THQ Looking To Sell

By: Zach Walton - January 16, 2012

THQ, publisher behind the UFC and Saint’s Row games, may be looking for a buyer.

Over the weekend, industry insider Kevin Dent, took to Twitter to lay a little rumor on us. He said that his sources claimed that THQ was looking to sell the company and that they had canceled their entire 2014 line-up and the planned Warhammer 40K MMO.

Dent started on Twitter claiming that the Warhammer 40K MMO had been canceled and then went on to say that THQ was offering itself to Asian firms to increase their value.

Even more damaging was the rumor that THQ had returned IP to Disney after paying an advance with no refund. This part isn’t entirely out of the question as children IPs are harder to sell and generally don’t pay off in the long run.

Dent then explains that the problem stems from THQ pushing their uDraw peripheral onto HD consoles when the first one on the Wii just sold ok. He then says that THQ didn’t have the money to take that kind of creative risk. He also says that the company was not in the position to make an MMO, with a minimal investment of $140 million.

Finally, he says that the company’s biggest mistake was releasing Saint’s Row 3 into a hyper competitive market. While the title reviewed well, it was stuffed into the same period as the usual heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.

Of course, this is just the rumor mongering of one man, albeit a trusted industry insider He can be, and he hopes, he’s wrong.

THQ finally responded to the rumors with a kind-of denial to VG24/7:

“As part of the ongoing review of our business, we have made decisions to ensure that the company is strategically addressing the most attractive markets. As we have previously announced, we have dramatically reduced our commitment to the kids’ boxed games sector which leads to a significantly more focused release schedule moving forward. Our slate for calendar 2012 and beyond is focused on high-quality core games and continues to build our digital platform and business. We are excited for our pipeline of original and high-quality content along with our relationships with some of the best talent in the industry.

“Additionally, we are thrilled with the great performance of Saints Row: The Third, which on a like for like period in North America has tripled in sell-through from Saints Row 2. In addition, WWE ’12’s worldwide sell-through sales are up almost 40% year-over-year for the same sales period with fewer platforms. According to NPD, for the month of December and the 2011 year, THQ was the #5 publisher overall, #4 third party, with reported sell through growing over 18% in a market that was down almost 6%. And coming up next, we have two great titles for the first half of the year including UFC Undisputed 3 and Darksiders 2.”

After the statement, Dent went on to Twitter to clarify that he never said this was set in stone. He hopes the best for THQ and is happy with their statement. That doesn’t change the fact that the statement is somewhat of a kind-of denial that never sits well with anybody.

Their statement doesn’t exactly confirm or deny anything except that they are not canceling anything at this time. 2012 is looking good for THQ and hopefully this will soon just be another rumor that never amounted to anything. Still, THQ is not out of the woods yet and they are still up in the air about the fate of their Warhammer 40K MMO. This isn’t over yet, but like Dent, I wish THQ all the best.

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  • Thomas Bell

    This is little surprise. THQ has tanked since Danny Bilson was hired as the lead of creative. Game press adores him even as THQ’s stock price plummetted from 18 to 0.68.

    • Zach Walton

      Yeah, I will say that Danny Bilson is a fun guy to follow, but the company has not done so well either. I don’t know if there’s any correlation there besides their bad business decisions like releasing Saint’s Row into such a terrible market environment. I’m sure that the company will pick itself back up. Darksiders II is looking especially good for them and the game picked up a lot of steam after a not so great launch so I’m willing to place it as the Prince of Persia of this generation.

      • http://@padgetastic Michael James

        Darksiders II does look good, considering I had never even heard of it before I stumbled on your article. However, the fact that they took to a sequel for a game that IGN rated 7.8 is horrifying to me, and I don’t honestly see it playing out for them unless the game is an absolute masterpiece. With a much much darker theme than POP, and an antagonist so blandly named “Death”, I just don’t really see that happening. Granted these are two small details, but for me, they’re two small details on a rather extensive list.

        Note: Gameplay wise it may very well be the POP of this generation (with a dash of God of War), but I just cannot in any way imagine it selling well.

        I want THQ as a longshot, considering the current price of their stock. But unless somebody buys them out, I don’t see them hanging around ’til 2014.

        • Zach Walton

          IGN is not the only press site out there and 7.8 is a respectable score. A high 7 is really, really good. Modern gaming journalism has turned any game that gets below an 8 as being some kind of terrible game. Also, the original Darksiders sold extremely well. It’s no-brainer sequel material.

          Also, just for clarification, Darksiders is not like Prince of Persia. It’s more akin to the Legend of Zelda series. It’s an open world dungeon crawling game with puzzles. The combat is similar to God of War, but that’s it. Don’t count it out.

          But seriously, do me a personal favor. Read small gaming blogs and Web sites for reviews instead of just the big guys like IGN or GameSpot. They’re easy to access and provide plenty of information, but the smaller guys give you more honest opinions. I’ve stopped reading IGN altogether as of 4 years ago, but I still respect them. Just don’t go completely off of what they say for ratings and don’t think a game is bad at 7.8. A game is only truly bad until it hits the 4s and 3s. A 5 is still fair.

  • Adam

    This is just a rumor. THQ has refuted this statement in other recent publications. They are still signing new contracts and moving into different markets. They have not canceled their 2014 line either.

    • Zach Walton

      Hence the rumor tag. I clarified that they already denied the report, but their denial wasn’t super positive either. Until THQ posts their earnings report for last quarter, I’m still on the fence about this.

  • todd

    please tell me thq is going to sell out soon. and if so who do u think it would be and y