This Is What You’ll Get If You Buy A PS4 This Year

    June 26, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The PS4 launch is still a few months away, and as such, there are still a few mysteries about the console. What’s the full launch lineup going to look like? What accessories will Sony and third parties have available at launch? What will Sony pack in? The two former questions will have to wait, but the latter was answered today.

We got out first real look at what will be packed in with the PS4 later this year in a press shot that’s been making the rounds on the Internet today. Remember that $400 price tag? Turns out the low price means that we’re not going to get much in the base package:

This Is What You'll Get If You A PS4 This Year

As you can see, the PS4 will ship with the console itself, one DualShock 4, a HDMI cable, a power cord, a USB cable for the DualShock 4 and the prerequisite manual telling you not to dump water on the thing.

Now, the interesting pack in are the earbuds. They will act as your mic as they plug directly into the controller. It’s no headset, but it’s nice gesture on Sony’s part to pack in some form of communication device after neglecting to do so on the PS3. Now maybe every multiplayer match on the PS4 won’t be dead silence outside of the game itself.

We could look at the pack ins for the Xbox One for comparison’s sake, but we don’t know the full picture yet. My bet is that it’s going to be similar. The only real difference is that the Xbox One won’t pack in a headset like the Xbox 360 did at its launch. That’s a little unfortunate, but the Xbox One’s headset will probably be pretty cheap. It will also be a real headset, unlike Sony’s earbud solution.

Still, it looks like Sony isn’t packing in much to make sure it hits that $400 price tag. In fact, IGN reports that Sony was going to include the new PlayStation Eye with every PS4 sold at first, but decided against it to make sure it could undercut Microsoft at E3.

[h/t: TheGrimOfDeath via Reddit]

  • swivvvi

    While most of my gaming over the past 6 years has been on the 360, I own the PS3 and still have my PS2. I got the Kinect when it came out and was enthralled with the technology, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly and other than using it for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012, it did not get used and I recently sold it. Any added functionality that the Kinect 2.0 or PS4 Eye Camera is supposed to provide to gaming, I think could be accomplished by other means (a quality headset that allows you to issue voice commands is just one idea). I hope that the new touch pad on the PS4 controller will be utilized by developers to add new experiences. Until I see a good valid reason to get the camera peripheral, I am glad that Sony has provided the option of adding it. While the Microsoft argument is that if EVERYONE has is, the developers will be forced to utilize it, most of the best games are still going to be controller focused. I hope both companies have a success with their next-gen consoles, but for me, I will be getting the PS4 – lower price, more powerful, more focused on gaming and doesn’t require a device that not everyone wants.