The World’s Ugliest Dog’s Beautiful Life has Ended

    November 30, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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On June 22, 2007, a dog resembling a punk-rock Yoda going by the name of Elwood took The World’s Ugliest Dog contest in California by storm. Robbed of his glory a year before, Elwood took three prizes back to New Jersey that year: First Place Mutt, Ugly Dog of 2007 and the highest award, the World’s Ugliest Dog.

The title took him to CNN, The View, The Regis and Kelly Show with Anderson Cooper and numerous local news and television shows worldwide. In a very short time, Elwood quickly became a source of inspiration to remember the beauty inside of everything and everyone.

The Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix’s biggest accomplishment was championing for his animal kin in animal shelters worldwide; he let people know that not only should the “cute” animals be adopted. He appeared at numerous non-profit animal organizations and raised thousands of dollars for his brethren who were down on their luck.

Sadly, Elwood’s death at eight years of age was announced by his human, Karen Quigley, via Facebook on Thanksgiving Day.

Elwood will be missed. Elwood’s human reminds us, though, that Elwood dying on Thanksgiving, “was another one of his messages for all of us to remember to be thankful for who we are and all the wonderful things we have in our lives.” Be sure to check out his children’s book dealing with acceptance entitled Everyone Loves Elwood and check out his website to continue to be inspired.

[image: Facebook]
  • You Know

    I actually like misfits. They make life interesting. Perfect things make life boring.

    It is kind of like women. I once dated a stunning blond woman. She was stylish, trendy, and really very sexy. A body that would literally make your jaw drop. I am talking Charlize Theron sexy, but in bed, she absolutely sucked. She thought her looks could carry her. She bought into her own hype.

    Then I dated a quirky girl. She was cute, average weight, short and pretty much just average in every way. But man, she was amazing in bed. Absolutely perfect. Her attitude, personality, and adventuresome nature were simply amazing. On top of that, she was just plain nice.

    Looking back on it. The average girl got more beautiful every day and the gorgeous woman got uglier. That experience forever showed me that perfect is not necessarily better.

    Go with the misfits in life. Your life will be very interesting and odds on, the misfits will be some of the nicest people you ever know.