The Yahoo Mail Woes Only Continue

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The Yahoo Mail Woes Only Continue
[ Technology]

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with Yahoo Mail, and it’s no longer simply about the recent redesigns it has forced on users. Now, it’s experiencing actual service disruptions, and lengthy ones at that.

Have you experienced any issues with Yahoo Mail? Let us know in the comments.

The latest round of problems have been going on since at least Monday, and only on Wednesday did the company address them in a blog post. Jeffrey Bonforte, SVP of Communication Products, writes:

We are very sorry for recent difficulties with Yahoo Mail.

Some of our users have not been able to access their mail since 10:27 PM PT on Monday night, due to a hardware problem in one of our mail data centers. The issue has been harder to fix than we originally expected.

We have dozens of people working around the clock to bring it to a resolution. We believe our current efforts will restore our users’ access to their inboxes by 3 pm PT today. We’ll post again then on our @YahooMail Twitter handle.

That Twitter account has indeed been busy:

By 8PM Eastern on Wednesday, Yahoo said that “most” affected users would be abel to access their Yahoo Mail accounts, login to them and send and receive messages as it continued to restore access for the rest of affected users. The company warned, however, that users’ most recent messages may not appear in the inbox, but they were starting to deliver emails that were sent during the outage. While saying it would work as fast as possible, the company acknowledged that it could take a while.

The company issued another update at 2:15AM Eastern saying they restored POP mail access, but were still working on restoring IMAP.

“The affected servers have been up and running for over six hours and we’ve already delivered over 30% of messages sent during the outage,” the company said.”We expect all emails to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.”

It went on to say that some users may still have trouble accessing their accounts. That was the last updated as of the time of this writing.

Downtimes happen to even the best of services from time to time, but Monday night to late Thursday morning is a long time, especially for a service that is so critical to so many people and businesses.

All Things D’s Kara Swisher, who is a frequent reporter of Yahoo news and memo leaks, seems appalled by the lack of communication from Yahoo and its PR team surrounding issues with Yahoo Mail.

Noting that some reports indicate that outages have been occurring for “many days,” and that complaints have been mounting for weeks, she writes, “What is consistent are two things: Outages have been occurring regularly and Yahoo has been woefully negligent in informing its users about the problems. They have also declined to return emails inquiring about the issue and others related to Yahoo Mail from this site for weeks, in perhaps the most astonishing display of PR incompetence I have experienced in a very long time. Heretofore excellent communications staffers I have worked with in the past have seemingly been rendered mute.”

It’s pretty incredible given the beating Yahoo Mail has taken in the media, and more so in comments sections where users frequently voice their outrage.

Swisher also shares an additional interesting nugget that users are sure to love. Jeff Bonforte, who is running Yahoo Mail had some interesting words in a recent company meeting. Swisher reports that he “made a joke that many in attendance did not find funny at all”:

While acknowledging customer complaints and dissatisfaction, he added that Yahoo would need to “kick the users hard” in a certain body part to get them to leave Yahoo Mail, according to numerous people there.

It doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about losing users, but that was before this week’s mass downtime that has drawn so much attention. For people, and especially those with businesses to run, not having access to email is a pretty big kick in the something.

This also comes after Swisher exposed an email from Bonforte and Yahoo CIO Randy Roumillat, which revealed that even Yahoo employees have been reluctant to use Yahoo Mail.

Regardless of how long it takes Yahoo to clean up the current outage mess, one can only wonder how much damage it has caused in terms of product loyalty.

Update: From the Yahoo Mail Status page:

Update 12/12/13 – 12:00 pm PST
Here’s our latest update: We can confirm that 97% of affected users have access to their Mail accounts on web, POP and the Yahoo Mail iOS, Android and Windows 8 apps. For these users, we have delivered 80% of their queued messages that were sent from 10:27 PM PT on 12/9 until now.

We’re aware that some users are still having trouble accessing their accounts. We’re working tirelessly to restore access to their accounts.

We would like to clarify that for users impacted by this outage, their Yahoo Mail was working normally from 11/25-12/9. We’re still working on restoring messages that were delivered during this time.

We’re slowly ramping up IMAP access to ensure stability and maintain current users’ access.

Is this going to cost Yahoo some users? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Yahoo Mail Woes Only Continue
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  • Mike

    Cannot open attachments to Yahoo mail. If forwarded to G-mail, attachments are accessible.

  • Pam Doyle

    Haven’t been able to get email since Mon.

  • Joyce

    This is do disturbing as there are important documents in there that I cannot access.

  • Michael

    I haven’t been able to access me email for almost 3 days! Why hasn’t this been fixed?!

  • carolcreghan

    I have been having problems, I cannot get into my mail.

