The Voice: Blake Shelton Predicts Winner

    December 11, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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The Voice has just three finalists remaining and Blake Shelton believes he knows which one will emerge victorious. Shelton watched his last contestant leave the competition on Tuesday, after weeks of believing Cole Vosbury had what it took to win the competition. Now with no one left on his team, he is predicting the winner.

“I’m bummed about it. I wanted that for Cole. He’s just a good dude, he truly is,” Shelton said in an interview with The TODAY Show. “But that’s not all it takes to win this thing. You’ve got to have something that none of us can figure out.”

Even though Blake thinks this season wasn’t as obvious as previous ones–where he maintained it was easy to tell who was going to win–he does think at this point one contestant is favored over the others as the overall winner of the show.

“And if you go by this week’s performance, everything points to Tessanne (Chin) right now, so that wouldn’t surprise me to see (her win),” he says.

Tessanne Chin wowed the judges, the audience and home viewers with her spectacular performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water this week. Her coach Adam Levine was blown away, as was just about everyone else who saw her perform.

It will certainly be interesting to learn next week if Blake Shelton’s prediction comes true. Since he clearly isn’t the winning coach on The Voice this season, he might find a bit of solace in having predicted the winner.

Blake knows he’s in for some serious ribbing–especially if he loses to Adam Levine. And given his belief that Tessanne Chin will win, that’s precisely who he’ll lose to if his prediction proves true.

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  • LISA

    This is the year of Adam….

    Someone from his team will win. He was sexiest man alive for People Magazine, he’s engaged to a Victoria’s Secret super model….everything is looking really good for Adam right now.

    • Rodney

      I agree. Everything except his endorsing Obamacare. What a turnoff!!!

  • carlton wisdom

    I think Tessanne Chen will win Adam Levine should let her sing a WITHNEY Houston song

    • Rodney

      Great idea.

  • http://Facebook AL Branum

    I feel that the little girl with the tremendous voice like Patti. Page should win. She is the best.

  • Inger

    The contestant with the best voice should win and that is
    Tessanne Chin. None of the others get even close.