Tia Mowry, Charlize Theron: Nasty Cat Fight?

    August 10, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Tia Mowry and Charlize Theron appear to be in the throes of a rather nasty cat fight that involves trendy spin classes at a place called SoulCycle. Now it seems Theron is hell-bent on getting Tia Mowry banned from the establishment.

Here’s how Page Six says it all went down.

Supposedly Tia Mowry approached Charlize Theron at one of these spin classes and introduced herself.

“I wasn’t over-the-top,” the Sister, Sister star said. “I know how to approach another celebrity. Charlize was just mean. I’m just being honest.”

Charlize Theron reportedly rolled her eyes when Mowry made her polite introduction. Therefore Tia ratted her out to the management for ‘being mean.’

“Charlize came in so pissed off after Tia went to the tabloids about her, and she demanded we bar Tia from ever coming back. When the manager refused, Charlize just got angrier and said she’d go to the top to make it happen,” a source claims.

This same source says Charlize said the following to SoulCycle management in her effort to get Tia Mowry removed from the studio. Her interaction with Mowry reportedly gave Theron doubts about her privacy being protected while in the spinning studio.

“This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can’t expect you to protect me from hangers-on in your studio?”

Another source, however, claims this cat fight is nothing but pure conjecture.

“I do not know her,” Tia Mowry said at the L.A. premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “I do not know Charlize. I absolutely love her, she’s my ‘woman crush Wednesday,’ you can even see it on my Instagram!”

“I’m obsessed with her, I love her, it was definitely blown out of proportion,” Tia added. “So that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

So what do you suppose is the real scoop? Is the Snow White and the Huntsman star mean and trying to get Tia Mowry kicked out of SoulCycle? Is Tia now afraid that might happen, so she’s singing Charlize’s praises for the media?

It definitely sounds like a cat fight–the kind with words instead of bitch slaps and fingernail gashes, however. Stay tuned to see how this all turns out.

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  • Guest

    Seeing that Theron is dating Sean Penn – a guy who never met a dictator he didn’t like – I’m not surprised CT would treat somebody like a nobody. I don’t like her, never did. She always struck me as being a major snob.

    • Angie Kalob

      Chris… you’re presuming that Tia is a “Somebody” which is inaccurate since she is not relevant other than being “Someone” who complained to the press.

      • PRRW

        what gives you the right to decide who someone is?
        she is someone to her family even if she isnt to you…. snob

        • Angie Kalob

          Learn to read PRRW
          It’s a SOMEBOD … not a someone, so you too are misinformed or just a dolt
          She is not relevant. Since you are clearly black (read your other notes), I will compare your senseless drivel to others.

          Maya Angelou = relevent
          PRRW = irrelevant

          So for once stand up; admit you are WAY wrong and take a bow

      • Eric

        you a celerity loving whore to call anyone else a nobody. Having money or fame does not make you somebody. We all are

      • highlatte

        And either is Theron. Another arrogant, know-it-all look-at-me Hollyweird bitch. Why do give a shit. Get a life. These people could give a fuck less about you.

        • Angie Kalob

          Geez..aAve an iced cappiacino …and chill latte.

      • ARGP ( I love Carnival)

        who are you exactly? oh yeah a noboby

      • FragglesSquad


  • Macombsboo

    This might have more to do with who she is dating than where she is from …. Shawn Penn is infamous for his rude, better than thou attitude to the lesser of us… Maybe both Shawn & Charlize should attend anger management classes together.. If only for the sake of her child..

  • Eric Matterson

    Charlize is acting like a six year old.

  • urkrazz

    Charlize is way too full of herself. Someone needs to knock her off that high horse. On the other hand, Tia should know better than to say anything to the press. Just complain to your friends!