  • Larry

    been without e-mail since Monday and last promise of 4:30 et today was not met, one only wonders how good the 6:30 et target is??? Why can’t they come clean with “can make” time!!

    • Russ

      No yahoo mail since late Monday evening! No informative explanation for the downtime was offered by yahoo and customer service will not answer calls, even after a 30 minute wait–unpardonable! No more redesigns and “upgrades” please. I have added gmail.

  • Mimi

    I have not been able to access my email since Monday. When I called Yahoo for assistance “the problem is beyond complicated” and they were not able to tell me when they will be able to resolve the server issue. Due to their unreliable service, I finally created a gmail account.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob Reamon

    Well, it’s well past 3pm and still no Yahoo email. Losing money, time and patience. May be time to jump ship for a more reliable provider.

  • http://yahoomail jessica

    I have been waiting for yahoo mail to be up and running for two days now. I am missing important information and there is no way for me to let people know that Im not just ignoring them. Im very frustrated and hope that Yahoo can get this back up and running A.S.A.P.

  • christopher smith

    I’ve been waiting to access my email since Monday with out success. I’m now going to look into changing to gmail. I’m very disappointed in the lack of communication.

  • Lisa

    My e-mail has been down since at least Monday and it’s now nearly 4pm on Wed. Still no Yahoo e-mail service! I’ve sat on hold for over half an hour trying to contact them and keep getting disconnected. Their “help” desk is non-existent as you can only choose from pull down items for questions. There is no place whatsoever so contact Yahoo directly about this problem! My husband (in our same house) can get on with no problems but I can’t check my kids’ school e-mails for 3 days now! This is ridiculous!

  • Meg

    No mail since Monday :(

  • LiarWatch

    The NSA has easier access to our Yahoo! mail, than Yahoo! Users do! What is a better alternative to these government agency controlled company sell outs?

  • LiarWatch

    The NSA has easier access to our Yahoo! than Users do. What is a better alternative to these government-agency controlled sell-out companies?

  • Guy

    Goodbye yahoo! Hello gmail, I spent 2 hours today changing all of my business and personal accounts over to gmail. I urge everyone else to do the same, this is beyond incompetence!

  • http://yahoo.comemailwoes Teresas

    I’ve not had email for three days now. Yahoo has not bothered to be more informative and their 1-800 number on the website does not work. You call and get an answering machine saying your call will be taken in the order it was received and after 3 minutes it disconnects to a busy signal. It happened to me all 4 times I tried calling.

  • http://yahoomail Jennifer

    I just got my yahoo mail back after it was down for just about 48 hours. Problem is the most recent mail is dated November 30th – where is my December mail???????? Very frustrated.

  • Joe

    My mail is finally back up after 2 days and I am missing from November 25th to December 11th =(about 3 weeks of mail gone) and I am (was) a paid email user. Well I am gone. Over to Outlook.com 4 me.

  • Marie

    Just got access….but most recent inbox email is from 11/29??? Where did my emails from 11/29-today go?? Sigh….

  • Susan

    I will be leaving Yahoo for email, and website hosting. This is totally unprofessional and we cannot operate a business like this and We PAY for our email with YAHOO- it is not FREE.

  • Robert M

    I have not been able to receive mail since Monday. I have customers who are trying to reach me. When will this be resolved?

  • http://yahoomail henry

    I hate the new email set up! way screw up a good thing? it is not simple to use in any way. put it back the way it was.

  • karen

    I have been without email since Monday night. As soon as I can get back in and get my contacts, I am switching email providers. This is my business email and I have been extremely inconvenienced by this mess.

  • Coleen

    I am one of the users who has not been able to access their yahoo mail since Monday evening. It is now 12:56 AM on Thursday and still no access. What is mist frustrating is that there is no way to report that I am effected other than to tweet or post on FB. that is extremely unprofessional. I’ve had my email for over 10 years and would hate to have to change it. I will though if the problem us not resolved soon.

  • Kaym

    Still not able to access yahoo mail. Nearly 72 hrs now. They need to really hurry and fix this. FAIL!!!

  • Janell

    It’s been 3 damn days since I have no access to my email. What is the problem? It doesn’t make sense. I try calling and no one is taking calls. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Marit

    My email has been down since last Monday and can not find any news from Yahoo on when it will be fixed nor do I know who to contact to get more info.

  • Christine

    I have not been able to access my email since Monday night. I attempted to reset my email only phone and now lost all of my calendar appointments. I have been missing appointments and deadlines. This long delay of in accessibility is frustrating and really unacceptable. I would expect that yahoo would have planned better and should now be a bing to have an extensive support team to assist customers with retrieving all information. This has gone on way too long!

