The Yahoo Mail Woes Only Continue

    December 15, 2013
    Chris Crum
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People are becoming increasingly frustrated with Yahoo Mail, and it’s no longer simply about the recent redesigns it has forced on users. Now, it’s experiencing actual service disruptions, and lengthy ones at that.

Have you experienced any issues with Yahoo Mail? Let us know in the comments.

The latest round of problems have been going on since at least Monday, and only on Wednesday did the company address them in a blog post. Jeffrey Bonforte, SVP of Communication Products, writes:

We are very sorry for recent difficulties with Yahoo Mail.

Some of our users have not been able to access their mail since 10:27 PM PT on Monday night, due to a hardware problem in one of our mail data centers. The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected.

We have dozens of people working around the clock to bring it to a resolution. We believe our current efforts will restore our users’ access to their inboxes by 3 pm PT today. We’ll post again then on our @YahooMail Twitter handle.

That Twitter account has indeed been busy:

By 8PM Eastern on Wednesday, Yahoo said that “most” affected users would be abel to access their Yahoo Mail accounts, login to them and send and receive messages as it continued to restore access for the rest of affected users. The company warned, however, that users’ most recent messages may not appear in the inbox, but they were starting to deliver emails that were sent during the outage. While saying it would work as fast as possible, the company acknowledged that it could take a while.

The company issued another update at 2:15AM Eastern saying they restored POP mail access, but were still working on restoring IMAP.

“The affected servers have been up and running for over six hours and we’ve already delivered over 30% of messages sent during the outage,” the company said.”We expect all emails to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.”

It went on to say that some users may still have trouble accessing their accounts. That was the last updated as of the time of this writing.

Downtimes happen to even the best of services from time to time, but Monday night to late Thursday morning is a long time, especially for a service that is so critical to so many people and businesses.

All Things D’s Kara Swisher, who is a frequent reporter of Yahoo news and memo leaks, seems appalled by the lack of communication from Yahoo and its PR team surrounding issues with Yahoo Mail.

Noting that some reports indicate that outages have been occurring for “many days,” and that complaints have been mounting for weeks, she writes, “What is consistent are two things: Outages have been occurring regularly and Yahoo has been woefully negligent in informing its users about the problems. They have also declined to return emails inquiring about the issue and others related to Yahoo Mail from this site for weeks, in perhaps the most astonishing display of PR incompetence I have experienced in a very long time. Heretofore excellent communications staffers I have worked with in the past have seemingly been rendered mute.”

It’s pretty incredible given the beating Yahoo Mail has taken in the media, and more so in comments sections where users frequently voice their outrage.

Swisher also shares an additional interesting nugget that users are sure to love. Jeff Bonforte, who is running Yahoo Mail had some interesting words in a recent company meeting. Swisher reports that he “made a joke that many in attendance did not find funny at all”:

While acknowledging customer complaints and dissatisfaction, he added that Yahoo would need to “kick the users hard” in a certain body part to get them to leave Yahoo Mail, according to numerous people there.

It doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about losing users, but that was before this week’s mass downtime that has drawn so much attention. For people, and especially those with businesses to run, not having access to email is a pretty big kick in the something.

This also comes after Swisher exposed an email from Bonforte and Yahoo CIO Randy Roumillat, which revealed that even Yahoo employees have been reluctant to use Yahoo Mail.

Regardless of how long it takes Yahoo to clean up the current outage mess, one can only wonder how much damage it has caused in terms of product loyalty.

Update: From the Yahoo Mail Status page:

Update 12/12/13 – 12:00 pm PST
Here’s our latest update: We can confirm that 97% of affected users have access to their Mail accounts on web, POP and the Yahoo Mail iOS, Android and Windows 8 apps. For these users, we have delivered 80% of their queued messages that were sent from 10:27 PM PT on 12/9 until now.

We’re aware that some users are still having trouble accessing their accounts. We’re working tirelessly to restore access to their accounts.

We would like to clarify that for users impacted by this outage, their Yahoo Mail was working normally from 11/25-12/9. We’re still working on restoring messages that were delivered during this time.

We’re slowly ramping up IMAP access to ensure stability and maintain current users’ access.

Is this going to cost Yahoo some users? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Mike

    Cannot open attachments to Yahoo mail. If forwarded to G-mail, attachments are accessible.

  • Pam Doyle

    Haven’t been able to get email since Mon.

  • Joyce

    This is do disturbing as there are important documents in there that I cannot access.

  • Michael

    I haven’t been able to access me email for almost 3 days! Why hasn’t this been fixed?!

  • carolcreghan

    I have been having problems, I cannot get into my mail.

  • Larry

    been without e-mail since Monday and last promise of 4:30 et today was not met, one only wonders how good the 6:30 et target is??? Why can’t they come clean with “can make” time!!

    • Russ

      No yahoo mail since late Monday evening! No informative explanation for the downtime was offered by yahoo and customer service will not answer calls, even after a 30 minute wait–unpardonable! No more redesigns and “upgrades” please. I have added gmail.

      • dineaudio

        Good luck with G-mail, too. This is all crap. We should go back to our Internet provider’s mail and keep this one just for when it actually works and for spam. That’s what I’ve been using it for for more than a decade, actually. All cloud services should be used ust for fun as they are not secure. It won’t work in a million years. Forget cloud services for serious usage if you want to keep yourself sane.

  • Mimi

    I have not been able to access my email since Monday. When I called Yahoo for assistance “the problem is beyond complicated” and they were not able to tell me when they will be able to resolve the server issue. Due to their unreliable service, I finally created a gmail account.

    • dineaudio

      Good luck with G-mail, too. I wouldn’t rely on any cloud e-mail providers. It’s too easy to crack them.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob Reamon

    Well, it’s well past 3pm and still no Yahoo email. Losing money, time and patience. May be time to jump ship for a more reliable provider.

    • dineaudio

      The most reliable e-mail provider is your ISP. Keep to your ISP’s e-mail. All this is just a globalist BS that will never work. Hacking it is just too easy.

  • http://yahoomail jessica

    I have been waiting for yahoo mail to be up and running for two days now. I am missing important information and there is no way for me to let people know that Im not just ignoring them. Im very frustrated and hope that Yahoo can get this back up and running A.S.A.P.

  • christopher smith

    I’ve been waiting to access my email since Monday with out success. I’m now going to look into changing to gmail. I’m very disappointed in the lack of communication.

    • dineaudio

      Good luck with G-mail, too. It’ll get hacked, too.

  • Lisa

    My e-mail has been down since at least Monday and it’s now nearly 4pm on Wed. Still no Yahoo e-mail service! I’ve sat on hold for over half an hour trying to contact them and keep getting disconnected. Their “help” desk is non-existent as you can only choose from pull down items for questions. There is no place whatsoever so contact Yahoo directly about this problem! My husband (in our same house) can get on with no problems but I can’t check my kids’ school e-mails for 3 days now! This is ridiculous!

  • Meg

    No mail since Monday :(

  • LiarWatch

    The NSA has easier access to our Yahoo! mail, than Yahoo! Users do! What is a better alternative to these government agency controlled company sell outs?

    • dineaudio

      The alternative is a good classic e-mail that your Internet Service Provider provides you with! Hackers can crack only one service at the time… and if there are hundreds of e-mail services spread around the globe… you get the picture. One or two global e-mail providers will never work no matter who they employ to maintain it.

  • LiarWatch

    The NSA has easier access to our Yahoo! than Users do. What is a better alternative to these government-agency controlled sell-out companies?

    • dineaudio

      The alternative is a good classic e-mail that your Internet Service
      Provider provides you with! Hackers can crack only one service at the
      time… and if there are hundreds of e-mail services spread around the
      globe… you get the picture. One or two global e-mail providers will
      never work no matter who they employ to maintain it.

