Tiller Killer Punished For Intimidating Abortion Clinic

By: Sean Patterson - June 7, 2013

Scott Roeder, the man convicted of killing Dr. George Tiller, has now been disciplined for intimidating those who have reopened Tiller’s abortion clinic.

According to a Reuters report, Roeder has been punished with 45 days of solitary confinement for comments he made in a telephone interview back in April. A prison hearing determined that his statements could intimidate members of the now-renamed South Wind Women’s Center. According to the Kansas Department of Corrections, he will spend 23 hours per day in his cell for 45 days, and have “reduced privileges” for 60 days.

Roeder’s interview was with David Leach, a well-known anti-abortion activist based in Iowa.

“To walk in there and reopen a clinic, a murder mill where a man was stopped, is almost like putting a target on your back saying, ‘Well, let’s see if you can shoot me,'” said Roeder.

Roeder was convicted in 2010 for the murder of Tiller, one the only doctors in the U.S. who performed late-term abortions. Roeder shot Tiller in the head at point blank range while Tiller was attending a worship service at a Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 50 years.

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  • Name

    You can not stop evil by doing evil.

    Having said that I think it is very hypocritical that this man is in prison for ending a human life but women who end a human life are never prosecuted.

    At the end of the day, murder ends a human life and so does abortion.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    This is pure persecution of Scott Roeder. He did not threaten anyone. He and the other
    person were just talking about what this babykilling abortionist planned on
    doing and how he believed she was putting herself at risk. This is a sham and persecution
    of Scott Roeder for voicing his opinion and thoughts.

    • Jennifer Starr

      He’s a terrorist. And freedom of speech does not extend to making threats against people.

  • Name

    By the way, there has been 56 million abortions since Roe vs Wade. Fifty-six million souls. I am not a bible thumper, but I do know that is just morally wrong.