  • Lord Vader

    Theron as an elite in her business, and such as other elites in other businesses; MJ, Kobe, CEO’s, most popular kids in H.S., it’s all the same: they hang with those in their circle and dismiss those whom are not. That’s just the way ambitious humans work. You may not like them, or more accurately be jealous of them, but that’s not really the point here is it. Theron, an oscar winner, is enjoying her much coveted privacy, working out, and she has every right, like everyone else, to smell b.s. and wave the sycophant away, and to be annoyed, that she just wants to work out and not play games on her private time. Tia is one of those sycophant “celebrities” who would of twitted her selfie with Theron, called her manager to promote it and enjoy her Q numbers going up all on Theron’s back. Theron dismisses her so she tweets that – see? Tia is looking for exposure, Theron knows this, cause she and every other legit celeb get it a hundred times a day! Give Theron a break, let her enjoy her privacy, and help Tia by getting her into a quality acting class.

    • Patty

      What a ridiculous comment, albeit, true, that is what makes it even more pathetic to accept such behavior…elitist mentality (also equals ugly heart).

    • PRRW

      wow,, you know all that. $hit whats going to happen next?

    • Eroc

      what a moron for you taking this BS as fact and running with it.

    • highlatte

      Bitchy Theron doesn’t want to be approached by other ‘humans’ she should work out at her home gym or accept life like the rest of us. Arrogance is arrogance and she just defined the word. F her and anybody else too good for others (like I said stay home or stay out of businesses that put you in the center of attention, what BS.

    • leslie

      If this was the AMA, you’d win the “best d**k-ride” award. Theron may be an elite actress, but she’s quite boring to me. Oscar awards are also a joke as many actors who deserve on are snubbed in favor for more popular ones.
      At the end of the day, theron would be nobody if it weren’t for the “little people” who bothered to see her movies. Not being on the big screen does not make other people less talented, either.

      • Rica Jones


  • CHS

    What an ego, nothing surprising for a Hollywood millionaire who is a legend in her own mind….

  • Steven Resnick

    Poor Mowry, Charlize was mean to her so she had to act like a baby and complain

  • PRRW

    I was thinking the same thing…..^5

    • Patrice Slater-Lee

      think of yourself as a racist piglet while you are at it, hi five dude

  • PRRW

    thats what you get for trying to nice to white africans

  • anon

    ???? What’s that supposed to mean? BTW its 2014 the term “negress” is heavily outdated and offensive.

  • thesby

    tia, ya better watch out starting dog poo with charlize. them south african women are physically strong, very agressive and will kick your butt! don’t forget that charlize is a monagan too after watching her in the movie unoflux! tia mowry you’re starting mess with the wrong woman. what you need to do tia is go back to your second rate acting parts and stop trying to think that you’re fully white! i’m black and calling tia a second rate never had a prime actress! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

    • Yvonne Pratt

      And we all know south african whites and their racism lol

    • Gertrude

      Dahling, FYI Tia was born in Germany! She’d whip Char-whatever from one eon to the next, so SIT DOWN!

      • thesby

        i would love to see that on tv and bet money that charlize would knock the hell out of tia! you germans only know how to fight with guns but did win the world cup and your golfer won the u.s. open! now them white south africans get taught to fight from the blacks there which makes them very tough and dangerous!don’t forget south african have great golfers too! so you GO SIT DOWN! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

  • babyboy

    I know that you are a idiot….

    • spellingbee

      *AN idiot…idiot.

  • babyboy

    o sick of these stuck-up celebrities it would not have killed Charlize to say hi back they both are actreees…. If you donot want to be bothered stay at home….

  • Guest

    tia, you better not funk with charlize! she will kick your butt! them south african women can fight very well! so go back to acting in your second rate parts because you never had a prime! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

    • highlatte

      lol Guess you like c–ts, Pathetico.

    • Yvonne Pratt

      Sure we know that because of their racism in south africa. I guess she was brought up to be one

  • thesby

    tia, you better not funk with charlize! she will kick your butt! them south african women can fight very well. go back to acting in your second rate parts because you never had a prime! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

    • Dubious McDoobinator

      So uhhh, what is your record for multiple posts saying the same thing on the same article?

