Tim Tebow: Dolphins Aren’t Interested

By: Sean Patterson - May 2, 2013

Quarterback Tim Tebow gained notoriety for his skills on the field with the Denver Broncos, as well as for his outspoken Christian beliefs. Now, an injury and decreased playing time with the New York Jets has led to him being without a team.

According to an NFL.com report, casual speculation by an agent on a Miami radio program sparked rumors that Tebow could end up playing for the Miami Dolphins. The flimsy reasoning behind this guess was that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is a fan of the quarterback.

Now, the Tebow/Dolphins rumor seems to have been definitively put to rest. Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero today tweeted out a quote from an unnamed “high ranking Dolphins source” that states the Tebow rumors are “totally untrue.”

So, there is still no one who knows what’s next for Tebow, though the Arena League and the Lingerie League have both made offers for the quarterback.

Tebow himself has not commented on any of the rumors surrounding his career. His most recent Twitter posts indicate that he is leaving his fate in the hands of his god:

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  • gincoleman

    More proof God is just an imaginary friend.


    Many successful teams hold a prayer meeting before each game…but going public with his beliefs has caused a lot of controversy…Tim T is a great leader and QB, a very hard worker,and I hope his injury is not serious..There will be a place in football for him regardless…All this publicity should work in his favor…Is it not Hollywood wisdom that any publicity is good… Tim T, once he finds his place with grace of God will draw a crowd because of all the publicity…Franchise owners like that…

  • Lavon

    Tim Tebow is a great QB? Are you freakin serious? Have you been asleep for the past two years? The guy can’t throw worth a sh^t. I use to tell people when he was playing in College that he would never make it in the NFL because I seen back then he couldn’t throw. Maybe he can start up a church or something, that seems to be a big revenue maker now a days

  • Nancy

    Tim tebow is a great player and person, and God will provide for him in His perfect ways and in His perfect timing!

  • http://none Nancy Irmeth

    Tim Tebow is a great person and a winning player, and our God will provide for him the perfect job in God’s perfect timing!

  • http://Yahoo Rotortop

    Tebow is a fine person and hard working Athlete It is unfortunate that the sports media elites are afraid of a white guy with religious convictions. Tebow has never asked for any media attention as all the controversy about him has been hyped by the media. Funny how the media snobs and the NFL despise a good honest man and love felons from the hood that can dance like a clown in the end zone. Go to the CFL Tim, this NFL crowd has lost it’s honor and become a sunday afternoon “minstrel show”.

    • http://yahoosports don

      now thats not right if he was a black qb how many chances would he have

  • Will

    I don’t know that the dolphin’s move has anything to do with the talent so much as just canning the $350 million dollar stadium renovation because of plans of heavy taxation over improvements.

    For businesses, practical healthy financial bottom-lines either make or break the business. I can’t blame Dolphins for not taking on any talent when they’ve got bigger leaks in the boat.
    ref: http://www.webpronews.com/dolphins-cancel-stadium-renovations-2013-05

    • Will

      opps, I read that wrong! there was not enough revenue raised to fund the improvements!

  • Ashford

    Being a true christian and live by it in the United States of America today will kill your career. You are denounced, ridiculed and caricatured. Homosexuality, perversion and debauchery are what is trending and applauded.