  • http://www.webpronewa.com Archie

    My email has been down since last Monday. I have made Yahoo my main account for over 15 years. I know it will take some time but I may start using my gmail account if this is not fixed soon.

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk Alex M.

    This kind of reminds me of the nightmarish (in a First World Problem kind of way) problems with Outlook when it first launched. Everyone was raging at it on Twitter etc. I use Gmail, although I used Yahoo mail a decade ago. No complaints – it’s all free.

  • Donna

    I have been without email for too many days. PLEASE get this fixed!

  • http://Gigieatscelebrities.com GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I cannot even LOG IN TO MY YAHOO! Email anymore & yahoo! Is my primary email service! I’m very mad! I have to do everything through my phone which is a complete nightmare! I wish there were a good email service out there, I’m not a gmail fan either!if someone has a solution for me, I’d be so appreciative!

  • Mike

    Yes I’ve had problems, with browser based and with IMAP to Outlook which froze it for a week so I had to remove the Yahoo connection to read my other accounts.

    Software always has issues, but here’s what will make me have doubts about Yahoo.

    1) Fine, try new interfaces, new well-meaning ideas, but knowing there will be issues, GIVE ME A CHOICE like you used to. Let me go back to the “classic/old” version until you work things out. Yahoo used to do this but now they force their stuff on me.

    2) There are some serious UI issues that clearly show they didn’t exactly use focus groups. Am I the only one the hits the search icon instead of the garbage can (or the sender to open that email) and end up with a results page and extra clicks to do what I really wanted to do? I know someone thinks its a great UI idea, and it might be for some people, but that’s why UI’s are customizable in most apps. Even Microsoft doesn’t shove one-size-fits-all down my throat. Good UI doesn’t but an element I use once in a while in the same place as something I do almost every time.

    3) It’s email. Less is better when it comes to the UI/features. Don’t try to over compensate to grab market share and in the process give me a complicated piece of software that freezes and performs poorly thus slowing me down.

    4) Don’t beta test on me unless I ask you too. Yahoo has been beta testing on me for awhile now with this.

  • http://www.pickmydecor.com Rita Perdue

    Unfortunately, can no longer (won’t) use Yahoo mail due to their having major security issues. Several email accounts (family and friends) have all been ‘hacked’ and emails were sent out to everyone in the address book as if it was from us taking readers to a spammy site (as a phishing scheme).

  • George

    Hmmm – where to start?
    1. LINKS in Emails not working!
    2. Cannot access account periodically!
    3. Locket out of account a few times!
    4. Talk about SLOW – I have better things to do!
    5. Browser freezing!
    6. Emails not getting through!
    7. Starting to migrate to GMAIL!
    8. Next time give people the option to change; just like moving from XP to the new Windows Platform …. OPTIONAL!

  • Kristine

    Emails not going to my Iphone5 now since Monday am.
    Lastnight I was able to access email from a computer but still nothing to phone.

    I only hope no emails will be lost like I’ve heard by others because I have important documents, expenses and essential emails for court. Yeah yeah, “lesson learned” to back-up my stuff but never had issues over many, many years with my yahoo account!

  • Johnny M

    Yahoo Mail! is the worst excuse for email on the planet. I’ve been on since 1999 and it is more screwed up now than ever. Will somebody please wake them up and stop all this crap from rolling out? All I ask is an email system that works that I can rely on and edit easily and professionally. In all aspect, Yahoo Mail is the worst compare to everyone else. It just plain sucks!

  • Alex Jefferson

    My yahoo mail takes forever to load< this never happened before you decided to re-invent the site. I have used you for close to 20 years and would like to see this fixed. Yahoooooo

  • Sarah

    I was down and out on November 26 for 3 days. No business or personal email for 2 and I could get to my Inbox on the 3rd day through my iPhone. It would have been okay, if I didn’t have my inbox filtered to shoot Customer Contact Messages into a sub folder. It was maddening. I feel for the folks suffering now – I’ve been with yahoo since 1999, it would be tough to leave….

  • http://www.genycis.com Genycis Beats

    I am really disappointed with Yahoo as of late and I have been a member of their email services for several years now. The latest modifications and changes really F***ed Yahoo up to put it bluntly, because prior to this latest change, I was content with them.

    The lack of multiple tabs is the biggest issue I have and still have with them, along with the task bar at the BOTTOM??? of the email, attachments loading at the bottom of an email chain to where you have to scroll all the way down just to see the attachments, and so on and so on.

    I started my yahoo account for my hip hop instrumentals business, and up until now, I’ve had no problems… but it’s almost like they’re catching up for the years of better email service and completely flushing it down the toilet. They ask for feedback but don’t seem to give a s*** about it because nothing has changed other than CONSTANT “Technical Difficulties” and email shut downs, causing customers I have to wonder where their orders may be.

