Tim Tebow Hints At A Future In Politics

    September 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tim Tebow has become somewhat more well known for his beliefs and actions off the field than for what he’s done on it, even though he’s one of the most talked about players in the NFL today (especially if you know who Skip Bayless is). And chances are, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Tebow recently did an interview for an upcoming issue of Vogue Magazine, in which he talks about his future and what his plans might be if football weren’t in the equation. The Jets quarterback has reportedly signed on with WME, a Hollywood talent agency, and says almost everything he does outside of the game is for the Tim Tebow Foundation, which helps children.

“You can get looked at in a certain light, or people think, ‘this is the type of person, he wouldn’t do this,'” Tebow said. “There are a lot of goals and ambitions that I have in life, things I want to accomplish. Who knows? I mean – it could be politics one day. I want to have a life that can help people,” he said.

That’s right, a career in politics. Though Tebow reportedly doesn’t get into specifics, it’s interesting to know that his end game doesn’t necessarily include backing up Mark Sanchez…or anyone else, for that matter. And to Tebow’s critics, that could be a good thing. Some say that the 25-year old lacks accuracy, and that his arm isn’t developed enough; others, however, think he’s just what the NFL needs. His fans would certainly be devastated to see him go, and for now, that and what he calls the “joy” of the game are keeping him on, at least for another election year.

Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

  • Brian

    This trash bag is a shit QB.. but the biggest media whore this world has ever seen. You think rick santorum is a creepy odd over religious goon youd never ever let your little boy anywhere near.. o and to respond to the non virginity proof.. the only one who im sure knows is mark sanchez.. peopl tebows biggest problem in politics is he is obviously gay and ultra conservative.. bad mix

    • Neelie

      ITA; I am sick of this guy. Okay, you believe in God and your faith is important to you. Think that makes you unique? Get over yourself. I dread an idiot like this in politics.

  • margaret claudell

    Don’t let Sandusky lead you into believing all men who work with children are pedophiles. Tim is a good kid and a fine football player.Denver will live to regret letting him go. Elway was just jealous of him.

  • margaret claudell

    Oh ye’ of little faith!!