he was a better QB than Tebow purely speaking (Not sure what kind of team motivator he was). So I’m not buying what you’re selling, and neither are the 32 head coaches of the NFL (or the all but 30 Jaguar fans who supposedly showed up for this joke of an event)

            Honestly, I would have loved to keep Tebow and have him learn to throw a ball under the tutealage of Peyton… but you can throw any stat at me that you want, I was front and center watching EVERY pro game he started, I know what I’m talking about.

    • Michael Loftus

      read this article and then make your case..also as a starter in the nfl his winning % is better then several of the top 15 qbs in history..http://www.boston.com/sports/blogs/statsdriven/2013/06/the_tim_tebow_show_rolled.html

      also this has stats for best qbs..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_wins_by_a_starting_quarterback_(NFL)

    • flnative52

      A team has to build around Tim’s abilities.Tim can make things happen.They just need a good group who wants to win.Look what he did in Denver.Then they lost to the Patriot’s.How much time did he have behind the helm with Kyle Orton’s offence.Give him a try.Sure makes you play better when people shut up and give you a honest chance and shut up about his faith.I wish the NFL had more Tim’s

      • cornstock

        Please give me one example where someone on an NFL team that has anything to do with personnel decisions has EVER said anything negative about his faith. I guarantee you if he were able to throw the football even average he would have a job.

    • Stuart Johnston

      I’ve heard all I need to hear about great mechanical skills. Tebow mowed over scores of quarterbacks with better mechanics. Take a real close look at the other quarterbacks. Several look awkward when throwing and Peyton Manning’s father has complained about his son’s throwing style for years. What a joke. Football is entertainment, folks. The Jags fans are not being entertained and I could add eight teams to that genre. It is almost un-American not to give the man a chance with a team built around him. His buddies who did much less in college have enjoyed that one; especially Peyton, who never beat a Tebow-led team. No, the general manager of the Jags is the problem. His utter arrogance will prevent him from signing him and really, because he has a bias against Southern players. Take a look at his recruiting experience: only the other conferences….never worked in the SEC. I sense a bit of jealousy here.

      • Peter Mason

        Un-American? People like you are what is wrong with this country.

      • Paul

        Stuart – Tim did NOT mow over opposing QBs. The defense did that, Tim got mowed over by opposing defenses, and managed about 10-17 pts a game to win a defensive battle. Do NOT confuse Tebow with the defense please. The arguments of Tim fans are utterly ridiculous, it’s sickening as a long-time football fan that people feel the need to mix football with faith, disgusting really…

    • Paul

      Amen to that… can’t believe all the Tebow lovers here, the guy is a terrible QB. I’m a huge Denver fan and truly had a great time watching the Tebow-mania.. but it was the rest of the team winning the game, not Tebow. You can’t have a guy go 3 QUARTERS without so much as a first down, then watch him take the team on a winning drive (against a prevent-like defense) and call HIM the reason that they won. Sorry, and it’s now quite clear that Denver was a great team in need of a better QB.

      By the way, two other teams have since let the man go. In New England, Bill doesn’t make a habit of letting solid, young talent get away from him. He was 3rd QB because that’s how he performed at training camp and at practice, that’s where you earn your spot. He didn’t… he may be a great man but he’s lousy as a QB.

    • Carrie

      Did you see the show they made about Tebow when he was new in Denver? They worked him 10 hour days to so that he would have the form they wanted him to have when passing. They even tied his other arm to the side of his body! BUT you say he has no desire to work on his mechanics – NOT TRUE!!

    • mark

      Can you expand on your statements? Terrible? Won a lot of games , over 50% win percentage as an NFL starter. Let go by three teams? Denver: Got Manning – didn’t want the media circus of the guy on the team. NYJ – again , didn’t want the media distraction. and it was an owners decision , not the teams Executive. Did he lay more than 5 plays at QB through the year? NE – Brady didn’t want to share th spotlight. and with the difficulty of the team this year , why look for a media distraction. No desire to work on Mechanics? What do you mean by that? to me it looks like teams are pushing him to other positions, how do you work on your mechanics that way?
      How about you form your own opinions, instead of repeating, in an adolescent manner, what they say in SI or ESPN??
      I would also say , the kid needs to play , if its in th NFL this year , great. If not , then play where ever you can, and let the God choose the path , not Tebow !!

  • Tom

    heck yeah, grab Tebow. If the Browns were smart, they’d grab him first!!!!!

  • charley

    Better than anything the jacs have now. Tebow is best.

  • Dave

    Why not?????? Its only fitting that the worst QB in NFL history stand guard over the play clip board for the worst NFL team in history.

    • pp daley

      Tebow has a 9-8 winning record the NFL. You can’t teach clutch.

      • PP my arse

        And what’s your record? (SNAP)

    • Peter Mason

      Now THAT is funny, and I’m a Jaguar fan.

    • Bears Fan

      worst QB of all? He has as many playoff wins as Romo

      • Jose

        Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than Peyton Manning does as a Broncho….

        • cornstock

          Tebow was there for two years and Peyton has only been their for one. Wait til after this season and evaluate that again. I doubt anyone on the planet actually believe that Tim Tebow is one tenth of the QB that Peyton Manning is.

  • http://yahoo Danny

    Tebow could not do any worse that the QB they have! Jacksonville is 0-2 to start the season.

    • Dan

      QB isn’t their problem with Henne in there.

      • james

        No the 11 points in two games seems to be the problem. But Chad Henne is not the fix. Lets start with the 2012 he had a grand total of 166 completions out 308 attempts for a 53.9 % rating, 11 TD’s and as many INT’s.

        Know 2013, 28 of 44 passing and of those 28, 25 catches come against a team that is as bad as they are, THE RAIDERS… Now explain were you think Chad Henne might not be the problem PLEASE…………..

  • http://www.garagedooroutfitters.com Outfitter

    Fill the seats. How could you ask for anything else. This world revolves around the all mighty DOLLAR.

  • http://yahoo mikec

    I fully believe Tebow would double the fans in that stadium. Why not? The Jags arent going anywhere. I know I and many others will
    find more interest this season with Tebow in the mix. Why, I might even splurge and get the NFL season ticket from direct.

    • pp daley

      capacity. last week’s attendance was about 70% I believe. Still, much to benefit by packing the remaining seats with fans and selling them souvenirs, hotdogs and beer.

      • david hinote

        hope they will gve the guy a chance. he is completely capable

    • Jake

      Miket p when you make statements please understand what you are talking about. As bad as the Jaguars have played in the last couple of years they still put fans in the seats then several other teams Including both of the teams in Florida. The other thing that really get me fired up is this report calling these people Jaguar fans. No they are Tebow fans.
      Now I have never been in favor of the Jaguars getting Tebow I am about at the point of saying “Why Not” what a story it could be.

      • logic

        In all fairness, how many of those fans are opposing team fans?

    • Ed Johnson

      I am in Alaska and up here we love Tim Tebow. I think it would be a great stroke of business for the Jags to pick him up.
      Ed in Alaska.

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