This Is How It Feels To Wear Google Glass

    February 20, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Aside from the folks at Google and a few lucky developers, none of us have had the chance to wear Glass yet. We, the consumers, still don’t know how Glass is going to impact our lives, but a recent video from Google gives us a small idea.

In a new video simply titled, “How It Feels [through Glass],” Google shares a point of view walkthrough of how Glass will work in everyday scenarios. Check it out:

Now, I don’t think all of us will be doing anything quite as extreme as skydiving or performing barrel rolls in an air plane. What it illustrates, however, is how Glass will greatly impact sharing of information from one person to the next. A pilot can wear Glass, take off in a plane, and then have students watching a live feed from Glass on the ground. They get first hand experience in piloting a plane without having to be on board the vehicle.

Of course, Google’s views on how people will use Glass are a bit optimistic. We all know that the majority of Glass users will be using the technology to share inane statuses and irreverent jokes.

  • http://www.philippineswebdesign.com Steve

    I gotta get me a pair! These look great! But keeping the lens clean would be difficult i think.

  • Seb

    I’m gonna wait until Google contact lens

  • JD

    Very cool. I think the video tries to point out that you can use google when you normally would be too busy to even use a phone. I wonder how long it will take to go from geek sheek to every day cool.

  • http://asaprental.com Brian

    What am I missing here? This is old stuff. A search of Google videos for Russian meteor returns more than 93 million hits. Many small video cameras are out there already. Ski goggles with high def cameras are available under $400. We will be able to see a lot of good or not so good video soon. Will the next big thing be a way to sort the good from the bad or will we just quit watching?