“The Walking Dead”: Lori Agrees She Needs To Die

    July 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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I’ve been an avid fan of the extremely popular AMC series “The Walking Dead” since its debut, and one thing I can say, with absolute certainty, is that I don’t like Lori.

As someone who came into the comics relatively late in the game–and liked them–I find myself anxious for the show to reveal just how closely the plot will be to that of the books, not just for the story, but because dammit, I want to know who’s gonna die. (Note* spoilers lie ahead. You’ve been warned)

Throughout the show, various characters have worked my nerves, for various reasons. Shane, for instance, is constantly saying some jerky, testosterone-laden nonsense. Carl is always doing exactly the opposite of what he’s supposed to be doing (usually staying put), so naturally the mama in me gets riled up. Carol pissed me off with her feeble attempts to go look for her kid and agreeing to take off after leaving some provisions on the off chance that she would come back and, I don’t know, need a snack. And if I were any of the female characters on the show, the better part of Andrea’s face would be under my fingernails by now.

But the one that sticks out, episode after episode, is Lori. Even aside from her questionable decisions and unequaled bitchiness, she just irritates me. And I’m not alone here. I know a lot of people who name her as their least favorite character. What’s surprising is that the actress who plays her, Sarah Wayne Callies, agrees that she should be killed off.

*SPOILERS* Seriously.

“Frank Darabont and I actually — before he was tragically and unfairly removed from the show — we used to argue about it,” Callies said. “I argued that it was necessary to kill Lori and I feel very strongly that for all of the other deviations we may have from the comic book, killing Lori does something to Rick that is vital for the story and can’t be done any other way. I’ve said from the beginning, not only am I OK with Lori dying but I think she has to,” says Callies, who notes that it’s part of the nature of the beast with being on a show like The Walking Dead. “I’ve played this character with an eye toward an end.”

Of course, the show may have a completely different path for Lori than the one she took in the comics, and that’s fine. I trust what they will do, because they haven’t disappointed so far. Only time will tell, and either way, I’m excited for the next season to start.

  • ROB-209

    couldnt agree more,excuse my french but she is a annoying floozie who in a world with little to do cant keep track of her pale child.btw,loving carl’s new one direction look.

  • Funkknuckle

    What would all of you expect her to do? Go gung ho alone with no indication of where her child could possibly be, or even which direction she took? I can appreciate the need to do something when your child is missing. However, running off in a snit by yourself, unarmed through terrain you don’t know, trying to find an individual you have no idea how to find will only turn out one way. Welcome to the Walker Family. If you don’t believe me, ask a friend to leave your house and go 1 mile from where you live and not tell you where they are. How long do you think it would take you to find them? In an area you are really familiar with.

    She did the right thing sticking with the group and relying on the other more experienced members. Daryl cares for Carol, you can tell in how he acts. In what way is still to be seen. He was an experienced tracker and he spent days looking for Sophia and only came up with the doll. That was probobly where she met her end. Who knows when they got her in the barn. Daryl almost died looking as well.

    Also Carol was destroyed when Sophia went missing. They talked her into staying, if you notice in the episode Daryl went looking at night, the reason he got up and left was because he could see the pain she was going through sitting in the RV.

    The first thing anyone teaches in an emergency situation is to stay calm and form a plan of action, which is what they did. It is just unfortunate that Sophia had to go the way of the Do-Do.

    Side note – The only thing under my skin so far is How Dale died. Wasn’t that walker craling when Carl left? How did it get the drop on him?

    • Funkknuckle

      In response to Lori as well, I will play devils advocate. Your husband is dead. A good male friend and you are all that’s left. Eventually something is gonna happen. To quote the Venerable Dr. Ian Malcolm, “Life finds a way.” Shane never told her the truth till they were in the CDC if I remember right. As for not telling Rick right away. I attribute that to straight fear due to circumstances Shane put her in.

  • panismcguyver

    yeah lori straight up sucks. her leaving randomly with the car and flipping it was a dumb move. and the first couple episodes she got on my nerves with how shed portray being shocked. watch her eyes. her shocked look. so annoying. cap lori, dont cap hershel, and save shanes baby! o and dont beat glen to death :(. and daryl better not die or i will stop watching.

