Tim Duncan Divorce Could be Put on Hold For Playoffs

    May 24, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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San Antonio Spurs basketball star Tim Duncan is reportedly in the midst of a divorce.

According to a report from a local San Antonio news station, Duncan and his wife Amy are getting divorced after 13 years of marriage. The couple share two young children, one daughter and one son. The couple were reportedly trying to keep the divorce quiet by using their initials in court documents.

The Spurs organization has stated that Duncan’s divorce will not affect the team or the NBA playoffs.

A TMZ report has also cited court documents that state Duncan has requested the divorce proceedings be postponed until after after the NBA playoffs, which the Spurs stand a chance of winning. The report also shows that the divorce was filed by Duncan’s wife, who claims the marriage is full of “discord and conflict.” The couple allegedly has a prenuptial agreement that Duncan is attempting to enforce.

(Image courtesy Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

  • Barbara S. Martin

    I’m sorry that people in professional sports and actors can’t have the privacy that ordiary people like myself can unless I commit some outlandish crime. Right now I’m about 6,000.00 dollars in debt and electric has just been turned off, not because I’m living a lavish life but because my $958.00 dollar disability check can’t pay it all. I know the media thrive on them but please let them be able to keep their dignity and have some privacy. Tim Duncan is a private person, you can tell by the way he carries himself. I admire him because he is not a media seeker.

  • http://www.hvchronic.com Steve Hopkins

    Here’s a song for all you unhappy losers wishing you had the guts to do what Tim is doing:

  • zocho

    According to Harvey, a veteran writer for the San Antonio Express-News Tim first suspected something was up last fall and hired a private detective to track Amy. And though the divorce papers were filed by her back in March, she ended up moving out of the family home approximately 20 days ago.Amy Duncan had an affair with a fitness trainer. In fact, there are online allegations that she opened a new gym in San Antonio and hired the guy she was having affair with to run it! According to sources close to the situation, she has allegedly been cheating with her trainer for over two years. It’s expected that the Spurs star will file for primary custody of his two children.Duncan’s attorney also indicate his client plans to enforce a prenuptial agreement the couple signed at the time of the union, which came some four years after he was selected as the first pick in the 1997 NBA draft, according to TMZ