  • Guy

    Goodbye yahoo! Hello gmail, I spent 2 hours today changing all of my business and personal accounts over to gmail. I urge everyone else to do the same, this is beyond incompetence!

    • dineaudio

      Good luck! Read my previous posts.

  • http://yahoo.comemailwoes Teresas

    I’ve not had email for three days now. Yahoo has not bothered to be more informative and their 1-800 number on the website does not work. You call and get an answering machine saying your call will be taken in the order it was received and after 3 minutes it disconnects to a busy signal. It happened to me all 4 times I tried calling.

  • http://yahoomail Jennifer

    I just got my yahoo mail back after it was down for just about 48 hours. Problem is the most recent mail is dated November 30th – where is my December mail???????? Very frustrated.

  • Joe

    My mail is finally back up after 2 days and I am missing from November 25th to December 11th =(about 3 weeks of mail gone) and I am (was) a paid email user. Well I am gone. Over to Outlook.com 4 me.

  • Marie

    Just got access….but most recent inbox email is from 11/29??? Where did my emails from 11/29-today go?? Sigh….

    • dineaudio

      That’s called “punishment for trusting a corporation to handle your e-mails”.

  • Susan

    I will be leaving Yahoo for email, and website hosting. This is totally unprofessional and we cannot operate a business like this and We PAY for our email with YAHOO- it is not FREE.

    • dineaudio

      That’s called “punishment for trusting a corporation to handle your e-mails”. tada

  • Robert M

    I have not been able to receive mail since Monday. I have customers who are trying to reach me. When will this be resolved?

    • dineaudio

      Never. You need to resolve it yourself. Huh?! 8-/

  • http://yahoomail henry

    I hate the new email set up! way screw up a good thing? it is not simple to use in any way. put it back the way it was.

  • karen

    I have been without email since Monday night. As soon as I can get back in and get my contacts, I am switching email providers. This is my business email and I have been extremely inconvenienced by this mess.

  • Coleen

    I am one of the users who has not been able to access their yahoo mail since Monday evening. It is now 12:56 AM on Thursday and still no access. What is mist frustrating is that there is no way to report that I am effected other than to tweet or post on FB. that is extremely unprofessional. I’ve had my email for over 10 years and would hate to have to change it. I will though if the problem us not resolved soon.

  • Kaym

    Still not able to access yahoo mail. Nearly 72 hrs now. They need to really hurry and fix this. FAIL!!!

  • Janell

    It’s been 3 damn days since I have no access to my email. What is the problem? It doesn’t make sense. I try calling and no one is taking calls. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Marit

    My email has been down since last Monday and can not find any news from Yahoo on when it will be fixed nor do I know who to contact to get more info.

  • Christine

    I have not been able to access my email since Monday night. I attempted to reset my email only phone and now lost all of my calendar appointments. I have been missing appointments and deadlines. This long delay of in accessibility is frustrating and really unacceptable. I would expect that yahoo would have planned better and should now be a bing to have an extensive support team to assist customers with retrieving all information. This has gone on way too long!

  • http://www.webpronewa.com Archie

    My email has been down since last Monday. I have made Yahoo my main account for over 15 years. I know it will take some time but I may start using my gmail account if this is not fixed soon.

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk Alex M.

    This kind of reminds me of the nightmarish (in a First World Problem kind of way) problems with Outlook when it first launched. Everyone was raging at it on Twitter etc. I use Gmail, although I used Yahoo mail a decade ago. No complaints – it’s all free.

  • Donna

    I have been without email for too many days. PLEASE get this fixed!

  • http://Gigieatscelebrities.com GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I cannot even LOG IN TO MY YAHOO! Email anymore & yahoo! Is my primary email service! I’m very mad! I have to do everything through my phone which is a complete nightmare! I wish there were a good email service out there, I’m not a gmail fan either!if someone has a solution for me, I’d be so appreciative!

  • Mike

    Yes I’ve had problems, with browser based and with IMAP to Outlook which froze it for a week so I had to remove the Yahoo connection to read my other accounts.

    Software always has issues, but here’s what will make me have doubts about Yahoo.

    1) Fine, try new interfaces, new well-meaning ideas, but knowing there will be issues, GIVE ME A CHOICE like you used to. Let me go back to the “classic/old” version until you work things out. Yahoo used to do this but now they force their stuff on me.

    2) There are some serious UI issues that clearly show they didn’t exactly use focus groups. Am I the only one the hits the search icon instead of the garbage can (or the sender to open that email) and end up with a results page and extra clicks to do what I really wanted to do? I know someone thinks its a great UI idea, and it might be for some people, but that’s why UI’s are customizable in most apps. Even Microsoft doesn’t shove one-size-fits-all down my throat. Good UI doesn’t but an element I use once in a while in the same place as something I do almost every time.

    3) It’s email. Less is better when it comes to the UI/features. Don’t try to over compensate to grab market share and in the process give me a complicated piece of software that freezes and performs poorly thus slowing me down.

    4) Don’t beta test on me unless I ask you too. Yahoo has been beta testing on me for awhile now with this.

  • http://www.pickmydecor.com Rita Perdue

    Unfortunately, can no longer (won’t) use Yahoo mail due to their having major security issues. Several email accounts (family and friends) have all been ‘hacked’ and emails were sent out to everyone in the address book as if it was from us taking readers to a spammy site (as a phishing scheme).

  • George

    Hmmm – where to start?
    1. LINKS in Emails not working!
    2. Cannot access account periodically!
    3. Locket out of account a few times!
    4. Talk about SLOW – I have better things to do!
    5. Browser freezing!
    6. Emails not getting through!
    7. Starting to migrate to GMAIL!
    8. Next time give people the option to change; just like moving from XP to the new Windows Platform …. OPTIONAL!

  • Kristine

    Emails not going to my Iphone5 now since Monday am.
    Lastnight I was able to access email from a computer but still nothing to phone.

    I only hope no emails will be lost like I’ve heard by others because I have important documents, expenses and essential emails for court. Yeah yeah, “lesson learned” to back-up my stuff but never had issues over many, many years with my yahoo account!

  • Johnny M

    Yahoo Mail! is the worst excuse for email on the planet. I’ve been on since 1999 and it is more screwed up now than ever. Will somebody please wake them up and stop all this crap from rolling out? All I ask is an email system that works that I can rely on and edit easily and professionally. In all aspect, Yahoo Mail is the worst compare to everyone else. It just plain sucks!

  • Alex Jefferson

    My yahoo mail takes forever to load< this never happened before you decided to re-invent the site. I have used you for close to 20 years and would like to see this fixed. Yahoooooo

  • Sarah

    I was down and out on November 26 for 3 days. No business or personal email for 2 and I could get to my Inbox on the 3rd day through my iPhone. It would have been okay, if I didn’t have my inbox filtered to shoot Customer Contact Messages into a sub folder. It was maddening. I feel for the folks suffering now – I’ve been with yahoo since 1999, it would be tough to leave….

  • http://www.genycis.com Genycis Beats

    I am really disappointed with Yahoo as of late and I have been a member of their email services for several years now. The latest modifications and changes really F***ed Yahoo up to put it bluntly, because prior to this latest change, I was content with them.

    The lack of multiple tabs is the biggest issue I have and still have with them, along with the task bar at the BOTTOM??? of the email, attachments loading at the bottom of an email chain to where you have to scroll all the way down just to see the attachments, and so on and so on.

    I started my yahoo account for my hip hop instrumentals business, and up until now, I’ve had no problems… but it’s almost like they’re catching up for the years of better email service and completely flushing it down the toilet. They ask for feedback but don’t seem to give a s*** about it because nothing has changed other than CONSTANT “Technical Difficulties” and email shut downs, causing customers I have to wonder where their orders may be.

    They really need to do a RESTORE and go back to what everything was prior to this new flashy change with no tabs, glitzy picture backgrounds, and so on.

    I agree with George’s post, where to begin is right! I think they will lost a lot more people than they think if they don’t get it together and change it up soon.