  • rhy-p

    First things first, I’m buzzing for season 3 to start. There’s nowt wrong with Lori… I agree with funkknuckle mostly, if you watch episode 5 of season 2 again funk, the part with Carl and the walker in the words you’ll notice when Carl runs off, the walkers 1 leg was stuck in the mud when it was on the floor, so the part with Dales death all makes sense, R.I.P…. Wat u think bout the new series… Anything your most looking forward 2??

    • Funkknuckle

      Now that makes sense, and also adds to what I said about Carol. I guess it goes something like… He went for a walk along the river to clear his head at night, and triped over the walker maybe? I see what you are getting at, very plausible indeed. Thanks for pointing that out again.

  • Allison

    I’m continually amazed at how judgemental people are. The only person in the series that I found to be in the wrong is Daryl’s brother, and Shane shooting the guy when he went to get medical supplies. However, I understand Shane’s reasoning, and it was a difficult decision, but he chose the lesser of two evils in his mind and chose to try to help save Carl. Lori thought her husband was dead and she is thrust in a strange, hostile world. Anyone would look to find some type of solace, as the one she temporarily found in Shane. Carol has been abused during her life, and she is in shock with the loss of Sophie. People keep hating on Carl. He doesn’t obey and he runs off. Hello! He is a child, people. Did you forget that? Children do dumb shit. I thought the scene with the trapped walker in the mudd was priceless and realistic. It is exactly what a young boy would do. How often did you as a child do something your parents told you not to do, and how often did you dare and goad your childhood peers into doing something dangerous? Chances are if you ever got injured as a child, or got in trouble, it is because you were doing something you were warned not to do.

    • BLARGH

      Are you kidding me? No shit everyone has good reasons to be who they are… that’s not the problem. What is the problem is that certain characters are fucking annoying–and having a reason to be annoying can never change the fact that certain characters suck.

  • Jade

    I can’t stand it when I watch a movie/programme and I find myself constantly yelling objections at the stupid decisions some characters make.

    I despise Lori. Look how long it took everyone else to shack up! They’d lost people too but they didn’t run off and start playing happy families with their dead spouses best friend. Her hypocrisy is annoying; ‘ this is a graveyard I dont feel right doing this’- You’re living through the apocalypse the whole world is a freaking graveyard! Where were your morals when you were hooking up with shane! Then there was the time when she started lecturing Rick about how he needed to stop looking out for everyone else and look after thier son- right before she ran off (knowing she was pregnant) without telling anyone and got mad at Shane for lying in order to get her home. And who does she think she is giving orders to other people when she can’t control her offspring.

    Who would give a gun to a child after he lied and stole one…surely that proves he is too irresponsible to carry a gun at ALL times- that and the fact he never stays put. People refused to give Andrea her fathers gun in case she and others started popping off hence alerting nearby walkers although I agree the scene in the woods is realistic and Dale’s death although tragic made for a good twist but Carl admitted he was going to shoot the walker so why give him another gun?

    Also,I don’t understand why Carol flipped her lid at Rick for returning to the highway without Sophia when Lori was the one holding her back and in fair she didn’t really try to go after her little girl herself now did she? After Sophia died is it really too much to expect a parent to keep an eye on their own child? It got quite frustrating watching good characters die in order to keep the ‘main’ characters alive.

  • Hibs

    Lori is just wrong she tells Rick Shane should die he’s a threat and when he kills him she hates him this girl is crazy and most if all not taking care of Carl making run around everywhere not giving a fuck just get in the house
    She gets pregnant and doesn’t know if its ricks baby that’s what wrong Rick is doing everything for this group and everything is screwing up. I say Rick is the strongest and right after Rick is Daryl. Lori just screws things up

  • CC

    okay so Lori had an affair while she believed Rick was dead… have you seen Shane’s body?? Anyway… that is so in the past… with a baby on the way..Rick could be a little nicer to Lori.