Theron Shaved Head Has Twitter Abuzz

By: Amanda Crum - November 19, 2012

Charlize Theron has been widely regarded as a blonde bombshell since she first appeared on American movie screens way back in the mid-’90s; since then, she’s undergone dramatic transformations to mask her lovely face (“Monster”) and hasn’t shied away from changing her look up for a role, but her latest hairstyle has people talking.

Theron buzzed her hair off for her role in the upcoming film “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and the short brown ‘do is all Twitter can talk about today after she was spotted in Capetown, South Africa over the weekend. The 37-year old is back in her home country to film scenes for the action movie, due out next year.


Amanda Crum

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  • http://yahoo Steeny Banks

    She can shave what ever.

  • Phil McKann

    I’d totally nail that dude.

  • tessa

    I think Charlize is beautiful with or without her make-up. she does not need make as it only enhances her appearance but it does not make her

  • j ord

    Still a beautiful human being and the most quality act in Hollywood!But to be honest I can’t wait till she’s done making this damn movie a gets her long hair back!

  • fred whitley


  • cafenitro

    looks more manly than Bieber.

  • AHW

    The author needs to learn the difference between shaved and buzzed. Shaved = bald. Theron should sue over the poor quality of that photo. There are weird shadows on the faces.