    Too bad we can’t get a massive petition going on and boycott the email boxes altogether until they change their act and this “I don’t give a sh**” attitude. It’s really starting to get to me, and I’m a VERY patient person overall.


  • Kelly Lynn

    One of my Yahoo Emails associated with their business web-hosting was down for over 24 hours…. I am very mad at Yahoo right now!!!!!

  • Kelly Lynn

    PS… Yahoo Mail needs to return to its Format of 7-8 years ago, much more user friendly back then than the last 2 reviews, but google mail in not much better to tell you the truth.

    • http://www.genycis.com Genycis Beats

      I agree with you Kelly, but even if they change it back to the last format or so with the tabs and taskbar at the top, I would at least welcome that change. And yes, GMail isn’t great at all either, or AOL for that matter sadly as they’ve changed too and their search email function is horrible to say the least now. I loved Yahoo’s previous setup for that same reason, but they then went ahead and tried to emulate Gmail for whatever reason, and totally bombed it. I really hope they consider going to a more user friendly method… and the multiple tabs is a MUST!

  • http://www.personallogs.com Mike

    When I select emails to move to another folder I get a message saying the page has to close! It automatically re-opens but the selected emails have not been moved. Frustrating!

    I would change emails in a flash, but am not sure which one to use, and updating our long-standing email address would be a real pain.

    The sad thing is, Yahoo knows this. If it was easy to change email addresses millions of people would leave…

  • http://emanatepr.com/ Tom Francoeur

    I’ve been a Yahoo user for as long as I can remember. I’m usually fine with software updates and changes,but I’m ready to drop Yahoo now. Service has been disrupted and it’s hard to navigate my inbox and sent messages.

  • Kent

    I have pages!

    Spell check does not work.

    When going from email to files both screens are visable. Screen with in a screen.
    Cannot increase the size of the font.
    Sometimes it attaches a file–sometimes not
    Screen locks up for 15 to 30 seconds when attempting to forward a message.
    When forwarding email and adding comments the screen moves up and down constantly.
    Tried to go back to basic—No No No!
    I am going to move to Gmail if this does not get addressed soon!!!

    While typing this my curser disappers for 15 to 30 seconds!!

  • elklaw

    Where do I start? I was hacked and lost everything. Business contacts are calling me about the spam sent by the hackers saying I was stranded in the Phillipines and to send money. I was not there. Then all my files were lost and most were restored but am still rebuilding my address book. Then I cannot have multiple emails open anymore and can only see just one which is a productivity issue. Not to mention, I used classic and the old classic was cool but their new classic is more like late 1990s retro. If I had not been a yahooer for 15 years, I would have left them. It is too hard to leave with that kinda history. But if you are a new user, I suggest using someone else’s email services. And Yahoo needs to learn that people know the difference between change and change for the good. Their change is not necessarily better or good. They should have let people keep their old accounts and not forced the changes on us. The older accounts were better than what they call new as it is worse. If they are just gonna be cheap, just announce that. But stop trying to make it like they are improving something they keep making worse.

  • TW

    I will be switching totally to Gmail. I have been a yahoo subscriber for years, but they really messed up their email with this new Yahoo!
    I email a lot each day and they constantly make me enter psuedo codes before I can even email a list member back and then they cut me off if i send very many and tell me it is because of suspicious activity

  • Kent

    Sometimes I can access my email sometimes No NO
    I have not found anything good in the new system.
    Emailed Yahoo 8 times for help
    Sat on hold 4 times–around 1 hour they just disconnect you.

    Why would you continue with this company

    I am currently changing to Gmail.

    What a mess!

  • http://vkool.com/local-mobile-marketing-with-mobile-monopoly/ Tony Nguyen

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  • http://docgautham.com Dr. Gauthamadas

    My Yahoo Business mail sucks. I have repeatedly complained to the Yahoo team to no avail. I am unable to search my mail in any useful way. the mail client hangs from time to time and has to be refreshed. At times Most of the time I am unable to go back to the inbox from a mail I have opened, and have to refresh. At times when I try to open a mail I get only a blank page. Clicking on the back button of the browser after opening a mail take me out of yahoo to the sign in page. At times I am unable to send a mail and have to refresh the browser. OOOOOH BOY!!!

  • Eva

    I’ve been getting intermittent service interruptions for days on my yahoo mail. When I go to log in, I get a temporary error message from yahoo, sometimes I can relog in quickly but sometimes the error persists. If this was my main business email, I would not be happy!

  • Roger Bredow

    I pay 19.99 a year so I can get my Yahoo mail to download to my mail program locally. It hasn’t worked for a week. Are they gonna refund our money because it won’t work??

    • http://www.socialpoliticalnow.com Campaign Manager

      No. She needs your money to hire Katie Couric.

  • http://www.pinkmail.org Pinkmail

    Yahoo mail not only has a lot of problems they don’t represent a cause nor does Gmail…. so if your going to use a FREE email system then checkout Pinkmail it helps save lives with each email you send by BRINGING AWARENESS TO BREAST CANCER…yahoo and gmail mail does nothing close to pinkmail and pinkmail is FREE to use as well…. they also have a Auction for Breast Cancer so why not help save lives while emailing your family ,friends and business associates thur pinkmail and forget all those yahoo mail and gmail problems……..TELL EVERYONE ABOUT PINKMAIL…. ORG FREE EMAIL SYSTEM

  • Julius

    Yeap, lots of problems, hope they fix it.

  • http://www.backwaterstudio.com Kathleen Johnson

    1. Been a Yahoo User since the onset
    2. This past week:
    Declined emails
    Problems sending
    Problems accessing
    Intermittent service
    Customers advising that emails have been “returned” (accessing me on Facebook)

    Very bumpy ride this week

  • http://www.socialpoliticalnow.com Campaign Manager

    There was a lengthy Yahoo Mail outage for a couple of days last week.

    The inbox would load, then a screen – looking almost like a modal page – covered it up. text saying there was/is Technical Difficulties.

    Being a Mac person, I tried something alien to us: I searched for any Yahoo cookies, and deleted them.

    Then mail worked.

  • toddgandee

    Yep – they are kicking us hard! The upgrade Yahoo pushed on us was actually a downgrade. My mail has been inaccessible for three days and still is now at 12:30 on Thursday. I have a Gmail account which I do not like but all my contacts are in the yahoo mail. I am currently browsing other email providers and looking to switch.

  • Liz

    Absolutely unacceptable. I run my business from home, and have had no access to email since Monday night. It is now Thursday afternoon. I am switching my account.

  • http://www.wheresthedrama.com Billy Marshall Stoneking

    the whole Yahoo mail experience has become such a lousy experience I am seriously considering changing all my yahoo mail accounts – the entire re-design is a failure. It’s less user friendly and the outages have been frustrating and bad for my business.

  • jim

    its back down had it up all day 2pm est back down this sucks

  • Picasso

    After 15 years more of using Yahoo, I cannot rely on it anymore. the lack of communication, the new interface (the worst thing in years) and the regular downtime forced me to leave to a competitor. My email is a full part of my business. If yahoo does not care abotu its customers, why should I care about Yahoo. Good bye Yahoo.

  • http://www.ecomade-products.net46.net Solomon Gross

    I have not been able to see any images in my email for about a week.

  • http://www.loriswebs.com Lorel

    I’ve been frustrated with Yahoo mail since their last redesign because everything is changed and no instructions on how to sort by subject unless you search online for it and I have to redo the sort every time I login instead of being able to set this as the default. The program keeps hanging up and I often have to delete emails twice. Plus the times I couldn’t get on the site on the 9th/10th.

  • steve lowen

    Constant problems with Yahoo over the past year.
    One vexing issue is the inability to ‘Reply’ to an email.
    Invariably, my return messages do not transmit.