      • thesby

        that’s my laptop and i just want to make sure that my posts are going through! so shut up!

        • Dubious McDoobinator

          You mad bro?

  • Game Changer1

    Charlize was probably pissed that Tia is naturally pretty and that she was seen by her peer without her hair done or makeup on. Charlize obviously felt insecure and was rude to get Tia to walk away. P.S.-the “negress” comment is racist, ignorant, and shows how low your I.Q. is, stonebreaker.

  • easter s

    @thesby,No one black would call her what you did.Your comment is distaseful to me.Being black and almost 65 yrs old,your home training is showing.

    • Rica Jones

      Thank You!!!

      • easter s

        I am glad you like my comment.

  • Justsaying

    This article is about Tia Mowry but yet you keep showing pictures of her sister Tamera…..

  • October Robb

    that is mean and nasty and you dont know her and she could not pick her family …dont be a crab …she might be what you call second rate but at the end of the day she making $$$$$ and are you a “A” list in your profession if you was ranked …if you work at burger king would the ceo know your name because you are just that “good”?????

    • thesby

      and what money are you making? this mia never had a prime acting and you’re stupid to be her fan! you’re the one that’s a crab for following this never was and has been actress!

  • putyouonblast

    these two are not even in the same league. the “nobody 20 years ago” bit was funny though. lol

  • Xiomara

    Juvenile behavior. Charlize is too old to behave like a junior high school teen. Much ado about nothing…Let it go.

  • Aisha

    Charlize Theron should shut the F*** up and stop being a bitch. Her last few movies been s**** anyway. And Tia Mowry should stop trying to suck up Charlize’s ass and acting like she didn’t mean what she said. Be a woman and call her a bitch if she is one.

  • kimberlyclark

    This is an article quoting another article? Page Six, which is known to be trashy? Yahoo has really showed declining taste in the articles they choose to feature since the new CEO took over. Here’s what journalists do. Pick up the phone and MAKE A CALL. I’m sure both Theron and Mowry have publicist who could have cleared this up before yahoo decided to feature it. I’ve read in other sources the whole story is made up, total fabrication. ONE phone call would have cleared it up. At least they could have said “calls to the starts publicists were not returned.” I’m guessing there were no calls. Theron is dating Sean Penn, so she has enough REAL bad publicity, you don’t need to make any up.

  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    the stolen goods and resources from real africans South Africa you mean. racist huh? i know, I can tell, stop hiding behind your computer you coward

  • rhonda

    Who cares get over your self charilize just say hi and keep walking. I’m sure there are people way more sucessful than you who think you are a nobody! It is not that serious

  • rhonda

    everyone is a somebody and this whole thing is stupid. People say hi all the time

  • CC

    Does Charlize know her career could go to zero? It’s not like she is Angelina Jolie. I bet Angelina would have said Hi to Tia. They probably would have got together and went kid shopping.

  • RL

    Charlize needs to get a new man she is becoming an asshole just like that shit she is dating/marring. So sad, why not be pleasant and a little kind??

  • WhitePPlSuck

    hey stonebreaker, your mother is going to be raped by a “negre”. Unless she’s dead, then ah ha your W(HO)RE mother is dead and you can’t see her anymore

  • patti gaulden santoso

    Uh confused here…if it’s about race Charlene is color blind because her little boy is not Caucasian by any stretch of the imagination…so it’s probably lack of class and graciousness…

    • Latoya

      So If I adopt a white kid I’m color blind. lol I think her mama is crazy and so is she. Charlize cant have kids or doesn’t want any biological ones because she’s crazy.

  • Manny Lopez

    SOUTH AFRICA at that, but i guess adopting a little black kid is suppossed to relive her of her apartheid “GUILT”? sean penn’s rubbin’ off her, i used to like her but now i think she should get her lily white ass kicked and sean penn too, for good measure, just cause he thinks he’s the shit, i’ll beat his ass and make that twat hold my coat while i’m doing it. i’m 5 yrs. older than that faggot, let’s see how tough he is with someone from the varrios of Pacoima!

