The Xbox One Won’t Support SDTVs, Only Has HDMI Out

    May 22, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Do Xbox 360 owners still play games on an SDTV? Minecraft players proved they do, but it looks like Microsoft will be ignoring them with the Xbox One.

GimmeGimmeGames reports that the Xbox One only sports an HDMI out. That means the console will not be able to connect to displays with component or composite ins. Of course, there are converters that convert digital signals to analog for those still rocking a component connection, but Microsoft won’t be supporting it out of the box.

SDTV Xbox One

It’s hard to imagine that gamers still play HD consoles on an SDTV in this day and age, but a number of examples prove they still exist. They also may be interested in the Xbox One. That interest will require them to upgrade to an HDTV before jumping into the next generation of gaming. Thankfully, HDTVs are not quite as expensive as they used to be.

The last generation introduced digital audio and video to game consoles, but they still had support for analog connections. The Xbox One ditching analog signals may be a sign that the PS4 will be doing the same. We haven’t seen Sony’s hardware yet, however, so we don’t know if that will be the case.

Lack of SDTV support isn’t the only issue facing Microsoft’s latest machine. The company has been sending mixed signals regarding its stance on used games with the Xbox One. We’re still waiting on a definitive statement, but signs are pointing to it allowing used games within certain parameters.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for confirmation on this specific issue, and will update if we hear back.

  • chris camacho

    Thanx dude this article answered my question. I was wondering about that. Im a big xbox fan ever since my mom bought me my first xbox, that was around I think 2002 but I’m not sure on the exact date. I still have the old school tv it has component connections. I’m not gonna buy a new tv so I could play this new console no way. Why spend more money if my tv works perfectly fine. If I had money I wouldn’t have a problem but I live pay check thru pay check. This dissapointed me as an xbox fan big time. Ima have to switch to ps4 because I read in another article that ps4 will be supporting component. I dislike ps cause of there controls but there new one looks ok I guess.

  • gamester21

    i for one think it sucks, now i know its next gen and supposedly a future console and bla blah blah, but tons and i mean tons of us still have composite box televisions. im a single dad, im gonna go get an xbox 1 probably wait in line at 4am but, and a big black girl butt, only if i find a coupler transformer or hdmi to av adapter, other then that xbox has always had the better console always, tons of games are out on 360 that arent on ps3, i had a ps3 when it first came out and sold it, there was no real online and that blew, and the games sucked, and so did the dual shock, there should be no debate even from sony fanboys the sony dual shock controllers always sucked hard, 360 has always had the better controller, after i beat god of war i had no use for ps3, i love my 360 im going to have sex with it now so leave me alone.

  • Melissa

    Not sure if this info is true.. I looks like u just need to get an adapter for the Xbox one to work.