  • G Snyder

    While Yahoo says it has “caught up to speed,” it fails to mention that ALL my mail from November 28-December 11 is missing–not just Dec. 9-11. Where is my mail?

  • http://www.thesunglassfix.com Lainie

    Yahoo mail is so slow and the redesigns aren’t even very good. I’m moving to Thunderbird it’s much better.

  • http://Www.bestcarhire.com Malcolm McNeill

    In the UK Sky.com moved to Yahoo Mail within the past year. Many problems ensued, including not working with Chrome, and Jeez those annoying adverts.

  • Rose

    After 2 days of no email was able to access it this morning for only 1 hr. It then asked me to change my password I did. Now I don’t have access again. This is crazy. I was trying to forward most of my important emails elsewhere but could not get to all of them. Not a happy yahoo user.

  • rb

    Unfortunately. AT&T insists on using yahoo for their subscriber accounts and my business is trying to limp along on this inept excuse for “service”. We have been struggling with issues for months and the tech support is useless. We never know if we will get our email on any particular day or not. We depend on email to make our business go but I fear the guy who said they would have to kick us somewhere personal before we leave is all to true with the decision makers in our company that refuse to tell AT&T to shape up and provide a real mail service or we will go elsewhere. As long as people accept mediocrity it will gladly be provided by those companies who are too big to care.

  • George L.

    How big is the golden parachute Marissa Mayer going to receive when she’s defenestrated?


    Other guesses?

  • David Banks

    Hello. The problems you are having in not allowing me to access my mail by outlook, when I use the web it keeps telling me it has problems and you then compound the problem by not letting me know what is going on – I dont use social media like twitter nor do I tweet. How am I to know waht is going on

  • Bvssunnydale

    I’ve been trying SO hard not to give up on Yahoo! email but it’s getting harder and harder. Worked great earlier today, can’t access email now, no error, no message at all, just a blank screen where emails should be opening. Incredibly frustrating when a GOOD day for Yahoo! mail means that you can only access mail for half the day. I don’t know whose at fault (as opposed to who they’ll blame) but whoever is actually at fault should be kicked out the door, this is genuinely terrible.

  • Brian L. Donat

    I am a software professional and have observed many problems with Yahoo going back over eight years now. I had back then felt that I would never work for Yahoo as my reputation is important and to work for a company that exhibits such poor development standards, poor project management and poor release strategies, I felt, would be harmful to my career. I’ve seen Yahoo’s web-sites and e-mail exhibit what can only be concluded to be development going on actively on a live site. Normally, a good development team would develop on a dev server, have it tested on testing server and than go through a formal release. It has been obvious that Yahoo does not do this.
    But given that companies like Yahoo have saved so much money by hiring foreigner and likely, relying on outsourcing of work, it’s no wonder. I figure there is no doubt that many of Infosys’ illegal S1B Visa contractors have found a home at Yahoo.
    Yahoo deserves the consequences of their lack of fore-sight. Clearly, it is not going to save them anything in the long run. The proof of that is evident.

    • Brian L. Donat

      Question of the day: Did the Obama administration allow their Obama-care contractor to outsource and bring in illegal S1B Visa holders from Infosys and other Indian companies? It would certainly explain the Obama-Care disaster.

  • http://namebranddealz.blujay.com/ pinkSugar

    And I thought it was just Me! I constantly have to ‘refresh’ the page while in Yahoo Mail. It times out on me all the time. Then I get the unexpected error message, Try back later. So annoying. It is just since this new ‘look’ to their email. I want my old email back. The new Yahoo email is frustrating at best.

  • http://Yahoo Israel Abraham

    When, if ever, will these IDIOTS learn to leave well enough ALONE and
    if they do not like the old format,change theirs and not mine.

  • http://photo-journ.com/ John L

    Here’s a kick in the gonads for Jeff Bonforte then. I’ve already closed my Yahoo mail accounts.

    The decision was made after Bonforte and his design clowns rolled out the new mail interface with no forwarning or ability to opt out about two months ago.

    Another example of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” and an example of the arrogance of Yahoo reflected in the statement attributed to Bonforte in the story above.

    My message to Bonforte: kiss my hairy arse.

  • http://www.sumtotalmarketing.com Joe L

    My Problems in order of importance.

    1) They block forwarding unless you buy premium. Because of this and the fact that everyone I’ve known for years has this email address for me I can’t even opt out without losing contact with many people I know but only communicate with infrequently.
    2) The new user interface is more difficult to use than any email software I’ve ever used.
    3) When I have it up in a tab everything else seems to be affected.
    4) There seems to be more ad space in email than email space.
    5) They don’t seem to care what the user experience is. If they want ad revenue from people using email they should at least try to make it usable.

    At some point I will give up and lose all these old contacts because that will be a better option than using them for email. I am almost at that point now. If they allowed us to use the old user interface and forward email I would keep the service and check it periodically to clean it up. The way it is I am on the verge of just suffering whatever losses I will experience and dump them.

    I have 12 other email accounts. I don’t really need them any more. I feel like a hostage. Is this really a way to build trust and use? I see them losing more and more users until they disappear. I try to avoid using Yahoo for almost anything else now out of spite.

  • Todd

    Too many issues to list them all but I’ll give one example, when I click on the folders link my extra folders come up overlapping the other links, wtf? Maybe the people who designed this are the same ones who designed the government healthcare site.

  • http://yahoo ed oley

    I have not been able to log in for over 24 hrs. Do others still have this issue?

  • Cliff Newman

    Yes problems and I absolutely hate the new reply and forward system to the point if I want to answer or reply to a yahoo eMail I forward it to one of my gmail accounts to reply to it.

  • http://facezoom.waplux.com Rameshnayak

    Hai Frnds

  • Eamonn

    Mine went down for three days in October after the redesign. It took even longer to return to full functionality. I happened to have a contact in Yahoo that was able to escalate my case, which is lucky because the tech support form on Yahoo was giving me a 404 error when I tried to submit, and their telephone hotline was keeping me on hold for twenty minutes before disconnecting me. I was able to eventually get in and set up an auto reply telling everyone I’d defected to icloud.

  • Julie

    The communication between my IOS Mail and yahoo is not good. I haven’t been able to send from the program since the 10th. However, I can send from webmail. Grr.

  • Purrfect Storm

    Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve had problems with Yahoo! mail! If I didn’t have it all so organized into alphabetical folders and all, I’d probably give up on it and just use Gmail. GRRRRR!!!

  • George Williams

    The entire design team and all those involved in any decision making of Yahoo mail and sports should be fired for their absolutely horrid redesign. The use of a dark background and questionable font is reminiscent of the early days of the Internet – and that’s not a compliment.

    With regard to Yahoo mail, the doing away with the ability to sort by name, date, etc. was bad enough, no multiple tabs – hated to see them go. But add to that unreliability and it’s hello Microsoft Outlook.

  • http://www.cjhmultisourcing.eu Clive

    I have used Yahoo mail for around 10 years it is my 3rd tier account for registrations.

    Whilst I do not like the new look I have so far had no outages in recent weeks.

  • Jim

    My Yahoo email and text is down on my smart phone but works on my desk top.

  • https://www.facebook.com/techiediva rmpbklyn

    My wishlist, to bring back:
    1- +/add button for contact from an ‘incoming email. I used to have a green plus icon next to name and was able to add contact.

    2- on hover over, was able to add any email address that was in the email, eg, those in the FW headers and any text that looked like an email.

    3- type ahead to insert an email, I used to be able to type eg jan and that would bring janedoe@hermail.com . the less the windows/pop ups the better. I had the flexibility to type their name or email.

    4-calendar and other links used to be displayed as tabs. now I have to have separate link to type or retrieve from my bookmarks

    5-pictures in email, previews. Once had the ability see the images in full size, without downloading. Also without the aggravation of a uncompressing a zip file.

    6-There used to be useful, mails from contacts, that was , WAS perfect. At least I was able to see my friends and families first before any other email

    7-previously was able to sort by size, that helped in cleaning up my email. also allowed for me to find emails with attachments eg photos vs word docs.

    8- multiple select emails to move, where ‘select all’ is pointless if there are hundreds now that there are ‘no pages’, but want to select begin and end to select

    when delete a message, it should disapper from the folder, it’s distracting and I lose my place when I reviewing email. The only way I can get them out of view is to clean the trash, but I had to ‘leave the folder’ I was viewing and lose my spot.

    the main ‘side bar’ should not collapse and turn to icon view when viewing folder list.

  • Cindi Davis

    After 4 days with no email, I now have service again…only they lost 14 years worth of saved mail. I had stored login information, tracking and shipping info for Christmas…..you name it… All gone. I have always been loyal to Yahoo, even with the hated changes, but as an IT student I think data loss is pretty much unacceptable, considering the means we have to prevent it. I’m very sad that this has happened.

  • Jay

    12/13/2013. 0900 hours. Still have no access through i devices. Also pay the 19.99 for premium service that doesnt exist. Heads need to roll for taking a first rate product and reducing it to a third world product.

  • Herb

    When the email is downloaded it is not deleted from the server. That has happened to me many times. One day just for fun I did not empty my deleted items folder. When I did get tired of that game I had over 5,000 or the same messages. I found that the only way was to go to yahoo and delete each message. Some of yahoo groups have also been hacked into by porn artists. When you try to stop receiving their smut it just keeps coming because they have harvested all the email addresses. Its also impossible to stop because they send email from a different email all the time.

  • Richard Thomas

    Yahoo fixing e-mail problems is the same as PUTTING PERFUME ON SHIT.

  • Richard Thomas

    Yahoo fixing e-mail problems is like PUTTING PERFUME ON S-IT.

  • T

    On a regular computer,I can get on my email page but my actual emails will not come up. I have tried to look for answers, I tried to refresh, log in and out, but nothing will work. It has been almost a week. But on my cell phone it will come up.It is so frustrating because it is much easier to do things in your email on a regular size instead of a small phone. And I can not find a customer service number or anything!! Very frustrating!!!!

  • Skip Morgan

    Since Tuesday my yahoo e-mail account has not been available to Microsoft Outlook. I can only access through web-based e-mail.

  • Barbara

    Yahoo mail has increasingly cause problems. They really need to go back to the previous format. With increasing frequency it will not open emails or delete the ones marked. Yahoo better step up to the plate and fix their problems or they will lose customers. I really am considering moving my account to another provider.

  • Leslie Ament

    Tried to cancel my email account several times but they keep billing me. When I get an agent on the phone, they say they can’t do anything since I’m not in their coverage area. Total rip off.

  • John C

    Yahoo mail is so slow and clunky now that it is useless. I moved to Outlook.com which is much faster. Even the mail that came with my GoDaddy hosting is much better. I was a premium Yahoo Mail customer and it didn’t help.

  • Barb Sinnett

    Monday thru thursday this week was interesting on the web not only with Yahoo. Today all looks better and sites are looking more stable. I’m a happy camper.

  • Steve

    I think that’s one of the reasons Yahoo has financial trouble. They forgot that it has always been hard to earn people’s trust and very easy to lose it. The fact is it takes seconds to set up an e-mail account with a Yahoo competitor, like gmail, Hotmail, aol, or any other provider. Also, it takes minutes to inform one’s contacts that one’s e-mail address has changed and set up e-mail forwarding to one’s new address. But it will be hard to repair the damage to users’ trust in Yahoo and consequently, to Yahoo’s market share.

  • Monica

    I hate the new version of Yahoo Mail–it’s hard for me to navigate and find features that I am used to. I’ve been using Yahoo Mail successfully for 16 years and always enjoyed it until now. If I were someone who’s looking for a good general-purpose email program, I’d pick something else.

  • Tom

    Mail freezes up every time I open a link in an email

  • grace

    My email was completely down for 3 days, now I can get into mail on my desktop but it is a hit and a miss, I am now getting 2 and 3 of the same email thread, as for my iphone and ipad I cannot get email the response is ‘THE USER NAME OR PASSWORD FOR YAHOO IS INCORRECT’. I did download the yahoo app but dont like it and it is doing the same as my desktop. This has been going on since Monday evening about 7p CST. I sure hope they get this fixed soon.

  • It’s not just me?

    Thought it was just me. This yahoo mail seems like a trip back to the 90’s, except when it doesn’t work at all. #totalfail

  • Rena Davonne

    I have not been able to access my email at my address: rdavonne@yahoo.com since late Sunday afternoon. When I put in my password it is not accepted. Then, to my added frustration, when I put in my first question answer to “What street did I grow up on?” it tells me my answer is WRONG!! My answer is correct! It’s as if my account has been hacked, but I know it hasn’t been. Consequently, I am not receiving important high status email that I have being sent to me about the sale of my business! And to add salt to the wound, NO ONE from Yahoo has contacted me about any of my incident reports or returned my email calls for help! I used to be able to depend on Yahoo, but I am having to resort to gmail now.

  • Beth von Behren

    One problem: When I delete emails, they sometimes reappear. One solution (not related): I figured out how to turn off the conversation mode. It’s under “settings” (hover over the gear icon on the far right side, while inside “mail”). Select “viewing mail” and uncheck “enable conversations.”

  • John

    Yes I’ve noticed service problems and I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the new format. It is hard to tell who is saying what to whom on email trails. I also have service disruptions where email gets locked up and I have to restart it. This happens more on some computers than others.

  • Rhonda

    Yahoo mail has gone down for me DAILY. It’s getting increasingly frustrating, and I’m getting closer to ready to bail. I hate the new format! It’s harder to see the chain in my opinion, and it’s so frustrating to see that I have a new email in my inbox, only to have to go out of the inbox and back in to see it show up. Ridiculous!

  • Rachel burns

    I cannot access my emails since yesterday keeps saying not connected to server and incorrect id and password.
    My broadband connection is working fine and my password and I’d has not changed.
    Can anyone help or explain what’s going on.

  • http://www.patent-tech.com Supranets

    I have a business yahoo account. Their email service has been poor for at least a year. Yes, this week was a very back week. Seems to be worse in the morning.
    Marissa is out of touch. Per today’s Mirror, “Yahoo Mail users unable to access emails for four days, but Yahoo CEO denies problems”
    Time to start using my gmail account.

  • LaMoyne Heyart

    The problem I am having is I keep getting full page pop-ups that I have
    to cancel before I can read an email.

  • Jim Chaffee

    Yahoo mail cannot be opened at all anymore via Internet Explorer or Safari because I do not have the upgrade nor am I allowed to upgrade by Microsoft for reasons unknown. I know have to go through my AOL account, login and then I can read my mail.

  • http://Yahoo Leo Maillet

    I also had no email service for 4 days. The wonderful thought about this was, will I lose anything. The answer is YES, I lost all my folders I had for the past 15 years. All gone, wonderful memories gone, so those companies that have external storage would have made my day. Oh well on to gmail and tranfer what I can, then close out yahoo mail. Like everyone knows, the new yahoo mail is just like gmail only yahoo has squeezed every advertizement in all space availible not like gmail.

  • http://yahoo.com LaMoyne Heyart

    Before I can read an email a large pop-up appears on the screen and I
    have to eliminate it. This happens with each email and is a big problem
    for me

  • Reba

    I thought I hated GMail until Yahoo started messing with their interface and then stopped being reliable on top of that. I don’t care for Google much but Yahoo’s a hot mess.

  • Wayne Hauck

    We are a small company with about 12 users. Our email stopped working Thanksgiving weekend. Luckily, I was able to re-activate our account over Thanksgiving weekend. However, the historic emails are lost and we need to recover. I have been trying to contact Yahoo since Thanksgiving weekend to no avail. I have called a dozen times or so, and this is what happens. A voice recording says your wait time is X minutes and to log onto Yahoo to use the call back feature. Inevitably, after 20 minutes the phone hangs up on you. For some people, they can’t log onto the site because the account has been deactivated. For me, I am able to log in, but the website says the call back feature is no longer available.

    I used the online email as well as regular email about a dozen times over the last two weeks pleading for them to call me, but I have not gotten any response.

    Once I actually called and got through to a person! The support person asked me my phone number in case we got disconnected. I gave him my phone number. Then the phone got disconnected. I was waiting for him to call me back, but he never did.

    Yahoo support is like a black whole. It sucks.

  • JPB

    I always used Yahoo because it seems easier to navigate than gmail. Now errors are always popping up, I have to manually have to mark messages as read, and on and on.. Boo yahoo. They do have cute, motherly messages like “Thanks for cleaning up your spam. You are my hero” Thanks Marissa.

  • Carolyn

    have not been able to download attachments using google, works however through explorer and outlook

  • http://BeckerleLawFirm vivian Beckerle

    I do not use Yahoo for business but I have had several problems with it lately. I do not like the new design. But worse, it continues to freeze and “time out”. If I am not extremely careful, it groups my mail such that I cannot get out of the screen and just have to close it down and start over. I do not like it at all.

  • cortez cate

    ditto on yahoo.mail—at&t yahoo!!!anything AT&T touches will be pre designed for trouble…they are at least among the top corporate cheaters in the U.S. literally THIEVES! speaking of AT&T (actually SBC telecom is the problem) as bad as AT&T was prior to the breakup and then on the recovery and they were/are bad people!!! SBC is and always has been worse.
    My original provider was Pacific Bell and they were the best of all providers mainly because of stricter CAlif. regulations and watchdogs, but the culture of Pacific Bell was good….then comes SBC and they acquire PacBell and get rid of the better administrators and the whole thing has gone downhill since then (nearly 10 years now)…all the while Yahoo has been going that direction too…
    We need to unite and do something about both companies, AT&T and Yahoo!!!

  • Jason

    My Yahoo! Mail is barley functional still since Monday – only native Yahoo! apps are receiving mail. More importantly are a range of missing emails – including ones that had already been read and filed!

  • cortez cate

    I totally dislike both Yahoo and AT&T and I think it is the union of the two that has caused problems…I never had Yahoo problems until AT&T joined with them…AT&T is nothing but a corporate thief!!! with government protection and sanction because of all the taxes they collect!!!
    We need desperately to band together and do something about the problems both service (lack of) and thievery (by AT&T).

  • http://www.TeachU.com Chris Reich

    I have a couple of clients who use Yahoo email to below the radar when working with an outside advisor. For the past three there have been numerous issues from destroyed attachments to vanished replies.

    The service is so unreliable I don’t know why anyone is using it. 2 cans and a string might be a better solution.

  • Dave

    This guy Bonforte should be working for healthcare.org
    My IT guys are looking for me to move on. The redesign is simply pathetic and the outage is unacceptable.

  • Mike

    Why on earth do these guys have to mess with something that actually worked. It seems to be a twitch of some kind that software engineers have and that is to screw with everything until it is broken! Well now they have and everyone is peeved.
    Leave well alone when it is working dummies!

  • Frederick Venner

    Yahoo mail design is a short sighted miscalculated joke abomination of disillusioned innovation.

    No longer is the mail search really functional, but rather a dysfunctional repetitious and time wasting farce.

    The re-designers should be re-assigned to the mail room sorting bottle caps.

  • Sandra Matthews

    The new Yahoo mail sucks. It is so slow. They took away the tabs. You can’t go up and down to messages. The upload and download is awful. Very cumbersome. I’ll click on an email and get some stupid message that the link isn’t available. If it wasn’t the fact that it was for business I would drop them in a heartbeat. Took a good program and made it a nightmare!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t log in on my both e-mail yahoo accounts. This is just ridiculous there are many files and e-mails I really need right now.

  • http://www.earthsongranch.com Jessica

    It has been longer than a weeks time that Yahoo has had issues, computer locking up, can’t delete more then an old email or two at a time.. too many issues to list here, but it is really frustrating, email doesn’t send a lot of times, it times out, then times out again, then you put it in the drafts, and then maybe it will go!


    Nightmare on Yahoo Street! My e-mail will ‘refresh’ and send up 50 to 100 old emails from 2010 to 2012 as though they are new, unread emails.

    To find actual, new email, I have to pick through as many as 100 bogus OLD emails to find new stuff. Totally horrible service. I’ve used them for at least 20 years and have migrated everything new to Outlook and Office365. Very painful having to move addresses and contacts, but its the price to get something useful. I have used their PREMIUM service, but it, too, is complete garbage. Watch Yahoo stock head down into the tropics on value.

  • M.J.

    Jeff Bonforte says that the only way Yahoo Mail customers would leave their service was if Yahoo kicked mail users hard (you know where). Wow, tell us how you really feel about your users.

    Don’t worry Jeff, you won’t have to kick me, I have already abandoned Yahoo’s sinking ship as have hundreds of thousands former users.

    Yahoo’s recent outage is an attempt to “fix” what is irreparably broken. Yahoo’s core product has been turned into rubbish and advertisers would do best to spend their dollars elsewhere, since after getting “kicked hard” we certainly won’t be purchasing any products advertised by Yahoo.

  • W Kennedy

    Everything Yahoo changes gets worse, including its email service. The wonderful “New” Yahoo mail no longer shows the sender’s address in the email itself. To copy the subject, you have to go to Edit in the menu bar, rather than simply right clicking. Recently, the pathetic email client ceased opening attachments in Firefox. Now a days-long outage. Unreal.

    I have used various Yahoo services for years, but this company seems determined to make every single property it has virtually unusable.

  • http://career.com.ng/federal-ministry-of-youth-development-job-recruitment/ Darlington

    yahoo mail is rubbish, i have switch over to gmail…

  • Alan Broviak

    Yahoo Mail is so hell-bent at shoving their ads at everyone – never saw such a blatant desperate attempt to shove something at someone before – that the mail simply won’t load if their stupid ads are blocked by a content filter like Iprism or Websense – AMAZING. YAHOO – I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE your advertisers in this sad state.

  • Jean

    How do I get into my Yahoo Mail ? You have made one big mess with your trying to change things. Shame.

  • Frank

    Starting two weeks ago Yahoo shut down tens if not hundreds of thousands of small business web hosting customers. They have been overwhelmed, can’t answer phones or reply to emails, hours and days and now weeks of non-responsiveness. Check their small business Facebook page for lots of examples, be aware they are deleting users comments quickly.

  • Denise

    Since Monday I can not send or receive messages between yahoo and outlook. I an having a terrible time contacting Yahoo. First email I sent they never responded to, they don’t answer their phone, and I just sent another email request. Not pleased!

  • http://yahoo.com Kathleen Crowe

    I can only see 4 or 5 current emails at a time…I am also being asked if I only want to see a secure website. If Yahoo doesn’t go back to the “original” email, I will be changing to GMAIL!

  • http://www.gaskellguitars.com Gaskell Guitars

    I wish they had not changed anything. Just because UGLY Windows 8 gets released every follow-the-leader company starts making their stuff look like ugly Windows 8. And not only is YAHOO MAIL butt ugly but the features are faulty. I got different messages mixed into one once. Meant I replied to the wrong person. It’s really hard to SIMPLY READ THE LATEST RESPONSE IN A MAIL CONVERSATION. I mean, seriously? That is WHY WE USE EMAIL. Yahoo Mail has lost the plot.

  • Robbin

    Have not been able to use POP in about 10 days. I’ve lost the icon / line on my account settings in order to even look at what I had set up. I use Eudora to pull in my email from various accounts – Yahoo is not working …period…..I hate all these changes and if I wanted Gmail, I’d use Gmail. Why did they have to fix something that was not broken. Time to look at using my comcast and TDS emails instead and switch everything from yahoo. I’m tired of this.

  • http://www.americansteelspan.us M. Davidson

    I don’t have a “free” yahoo mail account …. I pay for it and have for years. It used to be the most dependable mail source out there and I would even have my other email brought into it. As of late … it has been far more than disappointing. The old format wasn’t broke and functioned very well … so I simply don’t understand why they felt a need to redesign it. You can’t even search your mail anymore and that really sucks. Whose working on the Yahoo Mail problems anyway … the designers of the Obamacare Site??? I hate that I am being forced to rethink using Yahoo Mail at all.

  • Sheila C.

    Thank goodness I have a gmail account. Our carrier, Frontier, routes our email through Yahoo. I must say I am very disappointed. We rely on our frontier.com account for everything. It seems to me that a company as large as Yahoo could resolve this issue. Just imagine how many people are in a major bind. Yahoo………..more like Boo Hoo! Shame on you. I will tell anyone wanting to set up an account with you that the service STINKS!

  • cd

    Well they have a new problem, i can log into my account but i am not able to send or receive emails as of 12-14-13, 3 days now!

  • cd

    I meant to say as of 12-12-13, no incoming emails or able to send. Very upset. I hate yahoo

  • cd

    Yahoo reminds me of the nightmare ebay with its constant changes, never fixing anything and never admitting to any problems, AND never fixing anything correct because they outsource techs who have no clue!

  • Amit Goyal

    Is there any update from Yahoo…. when the problem will be solved as I have not been able to log in to yahoo with Outlook since 11th Dec 2013 which is a very long time for any company to resolve the issue…

  • http://www.casketgallery.com David Swim

    Yahoo, ever since they took over ATT webmail, has sucked. ONLY because we had used it regular did we stay with them. I started with them in 1999!
    The send/receive time is awful, the site going down is often, and the spam filters suck. I’m getting as much spam not marked spam in my inbox, as in the spam box.

  • http://whitevanman-removals.com judith sharp

    have not received emails since 11th December in outlook and lost business as a result

  • Amit Goyal

    Task ‘goyalslg@yahoo.co.in – Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC90) : ‘Your incoming (POP3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: -ERR Can not connect to e-mail server. Error:100502 ‘

  • Pickles

    I haven’t been able to use yahoo mail for weeks. I changed my password and forgot it (which is my fault) however for some reason my answers to my backup questions don’t work. Those I know the answer to for certain, and I tried caps, no caps, different answers… nothing. In order to recieve help on the issue, I have to log in. In order to do a live chat, you have to log in. But I can’t log in… so I effectively lost the ability to use that account. Then I read that even if I hadn’t forgot my password, I still wouldn’t get my emails. I don’t know if I should feel better or worse… I’ll be using Gmail from now on.

  • ?? Craig Bowes

    My Yahoo quit working on 12-03-13. What’s going on?

  • Alohatricia@yahoo.com

    Extremely frustrating that I still do not have any access to my account (12/14). Sign in message said my account may have been compromised, but reports have no mention of this particular issue. Dont know why yahoo has not notified or updated me in my alternate e mail.

  • James

    I quit. After more than 2 months of this, I just signed up with gmail.

  • Dane Buxbaum

    I hate the yahoo mail redesign, but they are not unique in the industry. Applications are always changing the look of their interfaces for no good reason but to frustrate an audience that hates change just for the sake of it just to capture a bunch of yahoos who see it as “fashionable”. The same goofballs who buy colored cellphones.

  • Mark

    Interesting article and concerning statements reported from Yahoo insiders.

    I’ve been a Yahoo email subscriber since they got started. Then they made it shitty.

    Google made it simple with Gmail – it’s not flashy and Google is not not trying to force a 1990’s AOL-style interface down my throat as Yahoo is.

    I think it might be time to put ol’ Yahoo out to pasture (insert rabies scene from Old Yeller).

  • Eric Hu

    I don’t know when my Yahoo email is replaced to att.net. Logon the Att.net, I lost all of my emails saved in Yahoo.

  • Eric Hu

    I don’t know when my Yahoo email is replaced to att.net. Logon the Att.net, I lost all of my emails saved in Yahoo.

  • Paul

    Still can not access my emails on my iMac, Mobile Phone or PC. This is getting very frustrating as I have ordered a lot of items online for christmas but Im not getting order confirmations or delivery details!!!!!

  • http://www.seekingsalvador.com Max

    After many many years as a Yahoo Mail guy, these past several months were so frustrating that I canceled all of my Yahoo accounts, never to return. So glad I did. I’m now using outlook.com email and that’s great. Poor Yahoo, all that money to spend and they just can’t seem to make a simple email problem. Always gilding the lily and killing the plant.

  • http://Www.Facesavercosmetics.com Jacqueline

    Have not received mesages in about 10 days. Technology is great until servers are done. Major pain because you want and cannot get your mail

  • L Tachuk

    Cannot access my email since last Wednesday. I have called Yahoo Costumer Care four times today and as soon as they say ‘connecting to an agent’ the phone hangs up on me.. Really disappointing and frustrating!!

  • Jamie Radford

    Haven’t been able to access my mail for two weeks now. Contacted them ten times before finally getting a response. That response was that some one would get back to me within 48 hours. Seven days later, I am still waiting. Although I have never done it before, I am now just replying to their one reply once a day with abusive emails. Not very mature, I’ll admit, but it makes me feel just a little bit better. Will never use a product or service by Yahoo again.

  • jimmie rhoten

    People are becoming increasingly frustrated with Yahoo Mail, and it’s no longer simply .This is me . Leave me alone. Bring back the old yahoo.

  • john rowe

    Over the last few weeks,virtually everything delayed,problems loading,more prevalent one one browser than the other.
    Beyond a joke.
    Give us all a xmas prezzie,restore the old and at the same time for the newyear,who everis responsible resign

  • Nikki

    Is anyone else getting email messages from Yahoo saying “We strongly advise you to update your account to avoid suspension or de-activation. Click here *** to update” If we need to update, why doesn’t it come through the software rather than by email… Is this for real or is it some clever virus?

  • David Gallant

    My yahoo mail has been out since 12-3-13.
    No response from customer service yet.

  • http://www.elspethpayne.com Elspeth Payne

    I have SO much of my life hooked into my personal email, but I’ve started a list of everything I’d have to change…

    How did they take a working product and make so many things stop working? So many features are gone or broken, and now the back end has fractured. What happened here? (And why are Jeff Bonforte and Dave McDowell still employed?)

  • Debra Kapitan

    I have an iphone5 and use yahoo mail, contacts and calendar. I am constantly having sync issues. My contacts on my computer are fine, but my yahoo app on my cell is missing half the contacts. On google chrome when I go from looking at my mail to my contacts it opens up that screen on top of it only transparent. I am so tired of Yahoo… Moving on!

  • http://www.lawyernortheastphiladelphia.cm max

    Hi Gmail.com

  • http://www.lawyernortheastphiladelphia.com max

    hi Gmail.om


    I am sick and tired of Yahoo’s ridiculous changes. They took away EVERYTHING that made them who they (preferably) were: 1) ability to open multiple emails, 2) cleaner look previously, 3) ease of searching emails, 4) more precise search of emails, just to name a few.

    I didn’t choose Gmail because of its lack of user friendliness. I have 5 yahoo addresses for all the business that I do. Now I have to look for another email.

    Stop trying to be something / someone else and be who you were best before! Plus some added security of course!
    Suggestions for other BETTER email carriers are welcome!


    Oh yeah!!! And the ability to download attachments now suck too! Not to mention performance! Stalls constantly!

    Sick sick sick…..of YAHOO!

  • M Kess

    I thought I was the only one experience this strife. Sooooo glad to have found this post. Thanks #webpronews!
    Originally started with Yahoo account and now very sorry I did. It’s hard to break away, which I contemplate daily.
    Their service, security parameters and interaction/response is terrible.
    When it comes to mobile, forget it! My account is inaccessible almost daily-yes daily!
    There are too many other options available that are consistent and much more stable-in my opinion. My business is brand reputation, we realize the value in word of mouth, and Yahoo would be very wise to get on board with a more stable platform, resolve the issues and communicate better with the people who can promote or demote their services.
    I would love to continue hearing from anyone experiencing either postive or negative feedback on the issues that currently plague Yahoo mail.
    Thank you again.
    Mark Kessler/Founder/MarkITtrends Consulting

  • Don Mueller

    Yahoo mail has been driving me crazy off and off for quite a while. This week was typical—slow to load, if at all; send messages taking forever, if at all. Then, later in the day, multiple copies of messages arriving over a 12-hr period.

    Tried switching to gmail, but couldn’t do that either. For some reason, it couldn’t access my mail server. Could go to Outlook but I hate the way it looks.

  • Trilby

    Today, Dec. 24, Yahoo is telling me that my “session” times out and I muct re-enter my password. I do that, and my email is visible for a moment and then it goes right back to the screen telling me to re-enter my password. Tried it a number of times. No luck. What crap!

  • Judy

    can’t open attachments or photos of any kind on samsung galaxy S3 since approximately mid-Dec.2013. I get an error message saying the problem is with some folder of some sort. If I forward yahoo emails to gmail account, they open fine. yahoo mail display keeps flipping, closing, opening, etc. and display of what I’m reading continually drifts to the right and I have to keep dragging it back to the center of the screen over and over again in order to finish reading.
    No problems (recently) on Apple Air running Safari OS X (version 10.6.8.)

  • http://Yahoo David Nixon

    A year or so ago it was easy to look up old E-mails from friends, relatives and companies I had done business with, even ones from 6+ years earlier. Nowadays when I look for old E-mails from one source, they are always mixed with E-mails from multiple other sources, making my searches slow and frustrating. Also, looking at my most recent E-mails on a laptop without a mouse is now a lot more cumbersome and slow than it was a year ago. Unwanted advertisements and unfamiliar marketing webpages which often pop up out of nowhere for no apparent reason have become an increasing annoyance, slowing down my use of the site .

  • Subhas

    My contacts are getting spammed. I recently changed my password to a very strong one, but just notice that my contacts are getting spammed. Nothing in my Sent Items folder or in the account activity. The fact that my contacts are getting the emails, shows hackers have my contact list even if they did not send from my account. Yahoo Mail sucks!

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  • RS

    continually having to log in because it is automatically logging me out…..this has been going on for about 1 week now.

  • http://www.sexypandora.com/ Pandora Jones

    HUGE issues with Yahoo mail, ever since the redesign. 1) Even if I have an address in the "to" field, when I click "send", I get an error msg saying "there is no address in the TO: field." So then, it won't send my message unless I add my OWN email in the to: field, along with the address of the person I'm trying to send to. 2) You can't tell which messages in any given thread are new. This causes you to WASTE way too much time, scrolling through anywhere from 5-30 emails, trying to find the most recent ones. Makes me VERY unproductive. 3) There are all kinds of annoying little glitches that pop up. Tonight, I was trying to add a new folder. I kept clicking "OK", and nothing would happen. Very often, I try to open a message from my inbox bar, and the message area just LOCKS UP. I can't tell you how many times I have to get out of Yahoo and get back in again. SOOO ANNOYING. I've tried it in both Chrome and firefox, thinking it could be a browser issue. It doesn't work well in either. I'd move everything over to Gmail, since that works great, but I have way too many work folders I can't move over!! I'm stuck!!

  • Rodb63

    I have had soo many issues there are too many to list. I cannot even do some simple functions. I get an e-mail, and fwd it to my work e-mail thinking it will open right there. It didn’t work so now I go back to that yahoo e-mail, hit reply and it goes to me???
    Come on! this is just basic e-mail properties. Yahoo for all the grief you really SUCK at e-mail now. In 1998 I understood it right out of the box. 16 years ago ?? Now its like you went to a Third world Walmart and shoved a non working program up all our _____s.
    Change it, and this time don’t tell someone to do in in 5 seconds. Do it right before releasing it please!
    Seattle, Wa.

  • scamp14

    I can preview my yahoo emails on the inbox so I know that I am receiving them. However, when I click on the email, it is blank.

  • S Bajry

    Randomly Yahoomail is hard to access. Using Outlook even worse.

  • marcel

    Sluggish, non responsive buttons, at times unable to forward or reply. Sent mails not received by addressee, the list continues and I’ve had enough aftyer 3 months with no improvement. I’m leaving yahoo mail after more than 10 years. Shame on you, Yahoo. (Using several MAC’s with OSX Maverick, with Safari and Firefox, same story).

  • me

    yahoo mail search only works for the year 2014. It doesn’t show any email in search results from previous years.

  • Anonymous

    I have not had any icons…. cannot bold, italicize, change colors or fonts, etc., etc., since they started this “fabulous” new system. And I can no longer find an email to contact them. Guess they got too many complaints. Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo?

  • cherylcarroll

    Yahoo Mail has gone backwards 8 years technology wise. You now have to type out the whole email address instead of the quick type you get with contacts that are already in your address book. Also the attachment function that you use now to attach items to your email is about 8 years behind times as well. I don’t know why they took a great email and made it obsolute to use now. Would change but as I am in business for myself hundreds of people have this email address. But I really hate it now. Totally went backwards instead of “new and improved”. It is also very slow when I open it now.

  • Tim W.

    Yahoo mail is GARBAGE! I am typing this as I wait for my contacts to load. Attempting for the THIRD TIME to export my contacts so I can ditch this mail crapola.

  • amanda

    It is taking over 12 hours to receive some emails. This has started in the past week.

  • dineaudio

    Slow as slow hell. Hell is much faster. It feels as shitty and slow as shit, that’s why I call it shitty probably. Until the big changes a year or so ago it was brilliant for years, decades actually! I’ve been using it for more than a decade without ANY problems until recently. Have they changed a good CEO for some piece of crap? I mean literally. It’s a rather abrupt change. Something seriously went downhill a year or more ago. Yahoo, pull your shit together.

  • A techie

    I would like to make a suggestion. We are all drowning in mail or can’t get it. When I could do a page at a time, I could keep up. But with infinite scroll I am doomed. Please, return to a page at a time. Another suggestion would be to stop the message nesting. I like my replies with the same subject line but separate. I hated the message nesting at Gmail. Now it’s at Yahoo too and it’s confusing. Let’s make life easier on everyone’s stress limits and eye sight. Go back to a page at a time, separate messages, and give us back the ability to alphabetize our email, so we can get rid of the ones we don’t need faster. A reason for the mechanical difficulties may be that these new features that are hurting everyone, has overwhelmed and hurt your servers too.

  • ck

    i only want to get into yahoo mail why am I been sent to yahoo news, profile etc I don’t want any of that help?!

  • johnson dell

    For Free Yahoomail Tech Support Contact Us @ 1-800-935-0537


  • jerry

    it takes forever to get to log in on yahoo mail then another wait until it will let you type in id and password, after password entered take a while for dots to appear on screen, then another wait, getting to be too much trouble just to long in,

  • Tom Psillas

    I have had problems accessing yahoo mail for 3 weeks now.
    Sometimes I can log in, and view list of emails, but cannot load even one email, unless I log in in the middle of the night. Even then, Yahoo mail is still slow.
    I would not mind paying $50 per year to have fast email. I just need it to work.
    I lost 2 job offers after 10 months trying to find new work as a software developer, because I could not access the job offers. I found out 3 days later at 3 am that the job was given to someone else, due to my non-response.

  • Skrdykat

    I can’t attach pictures and it takes FOREVER to send a simple email….yahoo mail was find why did they eff it up??