Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.

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Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”.

Note: We’ve updated this article from its original form, and since it was first posted, the negative comments have flooded in. While you will typically see this with any redesign of a major property, we’re not seeing a whole lot of positive ones to balance them out.

Anything you do like about it? What do you or don’t you like about the revamp? Let us know in the comments.

“Over the years, Yahoo! has evolved from a directory of links to a place that helps millions of people go about their daily habits,” a spokesperson for the company told WebProNews on Wednesday. “Beginning today, you will start to see a new Yahoo! that’s designed to be more modern, intuitive, and personal, and I wanted to make sure you got the news from the company.”

Here’s what the homepage looks like now:

New Yahoo homepage

New features include:

  • A newsfeed with infinite scroll
  • Newly designed apps for stock quotes, sports scores, weather, Flickr photos, friends’ birthdays and horoscope
  • Yahoo and Facebook login, which let you see personalized articles based on what your friends have shared
  • A more consistent experience across the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Under-the-hood improvements to speed things up

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about the new experience.

“Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says. “Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.”

“Because you come to Yahoo! everyday for must-know information, we’ve also introduced newly designed applications,” she adds. “From your local weather forecast to Facebook friends’ birthdays, you’ll always have the information you need. We’ve also refreshed some of what you love most — including our Yahoo! editorial features, and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches.”

Mike Kerns, VP, Product, discussed the new Yahoo experience in more detail in a post on Yahoo’s blog.

“To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen,” he explains. “The newsfeed defaults to a ‘blend’ of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the ‘More’ button to choose from other categories that interest you like business, technology, politics or science. If you want to see fewer stories about a particular topic in the future, hover your cursor to the right of the story and click on the ‘X’ button. And remember, the more feedback you provide, the more personalized and relevant your experience will be.”

New Yahoo

new Yahoo

“In addition to seeing news stories that your friends have read and shared, you can easily share with them,” he says. “When you come across a news item that you’d like to share, hover over it to view a button that allows you to share the story via email, Facebook, or Twitter.”

New Yahoo

There are a total of seven new applications on the right side of the screen for: weather, stocks, sports, friends’ birthdays, horoscopes, Flickr photos, and popular videos from Yahoo. These can be personalized by hovering over the upper right side to clic the gears icon.

“For example, getting ready for March Madness? Add your favorite teams to the Sports application to catch up on the latest scores,” says Kerns. “Keeping an eye on your investments? To view stock quotes, click on the gears icon in the Quotes application to integrate your portfolio, look up quotes, or add new stocks. Travel often? Add as many cities as you’d like to the Weather application.”

Customize new Yahoo

You can also click the “x” button in the upper right corner of the application box to remove the application, should you see fit. There’s a “restore all” button a the bottom if you want to bring it back later.

As mentioned, the new design is consistent with the mobile experience, which lets you swipe through the “Today” stories. You can scroll down the newsfeed, and swipe left to take action on the content (like share it). You can also swipe left to access the applications.

Yahoo Mobile

The new design is in the process of rolling out in the U.S. Mayer says they’ll be making additional (but unspecified) changes in the coming months. We’re already seeing a lot of feedback (sadly, most of it is negative). It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds.

Yahoo has indicated that it is focused on search, as it released its Q4 and full year 2012 earnings helped significantly by it. Whether or not Yahoo’s future search plans include Microsoft remains to be seen. Even if Yahoo wants to abandon the companies’ “Search Alliance,” Microsoft will do its best not to make it easy.

Right now, Yahoo needs to be concerned about keeping users on its still massively popular homepage. Yahoo has a realtime counter that shows how many people have visited the homepage up to the current time on any given day. At the time of this writing, tt’s just 8:40 Eastern, and it’s already received nearly 40 million views today so far.

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.
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  • jenny


    Not good yahoo, not good at all!

    • barney olds

      I set my yahoo page with all he things I want and now it is going to be changed to something as ugly and awful as what they have done to the mail

      • Stephen Sabecki

        Yahoo does not care as long as they can force you to look at more advertising.

    • Nancy Binford

      I do not like this new format at all. I also do not like “Hi Lee” address for my email. Not my name.

