The Top 9 Reasons You’re A Terrible Facebook Friend [STUDY]

    August 24, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Let’s face it: Facebook is, by default, annoying. It’s basically a platform that gives people you don’t really care about the unfettered ability to share whatever word diarrhea they want, at any time of the day. And you have to scroll through your news feed and see this garbage, all the while trying to grasp at some barely tangible hope that the world is not saturated with people that aren’t worth saving. It really is a depressing sort of sport.

I’m sure that if you were asked to list the top 9 things that people do on Facebook that really grind your gears, you’d list 15. But thanks to a survey commissioned by Australian company Amaysim, we have a nice, clean roundup of the top actions that are likely to lead to an unfriending.

  1. Using Facebook as your diary.  42% said that this was the most annoying thing that could be done on the social network.  Before you post some trivial about your day-to-day life, remember to take the number of people you think care about your activities and divide by two.
  2. Food photography.  40% of those surveyed hate it when you incessantly post pictures of your meals, no matter how exquisite you think they are.  There’s a place filled with food photos where you’ll never be called annoying for being filled with culinary enthusiasm, and it’s called Instagram.
  3. Copious check-ins. Suzy was here.  Suzy was here with Sally.  Suzy was here with Sally and 4 other.  Stop.  I haven’t left my couch all day and you’re making me feel like a slob.  38% found this annoying.
  4. Relationship posts.   29% of those surveyed don’t want to hear about your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush.  Also, your husband, wife, or domestic partner either.  Let’s add friend with benefit to that list as well.
  5. Game invites.  This is a no-brainer.  26% of respondents hate you when you request that they they join you in a rousing game of CityVille, and we’re surprised it’s only 26%.
  6. Inspirational Quotes.  So, Marilyn Monroe said that you need to be a girl with sass?  Albert Einstein said that Obama is a socialist?  25% of your Facebook friends are rolling their eyes.
  7. Vaguebooking. Say what you mean.  Passive aggressive updates drew the ire of 24%.
  8. Baby photos.  According to 21% of those surveyed, your baby is only cute to you.
  9. Posting terrible photos of your friends.  I know it makes you look better by comparison to be standing next to your derpy friend, but cut it out.  13% of people really hate that.

Of course, this is in no way an all-inclusive list of crap that can get your unfriended on Facebook. But if you’re looking at ways to be a better Facebooker, it’s a good place to start.

[via News.com.au]
  • jb

    So what is one supposed to use Facebook for?

    • Wallee

      Well, merchants want to make it another advertising cesspool. And if FB can find a way to getaway with it without offending everyone, they’ll let them. Zuckerberg needs the money.

  • http://www.information-entertainment.com Judi Copeland

    If you don’t like the idea of social networking, don’t join it. How are people sociable? They share whatever is on their mind. If you don’t get along with that person, you back away quickly and find those who are on your same mindset. Others might find it interesting to see what people are going through and what’s on their minds.

    In the real world, some people are not friends with others because they find them annoying. Some people are forced into situations with people they can’t stand, but have to find ways to get along. There are wallflowers who sit at the sidelines. There are loners who hate people. There are social butterflies who can easily make friends with most people. FB is a microcosm of the real world.

    This article is typical mind-numbing rants that is not even newsworthy. The headline is catchy, but when you read more into it, you find it pretty shallow. I like WebProNews because many of the articles have substance. This piece is fluff.

    How ironic that this particular article is critiquing Facebook people for annoying others by means of mindless pap! With a mere 42% and fewer hating these points…this means there are more people who put up with what it means to be in a social network.

    • http://www.pinkzebralionmarketing.com Dusan

      “There are wallflowers who sit at the sidelines. There are loners who hate people.”

      How do you know they hate people?

      • http://www.information-entertainment.com Judi Copeland

        This is just part of many, many compilation of different people…I didn’t say ALL loners hated people.

  • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com Diane

    If one doesn’t like FB , then dont’t join it. I M not on it very often, but I find it to be a nice social group. I use it mainly to keep in touch w/my relatives & it works out great. I M not one who needs to friend ppl I don’t know, so keeping it to relatives & close friends works for me.

  • http://reeltorealflicks.blogspot.com wordylilchacha

    I’m guilty in few items here but i agree that i hate when some of my friends think my wall/timeline is their wall/timeline.

    • http://wordylilchacha.blogspot.com wordylilchacha

      *is – are

  • http://www.hi5.com Tom Anderson

    These “top 9 things” are the reason people join Facebook! What else is there to do? Poke others? Comment on others posts (posts that are part of this top 9 things)?

    If you find these things to be annoying you are either:
    A) Using Facebook too much and snooping 24/7
    B) Randomly adding or accepting friend requests of people you don’t care for
    C) Are unaware of Facebook’s feed filtering capabilities/options