  • Manny Lopez

    here’s a p.s. when we leave this shithole called earth and stand before GOD, how haughty will we be then? everyone will pay one way or another in the afterlife, i’d advise ALL hollywood stars to thank the Lord they’re where they’re at because it’s His will, God knows EVERYTHING! so be GRATEFUL for ANY blessing you may have in this life…nothing lasts forever, except where you go after you die.

    • Hayley

      It’s kind of hypocritical to cuss in a statement in which you praise and glorify God. In doing so, you’ve undermined the your statement on how God is in control of “EVERYTHING” by using language which clarifies that you still haven’t given him full control over your life.

      • Manny Lopez

        hey uh…hayley, i’ve been a christian for 24 years, and just because i can be real in my attitude doesn’t mean i’m a hypocrite, because at the end of the day i am apologizing to God and asking His forgiveness, EVERYDAY for whatever comes out of my mouth ! i know i’m a sinner in need of a saivor, i’m not perfect, just forgiven, if my language offends you then click on to a new page i ain’t holding a gun to your head to read what i say. i’m just saying what i feel and sometimes you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet right? it’s an indictment of the whole godless hollywood system where wealth and fame have taken the place of God in their hearts and minds, that’s why everyone, and everything now jumps on the lgbt, bandwagon. so sue me… and don’t cry for me argentina, …lemme deal with God when it’s my time to die. oh and by the way, nothing is about control,…God doesn’t control people, we’re not robot running on empty, the devil is the only one who would like control, over lost sheep the Lord calls His sheep by name and they follow, you see, God is a gentleman, Jesus doesn’t FORCE people to obey, we have something called free will dear, and as a Christian, like the apostle peter, i can be a little crude sometimes, and Jesus still forgave peter with all his faults, and even denying Him, but Jesus still loved him enough to bring him back into the fold. so judge me not to harshly, until you’ve walked in my sandals awhile, it’s always been His will over mine. now be a good little christian pontificator and go listen to a newsboy cd or something. …peace on you.

  • fondraty101

    I got your back, I’ll eat your pussy.

  • ARGP ( I love Carnival)

    It seems like Charlize doesn’t like Black Women but wants their children. I guess the waiting list to adopt white babies are very very long.

  • ARGP ( I love Carnival)

    You are not a black woman!!! A black woman would not say what you just said, don’t try it!!- from a real Black Woman

    • thesby

      that’s right but i’m a black man and saying that tia is washed up and never had a acting prime! ha, ha, ha…ha! he, he, he…he!

  • Rica Jones

    Why r u even on here?

    • thesby

      man, funk tia mowry!

  • Yvonne Pratt

    Well it all makes sense because Charlize was born and raised in South Africa and we know the history of whites there. It is true you can take someone out of the village but you cant take the village out of them.

  • Digital_Dream

    You all realize this came from a rag mag and their “unnamed source,” right? Had Tia herself written a Twitter post for all to see, or had she asked a reporter to write an article about it, then it’d be true, but Tia herself is denying this report. Maybe someone that does not like Charlize is making her out to be a nasty person so that people will dislike her. There’s even another source quoted in the article (in addition to Tia), denying any of this ever went down. Who are you going to believe? Tia herself, or a rag mag and their unnamed sources?


    Theron hasn’t been the same since she went to the Electric Chair. Should have gave her a couple more volts.

  • Paul Prince

    Celebrities humble ………now that’s a contradiction in terms

  • http://FILNOBEP.net/ Broken Equipment

    It’s funny how Tia Mowry is supposed to be this nobody and I only came here to see why she was a trending topic. On top of that, I’m trying to figure out who Charlize Theron (couldn’t spell that without looking) is. I guess we’re all somebodies and nobodies to someone. Be humble.