    They really need to do a RESTORE and go back to what everything was prior to this new flashy change with no tabs, glitzy picture backgrounds, and so on.

    I agree with George’s post, where to begin is right! I think they will lost a lot more people than they think if they don’t get it together and change it up soon.

    Too bad we can’t get a massive petition going on and boycott the email boxes altogether until they change their act and this “I don’t give a sh**” attitude. It’s really starting to get to me, and I’m a VERY patient person overall.


  • Kelly Lynn

    One of my Yahoo Emails associated with their business web-hosting was down for over 24 hours…. I am very mad at Yahoo right now!!!!!

  • Kelly Lynn

    PS… Yahoo Mail needs to return to its Format of 7-8 years ago, much more user friendly back then than the last 2 reviews, but google mail in not much better to tell you the truth.

    • http://www.genycis.com Genycis Beats

      I agree with you Kelly, but even if they change it back to the last format or so with the tabs and taskbar at the top, I would at least welcome that change. And yes, GMail isn’t great at all either, or AOL for that matter sadly as they’ve changed too and their search email function is horrible to say the least now. I loved Yahoo’s previous setup for that same reason, but they then went ahead and tried to emulate Gmail for whatever reason, and totally bombed it. I really hope they consider going to a more user friendly method… and the multiple tabs is a MUST!

  • http://www.personallogs.com Mike

    When I select emails to move to another folder I get a message saying the page has to close! It automatically re-opens but the selected emails have not been moved. Frustrating!

    I would change emails in a flash, but am not sure which one to use, and updating our long-standing email address would be a real pain.

    The sad thing is, Yahoo knows this. If it was easy to change email addresses millions of people would leave…

  • http://emanatepr.com/ Tom Francoeur

    I’ve been a Yahoo user for as long as I can remember. I’m usually fine with software updates and changes,but I’m ready to drop Yahoo now. Service has been disrupted and it’s hard to navigate my inbox and sent messages.

  • Kent

    I have pages!

    Spell check does not work.

    When going from email to files both screens are visable. Screen with in a screen.
    Cannot increase the size of the font.
    Sometimes it attaches a file–sometimes not
    Screen locks up for 15 to 30 seconds when attempting to forward a message.
    When forwarding email and adding comments the screen moves up and down constantly.
    Tried to go back to basic—No No No!
    I am going to move to Gmail if this does not get addressed soon!!!

    While typing this my curser disappers for 15 to 30 seconds!!

  • elklaw

    Where do I start? I was hacked and lost everything. Business contacts are calling me about the spam sent by the hackers saying I was stranded in the Phillipines and to send money. I was not there. Then all my files were lost and most were restored but am still rebuilding my address book. Then I cannot have multiple emails open anymore and can only see just one which is a productivity issue. Not to mention, I used classic and the old classic was cool but their new classic is more like late 1990s retro. If I had not been a yahooer for 15 years, I would have left them. It is too hard to leave with that kinda history. But if you are a new user, I suggest using someone else’s email services. And Yahoo needs to learn that people know the difference between change and change for the good. Their change is not necessarily better or good. They should have let people keep their old accounts and not forced the changes on us. The older accounts were better than what they call new as it is worse. If they are just gonna be cheap, just announce that. But stop trying to make it like they are improving something they keep making worse.

  • TW

    I will be switching totally to Gmail. I have been a yahoo subscriber for years, but they really messed up their email with this new Yahoo!
    I email a lot each day and they constantly make me enter psuedo codes before I can even email a list member back and then they cut me off if i send very many and tell me it is because of suspicious activity

  • Kent

    Sometimes I can access my email sometimes No NO
    I have not found anything good in the new system.
    Emailed Yahoo 8 times for help
    Sat on hold 4 times–around 1 hour they just disconnect you.

    Why would you continue with this company

    I am currently changing to Gmail.

    What a mess!

  • http://vkool.com/local-mobile-marketing-with-mobile-monopoly/ Tony Nguyen

    I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. I also agree with you. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  • http://docgautham.com Dr. Gauthamadas

    My Yahoo Business mail sucks. I have repeatedly complained to the Yahoo team to no avail. I am unable to search my mail in any useful way. the mail client hangs from time to time and has to be refreshed. At times Most of the time I am unable to go back to the inbox from a mail I have opened, and have to refresh. At times when I try to open a mail I get only a blank page. Clicking on the back button of the browser after opening a mail take me out of yahoo to the sign in page. At times I am unable to send a mail and have to refresh the browser. OOOOOH BOY!!!

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