  • mike

    I hate it. Time to start using google. I will be closing out my email accounts as well. To bad they had to screw up a good thing!!

  • Jim

    I hate it – I am searching for a new homesite. Bad mistake Yahoo!

    • roger

      it sucks. they removed most of the stuff I used and liked. I will change to another front page and probably a new email away from yahoo.

  • Hef

    HATE IT…All my homepage quick links are hidden down the page. I am already searching for a new homepage

    The old home page was simple and convenient. I got a good portion of my news and info from that home page.

    I refuse to use this one.

    Why can’t yahoo just take the cue from Google. Simple is better. The new page is just muddy, busy, and the colors make it hard to read

  • victor

    Not good. I’m a paying customer of Yahoo w/ business email and webhosting. I’m going to cancel my accounts.

  • horrible

    It is horrible and not all the users would want to see infinite information and I have to spend time looking for my saved preferences which made life so easy for me till this morning. I need to work the old one , please let me know how to get back to the older one which is still used in other countries

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo will not let you go back to the old page. They are forcing you to eat their ****!

  • Jason

    OMG…..I freaking hate it.I don’t like the infinite news feed,and now I have to go searching for everything.Please give us the ability to opt out of this crap!!!!

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo says NO, NO, NEVER.

  • chris

    I hate the new layout. Period.

  • Linda

    Ditto everything that’s been said by other commenters!! Hate it. W-a-a-a-y too much stuff to sift through. I’ll be looking for another home page. Big mistake, Yahoo; big.

  • Jules

    I have spent all morning trying to figure out how to make the new Yahoo page go away. Hate it!

    • Stephen Sabecki

      You are stuck with it. Yahoo does not care about us.

  • Alex

    Looks so awful

  • Sue

    Absolutely HATE it. I want to switch back to the old look.

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo says NO, NO, NO, NEVER!

  • Mitch

    I also dislike the new page. I was so comfortable with the old page and the way I had it personalized enabled me to scan the news items I was interested in within a few minutes. I don’t want infinite scroll! Change it back or I will not visit again!

  • Bad Overhaul

    Not happy with the new look. At all.

    The prior Yahoo! homepage allowed you to display headlines from topics that you were interested in: News, World News, Business, Finance, Health, etc. You could scroll down the page and view the top headlines in a few seconds.

    The new homepage is a mess. Too much crap that I don’t need to be bothered with. Why do you need to show the first 2 lines of the article. All I need is the headline. In addition, instead of just scrolling down the page to see the headlines i’m interested in, i now have to click on links to see the top headlines in Health, Business, Sports, etc.

    Awful. Awful. Awful.

  • http://yahoohomepage Maria hale

    Hate it! where did Facebook link go? howdo I add facebook to list on left side of page?

  • http://yahoohomepage Maria hale

    Please go back to old yahoo page! going to look for an other home page. Been with yahoo for 15 years.

  • Stefan

    Stop making your homepage look like GeoCities please. I don’t like bright purple borders and huge fonts, nor do I like scrolling halfway to china to find interesting stories to read.
    Come on Yahoo, your web design team has to be better than this new look suggests.
    Anyway, I guess there is always gmail to go to. At least it doesn’t hurt my eyes when I load the page.

    • Jen

      Geocities! THAT’S what it reminds me of!

  • Charles Ouellette

    Why is it that “new” on web sites is much worse than the “old”?

    For me, Yahoo will no longer be my homepage. The “new” is horrible.

  • D

    Awful. the old Yahoo allowed me to remove “Entertainment” and other news types I didnt want to see. Now I cant. I am stuck with Entertainment, I dont care about the Kardashians!!! I like have science and technology in my feed, not endless searching and switching.

    Of course, Yahoo wont listen to its consumers, they will shove this down our throats whether we like it or not. Typical

  • Tony

    I agree that the new homepage is not great! I don’t care about certain news categories that I am now forced to see. I have tried searching for how to customize it but clearly, Yahoo has not made plans for that or is keeping mum on it. Terrible … another case of Yahoo forcing their whims down our throats.

    Also, the color is VERY hard on my eyes. I am colorblind and the blue actually hurts my eyes, making it difficult to read. A less bright and a darker blue would make it easier to read against the stark white background.

    So much for Yahoo. I will no longer make Yahoo my home page if they don’t address these concerns.

  • Diane

    HATE HATE HATE HATE the new Yahoo look. I’ve had to adjust over the years when Yahoo changed their homepage, but this one is just too much. Colors are awful. Infinite scrolling is awful. I’ve already changed my homepage. Yahoo really missed the mark on this one. If they ever listen to consumers and change back, I’d consider going back to Yahoo, but never if this page remains as is. Another example of a group of developers in a room, isolated from actual consumer, deciding on design changes. Boo Yahoo…!

  • Jen

    I kept hitting “refresh” because I thought it wasn’t loading properly. It reminds me of a website from the 1990s.

  • Jewel

    Seriously do NOT like the stark white background of the “new” Yahoo homepage. Yahoo has been my homepage for years. I’m talking years here but I am now thinking of changing it.
    What happened to the tool that allowed you to choose the colors of your Yahoo homepage?
    Good grief! Please undo the changes. Admit you’ve missed the mark with this one. Please!

  • Daniel

    I go to Yahoo daily to read the news, the new site is hard on my eyes (I’m 31). Also very cluttered and hard to see what is what. They need to fix the new page fast.

    • Pamela

      Daniel, you got it – the new page is cluttered! That’s the whole problem. I wish Yahoo would abandon this idea and go back to an easy to read page.

  • sue

    This is even worse that the Overdrive redesign for borrowing books from your library. I have to look at news I couldn’t care less about and if you want to customize you have to log in with Facebook which I do not have or yahoo. I tried to create a yahoo account using yahoo sucks, but they said it was inappropriate and they don’t like yahoo stinks either.

  • bob

    I was forced to use new yahoo for the last couple of weeks.It became clear there was no going back. Maybe it is good for the tablet folks, but not good for PC people. I am in process of switching email and have made MSN my home page. That is the closest thing I could find. Does anyone else have suggestions for a new home page? Is there a support group for EX-yahoo addicts?

  • Eve

    I hate the new Yahoo homepage! What IS a new one that I could use? Both Yahoo and Facebook sit in their techno ivory towers, way above the little people, and make design changes at whim. Why can’t they provide an opt-out for those of us who have our reasons for wanting or even needing to stay with what we had?

    • Pam

      I also hate the new Yahoo homepage! The old page was easy to look at. This is a pain! Yahoo has been my favorite homepage for years. I can’t believe they spent time and money on making a good page into a garbage page. If we can’t go back, I’ll find a new homepage. Does anyone know of an alternative other than MSN that comes close to the old easy-to-look at, easy-to-find, news / entertainment, etc. that Yahoo’s old page had?

  • Roger

    This is an absolute horrendous redesign.
    Infinite scrolling pages ??? Are you crazy.
    I like to put on my page what I want to see, NOT what you think I should see.
    Give me the old page back.
    I have switched to Bing home page. At least I can make it do what I want without all the extraneous garbage.
    KISS– KISS. Don’t they ever learn??

  • ethan culbreth

    I have been one of those unfortunate “test cases” whose yahoo has been switched to the horrid new version for weeks now, only they never gave me the option to fill out a comment card or questionaire- pity because, HOO-BOY I could have singed someone’s eyeballs with what I think of that they’ve done to what has been my homepage for over ten years.

  • horrible

    is there any way that users who hate the new design which is so very immature and takes away individulaity specially in the shocking fait accompli way that they just imposed it on us, is there anyway that we can sign a petition to get the original form back? an online petition?
    if so please start one and we can all add to it

  • Willard

    I have to agree, horrible. Will probably find a new home page shortly if yahoo does not allow users the right to use something they like.They do not have any way to comment to yahoo direct. I guess they don’t care how users feel. Maybe they will learn when enough people change to new web browsers and their advertisers have no one to advertise to.

  • mafarf

    Absolutely hate this new design. No way to personalize and way too big and cluttered. We should have a choice on this. And when you send feedback to Yahoo, no one seems to bother to respond! Are they all in denial? I am leaving for Google news or msnbcnews. Too bad because I have been a Yahoo fan forever.

  • donnie

    really dont like it—will change home page myself if no option to change back is given

  • Amber

    I just hate it! Reset my browser twice in 2 days to get the old yahoo back. I’ll try Bing now or msn. It really sucks.

  • http://yahoohomepage me

    Awful. I like to browse with a glance. I rarely use CNN homepage anymore since they changed ages ago. I hope they offer “classic view” soon.

  • http://yahoohomepage me

    Awful. I like to get a quick glance of the news with headlines. I hate having paragraphs between the headlines. It forces you to scroll down forever. I hope that “classic view” is available soon.

  • Pooch

    give us the old page back. This s**ks

  • http://yahoo.com Zoey

    Strongly Dislike!!!!!!! The print, font etc…Is like I’m being yelled at or someone is in my personal space. I totally dislike the way the preview blocks 1/2 the preview picture. The color purple is nice but I can’t get past the other glaringly obvious fails. Yahoo has always been my favorite page until now. If I can’t change to previous view than going to have to bail. Sorry Yahoo :(

  • http://yahoohomepage richard hunt

    Who told you that NEON BLUE was a tolerable color for a home page. You must be trying to get people to find a new homepage. I know I am.

  • G F

    I do NOT like the new homepage. The colour purple is too bright for my older eyes. And the endless scrolling is annoying and time consuming. Yahoo needs to have a button to click where we can revert back to the classic homepage and also select the colours it displays in WITHOUT having to sign in.

    That’s all for now because I’m going to go look for an alternate homepage in case Yahoo doesn’t get the message and keeps us locked into this format.

  • Julie

    I wont be visiting yahoo anymore if this is how it is going to be. I HATE the new page.

  • http://yahoo Alice

    The older version of yahoo is a whole lot better than this new version. I will be going to another website until yahoo has the option for customers to either choose the new or old yahoo.

  • YahooIsOutOfTouch

    This new home page is horrible, way too long and you have to scroll to see anything useful. Just show the headlines, not an excerpt for the article. I just changed all my browsers homepages on numerous PCs to go elsewhere as Yahoo is no longer my source for searching and information.

  • jreb

    Yahoo’s new homepage is horrible I hate it. I will be finding a new homepage!

  • jim

    Terrible! who the hell was in the focus groups. It’s scattered, and looks like a rainbow puked on my laptop

    • Ken

      Dude you summed it up BRILLANTLY! I hope the revert back.

  • D-ray

    The new deisgn is TERRIBLE!!!!! I HATE IT! IT S*CKS!!
    Goodbye Yahoo.

  • Greg

    Terrible…you just lost a customer! I hope your advertisers are reading these so they know how people feel about it. I have been browsing around for an hour on this and how to change it back….I don’t think you can. I also have not read one single good thing that has been said about the new homepage. Don’t you people listen to your customers?

  • http://www.exabytes.sg/ Jerrick

    It seems more toward a social media where you can see your email , friends new feeds with article or action like share toward the article, friends birthdays , horoscopes.

  • Jeremy

    The new Yahoo sucks. Please change it back, been my homepage for yrs. mobile is even worse.

    • martha

      wow..who did you hire for this,how totally confusing , sorry I’m from the old school, just thought it could be user friendly for All.
      sorry to say,but the old school people are still ALIVE and trying to learn, Just because we have to.(paper and pencils would totally work for so many),A shame we have to deal with all.
      So PLEASE understand..we’re not dead yet,tried 7+ just to renew a licence,responce, there was a glitch in the system..paper application would have worked,could have lost it in the time frame.
      “total job loss” young people need to know the older ones are who they are making their money off of. because if things keep going the way they are our young children will end up with NOTHING!
      so maybe train them to respect us, and maybe a lesson in life they will treasure in our BAD times of this economy.

  • Susan Gregory

    I hate the new page. Just love how Yahoo thinks they know what is best for me, and then they just change things and tell me how great it is and how much I like it. I liked my old page and had it set up with what I wanted. Changing my homepage as it will no longer be Yahoo.

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