‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Gets A Netflix Release Date

    August 30, 2013
    Chris Crum
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The Vampire Diaries will return to the CW on October 3rd, and Netflix subscribers will be able to stream the last season beginning on the same day. Netflix currently has Seasons 1-3 available.

This is only one of a handful of shows set to return this fall that Netflix is either getting ready to release or has recently released the previous seasons of.

Earlier this month, ahead of Breaking Bad’s return, Netflix made last year’s episodes available (though lucky users in the UK get the new episodes right after they air too).

Netflix recently made Revolution: Season 1 available for streaming, as season 2 will debut on NBC on September 25th. Scandal: Season 2 was made available this week on Netflix, with Season 3 hitting ABC on October 3rd.

The second seasons of Revenge and Once Upon A Time hit Netflix today, with the third seasons debuting on ABC on September 29th.

Earlier this summer, Netflix announced a deal to stream Fox’s New Girl, and immediately made the first season available. Season 2 will already be hitting Netflix on September 17th, the same day Season 3 premieres on Fox.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 will hit Netflix on September 1st ahead of ABC’s September 26th Season 10 premiere.

Finally, The Walking Dead Season 3 will make its Netflix debut on September 29th before Season 4 premieres on AMC on October 13th.

Image: Netflix

  • Kendra

    October 3rd? Why not earlier?!

  • j

    They should release it a few weeks before the new season for ratings. I would watch Season 5 real time as I discovered the show because of Netflix over the summer. But now I can’t watch because I won’t be able to catch up on time. :(

  • katie

    why dont they put it earlier????? before the new season!

  • http://googlechrome janiya

    I think that they should. Release. It. When. They. Can im happy if tgey just release. It

  • Sandi

    I’d like it released sooner. I just finished watching the first 3 seasons and I’d like to get caught up before Season 5 starts, but now I can’t. Drats!

    • Sandi

      PLUS, HULU has released it already, so why can’t NETFLIX? Maybe I’ll subscribe to HULU just so I can watch it.

      • hunnyp

        Hulu only shows the last four or five episodes. It doesn’t give u the option to watch from begging I’ve tried

  • Tori

    Streaming a show a whole season(practically like a year) the same day the NEXT season starts is so ridiculous. Especially since we’ve all watched seasons 1-3 and have been waiting on 4 for a WHILE, and now when 4 starts on Netflix, 5 will be on tv! Then we will have to wait for season 6 on tv to even know what happens and be stuck in suspense for MONTHS. If Hulu streams ASAP, why can’t Netflix? I got rid of cable bc I love Netflix. But the release timing really needs some improvement!

    • debbie petty

      we started watching the vampire diaries on netflix in dec when they were already in season 4. i got caught up online but my hubby doesn’t like watching tv on the computer. i was hoping he could catch up on netflx so we could watch season 5 on tv together! we are so dissapointed. abc put there shows on neflix weeks before the new seasons…we are huge fans of the how and want to be a part of the season as it happens. i guess i’ll have to find something else to watch on thursday

  • Salma

    Will they show season 4 on netflixs uk or is it just in the us

    • Lulu

      I asked this same question on their American Facebook page and got hounded by a bunch of loons, I simply stated it’s not fair the US has it and the UK doesn’t yet and asked when it would be available, got told to ‘just leave Netflix if I couldn’t find the other hundred things on their interesting enough,’ amongst other things, lol. it proper wound me up… I never said I didn’t find the others interesting just stated it’s unfair and that I would like to see the rest of the seasons to a series I love, is this not a natural thing? lol, no need for the hate mail… Netflix obviously isn’t interesting enough for them if they find the time to say all that to me just for asking when we’ll get it in the UK. (Sorry rant over) I hope we get it soon and some sort of response in regards to it from Netflix (instead of the minions with no life that troll their page) because I would really like to see it!

  • sharma

    no wow,they need to change it this is stupid.

  • http://facenama.com/settings/system ali

    Wow … Why Season Four Episode Twenty-three Anqd Stephen pain hurts Elena …….. I do?

  • hunnyp

    I’m so irratated because I hate cable with comericals. Netflicks is convient for me cuz I work two jobs. I can watch on my phone or tablet where ever now I got to wait another month so dumb

  • http://Huhaplus.com Braylen

    I always loved Netflix and I really hope the vampire diaries gets released soom

  • Mark

    You can go to the IMDB page and watch the entire season through Amazon prime but Netflix subscribers get the shaft…

    Why is that?

    • Gail

      It IS on Amazon Prime, however, they aren’t free. It costs $1.99 per episode, even with the Prime membership.

  • Stephanie

    Well I will catch up on the fourth season then go to the cw’s Web sight and watch that first episode for season 5 there…they usually always keep 4 or 5 recent episodes, but I should be caught up by the time the second one airs….this has been what I’ve been doing for a while now especially with cw shows they make it very convenient….oh after they air the first episode it takes them 24hrs to put it on there Web sight.

  • debbie petty

    what about season 6 of gossip girl? it’s still not on netflix and it’s not free with amazon prime…i guess i’ll have to find it online somewhere :(

  • Emily

    Netflix could AT LEAST release season 4 a few days BEFORE the season 5 premiere so that we could actually, I don’t know, CATCH UP??

    • Reagan

      I think that vampire diaries season five should be able to be on Netflix because all 4 of the other ones are

      • loz

        Is season 4 on.Netflix I can’. Find it

  • http://yahoo francinewilliams

    this is ass i need my sexy damon

  • http://yahoo francinewilliams

    damoon im happy u dumped elana that bitch didint dierv u

  • Reagan

    I think the vampire diaries season five should be able to be on Netflix because all four of the other seasons are.

  • Parv

    So when exactly is Netflix releasing season 4 of vampire diaries in the uk?

  • loz

    When are you getting season 4 on Netflix

  • lisa

    When is season four of vampire diaries being released on netflix it says it oct 9.bit o cant find it i might.just go.buy it lol.x

  • jessie

    does any one know when season 5 of vampire diaries is supposed to be on Netflix. I have watched all of the other four seasons on Netflix and read the books The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, and The Dark Reunion but I don’t want to read the next book that I have because I am missing three before it but I would really love to watch the 5th season on Netflix because so far from what I am gathering between the books and the show the people are nothing alike they have changed their looks a lot. But again please some one any one let me know when season 5 of vampire diaries is starting on Netflix. Thank you

  • http://facebook tiff

    put season 5 on netflix after it ends please or ill just pay for hulu and watch it on there they are better

  • Josh

    Is Netflix going to release season 5 ?

  • Vampire diaries Fan

    Wich year does The Vampire Diaries come out?? It comes out the october 3rd but wich year??

    • VampDFan

      I would really like to know when Season 5 of Vampire Diaries will be on Netflix? I’m hoping sometime this year…I hate waiting a full year or so to watch my fav. shows. Why does Netflix do that?

      • Vampire Diaries Fan

        Yes, I love the Vampire Diaries and recently the Originals, and Hulu has it expire at such amount of time! it doesn’t make much since to me!

    • Sabrina

      When will season 7 be on Netflix

  • shunny

    amazing movie love it!!

  • Nina Dobrev

    I love this show. Season 5 is on Netflix I need season 6 and 7 on Netflix now

  • Nina Dobrev

    Hey guys nina dobrev here

  • alexandra

    i love my i love you vampire diares stefan

  • the vampire diares

    stefan is not that handsome cren :) love