This Is What You'll Get With The Xbox One In November


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Which next generation console are you going to buy come November? If you want the Xbox One, you may be interested in what comes with the Day One edition that Microsoft announced back at E3. Well, wonder no more as Microsoft has unveiled what you'll be unboxing when you pick up an Xbox One later this year.

In a new video from Major Nelson, he unboxes the Day One edition of the Xbox One to show you everything that comes with it. In a surprise move, Nelson reveals that the Day One and standard edition will ship with a headset. This latest move adds to the growing number of times Microsoft has backtracked regarding the Xbox One.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has also revealed that the Xbox One will ship with a 4K capable HDMI cable. Both next gen consoles won't be able to render games in 4K resolutions, but they will be able to play back movies in 4K. This HDMI cable will presumably give Microsoft a head start in that race as the HDMI cable that ships with the PS4 might not be 4K capable.

At the end of the video, Nelson teases that we might see more about the console itself at GamesCom. The tease is accompanied by the reveal that the Xbox One logo is the power button on the Xbox One. It's a touch sensor, much like the power and eject disc buttons on the original PlayStation 3. GamesCom is coming up at the end of the month. We'll presumably find out more then.

As an added bonus, here's some video closeups of the Xbox One controller and the chat headset: