Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.

    February 26, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”.

Note: We’ve updated this article from its original form, and since it was first posted, the negative comments have flooded in. While you will typically see this with any redesign of a major property, we’re not seeing a whole lot of positive ones to balance them out.

Anything you do like about it? What do you or don’t you like about the revamp? Let us know in the comments.

“Over the years, Yahoo! has evolved from a directory of links to a place that helps millions of people go about their daily habits,” a spokesperson for the company told WebProNews on Wednesday. “Beginning today, you will start to see a new Yahoo! that’s designed to be more modern, intuitive, and personal, and I wanted to make sure you got the news from the company.”

Here’s what the homepage looks like now:

New Yahoo homepage

New features include:

  • A newsfeed with infinite scroll
  • Newly designed apps for stock quotes, sports scores, weather, Flickr photos, friends’ birthdays and horoscope
  • Yahoo and Facebook login, which let you see personalized articles based on what your friends have shared
  • A more consistent experience across the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Under-the-hood improvements to speed things up

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about the new experience.

“Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says. “Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.”

“Because you come to Yahoo! everyday for must-know information, we’ve also introduced newly designed applications,” she adds. “From your local weather forecast to Facebook friends’ birthdays, you’ll always have the information you need. We’ve also refreshed some of what you love most — including our Yahoo! editorial features, and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches.”

Mike Kerns, VP, Product, discussed the new Yahoo experience in more detail in a post on Yahoo’s blog.

“To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen,” he explains. “The newsfeed defaults to a ‘blend’ of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the ‘More’ button to choose from other categories that interest you like business, technology, politics or science. If you want to see fewer stories about a particular topic in the future, hover your cursor to the right of the story and click on the ‘X’ button. And remember, the more feedback you provide, the more personalized and relevant your experience will be.”

New Yahoo

new Yahoo

“In addition to seeing news stories that your friends have read and shared, you can easily share with them,” he says. “When you come across a news item that you’d like to share, hover over it to view a button that allows you to share the story via email, Facebook, or Twitter.”

New Yahoo

There are a total of seven new applications on the right side of the screen for: weather, stocks, sports, friends’ birthdays, horoscopes, Flickr photos, and popular videos from Yahoo. These can be personalized by hovering over the upper right side to clic the gears icon.

“For example, getting ready for March Madness? Add your favorite teams to the Sports application to catch up on the latest scores,” says Kerns. “Keeping an eye on your investments? To view stock quotes, click on the gears icon in the Quotes application to integrate your portfolio, look up quotes, or add new stocks. Travel often? Add as many cities as you’d like to the Weather application.”

Customize new Yahoo

You can also click the “x” button in the upper right corner of the application box to remove the application, should you see fit. There’s a “restore all” button a the bottom if you want to bring it back later.

As mentioned, the new design is consistent with the mobile experience, which lets you swipe through the “Today” stories. You can scroll down the newsfeed, and swipe left to take action on the content (like share it). You can also swipe left to access the applications.

Yahoo Mobile

The new design is in the process of rolling out in the U.S. Mayer says they’ll be making additional (but unspecified) changes in the coming months. We’re already seeing a lot of feedback (sadly, most of it is negative). It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds.

Yahoo has indicated that it is focused on search, as it released its Q4 and full year 2012 earnings helped significantly by it. Whether or not Yahoo’s future search plans include Microsoft remains to be seen. Even if Yahoo wants to abandon the companies’ “Search Alliance,” Microsoft will do its best not to make it easy.

Right now, Yahoo needs to be concerned about keeping users on its still massively popular homepage. Yahoo has a realtime counter that shows how many people have visited the homepage up to the current time on any given day. At the time of this writing, tt’s just 8:40 Eastern, and it’s already received nearly 40 million views today so far.

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

  • jenny


    Not good yahoo, not good at all!

    • barney olds

      I set my yahoo page with all he things I want and now it is going to be changed to something as ugly and awful as what they have done to the mail

      • Stephen Sabecki

        Yahoo does not care as long as they can force you to look at more advertising.

    • Nancy Binford

      I do not like this new format at all. I also do not like “Hi Lee” address for my email. Not my name.

  • mike

    I hate it. Time to start using google. I will be closing out my email accounts as well. To bad they had to screw up a good thing!!

  • Jim

    I hate it – I am searching for a new homesite. Bad mistake Yahoo!

    • roger

      it sucks. they removed most of the stuff I used and liked. I will change to another front page and probably a new email away from yahoo.

  • Hef

    HATE IT…All my homepage quick links are hidden down the page. I am already searching for a new homepage

    The old home page was simple and convenient. I got a good portion of my news and info from that home page.

    I refuse to use this one.

    Why can’t yahoo just take the cue from Google. Simple is better. The new page is just muddy, busy, and the colors make it hard to read

  • victor

    Not good. I’m a paying customer of Yahoo w/ business email and webhosting. I’m going to cancel my accounts.

  • horrible

    It is horrible and not all the users would want to see infinite information and I have to spend time looking for my saved preferences which made life so easy for me till this morning. I need to work the old one , please let me know how to get back to the older one which is still used in other countries

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo will not let you go back to the old page. They are forcing you to eat their ****!

  • Jason

    OMG…..I freaking hate it.I don’t like the infinite news feed,and now I have to go searching for everything.Please give us the ability to opt out of this crap!!!!

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo says NO, NO, NEVER.

  • chris

    I hate the new layout. Period.

  • Linda

    Ditto everything that’s been said by other commenters!! Hate it. W-a-a-a-y too much stuff to sift through. I’ll be looking for another home page. Big mistake, Yahoo; big.

  • Jules

    I have spent all morning trying to figure out how to make the new Yahoo page go away. Hate it!

    • Stephen Sabecki

      You are stuck with it. Yahoo does not care about us.

  • Alex

    Looks so awful

  • Sue

    Absolutely HATE it. I want to switch back to the old look.

    • Stephen Sabecki

      Yahoo says NO, NO, NO, NEVER!

  • Mitch

    I also dislike the new page. I was so comfortable with the old page and the way I had it personalized enabled me to scan the news items I was interested in within a few minutes. I don’t want infinite scroll! Change it back or I will not visit again!

  • Bad Overhaul

    Not happy with the new look. At all.

    The prior Yahoo! homepage allowed you to display headlines from topics that you were interested in: News, World News, Business, Finance, Health, etc. You could scroll down the page and view the top headlines in a few seconds.

    The new homepage is a mess. Too much crap that I don’t need to be bothered with. Why do you need to show the first 2 lines of the article. All I need is the headline. In addition, instead of just scrolling down the page to see the headlines i’m interested in, i now have to click on links to see the top headlines in Health, Business, Sports, etc.

    Awful. Awful. Awful.

  • http://yahoohomepage Maria hale

    Hate it! where did Facebook link go? howdo I add facebook to list on left side of page?

  • http://yahoohomepage Maria hale

    Please go back to old yahoo page! going to look for an other home page. Been with yahoo for 15 years.

  • Stefan

    Stop making your homepage look like GeoCities please. I don’t like bright purple borders and huge fonts, nor do I like scrolling halfway to china to find interesting stories to read.
    Come on Yahoo, your web design team has to be better than this new look suggests.
    Anyway, I guess there is always gmail to go to. At least it doesn’t hurt my eyes when I load the page.

    • Jen

      Geocities! THAT’S what it reminds me of!

  • Charles Ouellette

    Why is it that “new” on web sites is much worse than the “old”?

    For me, Yahoo will no longer be my homepage. The “new” is horrible.

  • D

    Awful. the old Yahoo allowed me to remove “Entertainment” and other news types I didnt want to see. Now I cant. I am stuck with Entertainment, I dont care about the Kardashians!!! I like have science and technology in my feed, not endless searching and switching.

    Of course, Yahoo wont listen to its consumers, they will shove this down our throats whether we like it or not. Typical

  • Tony

    I agree that the new homepage is not great! I don’t care about certain news categories that I am now forced to see. I have tried searching for how to customize it but clearly, Yahoo has not made plans for that or is keeping mum on it. Terrible … another case of Yahoo forcing their whims down our throats.

    Also, the color is VERY hard on my eyes. I am colorblind and the blue actually hurts my eyes, making it difficult to read. A less bright and a darker blue would make it easier to read against the stark white background.

    So much for Yahoo. I will no longer make Yahoo my home page if they don’t address these concerns.

  • Diane

    HATE HATE HATE HATE the new Yahoo look. I’ve had to adjust over the years when Yahoo changed their homepage, but this one is just too much. Colors are awful. Infinite scrolling is awful. I’ve already changed my homepage. Yahoo really missed the mark on this one. If they ever listen to consumers and change back, I’d consider going back to Yahoo, but never if this page remains as is. Another example of a group of developers in a room, isolated from actual consumer, deciding on design changes. Boo Yahoo…!

  • Jen

    I kept hitting “refresh” because I thought it wasn’t loading properly. It reminds me of a website from the 1990s.

  • Jewel

    Seriously do NOT like the stark white background of the “new” Yahoo homepage. Yahoo has been my homepage for years. I’m talking years here but I am now thinking of changing it.
    What happened to the tool that allowed you to choose the colors of your Yahoo homepage?
    Good grief! Please undo the changes. Admit you’ve missed the mark with this one. Please!

  • Daniel

    I go to Yahoo daily to read the news, the new site is hard on my eyes (I’m 31). Also very cluttered and hard to see what is what. They need to fix the new page fast.

    • Pamela

      Daniel, you got it – the new page is cluttered! That’s the whole problem. I wish Yahoo would abandon this idea and go back to an easy to read page.

  • sue

    This is even worse that the Overdrive redesign for borrowing books from your library. I have to look at news I couldn’t care less about and if you want to customize you have to log in with Facebook which I do not have or yahoo. I tried to create a yahoo account using yahoo sucks, but they said it was inappropriate and they don’t like yahoo stinks either.

  • bob

    I was forced to use new yahoo for the last couple of weeks.It became clear there was no going back. Maybe it is good for the tablet folks, but not good for PC people. I am in process of switching email and have made MSN my home page. That is the closest thing I could find. Does anyone else have suggestions for a new home page? Is there a support group for EX-yahoo addicts?

  • Eve

    I hate the new Yahoo homepage! What IS a new one that I could use? Both Yahoo and Facebook sit in their techno ivory towers, way above the little people, and make design changes at whim. Why can’t they provide an opt-out for those of us who have our reasons for wanting or even needing to stay with what we had?

    • Pam

      I also hate the new Yahoo homepage! The old page was easy to look at. This is a pain! Yahoo has been my favorite homepage for years. I can’t believe they spent time and money on making a good page into a garbage page. If we can’t go back, I’ll find a new homepage. Does anyone know of an alternative other than MSN that comes close to the old easy-to-look at, easy-to-find, news / entertainment, etc. that Yahoo’s old page had?

  • Roger

    This is an absolute horrendous redesign.
    Infinite scrolling pages ??? Are you crazy.
    I like to put on my page what I want to see, NOT what you think I should see.
    Give me the old page back.
    I have switched to Bing home page. At least I can make it do what I want without all the extraneous garbage.
    KISS– KISS. Don’t they ever learn??

  • ethan culbreth

    I have been one of those unfortunate “test cases” whose yahoo has been switched to the horrid new version for weeks now, only they never gave me the option to fill out a comment card or questionaire- pity because, HOO-BOY I could have singed someone’s eyeballs with what I think of that they’ve done to what has been my homepage for over ten years.

  • horrible

    is there any way that users who hate the new design which is so very immature and takes away individulaity specially in the shocking fait accompli way that they just imposed it on us, is there anyway that we can sign a petition to get the original form back? an online petition?
    if so please start one and we can all add to it

  • Willard

    I have to agree, horrible. Will probably find a new home page shortly if yahoo does not allow users the right to use something they like.They do not have any way to comment to yahoo direct. I guess they don’t care how users feel. Maybe they will learn when enough people change to new web browsers and their advertisers have no one to advertise to.

  • mafarf

    Absolutely hate this new design. No way to personalize and way too big and cluttered. We should have a choice on this. And when you send feedback to Yahoo, no one seems to bother to respond! Are they all in denial? I am leaving for Google news or msnbcnews. Too bad because I have been a Yahoo fan forever.

  • donnie

    really dont like it—will change home page myself if no option to change back is given

  • Amber

    I just hate it! Reset my browser twice in 2 days to get the old yahoo back. I’ll try Bing now or msn. It really sucks.

  • http://yahoohomepage me

    Awful. I like to browse with a glance. I rarely use CNN homepage anymore since they changed ages ago. I hope they offer “classic view” soon.

  • http://yahoohomepage me

    Awful. I like to get a quick glance of the news with headlines. I hate having paragraphs between the headlines. It forces you to scroll down forever. I hope that “classic view” is available soon.

  • Pooch

    give us the old page back. This s**ks

  • http://yahoo.com Zoey

    Strongly Dislike!!!!!!! The print, font etc…Is like I’m being yelled at or someone is in my personal space. I totally dislike the way the preview blocks 1/2 the preview picture. The color purple is nice but I can’t get past the other glaringly obvious fails. Yahoo has always been my favorite page until now. If I can’t change to previous view than going to have to bail. Sorry Yahoo :(

  • http://yahoohomepage richard hunt

    Who told you that NEON BLUE was a tolerable color for a home page. You must be trying to get people to find a new homepage. I know I am.

  • G F

    I do NOT like the new homepage. The colour purple is too bright for my older eyes. And the endless scrolling is annoying and time consuming. Yahoo needs to have a button to click where we can revert back to the classic homepage and also select the colours it displays in WITHOUT having to sign in.

    That’s all for now because I’m going to go look for an alternate homepage in case Yahoo doesn’t get the message and keeps us locked into this format.

  • Julie

    I wont be visiting yahoo anymore if this is how it is going to be. I HATE the new page.

  • http://yahoo Alice

    The older version of yahoo is a whole lot better than this new version. I will be going to another website until yahoo has the option for customers to either choose the new or old yahoo.

  • YahooIsOutOfTouch

    This new home page is horrible, way too long and you have to scroll to see anything useful. Just show the headlines, not an excerpt for the article. I just changed all my browsers homepages on numerous PCs to go elsewhere as Yahoo is no longer my source for searching and information.

  • jreb

    Yahoo’s new homepage is horrible I hate it. I will be finding a new homepage!

  • jim

    Terrible! who the hell was in the focus groups. It’s scattered, and looks like a rainbow puked on my laptop

    • Ken

      Dude you summed it up BRILLANTLY! I hope the revert back.

  • D-ray

    The new deisgn is TERRIBLE!!!!! I HATE IT! IT S*CKS!!
    Goodbye Yahoo.

  • Greg

    Terrible…you just lost a customer! I hope your advertisers are reading these so they know how people feel about it. I have been browsing around for an hour on this and how to change it back….I don’t think you can. I also have not read one single good thing that has been said about the new homepage. Don’t you people listen to your customers?

  • http://www.exabytes.sg/ Jerrick

    It seems more toward a social media where you can see your email , friends new feeds with article or action like share toward the article, friends birthdays , horoscopes.

  • Jeremy

    The new Yahoo sucks. Please change it back, been my homepage for yrs. mobile is even worse.

    • martha

      wow..who did you hire for this,how totally confusing , sorry I’m from the old school, just thought it could be user friendly for All.
      sorry to say,but the old school people are still ALIVE and trying to learn, Just because we have to.(paper and pencils would totally work for so many),A shame we have to deal with all.
      So PLEASE understand..we’re not dead yet,tried 7+ just to renew a licence,responce, there was a glitch in the system..paper application would have worked,could have lost it in the time frame.
      “total job loss” young people need to know the older ones are who they are making their money off of. because if things keep going the way they are our young children will end up with NOTHING!
      so maybe train them to respect us, and maybe a lesson in life they will treasure in our BAD times of this economy.

  • Susan Gregory

    I hate the new page. Just love how Yahoo thinks they know what is best for me, and then they just change things and tell me how great it is and how much I like it. I liked my old page and had it set up with what I wanted. Changing my homepage as it will no longer be Yahoo.

  • Jay

    How do I get the old home page back — the one that allowed me to see what I wanted, without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? This is Marissa Mayer’s second biggest mistake ever. Go back.

  • Maya Ayala

    The new page is HORRIBLE! I can’t believe that they did this!

  • Patrick

    The problem with endless scrolling is in order to read the articles you want to read, you might have to scroll down for quite a while, while it all remains being built up in your memory and causing it to slow down. Conciseness is the key to success in a page. The type of conciseness where they had a few categories and a few articles in the categories, not one giant blob. Worst change I have ever seen, aside from the change to their Android app. I have had a Yahoo account for over a decade now, as I never could keep up with the expiring Hotmail accounts. I am about to just use my Gmail as my primary email. Yahoo, please read our comments. Some, given, are quite harsh, but reasonably so. Make changes to your servers to make them more efficient, but do not make changes to your interfaces. You have a horrible interface design team, that is now proven twice.

  • timmad rotcod

    This Marissa Mayer is not working for yahoo!
    think about it… who would deliberately sabotage their own company?
    no one in their right mind would think this “new look” is going to go well.
    it’s confusing, uninformative, time-consuming, total chaos!
    i could not believe what i was seeing, so i refreshed the page several times, then ran a deep virus scan and started searching online only to discover that it is real.
    Yahoo is being disabled from within, by the same mentality of the people running our country.
    time to find a new home page and email service.
    goodbye yahoo…. fun while it lasted.

  • tim

    Purple and brite blue literally hurts my eyes, It looks teeny-bopper designed, I am fifty and have always used yahoo, now for the first time I am definitly changing to something, just don’t know what yet.

  • Ronni

    1. ‘everyday’ should be ‘every day’ in this article. 2. I generally welcome improvements. This was not, so my home page has been changed and my email address will soon follow. 3. Marissa Mayer has never heard the story of new Coke.

  • wayne bogus

    This new Yahoo! is horrible. It’s difficult to navigate and makes my eyes hurt after awhile. I wonder what type of drugs the person who designed it is snorting. I’m going to look for a new home page.

  • White

    It SUCKS

  • Sil

    I hate this and have hated it when it has popped up several times in the past. Yahoo has been my homepage for years. This new format sucks. It’s very hard to read. My eyes run all over the place and focus on nothing. the endless news scroll is ridiculous.

  • Lawrence Vernetti

    Count me in with those who really, really dislike the new homepage. Endless scrolling, no apparent method to personalize the ‘news’ catagories I want. Yuck. I will be swithcing my homepage to AOL.

  • http://Yahoo Diane

    HATE HATE HATE the new format and the endless scrolling. Not user friendly at all. All the information on the page just blures together into a giant blob of frustration.

  • Rose Koeller

    I cannot stand this new homepage. Please give me back the one I had. This one is highly irritating and frustrating.
    “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Why do so many people change things when it is perfect the way it is? Don’t businesses realize that when a customer gets used to something, he gets comfortable with it and will ENJOY going to it.
    I will be changing my homepage back to MSN if this page stays. I much prefer Yahoo, but not this new format. I HATE IT!

  • Patrick Koeller

    Do NOT like this new Yahoo format!!!!!!! Highly frustrating.

  • Patrick Koeller

    HATE the new Yahoo format!!!!!!!

  • Anderson

    The new Yahoo Home page is just terrible. Purple may be my least favorite color. I prefer my text in black. I understand that Yahoo wants to attract young, tech savvy viewers… But, there are a lot of people who want something simple to use and less “vibrant” to read. Dear Yahoo CEO. There is a reason that most books are black type on white pages. By giving people an option, Yahoo would do that. Otherwise, Yahoo will turn off a lot of viewers. Me included.

  • Michelle

    I don’t like it. I don’t want to interface with my Facebook friends and Twitter via the Yahoo homepage. It was a nice escape from that to just get the news I want. Sometimes social media can be oppressive.

  • loretta

    Do not like the new yahoo, i will switch to something else!!HATE IT, HATE IT ,HATE IT! Not user friendly.

  • Mark

    Yahoo has been my home page for many many years. This new layout is terrible and requires me to scroll forever. I can no longer just glance at the news articles quickly and decide which to read. I will be forced to change my home page. What a sad day.

  • http://Yahoo tom

    Marissa Mayer sucks ! Change home page back to 1 line news summary. What is she thinking. I can see why yahoo keeps losing readers. Need people in touch with user needs not the gobbly garbage they just released. … any replies can be sent to my new mail account

  • Frank Genta

    It is obvious they didn’t ask anyone what they wanted before they changed. Typical arrogant company.

  • Greg Bonifay

    Hate the new look! Get rid of the semi-transparent banner that covers each photo in the image slider. The banner hides most of the photo and the tag line is already there anyway. HATE the BANNER!!

    • http://Yahoohomepage Cynthia

      I really dislike the semi-transparent banner, too, and I don’t like the new list of favorites that excludes most of what I set up to access quickly. This whole change is for the birds.

  • Nancy Lein

    I love the new Yahoo home page! Love the new easier to read format and more information and news on the page too! Keep up the great work Yahoo! :)

    • philip

      I would not get used to it it wont be around for long

  • Kyle

    AWFUL! IT SUCKS! I left yahoo forever because of it.

  • bob

    Too cluttered and less control. I hate it! Sometime simple is better. How do I change the links I had customized on the old Yahoo home page? Way too confusing.

  • Joe Darts

    I used to get all of my local news for Rockford, Illinois, now with the new Yahoo, my “local” news is for Chicago which is 2 hours away. I don’t really care for that!

  • http://yahoo rol hands

    It’s terrible..why did they change? Nothing was broken..it really sucks..I dislike it..and may be done with yahoo in the future.

  • http://YahooHomepage Michelle

    I agree with so many of the previous comments. My biggest complaint is that I loved having the Lifestyle and Health section stories, as well as all the others, in their specified locations. I don’t want to scroll down through a potpourri of stories in order to find one relevant to me. Bad form!

  • Terry

    The new format sucks. I used their page because I liked it the way it was, not because I wanted them to change it.

  • philip

    you better fix this crap if this is permanent I wam moving my mail and everythng to MSN and will block yahoo from my office PC’s also you could have added the new features without all the purple and blue kiddie letters on yahoo now I will try again tomorrow if it is still like this yahoo will never grace any of my Pc’s again

    • BlokeToys

      You are pretty funny 😉

      Now try getting that passionate about something that ACTUALLY MATTERS, like government infringement of your rights, the oppression of others in foreign nations, the corruption of business and government…

      There are plenty of causes to rant about, this isn’t one of them.

  • miike ryan

    The change gives me the excuse i needed to go to google like everyone else.

    • BlokeToys

      I don’t use Yahoo! but I like this look more than the last. This is cleaner, more efficient, more modern, and it suits the growing mobile market more than the previous.

      Critical commenter’s are oblivious to a few things (even the so-called “web designers” who think they know better)

      1. Like it or not, the Purple color is a part of their branding, they are not going to change it because YOU prefer a different color!

      2. The mobile market is growing every day, Yahoo! would be retards not to meet the expectations of a growing market, even if you don’t personally like the cleaner look.

      3. A few negative nellies who think they can DEMAND that a private business change their look through arrogance and threats are delusional. Yahoo! has spent money to complete market research and develop a site that meets the needs of the MAJORITY, not just YOU.

      And for those “threatening” to go to Google instead, go ahead, try using their censored results, experience their constant harassment of advertising, try finding genuine results that interest you in their sea of BS they “think” you want. You’ll soon be going to Bing or back to Yahoo! once your keyboard warrior stint is over and you’ve realized that a private business doesn’t have to conform to public sentiment.

      • Marky Mark

        A simple server side script would solve the problem – detect if the user is using a mobile OS versus a desktop OS. IT. ISN’T. THAT. HARD.

        Nobody is asking them to ditch the purple logo – but purple and blue text on top of each other? Miserable.

        • BlokeToys

          Simple design extends to more than which OS platform is being used. Designers know this. Cleaner pages lead to greater interest and a more positive user experience.

          We can try to deny the laws of design as proven over the last thirty years in favor of the “I HATE ANY KIND OF CHANGE” crowd, but the fact is a cleaner layout and design is a mark of a modern and user-friendly site.

          People are just complaining for the sake of complaining. I wish I had the free time in my day that so many others seem to have to waste bitching about Yahoo! and their choice of color scheme.

          They don’t have to change anything to suit a vocal minority of complainers with nothing better to do. They’ve changed it to suit a majority of users, and they’ll continue to do that (as they should) even with a few ranting individuals stamping their feet like three year old’s.

          • Marky Mark

            Anyone who has spent time studying graphic design knows that blue and purple don’t go together.

            How is this new design “cleaner” than the old one?

            How is it intuitive to use the middle of the page to scroll on your computer?

            There was nothing wrong with it before.

          • BK

            WOW you really need to get over yourself!

      • Curtis S

        Actually a private business that wants to make money off of ad revenue HAS to have costumers and since that market is TIGHT as hell, WE users have the upper hand if we use it in an organized manner. Private companies are not Olympian Gods after all.

  • deb

    If it doesn’t go back, I will go to Google or MSN.

  • monte

    CHANGE or allow color options on the horrible PURPLE Yahoo home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    A PC is not a smartphone.

    I don’t want to ‘swipe’ to see more than one news story at a time on my widescreen monitor. I DO want to be able to open stories in new tabs or windows. It is ridiculously easy to create a serverside script that seperates the smartphone version of the site (which let’s be honest, is what this new homepage is) from the PC version so why in the name of all that is sweet and holy will they not do that?!

    Over 20 years ago I opened my Yahoo account. It is the only email address I have ever had that was not assigned to me by work or school. It is the only Homepage I have ever used for IE. That ends now. The company has been going downhill for a long time now and their adamant refusal to offer an option to revert severs what little loyalty I had left.

    • Marky Mark

      I agree – how hard it is for them to detect the OS and feed a page based on the result? That’s 1990s technology – stuff I learned to do when Netscape and Internet Explorer were all I had to worry about.

      Surely the code monkeys can figure out the difference between Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android if they can detect that I have disabled JS on my browser.

      Another thing that annoyed me weeks ago was the removal of the simple text link “sign out” in Yahoo mail – ironically that text link made it easier for me to logout on my phone!

  • http://www.dayspringdigital.com Tony

    I Like the New look alot…more stories and you can keep scrolling until you find something you like. Also loaded quickly on my computer.

  • ivette colon

    Don,t like it . Iwant my previous homepage.

    • http://Yahoo Bettina

      I hate the brightness in bright blue print. It is very hard on the eyes. I want the old yahoo homepage back the way it was on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013. One does not know where to look for anything with the improved…NOT!!!!! site. Way too hard on the eyes. What was YAHOO thinking??

  • BoBuck

    As a web designer it appears to me that they don’t have anyone working at yahoo with any web design, or internet experience…. you would think they might go online at yahoo themselves, but it doesn’t appear to be the case

    • Curtis S

      Or you know: Ask their users what they might want and try to balance out the needs of the company and the users in a rational adult minded fasion. If only to keep their users and thus their ad revenue, ya know?

  • http://yahoo kathy

    I HATE the new homepage. Only the top three of my favorites are showing, the rest show as —— “seriously?!???” I am irritated because there is NO WHERE to change it back the way it was and I hate the new design. WHERE is page options?????

    I am switching to Google

  • Marky Mark

    I am appalled at the new look – it is horrible. Purple, really?

    The one posted in this article a few months ago with mostly gray overtones I thought was a nice idea – but when I turned on my PC today and saw purple everywhere after checking my email it made me want to vomit.

    My PC isn’t about “swish and swoop” – the infinite newsfeed is a stupid idea.

    For now I have changed my personal settings from the US to Canada because this allows you to bypass this garbage.

    If this is the new look then I won’t be a Yahoo user for much longer.

    • Marky Mark

      With regards to what I mentioned above:

      1. Disabling javascript gets rid of some of the annoyance (if you use Opera, for example, you can disable JS on a site by site basis).

      2. By going into my Yahoo account and switching from English(US) to English(Canada) it puts you back to ca.yahoo.com when you log out – this allows you to use the old look and sets the right cookie (granted, the news will be more focused on Canada for local news but the rest looks the same as it did last week until they decided to destroy the US layout).



  • Norma

    I hate this page. The font size and the color is hard on my eyes. I can can change font size on text, but I can find no way to change the view of the page itself.

    Some time back you changed so we can’t go to a narrow view – that was difficult to adjust to – now this.

    I love Yahoo, but I am going to have to change my Homepage.

  • http://Yahoo Rachelle

    I totally hate the new look of the homepage for Yahoo. Everything is too big and clunky looking. The thick borders and bright blue lettering are not very asthetically pleasing. I’ve been with yahoo since around 1998 and this revamp is enough to make me leave if I dont have the option to use the old layout!

    • http://Yahoo Bettina

      I hate the bright blue print, and is so hard on the eyes. Not layed out like the old yahoo homepage was. That was easy on the eyes. Subued black color for print. I want the old homepage back that I saw on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013.

  • http://www.columbuswebseo.com Matt

    I know a lot of people’s initial reaction is to say they hate new designs, but new designs can be helpful. For example with Facebook, new designs are practically required to account for changes in the site’s functionality. New features are added constantly to Facebook so, of course, a new design is warranted more frequently.

    Yahoo’s Home page hasn’t been updated in over four years and at first glance, I personally think they did a great job updating the look and feel while preserving its old aesthetics.

  • Paul

    Before yesterday, I had no reason to search out a new homepage. Yahoo had everything I needed. I hate the new page and will find an alternative – in the meantime, I am using the Canadian site – ca.yahoo.com.

    • keli

      THANK YOU! I didn’t know about the ca.yahoo option. Switched my homepage to that. Was going to use msn but prefer the organization of the old yahoo, so ca.yahoo works great.

  • floridasaint

    The new Yahoo homepage is terrible. It substitutes Yahoo favorites which are of no interest whatsoever for me for my personal favorites that I have used for years. There is no way to get rid of the Yahoo selected favorites or place my favorites back on the homepage where they have been for years. I will find a new homepage after using Yahoo for the last 15 years. What an incredible blunder by Yahoo.

  • Mollee

    I don’t like the new Yahoo home page. I especially don’t like the news banner that is running over the picture – very annoying.

  • http://yahoo rob

    Yahoo’s new homepage really, really sucks. EWE!!! Way too big, and it starting to look like MS homepage but a lot worse. I’m beginning to look elsewhere for a new alternative than this eyesore. I’ve been with Yahoo since way back, I guess it’s time for a change.

  • http://Yahoo Bettina

    Please, please bring the old yahoo homepage back. It has bright blue and clunky as a homepage. Too hard on the eyes.

  • Gary

    Too busy. Not aesthetically pleasing. It’s starting to look like AOL from the 90’s.

  • Jon

    Dont like the new web site dont like the color

  • http://CapuchinConsultants.com Michael P Di Fulvio

    New Yahoo web site well…sucks! I do like the larger pictures of the slider app that displays the day’s hot news. problem is the size should not match the text in size as it creates a poor look and fell. this of course makes of a poor User Experience and the long and short of it all is…UI baby!

    —-mikeD / Tampa, FL 77f

    • Sheryl

      I hate this new yahoo. I couldn’t stand the other change a few months ago, but at least they gave a notice and I opted out for awhile. Then it automatically took over. With this change, it just happened, no notice. I hate it. I don’t know if I’m just replying to one person or to yahoo or to someone who can change it back. I want to tell whoever can do something about this to stop this garbage.

  • http://yahoo David Beausoleil

    This new homepage sucks. It’s hard to read, only tells me in one place how much mail I have, and no options to customize it to my liking. I have no use for the finacial apps, OMG, or sports. In fact I only use a few. Please Change back.

  • http://NewYahoowebsite Richard Maleck

    Very bad. Do not like to look through the grey screen to try and find out what the photo is behind it. Wh would think that obscuring photos on their web site is a good idea?

  • Richard Bailey

    I am totally dumbfounded as to why you have changed your yahoo homepage. I realize your new CEO has to do something to earn her keep but she’s messed with something she shouldn’t have! Now on my left side of the homepage are a bunch of Favorites listed that I can’t change or delete like News, Movies, Autos, Shopping, Travel, Games, Sports, Fiance! Why you didn’t carry over my favorites from my old homepage is a major blunder. Now I have to click onto more favorites first to go to Google and Mega Millions and the rest of my favorites are on the bottom of my favorites list. How do I add or delete favorites now???
    Please reply,

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com Steve

    I think psychologically most people do not like the new look because it’s something new and different. Once people get accustomed to a certain look, they don’t like change unless the previous design was horrendous.

    Maybe it’ll take a little time to get used to. Or, maybe it is a change for the worse. I’ll wait to make my assessment.

  • Brian

    Wont use it anymore as my homepage. It’s hard to use now. Sad…

  • http://www.kozmikhoroscopes.com/ dave ryan

    Dear old Yahoo has at last fixed some of the incredibly irritating bugs and non functioning buttons on its old design, giving me hope it may even yet recover some of its old glories, there must be a place for human reviewed websites which Yahoo at one point had sewn up.

  • http://lizzieschristianbookstoreandmore.com lizzie ducking

    Not happy with it; writing too large and now you have to click on more to find other things that you want. It is inconvience.

  • http://www.jonsie.origamiowl.com David

    The layout is horrid. I can no longer quickly scroll to my area of interest and local news…..have no idea where it went.

    The banner through the pictures is the most obnoxious thing I have ever seen.

    This is hard on the eyes and simply confusing. You should at least give users the choice of the new vs old design. Looks like I have to find another homepage.

  • Connie

    I HATE THIS MESS!! I’m changing my home Page to MSN. I’ve always used Yahoo as my home page, but this new design is simply awful. Why not give us a choice of using it or going back to the old Home Page? The infinite scrolling is unbearable and there’s so much clutter! The color is really hard on my eyes. I want my old Home Page back!

  • Mr C

    Awful! Glad I saw all those Bing commercials on TV so I know of something else to try. Was always a big Yahoo user but just can’t stand the site of this new homepage. Hate to switch but this is just too busy, all over the place and purple!

  • who me


    any good SALESMAN or company that makes and sells a product knows if you are trying to sell a product, the first thing that must be done and what draws people’s interest to the product is IT MUST BE MADE TO LOOK APPEALING, If customers don’t like the looks of the product. chances are they will not be drawn in or very concerned about the other “benefits” of that product.

    With that said …

    The new page is the worst they have come up with yet, the overall design, lack of organisational together with lack of color scheme and overall setup is bad BUT what tops the worst of the worst list is the way they have the captions “pop up” over the bottom of pictures for the news items …It is so bad it gives me a headache just after 5 or six pictures.

    Yahoo better switch back FAST they are losing Home Page users by the droves with this royal screw up

  • mark

    I fully understand that change is almost always met with some hesitation. Its just human nature. But honestly, I hate it. It is cartoon-like. It is harder to read. It seems less easy to customize (though that may be its newness.) And I really don’t see where it improved much of anything. I am generally patient with change, knowing I’ll adapt and probably enjoy it, but I am another person who is seriously thinking about finding an alternative before I ever get that far.

  • Alexander

    I had hope for Marissa Mayer but if this new Yahoo home page is her contribution then my hope was misplaced. The infinite scrolling of news is irritating. The top five or six stories in each category in in the old home page enabled you to scan the news quickly and select more if you wanted to. The new home page reminds me of the way USA Today recently messed up their app. Too bold, too big, too much white space, too jumbled up and too confusing. Also reminds of how Yahoo toally trashed their at the time very popular financial message boards a few years ago. I have been using Yahoo as my home page for 15 years and now I am looking for a new one. I hope they don’t mess with the financial screens.

  • Marky Mark

    Right now it looks like about 120 who hate this versus maybe 5 who like it.

    First they destroyed Yahoo mail and now this.

    Marissa Mayer needs to go.

  • lisa

    I hate this new format. I will not be using it again.

  • Caellyn

    I hate the new yahoo homepage. It is chaotic and disorganized. I like have categories like it had before. I’m looking for a new homepage. I have a couple of new ones I’m trying out.

  • Blugill

    Awful! Glad I saw all those Bing commercials on TV so I know of something else to try. Was always a big Yahoo user but just can’t stand the site of this new homepage. Hate to switch but this is just too busy, all over the place and purple!

    The new page is the worst they have come up with yet, the overall design, lack of organizational together with lack of color scheme and overall setup is bad BUT what tops the worst of the worst list is the way they have the captions “pop up” over the bottom of pictures for the news items …It is so bad it gives me a headache just after 5 or six pictures.

  • Emmett

    Do not like the new Yahoo page, like the last version with bullet points for fast scanning. This is cumbersome. Huge opening for Microsoft and others.

  • Slycat

    The new site is truly awful. I will seriously have to think about dumping yahoo and it’s mail service. Need to give an option to go back to old version.

    • Marky Mark

      Thankfully there is a way to go back to the old classic Yahoo email (the new look is hideous as well). I understand that the smartphone market is growing – but there are still billions of computers in this world too.

      BGR pulled this nonsense a few months ago – I stopped reading after they went to the 33/33/33 look.

  • http://www.kevin-negrete.com mike henkel

    if it is not broke do not fix it!!!!! i want my old homepage

  • Dana

    I hate the new website. It is just too busy.

  • Roger

    The new home page design and content represents the “social network” view of the internet (and humanity) run amok. Great… It looks like a desperate attempt to generate more income dressed up as an “improvement.” Individually adjustable, my ass! There’s nothing attractive or functional in the design changes. On the contrary, those looking for quick-to-read or check headlines across a variety of topics are now excluded. Yeah really, people are going to scroll down an endless series of expanded headline pieces. And now, even the top center picture is partially blocked by a wide banner, often blocking the essential content. People who think of this stuff are really out of touch wih humanity.

    • Jeff

      I agree with Roger’s assessment. This redesign doesn’t fit my web surfing habits at all. Fortunately, they haven’t messed with news.yahoo.com yet. I prefer that site to http://www.yahoo.com anyway. I’m also surprised that they didn’t stop with the highly saturated colors all over the page, especially the liberal use of Yahoo! purple. It fights with the bright blue hyperlinks and the cartoon-y icons on the left. Every time I move my mouse over a link or a picture, some other image jumps out at me. I’ve always believed that good web design gets out of the way of the content. But this new interface keeps getting in the way.

  • TR

    The new page makes me feel like I’m playing my 5 year-old’s Leapster 2.

  • Faye Shamblin

    NO i don’t like all these ads and articles on my home page I liked the system the way it was that is the reason I chose Yahoo to be my home page Please return me to the original yahoo was before this mess on the page now.

  • Mike Hunt

    Hate the new homepage. Hate the color scheme, like the old better.

    Hate the annoying infinite scrolling. Bring back the old

  • Jules

    I absolutely HATE everything about the new layout! I hate the childish candy colors, the font, the infinite news scroll, everything! Please bring back the old one. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

  • Debbie

    Do not like the new homepage. Too busy !!! and too much color, like a child’s homepage. Please bring back the old homepage !!!!

  • http://yahoohomepage lee

    I do not like the new home page it’s hard on my eyes something to do with the color.

  • http://yahoo.com DJ

    I hate this new page!!! Its terrible and I dont like my news all mixed up. I’ve had Yahoo as my homepage for years. I didnt like the switch back in 2009 but I got used to it. That said, this change is too much. It might be great for smart phones but its not great for me. Im switching my homepage to MSN.com. Im not a big Microsoft fan but at least their page is closer to the Yahoo I used to love. If they change it back I will too. This is a sad day.

  • Marky Mark

    140 opposed – 6 for the new design.

    96% failure rate, Yahoo.

  • Kirk

    No, do not like the new home page. It is more difficult to find the places I like to go to, more obnoxious to read the quick synopsis on the stories at the top of the page. I do not like it at all.

  • Dan

    Awful, just awful. Like many here I will be switching my homepage for the first time in 12+ years. A shame. Not that their writers/stories have much going for them anyways..

  • Habibah Amatussalam

    Whose idea was this? Who asked you? The new design, colors and layout are awful. I prefer to have my headlines where I can choose which to read. This new design means I have to scroll forever to even find out what’s out there. It wasn’t broken before, now it is.

    • Barbara

      I agree. Yahoo has been getting worse and worse. This is the worst so far. Too much junk one one page and you have to look thru all of itto find what you need. I tried to personalize my settings and had little success – couldn’t get rid of some things or weather places (that I didn’t even put there) or move things around. I HATE it!!!!! Trying to find an alternative at this point.

  • Brock

    I just wish they would get rid of that transluscent white strip on the top image slider.

    Totally BAD idea.

    It looks like a frosty strip of tape that obscures my view from what I should or want to see.

    Please get rid of it.

  • Brock

    I do not like the colors either.

    They hurt my eyes and are not a pleasant set of colors.

    The colors do NOT work well together.

    Think I’ll switch over to MSN homepage.

  • Brock

    Think I’ll just switch over to ca.yahoo.com

    The Canadian version.

    • Curtis S

      Thank You Brother! Oh Lord Thank You. Bless you, Bless You, Bless You. I am free of the purple and pink!

      • BK

        thank you!!!!!

  • http://www.onlyhangers.com Ron

    I liked the old version better. I hate to have to scroll down down so far to find the story I’m interested in reading. I like how MSN lays out their homepage much better with everything right there in front of you on one page.

  • alex

    this sucks!!! all of it. change it back please

  • Johnny Money

    How do I change the new yahoo homepage colors. I’m older than 3 so I find the purple very annoying and tasteless.

  • Georgia Arrants

    Too busy!! Don’t need all that stuff.

  • http://gogle terri muzzy

    i like the old verson better.

  • Kristy Johnson

    I went to look at the news this morning and found that it was nearly impossible. Takes up the whole screen for the things that used to be small and I could quickly glance at what I thought was interesting. I will be changing what I use for a homepage. The new one sucks!

  • Paul

    Miss the “Unread” option in the email, which gathered all unread and made them available as a group, independent of date. Have to scroll through everything now to find the one I’ve missed, if I have been away a few days and a large number of emails have amassed.

  • Debbie

    I HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Singleton

    The purple is HORRIBLE. The colors, which cannot be changed are awful.
    The whole page looks designed for a tween girl. UGH. Yahoo is apparently WANTING people to leave them.

  • Pat

    Absolutely AWFUL!!! Please put it back the way it was!!!

  • Lisa Norooz

    I liked the former Yahoo page much better and the old layout. I do not at all like the new colors either. It’s annoying!

  • ssteinhoff_99@yahoo.com

    new yahoo is crap! please change it back!I will shut done my account if im not given an option to switch back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich

    what a mess ! …I do not want to sift thru EVERYTHING that happens in the world.. I only want SOME things … Waht is a better search engine to switch to ?

  • Michael Maturlak

    guys go to yahoo homepage, click on help, click “can I go back to old version” (which btw you cannot) click feedback and let yahoo know how horrible the new site is. Maybe when they see how many of us are switching to other sites they will bring back what should have never been changed!

    • Curtis S

      No dice: You cannot switch back at this time. IE you are stuck with this pile of shit, and must cope so that we can milk Ad revenue off of your anxiety.

  • http://www.edonilab.com/ Doni

    I had to try it for a few days, I comment again

  • Karen O

    Hate the new design…

  • Chazz

    Why did they change it? Oh wait I know….so they could make more money. Do I like it? NO! Doesnt matter they wont change it back. We are just pawns in the game of life. However if we were paying for this we could make them change .

  • davidw

    This one is not quite as bad as the other new one.

    However, it does look uglier – like Microsoft Windows 8 or something.

  • Dianne

    The new page is too busy. TOO MANY ARTICLES and I don’t want to waste time scrolling for the headlines. Just give me the headlines in a condensed list view as you used to. I don’t want to always have to see the first few sentences of every article. Because of the expanded way of showing each news item, you have to toggle now between Politics, Entertainment, Local, etc.. I used to see all the top headlines on one screeen. Bring the old page back or please consider revisions!!!

  • John

    I hate the new web page on the iPad

  • jim

    Hate the new front page. bring back the old one

  • http://Yahoo Inez

    I don’t like the new format and wish to be switched back to the old one asap.

  • Allie

    I loath the new home page. The all purple and white is awful. Also, my favorites should be on top and I should still see the icons for them. What are you doing Yahoo? We are not tired of our old page, we all want it back. Hate, hate, hate the new one.

  • pc

    Hate it!

  • margaret

    Absolutely horrible….will find a new home page

  • Lin

    HATE the new Yahoo homepage….it is very FRACTURED, NOT focused,
    not easy to find (at a glimpse)the news in the various threads…..GO BACK TO THE OLD LOOK!!!! IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T MESS WITH IT!!!

  • Big Mike

    New Yahoo homepage stinks. Stupid preview synopsis blocks out photos, ceaseless scrolling to find key stories, funny colors – been on Yahoo since I started browsing, but will leave shortly to find a more organized news source.

  • Watcher

    HATE the new design… Just like Windows 8, the new version is for swipe tablets and phones. Screw the PC users who made them what they are… The laugh will be on them.. People will use the mail and not read the articles.

  • D Stuart

    The new Yahoo homepage is cluttered, disorganized, and it lacks focus. After 15 years, I’m going somewhere else, even if it’s the local newspaper in my front yard.

  • JFin

    Absolutely 100% Horrible!!! Whoever at Yahoo made the final approval to publish this new layout to the masses should be given a “pink slip”. What a totally disgraceful and embarrassing abomination in just about every aspect of the new page… I’m in no way against change and something new, but this new layout is a complete mess and an epic failure!

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  • rtms

    Hate it, the colors are terriable. I use to be able to choose the background colors etc now, it’s just white and purple. Yuck. Not to mention half the news blocks are unviewable.

  • Ronnie Z

    “the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says”….Great! I’m interested in getting rid of this new ADD nightmare and my preference is getting the old functional familiar easy to navigate home page back.

  • charlene provence

    Ugh! Dislike the new look. Gives me a headache!!!! It feels very overwhelming.

  • ash

    I was using Yahoo from its start. I just switched permanently. Their new design is quite annoying. I can’t believe this was not picked up in the initial testing. If they didn’t care about their users, they deserve the loss in their market share. If they didn’t pick it up in their early market research, well they server what they get for being incompetent.
    I suspect that Yahoo will realize its mistake pretty soon but it may be too late regain the users that they lost (like me).

    Bottom line, the new design is worthless and the new CEO will soon feel the pain and consequence of ill-conceived ideas.

  • http://yahoohomepage reality check

    The new homepage sucks. Who wants to scroll down 100 items hoping to find something interesting?!?!
    It is pink and purple and nauseating and juvenile and looks like Hello Kitty threw up.
    I have had the same email address for nearly 15 yrs. Can’t imagine changing it, but this thing is BAD.
    They even deleted the Feedback link at the bottom of the page.
    Guess they can’t handle the reaction.
    It sucks.

  • ash

    I was using Yahoo from its start. I just switched permanently. Their new design is quite annoying. I can’t believe this was not picked up in the initial testing. If they didn’t care about their users, they deserve the loss in their market share. If they didn’t pick it up in their early market research, well they server what they get for being incompetent.
    I suspect that Yahoo will realize its mistake pretty soon but it may be too late regain the users that they lost (like me).

    Bottom line, the new design is worthless and the new CEO will soon feel the pain and consequence of ill-conceived ideas.

  • TC

    Yahoo new homepage is a mess, when are they going to learn, simple is Great!

  • suzanne

    I despise the new yahoo home page. as a >10 year user of yahoo I am very sad and dissapointed about this. I want the old yahoo home page back!!

  • Diane

    Absolutely loathe the new homepage. It is really a question of ‘what were they thinking’? The infinite scrolling… awful colors… terrible organization… never finding what I want to read… no ability to change colors or organize… Yahoo has lost a long time customer. I’ve adjusted to all their previous redesigns, but this one is too much. It gives me a headache and makes my eyes burn…. bye-bye Yahoo.

    • Curtis S

      Exactly, it is purely there to ensure we get ADS, not to help us get what we want done and thus it is useless to us and will not get them ad revenue either. Maybe they should have ASKED us users what we wanted instead of playing mommy???

  • http://facebook ann

    Hate it..looking for a new one this one sucks…………….

  • Kirk

    Wow. I have been a Yahoo user since the mid ’90s…but I just can’t stand it anymore. The new Yahoo Mail is bad…but the web site is unusable — literally! I can’t seem to keep my browser from crashing after 30 seconds of merely displaying the page!

    This is hopefully the kiss of death, as Yahoo now needs to be “put down” for its own good. To see it thrashing in such pain in unconscionable.

    Bye, Yahoo…


  • http://iam-tha-way.com Jorge

    Really? Computer’s crashing because of a home page? I too have been a Yahoo user since the 90’s and this is fine for what kind of tool it is. It gives me headlines, a convenient menu, and some articles then I move on to bigger and better things.

    Yahoo mail needs improvement. A lot of improvement.

  • Yahoo defector

    I have used Yahoo! as my homepage for over 10 years. That just ended, now I use msn.com. I have seen changes before but this is so bad I just deleted my entire yahoo account.

    • David

      I COMPLETELY agree! What idiot thought the best place for the text would be on top of the picture?
      I’m currently looking for a new home page.
      Yahoo, you guys are fools!

    • Michael

      There is way too much reliance on images on the new homepage. The wide user of the purple color offends my aesthetic senses. The overwhelming use of images is just that, overwhelming.
      There is “news” that might effect most and there is “news” that is of a more personal interest (celebrity events, sensational trials, etc.); the new Yahoo fails to separate the two.

      Yahoo should simply offer a choice between the original layout and the new.

  • Yahoo defector

    Terrible layout! What happened to quality and common sense?

  • Lewis

    The new Homepage is terrible! Please tell me how I can view Yahoo on it’s previous homepage. If I can’t, I will have to stop using Yahoo.

  • Alee

    Too cumbersome. Too bland. Everything meshes together making it difficult to find each section. Especially dislike being forced to log in to either Facebook or Yahoo to view local news stories and weather. Not interested in having to log in anywhere to get basic news and information. It was better like it was.

  • ncmako

    Unusable for me now. Nothing displays correctly? IE10 & FireFox,problems with both.I think they did very little beta testing
    and jumped the gun before making the update. Wife uses a Samsung Galaxy2 tablet, constant freezing now??? Have NO CHOICE but to totally advoid Yahoo now. What a disaster!
    Will change over to Gmail because of this.

  • James

    The new homepage is really bad. Color is bad, it just looks so messy and confusing. That stupid text bar across the picture. I use to RELAX with yahoo homepage, now it causes me stress.

  • Marty

    This new home page is the worst I have ever seen. Too much going on, very confusing, Color is bad as if a little ferry designed. Keep professional! If this doesn’t change soon I will have to choose another home page. Have used yahoo for years. Will not get use to this change. Good luck!!

  • Jaha Raho

    Very Terrible Design. Very funny. Yahoo Home page is now a never ending News Scroller. Plus you cannot remove that band that takes half of the images on the headlines

  • Marty

    Keep things simple. Yahoo, you are falling right in line with the way our government is being run. I want out. This new look stresses me out for some reason. When I first saw it all my quick links were gone. WTF!!

  • Tamara

    Switching to MSN! Layout and design not streamlined in any fashion.

  • ethan culbreth

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it too. I’ve asked this question before, but does anyone else have a major problem when you do a yahoo or google search, it gives you a bunch of legitimate links, but when you click on them you are “redirected” by something called “daily news auckland” to a fake, junk website that is another search engine, usually telling you you just searched for something that you did not search for? I had to copy and paste the address just to get to this website as the Daily News Auckland kept taking me to a page where I was searching for, I kid you not, Domino’s Pizza.
    Please help me, this is VERY annoying.

  • http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk Cartridge Save

    I think it’s pretty good, I’m not sure why there have been such negative responses. Yahoo’s page is quite complex, though, it’s much more cluttered than Google’s for instance. That’s not the best way to go about it, but I like them all the same.

  • margo

    So far don’t like it. I changed my homepage to Google,compressed and personalized it. Yahoo’s prior format was a good,quick read updated frequently. I like Yahoo’s selection of news items (they are different than Google’s) so I decided to work with the new Yahoo format to see if it becomes less irritating over time. Yahoo’s new homepage is unorganized, messey, repetative, very irritating, and the type seem too big. It takes way too much time to read and winnow out the junk. The “endless” scroll needs to end. The articles on the “all news” page need to be categorized. I want to be able to delete whole categories (like Sports and Entertainment)and add categories (what happened to Finance?). The constant prunning of story topics you don’t want to see is time consuming and I think would probably have to be done every day. The local section is way too broad – I live in CT why am I seeing stories from Jersey City, NJ. Since the point of a homepage is to sell ads, the amt of time the reader uses to fix the page and read it means they are not going to have time to look at ads, or because this is irritating, feel too good about the ads. I don’t think the pictures or subheads under the headlines add info, but they do take up a lot of space. Really, the more I think about it,Yahoo’s new homepage is discouraging. I don’t look forward to seeing what’s up. But I’m going to stick with it a while.

  • michael leffew

    IT FLAT OUT SUCKS! I have used yahoo for YEARS and, even though my MAIN EMAIL address yahoo and changing will be a hassle, I am seriously considering doing just that. At least give me back the options to change colors and add/remove items from the list on the left. GIVE ME BACK MY OLD YAHOO!

  • http://NewYahoostartpage Bob N

    I hate it it…..I still use Yahoo Classic Mail. I loved the old layout that allowed you some customization of page colors….cant stand the vioet or purple title bars….bright white background screen. Why not test market the thing as a Beta….and get reviews. I hope they allow me a choice to go back to the previous one. This is as much fun as Windows 8 but at least other companies came up with the original “start button” like XP Pro had. If they allowed me a switch back to the old page, I would do it in a heart beat. The good news: I spend less time on the computer catching up on current events because of this page….all your advertizing potential will go out the window. Sorry Yahoo but this is the “New Coca Cola” and give me the old formula.

  • jerf

    I actually like it. I say “actually” since the majority of the responses have been negative. I especially like that you can customize the news feed, so I can block stories about Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Good on Yahoo for finally making a change for the better.

  • K DC

    I do not like the new Yahoo home page because I cannot edit the left hand column, which means “my favorites” are no longer an editable option. I do not like the bright white. I do not like the captions under the pictures in the news feed. I’ll spend more time on my y and much less on the home page.

  • Kelly byrne

    If something works why fix it. the old style was fine. I had it set up the way I wanted. Now its all gone and all I see are a bunch of advertisements.. This new page sucks…… I switching too.

  • L.A

    Man, this is one of the worse websites I have ever seen for a major site like Yahoo. If they don’t change it I will be switching over to something else. The old Yahoo site was one of the best on the net, You know the old saying, if it’s NOT BROKE don’t change it. The problem is yahoo get’s these new idiots in charge and they think they need to come in and do a bunch of changes, WRONG, you are just running customers off. Get rid of this trash now!!!!

  • Karl

    Yahoo has always been my homepage. This stupid cheesy load-me-with idiocy garbled heap of crap has driven me away for good. These clowns have committed suicide. Yahoo, the new Netscape.

  • Lynn

    The new format is HORRIBLE! I want the previous homepage back. It’s messy, full of ads, and I hate that I can’t personalize it. I miss the polls too. Hopefully they will read the negative comments and change it back. If not- i’m switching to msn.

  • http://ScienceNews Howard Landis

    The new one Stinks, go back to the old one. I have followed astronomy for 30 years and I am 92 now, don`t mess up a good thing!

  • http://www.yahoo.com A

    I hate that the homepage has made everything “rick click” unfriendly. I would scroll the news and open stuff in a new tab. Often I would have four or five pages open. When I finished finding things I wanted to read, then I would look at the tabs one at a time. Now each time I read something, I have to hit the back button and find the article on the page again. I believe they are using some sort of Flash media to make my reading the news a pain. Defecting to another news source. Unhappy yahoo.com user here!

  • http://ScienceNews Howard Landis

    No No No Don’t screw up my favorite information source……

  • http://ScienceNews Howard Landis

    The new one is not what I like, go back to what you had, don’t mess
    it up again!!!

  • BK

    The reason I used the yahoo homepage was for its layout. Do not like this new one at all and if they do not give you the option to use the old layout then I will stop using it too.

  • http://yahoo scott b adams

    yahoo’s the very best, it has everything I need under my yahoo page. thanks yahoo.

  • Richard

    I am 31 years old, I have had my yahoo account for 12 years. I have always used it for my mail and news. I think it’s finally time to jump ship. Firstly, I don’t like yahoo’s recent censorship policies. Blocking e-mails from organizations they don’t agree with such as Occupy Wall Street, and other online activist groups is ridiculous. Secondly, yahoo mail has gotten worse, not better as of late. I go months without checking e-mail on some of my accounts and there is no longer a feature for deleting all your e-mails at once. It takes me about an hour to go through and delete messages on some accounts. Lastly, the new layout is garbage. The color scheme is whack, the layout itself seems like a budding web designers procrastinated class project. It looks like a free Android app more than a serious multinational internet corporation. Is this what hiring ex-Google Vice-President of Search and User Experience Marissa Mayer get us? She has failed horribly. This proves that she knows nothing about user experience. She needs to question whomever is responsible for yahoo’s market research. They missed hitting the broad side of a barn, and they were shooting with the Death Star.

  • Deb

    I have been using yahoo as my homepage since the beginning but the new one is a mess. Whoever designed it should be fired. After all these years I have moved on to MSN. Great job yahoo….

  • c.r. padilla

    Why do you fix something that isn’t broken ? On the new layout you have to continually scroll down to see news items, whereas before it was categorized by news type and easy to navigate through. Seems that all Yahoo has done is piss off its users.

  • Kevin

    Your viewers are leaving in droves. Your advertisers are sure to follow. There may be time to save some of what you had but my impression is that you’ll soon be redesigning the unemployment site. Enjoy that.

  • dosguy

    There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maybe Yahoo! should’ve heard that before they screwed things up. I used to look forward to coming home and turning on the computer. Now I’m looking for a new home page.

  • belle jackson

    The new Yahoo home page is brutal. I have switched to Google news and MSN. So far so good. I like them both. But I don’t understand why Yahoo did it. No one that I have talked or emailed with, likes the new page. Everyone is changing their home page.

  • cynthia

    I HATE it!!!!!!! WHY do you have to change something that is working!!!!!!! Don’t say “they’l get used to it. Its awful awful awful. You used to be able to just “click” to something you wanted (and new where it was), now it goes on FOREVER! I believe the “young lady” that did all this revamping wasted her 7 mos. She needs to go. No more “ideas”. I’m leaving!

  • Steve Miller

    Jeez, the first time I saw the new page I thought some kind of virus had taken control of my computer, what with the fading overlays and radical layout changes. Bring back the old or something similar, please. If not, I am going elsewhere.

  • cynthia

    Just one more thing I forgot…..Has ANYBODY thats ANYBODY even read these comments???? They need to!!!!!

  • trev

    I am an adult. I am not 8 surfing the web for 1D tickets. Horrible design.

  • graven

    Goodbye Yahoo/////

  • Linda

    The new homepage is completely disorganized. I am not able to go through the news items quickly, because everything is DUMPED in the scroll. This is horrible!

  • g.m. Powell

    I am not a 12 year old, this new homepage looks like something a Jr. High/middle school girl would design. It is disorganized, harder to find my favorites, and a real pain. I’m giving a week, then changing to MSN or something else.

  • Judy Koch

    I hate the new homepage and do not want it. I am leaving and finding a new homepage.

    • Jack Bailey

      Amen, a kindergarten student could have done better

  • Jacob Norman

    I don’t want to make any comments bashing any designers. I know what it take to create websites it is both grueling and intense. HTML and “work behind the scene” of a major website takes a lot of team work. Just my opinion the new homepage is just not the best layout. The new design places certain links (buttons) in different places which makes it not very user friendly at first. For the elders that use the site I can imagine this being difficult and complex. I wont be leaving or joining any other site, I have been with yahoo for over 15 years I am pretty sure you guys are smarter enough to get it right.

    Jacob Norman

    • Marky Mark

      It also doesn’t require a PhD to determine if the person loading the page is using a smartphone or a desktop operating system.

      I am so sick and tired of websites catering ONLY to people based on smartphone layouts.

      That aside – the purple and blue is HORRIBLE.

  • http://yahoo.com Carole

    This is no improvement. I don’t like anything about it. It is not customized but very generic. I am looking for a new website as well.

  • Marcy

    This has been my home page for years. Not any more! What a disgrace.

    • j

      the new yahoo homepage sucks, it really sucks. i’m finding another.

  • Stan

    A hodgepodge of half-baked ideas. No more at-a-glance headlines. Most of the news is yesterday’s news. Adios, yahoos.

  • Lisan al Gaib

    I have been using the Yahoo homepage as my homepage for about 10 years. since this egregious thing has shown up, I have been giving them the honest feedback in both the feedback area and the comments sections. Yahoo even took down their feedback link on their “improved” homepage, one speculates that they don’t want to hear the truth.
    I am now shopping for a new homepage. I will then start using my gmail account and shift all my emails to that one.
    This “update” is just a travesty, they could have at least let us have an opt out choice.

  • kevin

    I’m leaving yahoo if it keeps this horrible new home page I want the old back PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • floridasaint

    The new homepage is a bad idea. It replaces my favorites with what Yahoo thinks I should look at. It is useless to access my favorites. I will find a new homepage after 14 years. Goodbye Yahoo homepage. Google is a decent alternative. At least one can bookmark their favorites on Google.

  • Wayne ham

    As A long time user of the yahoo home page,I am asking myself who in their right mind thought this abortion was an improvement!!! Perhaps Marrisa needs to find a new line of work if this is her idea of how to make new customers let alone retain the ones you had..PLEASE CHANGE TO THE OLD HOMEPAGE!!!

  • http://homepage dave k

    Ive used the yahoo webpage for the last 10 years, I want the old one back, I could find stuff and It was easy to use, ive used the new one for the past week or so, I could say alot of nasty things about it but next week I will move on to some other page. .

  • Mary

    I hate the new Yahoo!!!! please put the old one back the way it was. please leave it a lone, DANG!!!

  • Joe

    Why in the world would you change something that was working excellent and change to something with to much overkill. Please return to old yahoo page.

  • Carlos

    I would like to know who was the stupid who designed this crap? I am really looking for another page to make it my new home page. I HATE THE NEW YAHOO.

  • sidney

    I LOVED my old yahoo. I tried cnn and many other websites for my early morning readnand catch up all thru the day. And just befor i retired for the night BECAUSE OF ITS DESIGN AND EASY TO USE CATEGORIES!!! CNN etc just listed all their topics jumbled in seemingly random order which i hated. I used yahoo because of its design. Lets face it – there were more hitting news coverage on ex cnn but i loved yahoo ‘s pleasing and easy to use design. And now you screwed it up – BIG TIME! Now its just like many others and so there is no reason to stay. If i want news and updates i might as well use cnn. G’bye.

  • cindy

    The new one SUCKS!!!! BIG TIME!!!! Make it GO AWAY!!!!!!! Bring the old one baaaack!!!

  • DebK

    The new Yahoo HomePage is HORRIBLE! There is NOTHING that I like about it either. PLEASE, PLEASE let those of us that wish to switch back to the old design. Please give us the option to choose which one we want to view instead of forcing many of us to find a different homepage. We’re a loyal bunch but the new design is just too hard on the eyes and much less friendly to navigate. I like my local news at my fingertips and viewable. I don’t like the endless scrolling new view. It was such a great search engine before. Please take to heart the responses that are being posted here.

  • Faline Ramsey

    Your new homepage or whatever really sucks. People are having a hard time with it, because it is so complicaed. The local news in our area contains the whole state plus residing states which never happen before. It is too much other info that people do not want. Too many different tabs with too much tha does not need to be there. My friends & I are going to change our email address from Yahoo to a another carrier.

  • JT

    I’ve already made the move to MSN.com. Its not my favorite and not as good as Yahoo used to be, but it a hell of a lot better than the new Yahoo home page. The only way Yahoo will give us the option for our old format back is to NOT use Yahoo any longer. If you really want the old home page back, we need to stop using the new one!!! A significant decrease in usage is the only thing Yahoo will understand.

    • http://Yahoohomepage Penny Lamb

      Please change it back to the way it was – this is very distracting and extremely difficult to use! Please, please change it back!

  • http://yahoo Karen

    Bring back the old home page. There is to much garbage on the new one and it’s very messy.

  • Craig Portwood

    I use a PC, and the new design stinks. It seems as though Yahoo has decided that those who use handheld devices are more important than those who use a PC. A horrible looks complements the less than easy to navigate design. More proof that Yahoo stinks.

  • John D

    This new change is terrible, and not at all “intuitive.” Instead of having compartmentalized sections that have links to pages with more choices, we are now subjected to an ugly purple bar with “infinite scrolling.” We are told that is the “new paradigm.” It’s not.

    I liked having my page sectioned off into various boxes with headings of my choice. The left side of the new home page, while uglier, still fits the functionality that I want. I have had my Yahoo account since the early 1990’s. I’m not sure that I can take the new page with the bulk of the page useless to me. I don’t want to scroll down the page until I find something relevant. Don’t waste my time looking, allow me shortcuts to get where I want. That is what worked prior to this latest change. I’m hoping it’s not the last change, though if one is not forthcoming soon, it may be the last I care about.

    I would be happy enough if I could just keep the homepage that I had last month. I don’t like MSN as a homepage, nor Google. I think that I will be searching. I don’t want to live with the new page.

  • http://Yahoo doug carlson

    You ruined a good thing. Restore the former.


  • Larry Daniels

    I don’t like the new home page. Can we have an option to go back to the way it was?

  • http://yahoo ken beckman

    the new web page SUCKS. I HATE IT—————–

  • http://yahoo john coray

    why can’t you leave something good alone. The new home page is pathetic

  • kelper jones

    Yahoo deleted two negative comments I made about their new homepage. They were not uncivil posts.

  • Bs

    I’ve been true to Yahoo since the mid nineties. After several attempts to get my old page back yesterday, I did what I never, ever thought I’d have to do. I removed Yahoo as my homepage. Thanks for letting greed ruin a great thing, Marissa Meyer. I’ve been depressed about it all day.

    • http://www.yahoo.com Lewis Family

      If I cannot get the original yahoo back within 7 days I am switching my homepage. This new version is awful/

  • http://yahoo.com tom ettinger

    I am not sure what is the thinking about this new homepage but you are losing me. You need to get people with high IQ designing your sites not some group of gamers.

  • http://Yahoo Typical user

    I’ve had yahoo as my homepage for about 10 years. I gave the new page a try for 2-1/2 days, but really can’t take it any more. The new site makes me dizzy, it is hard to naviagte and the endless scrolling of nonpertinent news articles is extremely annoying. – I kindof like the new finance, sports, etc. on the right, but the rest of the site is driving me away. – I actually gave up and went to google as a home page now. – I wish they would add some customization features so we can turn some stuff off. – I don’t do facebook, twitter or any other social media. – I don’t care what others are doing. – I just want to check my yahoo mail, see the stock markets and read some pertinent news articles. – If it were possible to keep the old format, I would not be leaving, but apparently there is not.

  • Fran Hostetter

    I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR FAVORITES WEB SITES I USE EVERYDAY. IT IS TOO SOCIAL. IF I WANT SOCIAL, I GO TO FACEBOOK OR WHATEVER. I have been checking out other home pages because of the changes you have made! Even if I have to pay I will find a different home page and change my Email account & everything. Looks someone new in Yahoo is trying to make a name & etc.. Waste of my time typing so so long & goodbye

  • TJ Cooley

    I share a lot of the sentiment that everyone has stated here. I have had Yahoo as my homepage since early 96. Everyday multiple times a day I would open a browser to Yahoo. It was a great way to catch a lot of news at a glance – Minimal pictures, mostly text links. I could open a link in a new window and when I was done close it and return to all the links that interested me when I opened the browser in the first place. Now not only can I not open an article in a separate page, when I do return I have to dig for the other articles that interested me. Frankly, its madness. I have already started looking for a new homepage – almost 20 year of dedication and now this. Are you trying to push away people? I am angry and depressed over this. I feel let down and snubbed. Of course you can do what you want, no one is stopping you. But I tell you, sending away dedicated users and bringing an established company to ruin is a heck of a thing to sacrifice for your ego.

  • Donna

    I am tired of Yahoo trying out new homepages which causes me aggravation and consternation. Instead why don’t they say…hey, we have a new homepage, click here and you can try it out. Nooooo, they force it upon us and then wait a week after everyone has complained and finally give in and changed it back. As I said, I am tired of this and now starting to check out other homepage sites, hmmmmm wonder what Bing is like.

  • kareanne

    Liked the older one better. It was organized and looked professional. New page looks like a bunch of advertisements or articles that are found on sites like tmz, perez, etc. Very hard to read. Might go back to Google as my homepage.

  • Brian H

    I have always had yahoo for my home page. Looking around now for a new home. Sure wish they gave me a choice – old version or new. This new style literally gives me a head ache.

  • Joan

    I check facebook every few days and prefer to be on yahoo as my homepage. I work nights and do a lot of reading. I hate the new design. I guess the idea of infinite scrolling is to keep you on the page longer, but it makes me want to leave the page. Like others have said, the design gives me headaches. My bf already switched homepage to something else and I probably will, too. Just awful.

  • Anne deVilleneuve

    I can’t stand the new homepage. The old one was great. I will not continue to use it if it is not changed back to the old one.

  • oneton

    i absolutely hate your new home page format. it reeks of facebook format. its totally disorganized, nothing is catagorized

  • Paul

    I think Yahoo is no longer interested those of us who have a long time investment with Yahoo homepage and they have created the new Yahoo for the 15 to 18 year old.So what we think is irreverent.

  • Mike

    Very unfortunate design on the new Yahoo homepage. I much prefer the previous format and will stay away from this one.

  • Daniel Nazario

    I have been using Yahoo as my home page for years and this change has finely made me want to change pages. I wish I was asked if I would like a change since I am part of the Yahoo family. I put up with a commercial for most stories I read, now there is no end to the commercials. And last I liked having the date of the page so if I could not finish all the stories I could go back to them before I updated the new page. I don’t mind change but only when it’s better.

  • Rickie W

    I’ve had yahoo as my homepage for over 10 year. I gave the new page a try and the new web page sucks. it is hard to navigate and the endless scrolling of non-pertinent news articles is extremely annoying. I will be Looking for a new homepage

    • Pugs

      I totally agree but want to add a comment: Yahoo homepage was my daily go-to for news headlines as my work schedule doesn’t allow for TV news reports generally. The new homepage is TOO BLUE and difficult to scan or read. Also it looks to “free form”. Please give us some black or at least some serious lettering contrast!

  • chuck

    either give me back the old homepage or i will not use yahoo!!!!

  • Craig

    Yahoo has been my homepage for many years. The new and ugly homepage is the worse thing you have done to this site so far. From responses I’ve read, there are not too many people who like this new and unorganized look you are trying to push down our throat. Why does there always seem to be people that think things that are working very well need to be fixed for our(or your) better good? Keep it this way and you’ll see a lot of people finding a NEW homepage!!!

  • Bruce

    Like many others I have had Yahoo as my home page since the mid-90s. The new page is terrible, I fail to see the “Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” since I can no longer find categorized items I am interested in. I’m switching to another site like USA Today.

  • Craig


  • karen

    Please listen to all of these complaints. Obviously this change has not been well received. It is time comsuming – most of us do not have time to waste. Change in color is very distracting and difficult on the eyes – putrid purple is not what I want to wake up to every morning. I feel the need to put on sunglasses before visiting the site. At least give us the option to return to our old format and the option to change color…

  • steve

    this new yahoo home page is the worst i have ever seen ….i am 1 of the 40 million that did visit the yahoo site BUT only to see if they changed back to old hompage ….i guess they dont want to hear what the users have to say they delete any comment that they dont want other users to see …..YAHOO this new home page sucks

  • Reg

    I to hate the new homepage. There is way to much crammed, you can’t easily skim over headlines and get the news you want. I don’t need Yahoo, nosing into my internet business and deciding for me what news would interest me, I already know what will.

    The worst part for me is the lovely bright blue print. Once you reach a certain age, your eye sight starts going. Colored print online really cause problems for many. I can’t read any of the blue print, and there is so much of it, that looking at the page more then a few seconds causes me not to be able to read anything on the page.

    Not a fan of MSN or Google for a homepage either. But I can’t live with this new Yahoo, as it causes such eye strain for me. So I am off to find something else. For now I will just have to use various sites to get local, national, world and entertainment news.

  • http://yahoo diana

    OMFG This is horrible. Put it back.

  • http://Yahoohomepage. Ray

    Ok, this is my first post ever… I don’t like the home page, nothing was wrong with the old one… NOT EVERYTHING needs to be changed… Sometimes things are perfectly fine… but yahoo in my opionion has been going down hill… ESPECIALLY with the no pictures added to the articles… It’s like you just put stuff together as quickly as you can… I have been beginning to search for thing under google, if that is your goal I have been moving that way by about 3 percent up from 0. So keep it up and very few people will looking at your site and goodle and other search engines will begine to dominate!

  • Edward Lewandoski

    WAH WHO !
    YAHOO could care less . First they have to start with giving back the compact view option . Then back up a few more years and remove more screwed up changes .
    Yahoo is like the current government.
    Yhaoo does not care about the majority viewpoints or the opinions we have .

  • a. t. stieb

    You seem to follow the example of Fox News with the endless, mindless chatter that contains an echo trap and numbs the mind and soul. Why would anyone want to trap themselves in an endless stream that wilts the mind and body into unconsciousness? If the idea is to sell something – who is awake and aware to buy? The whole deal is avoidable by using some other product!!

  • Ken

    Yahoo will undoubtedly receive the Nobel prize for chemistry having found a way to turn a really good homepage into a piece of ^%$&!! If I want some particular article on a specific topic I can use the search feature (somebody please tell Yahoo that it exists) sooner than endlessly scroll. I’ve cut my use to almost zero on the new one–I miss the old, but will not use the new.

  • Dave

    On the off chance that someone at Yahoo reads this, I just wanted to say goodbye. I’ve used Yahoo as my homepage for 12 years, but I am SICK of looking at bad tattoo stories and other worthless crap. CNN is my new home page.

  • http://Yahoo Robert Smith

    The latest changes to Yahoo have caused me to look elsewhere for information. Bring back the old news format. Endless scrolling and silly articles about celebrity tatoos and wardrobe malfunctions have given Yahoo a cheap tabloid image which I will not ever use.

  • http://Yahoo Robert Smith


  • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

    The desktop version of Yahoo.com seems like lot of things have been stuffed in the first fold to get the user attention but the mobile version of the site is far more elegant and easy to use than its previous version.

  • Joshua Garr

    Make a “My Yahoo” home page. It is customizable, you can add various themes and content. I like it better than the old home page. Just look up “My Yahoo.”

  • Human5481

    It’s obvious that the public hates the new Yahoo home page. It was obviously created by someone trying to justify their existence. Would it be too much to ask that you use some common sense and revert to the old version before you lose your customers?

  • Eric

    I tried for a day or two and have now changed my home page to AOL. Yahoo youve made a mistake, please fix it back to what works and I will come back.

  • http://yahoo david fishback

    Why do you always want to make changes to the wrong things!!!! The Homepage was great before, now you changed the one thing people found to be really good about yahoo. Why can you not leave basic user friendly things alone? I for one think this Homepage sucks!!!!

    • denden

      I very much dislike the new homepage design and will be looking for a new homepage for myself. I have stuck with Yahoo all these years, but will not continue. There is no organization to a quick view of news. My mind wore out very quickly just scrolling down the miscellanious endless, unorganized articles. Maybe its the latest best thing for others, but will not likely be for me. I prefer the one view – to see one line reference to news item, organized by category.

  • barbara brown

    The entire format is unattactive, bad color use and very annoying to even read it. More reasons to stay off the computer all together.

  • Bobbtoday

    The new Yahoo homepage will soon be my old homepage. It shouldn’t be too hard to something much better. Adios Yahoo!

  • Rebecca

    This hew home page makes me nauseous to look at it. I’ve stuck with Yahoo for years, but I’m about done.

  • Don F Cowan

    Just in case anyone with ability to change things here cares……I really hate the new Yahoo layout. It’s hard to find things, and it looks very childish. I hope that YOU are happier with it than I am.

  • jon

    I, too, dislike (hate) the new homepage. It’s busy and loud and hard to use. I could customize the old page – I had local news, political news and financial news. I am not the least interested in sports and Hollywood and yet that seems to take up the bulk of the news feeds. There isn’t even a category for politics or real news. It’s big and in your face. I’ve used Yahoo for years so I hate to change but I may have to.

  • Tim McCarthy

    Thanks for making my home page look like a teenaged girls art project. After 12 years of using Yahoo it’s now become ya peuh!! Moving to MSN a website for adults!!

  • Bob

    I can’t even remember how long I’ve had Yahoo as my home page. I have gone to it almost every day; multiple times a day. Judging from the comments that I read on every story about the “improved” Yahoo home page and my own personal reaction, this change is driving a lot of previously loyal people away. The comments that I read are almost unanimously negative. I’ll check occasionally, at least at first, to see if the old layout comes back or if we’re given an option to revert to the old layout. Barring that, I’ve found another home page already and I’ll just stay there and Yahoo won’t get any hits from me. I’m voting with my mouse and clicking elsewhere from now on.

  • http://yahoohomepage D.S.

    the new yahoo home pages sucks, i understand sometimes it will take a while to adjust to something new but not this time, there is nothing at all good about the new home page I am not a big fan of MSN but it is better than this.

  • john

    I used Yahoo for years, but the new home page is driving me away.

  • Pam

    I think the new page is very cluttered, unpleasing to the eye, and annoying! Marissa Mayer should be fired! Yahoo has been my homepage for many years. I am searching for a new home page. My wish is that another company will use the design of the old yahoo home page and I can switch to it!

  • Don C

    Your new page is moving me out. Changing my home page as soon as I post this LATTER YAHOO DOT GONE.

  • Kevin

    My biggest beef is when I click local news I want local news. On the new local news tab I have to search for local news through news from all over the state.

  • Bruce Tonkin

    The new layout is confusing on the one hand, and overly-detailed on the other. Perhaps some people enjoy seeing only the news they are interested in. Most of the time, the really important news is the story we wouldn’t choose to read. The really important article is not written with the political slant we like. I don’t WANT the stories clumped by category, either. I want the old format back. I detest the new one. I am seriously thinking of making yahoo no longer my home page. I haven’t even looked at the alternatives, but I will now.

  • George

    I’ve been a Yahoo member for MANY years, but Yahoo’s recent homepage changes… well, in a word, the changes SUCK! I think I will soon be leaving Yahoo Mail AND Yahoo’s Homepage because of these recent changes… MOST annoying are the VERY intrusive ads… ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Yahoo – you suck!

  • joel lambel

    What have you folk DONE?! Simply annoying. Please bring back the old format. I have always been with yahoo, but do I need to explore Google?

  • G. L. James

    The new Yahoo Home Page is a nightmare. Before the change I could scan headlines and quickly choose articles that interested me. Lots of information in a condensed space. It has now taken the form of Face Book which to me is like finding a needle in a haystack. After a couple days of endless wandering through miles of information, I changed home pages. In military terms–a clusterf—!!! Please inform me if Yahoo home page returns to sanity.

  • http://Yahoo Laural

    New Mobile Yahoo is even worse. All the Comments are out of time order and don’t update. Then they say….Blocked by administrator, so you can’t even read them. It’s horrible. Change it back!

  • http://yahoo.com ky

    After 10+ years of a Yahoo fan and even a yahoo +mail.. I think it is time to say goodbye.. I so wanted it to be more but this last facelift is horrid… Guess its time to goto Google or Bing…

  • Gwen

    Please get rid of this 2013 homepage and bring back the old one. It was entirely better before and the so-called “new and improved” is a jumbled mess! The constant scrolling of stories is terrible. I now pass over the entire news on Yahoo because it’s just overload. Listing all the Y Sites on the top left is completely unnecessary and has pushed my much needed Favorites list too low; it’s even cut My Favories off so I can’t readily see them. Also, how am I supposed to add or delete this list? All the options on the right of the screen were so obtrusive, I X’d out all of them except for the weather. I even hate the banner across the media that starts the story – again, just makes me want to tune it all out. Who is responsible for this overload? Whay did Yahoo allow this to happen?

  • john

    Well Yahoo you lost a coustomer. I do not like the new. Your stooped exe & ceo’s are just greedy for more ad money. You give no link to go back to classic. I give you no chance to want me to come back.

  • Terry Gurganus

    I hate the new page and don’t like amything about it and never will.I am moving at once. Have you ever heard ( If it an’t Broke don’t fix it.) Nice mess Yahoo.

  • Mike

    I don’t know why yahoo changed it’s page but I really hate how it looks and how really slow it is. I can’t even load the front page. So how does this help? I can see the page but cant type or click on anything till the whole page loads. which is infinity? If they make this permanent. I will have no choice to change search engines. Also of now I have to use others till they put the original back but if that takes too long I won’t even bother coming back to check if that happens.

  • Karyl Baker

    Lousy new design for the Yahoo front page. Hard to organize what you want to find. I won’t stay here long. VERY disappointed.

  • http://Yahoonews Harold

    I miss the numbered horizontal scrolling news items and also the categorization of the vertical new items.

  • JonKen

    Absolutely and insult – for many reasons: no longer categories e.g. sports, politics. Now it’s all together and as you scroll looking for your your interest they repeat the same story multiple times.
    And NO one click weather report any longer ! ! !
    Does anyone have an alternative home page?

  • Mark

    Everybody these days seems to be trying to make there interface “more intuitive” My question is “To WHO?” The new interface is extremely cluttered and all it really does is pisses off the people that really don’t care about all of the bells and whistles. Is it so hare to give people a choice? I know that it is mostly a free service and they will ram the changes through regardless however it does drive other business and revenue so you’d think they’d want to continue to please a lot of their users. But like all of the others they really don’t care.

  • PennyPA

    What I don’t like:
    * Lost my Las Vegas News
    * No way of removing groups of news I don’t want (sports)
    * News articles aren’t grouped like they used to be (Science, Tech, etc.)

    Please, can we have our old Yahoo! back?

  • mike

    I have been a long time yahoo user and am at a complete loss. This new home page is horrible. I can not find anything I am looking for as far as news articles. Yahoo has made lots of changes over the years and I have been OK with almost all of them. But this one is just to much. I’ll be moving on to another site for my source of news and information. Thanks Yahoo.

  • http://Www.kateelizacorbett.com Kate Eliza

    I don’t think it’s more user friendly, I think it junks it up! Sorry Yahoo!!!!!!!

  • Daniel J. Schaefer

    The new Yahoo homepage makes me read things I don’t want to read. I’m going looking for something that I like. Thanks for the good times.

  • Daniel J. Schaefer

    The new page makes me read things I don’t want to read. I’m going looking for something that works for me. Thanks for the good times.

  • Jorge Tapia

    Why can’t I open a new tab by right clicking a link on the “Newsfeed Infinate Scroll?” I want to continue to be able to use the fisrt page as my place holder and select whatever I want from there. The only thing I can do now is leave the main page and go directly to the new link. WHY? This is not user friendly at all!!!!

  • Eric

    HATE IT. No options to customize the homepage I have stopped reading news on Yahoo.

  • http://yahoo rosemarie

    I can not even look at yahoo home page , please go back to the classic look I was very happy with it

  • jt

    A swing and a miss. Hate the new page. The old one was not great and could have used some improvements but this is the wrong direction. I am now looking for my new homepage.

  • D J

    absolutely hate this new home page

  • terry makar

    I hate this new homepage! Please go back to the old page or we’ll be forced to go elsewhere

  • http://int.xp. BILL

    By changing your format , i dont believe you are doing yahoo any favors. too man people who are ther users have voiced the negative comments. listen to the consumers, ciao

  • Johan Baker Steinfeld

    New homepage literally upsets my stomach ~ visually distracting and confusing. Been with Yahoo for many years and while the old format was not great, this one is unacceptable ~ to me. May check other options as this one just plain horrid.

  • Marlene

    I can’t stand this new webpage. You messed it all up in 2009 and have done it again! Sometimes people just don’t care for a change in their format. I’m going to look elsewhere for a home page.

  • maf

    Apparently, I am not the only one who does not like the new homepage. It is not about getting used to it, it is all about not listening to the users. I guess the “dumb blonde” is too arrogant to come forward and admit that there is a problem.

  • greg davis

    i think it sucks if i wanna scroll like facebook users ill go to facebook. ill probably have to find another news homepage unfortunately. this actually looks like facebook page????

  • http://Yahoo Noreen Lundeen


  • Shebear

    While I understand the need to keep your homepage updated and interesting, you have totally missed the boat on this one. Your new homepage really sucks. If this continues I will change to a new homepage.

  • http://Yahoo Priscilla Goodwin

    My husband and I both use Yahoo as our home page. Neither of us likes the new format at all. The ads don’t bother us; we read the ones we want to and ignore the rest. But the older format was more user friendly.

  • zahir essak

    good day yahoo
    yr new HP sucks,,,,and u will be receiving a 99.9% suck signals from people,,,if u would like a normal people like us to stay with you GO BACK,,but i know you will not do it because u r greedy as the business monsters whom they are paying you billion for the ads

    you will loooooooooooooooooooooooooose a lot

    go back

  • Jeanie- Grandma

    get rid of the AWFULL very VERRRRY BAD stinking new Yahoo homepage.
    I hate the new page and don’t like anything about it !!!! :(

  • Dori

    Your new improved Yahoo stinks. It is slow. I wind up with information and sites I don’t want and can’t get to the the things I do want. If I wanted Facebook I would go on that site myself. I don’t. I got rid of it but here it is on Yahoo. I have been with Yahoo for many years but am now having to use another search engine. I hope you fix this so I can return to using Yahoo. This one is not user friendly.

  • http://nothing aaron

    looks like crap. stop changing shit around all of the stupid time.

  • a, ann

    hate the vivid blue headings. what was wrong with the original?

  • JulieD

    Yahoo has been my homepage since 1997. I’ve suffered in silence over updates (for the most part) but now I have to say, this new look is horrendous. It looks like a mobile app on my computer and its not clean looking. Its busy and slows everything down because of the constant banners, short videos, etc. I just can’t wait to get off it, I no longer read anything hoping its on my personal page instead. I’m patiently waiting for common sense to prevail here, but I just may have to find a new home page.

    Why do companies always think they have to keep ‘improving’ when all they do is alienate their customers. At least my personal page hasn’t changed ‘yet’.

  • http://yahoo.com patricia roberts

    why do you people always have to try to fix what is not broken????? so annoying. now my toolbar has disappeared and i cannot find it no matter what i do. leave well enough alone please!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com patricia roberts

    why do you people always have to try to fix what is not broken. my toolbar has disappeared and i don’t know how to retrieve it. why can’t you leave well enough alone. i am not a computer whiz, but now i have to employ someone to help me understand this new mess!!!!!

  • Linda Garcia

    Yahoo lost a customer..I’ve changed homepages to someone I used to hate…but now I hate Yahoo’s new home page even more. I even changed email and will start sending everything to my new email address. What is wrong with people. Don’t know where to start or where it ends… they should have at least eased it in over a few months…sometimes change is not good.

  • kelper jones

    I have used yahoo as my homepage since 1993! The last thing I want is infinite scroll – I want to go somewhere that exercises editorial control so that I don’t have schizophrenic overload of choices. No time for that. Trying to find a good alternative. So far I’m using Yahoo Canada but I fear that will go down the hole of “progress” too. Sad that this company would put a bullet to its head like this.

  • Thomas

    This update did nothing to make Yahoo interesting and modern. If anything, now the Homepage looks like a broken “Link” with the (LONG) vertical line of text that goes forever PS/ there was nothing wrong with the previous version of Yahoo….

  • Joe Blow

    I’ve used Yahoo as my default startup homepage literally from day 1 (and I was an early adopter of “things internet”). I can’t stand the new format. It’s unreadable as far as I’m concerned. So I’m looking for alternatives. Of the sites I’ve tried, so far I like nbcnews.com the best. But it’s not an ideal replacement so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Jim

    You had something good and then you went and mucked it up.
    What were you thinking, I want my old homepage back!!!

  • http://Yahoohomepage Shoto

    I don’t like the overlay on the pictures for most recent news stories.
    I don’t like the fact that the page scrolls on forever.
    Not sure I like the static left and right navigation while the middle of the page scrolls.
    I liked the old page and this new page hurts my eyes with non-scrolling parts and a middle section that scrolls FOREVER.
    Get rid of this design.

  • BH_woodstock

    I “WAS” a “Yahoo” user for 12 years.I have switched to “MSN” now because of your new format and homepage.Epic fail for yahoo and you say there is NO way to get the old “yahoo” back??If I wanted a FaceBook Clone for a homepage i would get FB.The endless scroll is the reason.
    How many Yahooligans have you lost this past week?The numbers must be HUGE!!Shame on you.
    Goodbye Yahoo, I think your latest Blunder has ruined your company and if you dont fix it now it will be to late and your company will fail.It will be remembered just like the “Twinkie”.It was good while it lasted.
    good luck, you will need it.

  • margo

    I tried the new home page but don’t like it. I’ll miss Yahoo – Yahoo had the best selection of news stories, it was organized and a fast read. With the new Yahoo, it’s like someone threw a bag of M&Ms on the floor. I am not going to waste my time weeding through the infinite scroll. I changed to Google. Yahoo looks so much like Google, but on Google the news is categorized, you can eliminate whole categories of news, order presentation of categories, increase/decrease amt of news in a a category and by using compress, get rid of most of the pictures.

  • skm

    Don’t like the new Yahoo! Wish some things would remain the same.

  • skm

    Hate the new change!!!!

  • Nika

    the only thing that I personally like is the horoscope addition in the lower right corner, because I’m interested in Astrology. But overall, the new page is not easily “digested”, the info is scattered, even though there are new organized categories, there is an impression of overabundance of information, and somehow I just don’t feel like clicking it anymore.

    I hope Yahoo finds some solution to this, we ALL, Yahoo users are looking forward to it!!!

  • JKM

    Hate it. Will be switching to something else as my default homepage.

  • Quin

    I absolutely detest the new yahoo. The news is a jumbled mess of crap I don’t want to scroll through, no one at yahoo asked if I wanted to change over because I don’t, and I personally don’t use facebook so that lovely icon is useless to me.

    I have used yahoo as my homepage since it came on the net and as of now, I have to use CNN. I made a link to yahoo mail so I never have to go to that horrible page ever again.

    Way to go CEO.

  • ethel

    I HATE this new yahoo homepage,it suck bad.

  • texas_lee76

    I do not care for this Yahoo Home new page, please go back to the page we had. It was so much better. Why fix something that is not broken.
    Thank You

  • david

    i hate this new page. ceo must be stupid. going to have a lot more people using google for there homepage i know im changing mine. thanks for fucking up something that was good. dumbass!!!!

  • lynn dougherty


  • http://ThenewYahoo Bill

    I just saw an article (on MSN) that Yahoo is requiring all work from home personnel to work from the office. This decision must be based on the poor job Yahoo did updating their homepage. Maybe the crime fits the punishment.

    Yahoo has been my home page for 10+ years. I liked the fact that my news was sorted in segments that I was interested in. If I didn’t want sports or entertainment I didn’t have to see it on MY page. This idea of endless crap doesn’t do a thing for me.

    As you scroll down the endless crap you can’t right click and open in a new page or tab. Several times the back link won’t work because the adlink is loaded hundreds of times and the only recourse is to reopen the page and try to figure where you were in the endless crap.

    If I was running yahoo I would have tested this new page and solicited feedback from the users.

    It makes no sense that a company concerned with falling revenue would shoot itself in the foot and loose the most loyal of customers.

    I could go on forever but I’m starting to resemble the endless scroll that Yahoo seems to favor so much.

  • AJ

    I do not like the new Yahoo HomePage format overall. The most distracting to me is the “infinite scrolling”…I don’t even bother after a couple of scrolls. Will definitely not spend nearly as much time on my home page as before…I liked the old format much better!

  • dj

    Here is another thumbs down. Your new web site sucks. And for the record so does your new email.

  • kelper jones

    They must have new management – their new homepage has all the earmarks of bad imprimatur from a new chief looking to make his/her mark on the world.

  • Mike

    The new look sucks, don’t like it at all and it seems that 76% of people don’t like it.

  • http://yahoo.com none

    is there any way to change the new yahoo back to the “old” version?

  • http://www.tropic4.com James Lee

    All I know is I like how I can customize the sections of the panel towards my interests. Looks like this might have more of Yahoo’s interests as priority. Also, looks like more real estate for ads and less room for my interests.

  • http://yahoo ron stocton

    sucks sucksreal bad Im going some place else.

  • http://yahoo ron stocton

    It Sucks, To Confuseing, Can’t even get our Local News anymore, send the new CEO home, Bring back the old Home page…or we will go elsewhere.

  • http://yahoo Wally Cartwright

    I hate this new page. How can I get the old on back?

  • chiefsquirrel

    I had Yahoo.com as my home page prior to the “2013 enhancements”. Now, I avoid it altogether. It’s much too busy, clumsy to navigate and offers nothing to me now.

    This is the CEO’s personal project too? I’d like to get some of whatever she’s been smokin.

  • kelper jones

    Yahoo probably has a false sense of security right now because people are still visiting the site to see if they’ve changed it back – hoping so at least. Also they’re going back out of curiosity – “Was it really that bad of a train wreck?” Yes, I’m afraid it was, and still is. In about a week or two they’ll get the REAL results. By then users will give up and hits will fall through the floor. New Yahoo = New Coke. New CEO = New joke.

  • T

    I hate the new home page — the various topics for news articles are not easily accessible, nor is each news section clearly labeled in a clear and easy-to-locate manner — it’s necessary to sift through volumes of material to find what might be of interest. By the time
    I have wasted so much precious time looking for what I might want to
    read, I am too tired and disgusted to do so. Please go back to the old format — it was much more user-friendly. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, you formerly had a news-clip section on health related topics — why is that eliminated?

  • mmm

    Why haven’t we heard anything directly from the CEO of Yahoo about the homepage issue. It is pretty evident from the ever growing number of negative comments that no one likes the new version. With all those people writing in, leaving Yahoo, checking in to see if it has been changed back, one would think that “she” would have some sort of response. The tech team asks for three things we like and three things we don’t like and most people can’t come with one thing they like and a multitude of things they don’t. Trying to hold out and see if we “adjust” is not going to work. The blonde chick in charge needs to come forward and explain herself.

  • http://yahoo.com Bruce Volkers

    The http://www.yahoo.com site redirects me to m.yahoo.com where all I get is a list of links down the left side of the browser window. It may work fine if I were to update my Google Chrome but I shouldn’t have to. No other site is giving me any problem at this time. I hate to say it but AOL has everything I need at this time.

  • Marky Mark

    400 comments – about 380 against the new home page design, 20 for this change?

    Really sad.

    I’d be happy just to get the gray back – the purple and blue together is hideous.

  • Ingrid

    I think that there is too much on the page. Too many listings as I only wat Weather, TV and Mail. Mail is duplicated on the right side. The stories are endless as the old page had only a few. It’s very clutered and I am pleased with the old, “not in your face” new page. Please give me the option of the old one. I’m miserable especially about all those listings of pages on the far left. It’s maybe for 20 somethings. Most of us are older. Get real and change it back.

  • Master Magoo

    Plus the unspoken reason that underlies a lot of the unhappiness – no tight common arena for peanut gallery comments. That entertainment is priceless but perhaps too real for the more authoritaniacal. Too fast and real. I remember they tried eliminating comments a few years ago – must’ve been a ratings fail because they reinstated soon. Maybe this is “removal” of the people’s forum by means of dilution. Probably just a dumb move though.

  • http://yahoo Kathy

    I want to voice my Opinion about this New Yahoo Change.First of all I want to say, that before the change,yahoo.com was my homepage and it was all that I used..But I will tell you right now, that I hate this new Yahoo page.Seems to me like Yahoo is trying to pare up with Facebook? And if Yahoo is getting so many Negative feedback from users, then you would think that they want to keep their customers happy.. Must not be concerned about how many users will change their homepage..I know I am going too.. The so called New Yahoo, gives the same ole stories and etc.. Who wants that..I don’t.

  • http://www.personal-scents.com Annece Bailey

    I hate this new homepage. I want to know how to reverse back to the old page. I would also like to be notified BEFORE changes are made of this magnitude. If anyone has found a homepage like the old yahoo please post it.

    Thank You

  • Sandy

    I’m dumping. It’s horrible. Did they do any user testing? I HATE IT.

  • http://D˜Å Mark Stevens

    Very much dislike the banner text partially over the news item pictures.
    I will decide whqat I want to read!

    • http://D˜Å Mark Stevens

      Very much dislike the banner text partially over the news item pictures.
      I will decide what I want to read!
      I will be switching home pages for the first time in years

  • AL

    Horrible. Plus the filters don’t even work. The stories are all over the place. I selected the tech filter today and saw a story about Justin Bieber’s new tattoo? WTF! I find myself using Yahoo less and less.

    You can use the Yahoo Canada homepage, but then you get a bunch of stories from Canada: http://ca.yahoo.com/

  • LM

    For the first time in at least 15 years, Yahoo! is no longer my homepage. Even worse? I have also removed the link to Yahoo! that sat on my main bookmark bar for over 15 years. Wow. Great job Marissa.

  • Gloria

    I absolutely HATE the new YAHOO face page. It’s all over the place. I want the old one back or I will move on…..

  • linda

    Is anyone looking at these comments . The new Yahoo homepage is horrible its a big mess I hate it. Why do people fix things that are not broken.

    • Michael

      If Yahoo is looking at these comments, they will still refuse to believe the new isn’t better than the old. As with those company’s that ignored their Customer base and did what they wanted regardless of the good input they received suggesting they should not, Yahoo will loose out. But then again, perhaps they think they are to big to fail, or the group that designed the new page is in denial.
      Shame really.

  • Audie Rhodes

    It sucks along with the other “changes” being made by MS and Google. These people are getting more and more like politicians everyday. The people tell them to leave things alone, but they insist on doing it their way for “our good.”

    Stop forcing garbage on us in the name of progress. When you have something that is working well and the people are using it, for God’s sake LEAVE IT ALONE! And they say tech people are smart.

  • Chris H

    I have had Yahoo as my homepage for as long as I have had a computer…until now. I hate the new page, it is bad and not just we need to get used to it bad…it is Windows 8 bad! It is so bad that I can’t stand to check my email so I have gone to mail.com. What makes it worse is Yahoo, MS, and others will not listen to their customers telling them how bad their product is.

  • St Joe Blues

    I have used Yahoo as my home page since at least 1997. That’s 16 years of loyalty. Well that loyalty is over. I’m leaving and not coming back until they return to the “old” format. This new one sucks. It’s supposed to “learn” your preferences and tailor the stories and layout to you. I NEVER read anything about the self-absorbed pricks from Hollywood, yet I am inundated with stories about them. I read Yahoo Sports religiously, yet I can’t get the Sports link to display on the upper left. I have to click the More Yahoo Sites to get there. That’s the only link I ever click on from that grouping.

    This is an epic fail.

  • Joseph W. Walker

    Been using Yahoo since I bought my first PC many many years ago, but the Big Puple People Eater they have on their opening page is a real turn off. Celebrity Gossip is not what I want to see first. Maybe Yahoo only wants teenagers as customers. I immediate go to MyYahoo where I can set the color and topics that appear.

  • Aaron Cantu

    I don’t like it, it’s all over the place. The white transparent space over the headline image is very annoying. Please offer an option to revert back to the old yahoo.

  • Mark

    Yahoo was my homepage for 13 years. Google, here I come.

  • Michael

    I don’t like the new Yahoo website. Thankfully I can get the Classic home page from Canada. Instead of slowly adding and revising the page and keeping the look as close to what it used to be, they make wholesale changes and expect everyone to like it. That’s not how you get people to stay. Given the massive number of written negative comments regarding this change, you would think Yahoo would give you a choice. This was a poor Management decision and Management must save face, so don’t look for them to go back or give you a choice.

    I checked out Google News today and it doesn’t look too bad.

  • canary

    Awful, just awful. How can you not listen to the public of loyal followers (as we are for many years) Our family will no longer use yahoo in this version. Way to go, upsetting so many for no good reason. Maybe you need to think again on the changes some of your folks make that they really know nothing about.

  • http://www.graciousstore.com Nina

    I am not intrigued with the “modern Yahoo” design, It is all a mess of clutters. It is difficult to identify the main Yahoo News” from other irrelevant news. They should go back to the previous design. It is simpler and less cluttered

  • Steviebob

    Shockingly bad interface and way too bright. And I can’t stand the slider at the top. Another big miss for Yahoo. I’m going to Google for a better news feed.

  • Eric

    Hate the “NEWS feed”. I want to be able to customize it like before.

  • http://www.patilla37.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Velazquez

    What in the world were you thinking about? The new look is too cluttered. Does not make sense. We, and I’m speaking for the majority, were quite pleased with the original one. My question to you…why fix it, when it’s not broken? I suggest that, in the future, you put out feelers before making drastic changes. Blessings.

  • yahoo visitor

    “That idea has been deleted”

    Yahoo now has begun deleting feedback (overwhelmingly negative) from their feedback page:

    That particular “idea” had garnered close to 4000 votes, hence must have been enormously upsetting for the CEO, or whomever. So guess they thought it was best to pretend it didn’t exist in the first place.

  • Sue

    The new homepage is just awful. I clicked on politics, there was one article related to politics, then onto Rihanna, the Vegas shooting, GA couple charged, etc, and a few other political articles further down…mixed with other stories, just horrible to navigate, and the COLORS are just painful and too bright. Why when something wasn’t broken did they try and ‘fix’ it??? I have been going to AOL for my news, will try google, anything but yahoo. Maybe they will switch back when advertisers stop dropping them. Yahoo can delete all the negative feedback that they want, it’s not fooling anyone. WE ALL HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ethan culbreth

    Dear Mr.Crum/WebPro News,

    Thank you very much for running this story. I have come back countless times to read the comments and have found it a very cathartic experience. For the life of me, I do not know why every other site on the web has run a story about either:
    1. The brilliant game changer that is the “intuitive” “user friendly” homepage redesign, ps- where’s the check, Marissa?
    2. The whole “come in to work or you’re fired” thing which- while an important story- effects my life in utterly no way at all.


    For a lot of us, the way we knew things we right (or not) in the world, was to check in to yahoo and read those five little blue headlines in a descending order of (more or less) GENUINE IMPORTANCE several times a day/night. Not the TV news, not the newspaper, and not cnn.com with their GD compressing pop-ups and constant ads or FoxNews or google.


    Maybe even twenty, hell forty? I never counted.

    I personally would also like to REALLY know whether or not their site traffic has fallen and whether anyone can discover how many people have dropped the homepage/e-mail since 2/20/2013.


  • Marc Green

    I used to go to the yahoo homepage to read up on news. It was handy how at least for a short while Yahoo would enable you to edit the categories of news that you wanted to read. That was a good change. This was just two weeks ago. Now it is just everything, at random in your face. Instead of terse easy to read headlines of any stories there is now gigantic headlines of three or four news stories where I have to scroll down to view them. Yahoo has been sinking ever since they took away the old format for the news commenting system. Apparently they didn’t enjoy free speech. So I am no longer going to be using Yahoo any longer. It’s sad. It was great in the 90s.

  • Master Magoo

    I just completed a Yahoo survey that popped up. It asked about many of the issues that people are complaining about here, i.e. infinite scroll, color scheme, etc. Since I cannot stand the new front page, I’ve dusted off my old “My Yahoo” and have been using it. At least after some configuration I can approximate the experience of the old Yahoo.

  • exotic

    I do not like the new yahoo. please bring back the old one

  • marlene


  • Froccino Primo

    Mayer and Kerns said the new Yahoo homepage is great. Are they reading the users’ comment? Like others I find the new homepage horrible… Yahoo used to grace my browser’s homepage, I’m switching to google, especially about news, technology, and science. Yahoo used to have the best homepage before these “innovators” tried to fix something that is not broken: and do you have? A wreck!

  • rg

    I can see why Yahoo made the change. To be compatible for smartphones. For desktop or large tablet use, the new page is more like a hodgepodge of information that no one wants. With the old page one could easily customize the desired segments. Now, you are forced to tediously go through a process of X’ing each story line that you do not want. Having the page scroll endlessly is also a pain. Most want a one page view of relevant items, not horoscopes. So, now Google Chrome looks like a better choice. I hope that Google sees its opening to eclipse Yahoo.

  • Kyle

    Since the release of the new Yahoo, I have switched my homepage to Bing and continue use Google to search. I used to love reading the news off Yahoo, but Bing does an equally good job, if not better. Plus, Bing doesn’t sell advertisements as news stories like Yahoo. As for my Yahoo email accounts, they will no longer be my primary accounts.

  • Eric

    Absolutely horrific. I am done using Yahoo. Google is good and simple except for their image search which runs like crap now. If the internet keeps going like this, count me out.

  • http://Yahoohomepage Dave S

    From day one I have hated the new Yahoo home page. I changed my home page to AOL. At least I can find local news and the format is a lot easier on the eyes. All the new colors and stories all over the place really turned me off of Yahoo. You can no longer open one of the scrolling stories and open in a new tab. Hope Yahoo gets their act together and goes back to the old format from a month or so ago.

  • Bob Hardin

    I have used Yahoo for my homepage for years. No more. The new page sucks.

    What is that semi-transparent stripe doing over the main picture on the Yahoo homepage? Is it supposed to let you do two things at once: read what’s on it AND look at the picture beneath it? That’s a prescription for perceptual confusion.

    And what about the Infinite Scroll? By introducing it, Yahoo has abdicated its editorial responsibility for choosing stories of importance and delegated this responsibility to the reader, who can no longer rely on Yahoo to provide a quick synopsis of the news.

  • John

    I think the new homepage is horrible. I have changed to news.yahoo.com as my homepage because I want a more concise view of the news, not an “infinite” scrolling bunch of crap. Yeah, maybe the new page is designed for those using smartphones, etc, but I don’t use those devices for the news. I really think that if Yahoo wants to keep their user base they should at least offer an option to have the older classic homepage as an option. I see that ca.yahoo.com and uk.yahoo.com still use the older format. Why not make it available for all?

  • Diana Wren

    I used to like Yahoo but I have discontinued using it because of it’s redesigned homepage. Much too annoying and hard to navigate. Long scrolls that are very user unfriendly. I hate the shadowed info lines across the bottom of the bottoms of the pictures of the featured articles. I can look at the article and read for myself if I’m interested. I don’t need to be blasted into being interested, especially if I can’t see what I’m supposed to be reading about. Why fix something that wasn’t broken? Change for the sake of change doesn’t always work. (Although there is one change that would be nice. THis is concerning content. PLEASE forget about the Kardashians. Enough is enough already.) Pooh to Yahoo. I’ll be using ANYTHING other than Yahoo from now on. And if you’re planning for your stock to go for a ride, you might consider putting on your seat belt. I think you’re headed for a decline. It probably doesn’t matter to you or your execs but I do have a little knowledge in this area since I am an experienced graphic/web designer.

  • Diana Wren

    I used to like Yahoo but I have discontinued using it because of it’s redesigned homepage. Much too annoying and hard to navigate. Long scrolls that are very user unfriendly. I hate the shadowed info lines across the bottoms of the pictures of the featured articles. I can look at the article and read for myself if I’m interested. I don’t need to be blasted into being interested, especially if I can’t see what I’m supposed to be reading about. Why fix something that wasn’t broken? Change for the sake of change isn’t always good. (Although there is one change that would be nice. This is concerning content. PLEASE forget about the Kardashians. Enough is enough already.) Pooh to Yahoo. I’ll be using ANYTHING other than Yahoo from now on. And if you’re planning for your stock to go for a ride, you might consider putting on your seat belt. I think you’re headed for a decline. It probably doesn’t matter to you or your execs but I do have a little knowledge in this area since I am an experienced graphic/web designer.

  • Gloria

    HATE HATE HATE this new homepage. Briefly today the old one came back and I thought you had come to your senses (but no)!

  • Master Magoo

    Marissa probably read the bought-and-paid-for media’s glowing reviews and felt redeemed. The vain flash of empty media bulbs more important than the real users. Is there an unbiased place to see the real results of clicks? I’d love to see the real ratings. Webpronews: can you report on the real results, or is that all under lock and key? You seem to be one of the few media outlets not in the pocket of Yahoo and the Web Industrial Complex.

  • John

    Yahoo has been terrible for a long time. Used to love it, it is now dead to me. Goodbye

  • http://InternetExplorer Ken

    The really unfortunate aspect about the homepage fiasco is the refusal of Yahoo to admit that the change was ill conceived and to make an adjustment. Rather, they are saying to —- with you–your opinions and input are meaningless to us. Not only sad, but stupid when we can vote with our feet (or keyboards)!!

  • William J Malloy

    The liberal bias on the news is still terrible.

  • http://yahooHomepage Sheila

    Same complaint as with old page. After you read a news story you have to scroll through them all again to regain your place. Why cant I return to previous spot…or am I doing something wrong?

  • Diane

    HATE HATE HATE the new home page. Will not use it. They totally missed the mark on this one. Go back to the old home page. It was just fine. New one is terrible with the awful colors and the infinite scrolling.

  • Bee

    I can’t stand the new yahoo. The infinite scrolling is horrible. And ever since this new yahoo homepage came into existence, it runs like crap. If I select a news story from the infinite scrolling, it won’t let me open it in a new tab. My mail takes forever to check a message for deletion among other things. This is the worst design ever. Purple?! Do you know how I found this article? I googled, “my yahoo runs like shit” (pardon my language but it’s the truth). I agree with all the negative reviews. These people all speak much more eloquently and convey the message much better than I can. I am leaving yahoo.

  • http://yahoo.com lou

    Sucks, switch it back. This new site is terrible.

  • Gloria

    Run check everyone! It’s back, the original page is back! It better not be a trick……

  • Gloria

    I swear, it came back and of course it went away to be replaced by the sucky NEW version! I HATE THE NEW VERSION! Is anyone listening?

  • Gloria

    Think I am off to AOL. Anyone care to join me?

  • Anderson

    Purple is my least favorite color. Blue Arial bold is my least favorite font. Having a semi-transparent image in front of a news photo is one of my least favorite things to see. In all, the new Yahoo Home Page, which used to be my favorite place to start my day on the web has now become my least favorite place to be.
    How arrogant of Yahoo to use a color like Purple and give no way to change it. Ask any Real Estate agent about trying to sell a house. Do you show it with your personal preference of color palettes, i.e. purple, hot pink, et al, or do you show the house in a neutral palette that would appeal to the majority of potential buyers?
    It’s obvious that the person who picked purple has never been a real estate broker. Actually, on second thought, that person has probably never designed an attractive home page that would appeal to a majority.

  • Wendy

    When are you going to respond to your readers? Are all of these comments just going into a black hole? We’re waiting…

  • Winchdoctor

    Yahoo! has been my home page for 22 years but no more. I like the new look about as much as Windows 8’s Metro and Windows Explorer’s new look which I believe was Yahoo’s inspiration. My new home page for now is news.google.com.

  • Bigknit45

    Can’t bear the new re designed yahoo – the changes made are not for the better and new the layout is awful as is the layout for the yahoo weather, much prefer the old yahoo style

  • Narrite

    I wouldnt mind the new home page if I was able to open links into new tabs instead of having to read one page at a time.

  • robert stefanik

    The new yahoo web site homepage is terrible. Switching
    to Google news.



  • florida1

    Yahoo homepage does not work at all with Internet Explorer. It is not possible to edit the Yahoo favorites or add or delete my favorites. Only the Yahoo-selected favorites are available. Clicking on any link on the homepage with IE gives the message: “Stream encountered a problem while trying to load. Content is currently unavailable. We’re working on it, so please check back soon. So it is rather useless.” Not quite ready for prime time.

  • http://www.apcdriving.co.uk pete

    Homepage change is a joke should never been altered.
    Nobody that I know likes it at all !!

  • http://yahoo.com Kathie

    “Stream” encountered a problem while trying to load – this is all I get since Yahoo changed its page. I can’t use it at all.

    • gardenzilla

      I am having the same problem: “Stream” encountered a problem while trying to load. Content is currently unavailable. We’re working on it, so please check back soon” So most of the links don’t work; plus, since going to IE9 on my new computer, videos do not play and many photos are black boxes. I am also unable to comment on articles. I never had this problem before. So I have changed my homepage to Comcast Xfinity for now and to Yahoo…PPFFLLLLTTTTT. You broke it, now fix it!

  • Steve

    Don’t like new setup! How do I get to read and make comments on articles?

  • franny1120

    The top scroll for news on yahoo will not scroll left or right now. Also….what did yahoo do with the mail. I cannot open one piece of mail now. I can click on an e-mail till my finger falls off, and NOTHING! that old saying….”don’t fix it if it aint broken” holds true!

  • Ann Distin

    Oh dear this hidious NEW mail is just awful I can only open one mail then it freezes and I have to click x if I can and re-sign in
    I just hate it I have lost so much I do hate the sick colour I was so ill with all that thick purple I had to get the guy who mended my laptop after yahoo mashed its working ability to try and get rid of the purple It is SO BAD I absolutely HATE it please PLEASE may we have a nice clean simple version back again PLEASE

  • hennagaijin

    The homepage is not as bad as folks are complaing about. Go ahead and try Gmail…….THAT is pathetic. You will be back soon. Try gmail
    chat or mail……IF you can even make sense of it. Yahoo may not be perfect, but it sure beats the alternative.

  • Master Magoo

    These comments are getting off topic. This is about Yahoo’s hideous new launch page, not Yahoo Mail compared to gmail.

  • MG

    I do not like the “new” Yahoo at all. The print is so light, I can barely read it. My favorite sites are gone, replaced with subjects I am not interested and for which I have no need or interest.. I had to spend an hour deleting all the entertainment and sports news, which is of no interest to me. Yet htey keeping appearing every day. I want clear black type and the ability to chose the sites I want. May go to another platform for my home page.

  • http://n/a Joel

    I hate it. I really don’t like it at all. Why do companies force your hand into something you don’t want to do? It only makes me want to leave Yahoo completely just out of spite. It’d be nice to just be given an option of what we like better, like before when we could change the color scheme, or what news we wanted to see. Ridiculous!!

  • margaret

    I do not like the yahoo mail page. I see half of my messages, so why change something that works. Probably a few people commented on wanting a new look, so as to accommodate those few, Yahoo decided to change their page, but from what I’ve read, there are many others who want the old format back. and I’m afraid if I keep having trouble with my mail, I too will change to something else. What yahoo should have done, was to poll us about wanting a new page or not, instead they just went ahead and did it. This is typical of what’s going on today. Pass something, or do something, without anyone knowing, then watch by as it slowly falls apart, suffer the consequences, and then blame someone else for your decisions, and take along for the ride, innocent bystanders.

  • Kathie Gallardo

    I am a member of a yahoo group. Since the new format appeared I have not been able to use the group messages. I click on a message and it says loading but NEVER loads. It would be great if those who created this mess would clean it up. Please go back to the old format.

  • marilymn

    One day everything was changed on the yahoo web page. Didn’t know what happened. Thought something had happened to my computer but after a day or so, realized Yahoo must have done something. So, no notice of a change (at least I didn’t see one) or instructions of how to work the new system, assuming one has time to figure it out. Now I have to go to my Mac account to do a few things because simple things don’t seem to work. I am very unhappy with this new system. Any chance of going back?

  • Michael

    Overall, the new My Yahoo is a huge disappointment! If new users are happy with it, it’s only because they aren’t able to compare it to the previous version. Of course I understand that updates and new features are necessary to generate new (or continued) interest, but this is clearly a “downgrade” in most respects. Most of the great customization options are gone, making it impossible to create a unique and highly personalized home page. I really don’t understand why these options were taken away. Certainly it should have been possible to enhance the social networking, content, (and other) aspects of My Yahoo without sacrificing the customization options. Quite honestly, I’m sure that the vast majority of existing users are (or will be) searching elsewhere for a better replacement. As an aside, the fact that Yahoo forced users to make a permanent switch before allowing them to fully explore the new version was downright disrespectful. After all the hard times that Yahoo has experienced over the last few years one would think they could have given users a chance to provide some useful feedback before going balls out with the implementation.

  • eilis

    I will now need to move my account as this new system requires me to work through/retrieve mail/figure our trail and loses work for me. Previous system let and helped me do my work.

    I am sure there is a good and plausible reason for this new system?

  • Denny

    I’m shocked at the poor functionability of the new Yahoo. Many frustrating glitches occur as I type into the text box. Other issues occur with navigation.

  • marilyn s.fryer

    What is yahoo thinking of. They must not have thinking people doing the design, it is so very dull, no stationery, my text color does not work,people who got my nice stationery e mails, say what the heck, who on earth changed it into such a worthless piece of you know what.

  • R

    We hate the new homepage!!! It’s completely clumsy and annoyingly difficult to navigate – a total time waster!

  • http://yahoo Barbara Fowler

    I have a nook tablet and i’ve always used yahoo as my home page on my home computer. This one on my tablet is a nightmare and i hate it. It lists all news items and there are tons, but the worst part is when i attempt to search or enter something on the search box. It immediately scrolls to the bottom of the entire yahoo page as soon as i try to type in that box. It happens over and over and makes me so frustrated that i am now forced to go to google. Is there any way to fix or get rid of this page? I miss my original yahoo!

  • Heather Hanson

    I have had my yahoo account for years and was happy with it until the recent changes. I’ve lost responses, can’t find what I’m looking for and generally have just had a very confusing experience with it since the update. I’m really considering going with a different account for my email because this hasn’t been more simple or (in my opinion) improved.

  • http://Yahoo Greg

    If u want a real forecast for the weather, don’t go to yahoo!!!!! Their weather is very inaccurate and just had a cold front come thru which they said was miles away!!! It says it full sun here and I couldn’t find sun if I was able to spread the many clouds apart. I’ve had proms with yahoo email and now it’s their weather. Maybe Apple needs to head towards another supplier that a bit more accurate!

  • http://Yahoo Greg

    Btw….I dropped my yahoo email and went to google! Thanks yahoo!

  • Kashmira

    Yahoo is violating privacy laws. Not acceptable. Hope someone is looking at this new set up in yahoo emails very seriously. Please realize the mess and revert back to the old version.
    Thank you

  • http://yahoo.com Rich T

    It had taken me weeks to manipulate the ‘look’ of the Yahoo home page to my specifics after the last “great improvement” by Yahoo. Now they have again destroyed the home page and are making it harder for me to continue with Yahoo as my preferred basic home page. The home page no longer easily fits the screen without scrolling. My local news briefs have disappeared. The format has changed so it is more difficult to find those sections that used to be readily available. Articles and news stories of no interest to me or my family block the usable screen space. Once again their view of improvement only means more room for pop-up ads and increased revenue.

    Have they ever done a focus group of the average real world users before they roll out a massive over-haul? I think not.

  • http://none popcornman

    The new yahoo sports page sucks. I like the older one better.

  • http://Yahoo Wayne

    Either go back to the “old” yahoo homepage interface or lose more customers. I had it set up the way I wanted with the features and layouts I wanted and refused the ones I didn’t want. Now I have lost half of my information and will go to google or some other interface. A one button, “one shot only” to “see” or “”try” the new interface smacks of “you know better than I do what I want” arrogance and stupidity. Makes me wonder if I can trust whatever else you have to tell me. Good luck with your company sorting this out. Reminds me of the infamous “classic Coke” snafu that cost Coke millions of dollars.

  • Denise Roland


    • Liz Hooks

      I agree and am now going to go through the hassle of getting a new email address I think

      • Cheerios

        Yup… me too.. malarkey!

  • Wei Jin

    the new yahoo interface really sucks. I hate it!

  • Liz Hooks

    Hate it! And I am getting sooo frustrated with yahoo mail, which now makes even simple tasks like replying to a message difficult.

  • elaine cohen

    i no longer can remove individual stocks on the left hand column…….i miss the ticker tape and i prefer quotes not percentages up or down…..the page is ugly and hard to use…..all chopped up…..the comments you show above are in FEBRUARY……why is that.it is november……i loved this site BUT if it remains this way i will move to another start page……why can’t you leave well enough alone………

  • Karl Cline

    It took me a long time to get exactly what I want and to set how I wanted it to look. If Yahoo forces me to change I will have to find someplace else to set up my homepage, and will try to NEVER USE ANYTHING RELATED TO YAHOO! AGAIN.

  • mike s.

    It’s obnoxious. Looks like something google would design; google while great at creating products, sucks at UX-design. It seems there is much more emphasis on advertisement than content. It’s designed to get you to click on ads accidentally it seems.

    I’ve been using yahoo!finance since the days of Jerry. Now i too have been looking for an alternative. Saw someone mentioned MSN. will give them a try.

  • http://yahoo.uk Kevin Lord

    Why change it when its already working well. Go back to the old simple one. Learn to keep things simple. I hate this new cofused frusrating complicated new look.

  • http://yahoo.uk Kevin


  • cerberus

    Hate it just set my homepage to Google!!

  • http://YahooFinance Pieter

    Did the same people that made this upgrade do the Obamacare site? This has been my homepage for years and years. It has changed to the point of being unusable. Hello? Heads should be rolling.

  • http://yahoohomepage trev

    absolute crap , and thats just regarding what Mayer said .
    the home page is horrible rubbish no one wanted and as for new mail replacing classic , what crap .
    Mayer has buggered yahoo up big time . no one likes any of these pointless changes , google rip offs .
    there are thousands and thousands of haters of these changes and yet we all know yahoo will do nothing about it , Mayer will get her bonus for failure and we’re lumbered with this shit .
    time to BOYCOTT YAHOO FOR A FEW DAYS and see how they get on with no users as thats how its going to be soon enough .
    fire MAYER NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoohompage jerald wayne riddles

    I don’t know what you did but can’t even get new news or local or anything anymore , am looking for new homepage , whatever you did go back to old page

  • http://yahoohomepage mp

    I hate it -I just don’t want the infinite news reel or much of the other stuff on offer. It’s rubbish

  • http://yahoo Jon Whitley

    I have just returned from a 2 week holiday to find that the ‘yahoo homepage’ has automatically turned into a rubbish format; which I Hate, as it is cluttered,slow,full of JUNK, and offers no way of re-setting it to the last version.I appreciate that it is free: as I have no interest in anything advertised, but it is RUBBISH!

  • Concerned.Newfie

    The most obnoxious thing is that after you accidentally convert to the new page, only then do they tell you that you cannot revert back to the old version. The entire webpage looks horrible in this format.

    Found out I can still use the ca .my .yahoo which shows the old format. On my 2 computers side by side on 2 27 in monitors you can bring up both at the same time. side by side you see how much was lost.

    Bookmarks are now dropped down into folders, you cannot just have one column of bookmarks anymore. The weather app no longer shows 10 of your favorite cities just one. Ugliest is the little mini pictures it defaults too on the newsfeeds let alone they took away the pure black background so I have to use a dark camping picture they provide as a bad 2nd choice.

  • Lynda

    Aside from adding the weather to the home page, I like NOTHING about this new design, Yahoo. Listen to your customers for a change, will ya’?

  • http://www.thetligroup.com Bill McKeag

    Absolutely the worst make over I have ever seen and I have stopped using it completely now. Too many articles (from every news source in the world now it seems) ……….. quantity is not quality Yahoo!!! You’ve lost a 10 year user with this garbage! Change it back asap pleasssssssse!!1

    • Cheerios

      nay, they won’t change back to simplicity.. because ads sell stuff and Yahoo gets a hit… just move to Google!

  • Gavin

    People dont like change, its true of any update to a popular site (I’m sure we can all think of a hanful over the last year or so), you cant pelase all the people all the time – However – one thing your site article does not show is the advertising shown all around the outside that does not seem to be able of being turned off. Being force fed massive Google/Android/other products with no option to remove it that I can find is making me question my supplier… I dont mind the odd box or banner (its part of a free service), but not something that takes the whole page…

  • Steve

    I can agree with many of the comments here, but I am not opposed to the changes themselves. What does annoy me is the fact that they don’t work. Clicking to the next set on the scrolling news feed it doesn’t fill and as for the new mail, half the time the options don’t work as well as they should, eg deleting. I applaud the idea but hate the fact it appears to have been implemented in a beta version.

  • Seabeck Cellars

    Hate the new Yahoo Home page…..I’ve tried it now for several months and have given up. The old layout gives so much more information at a glance. I’m looking to find the old layout or leaving Yahoo altogether….any suggestions from readers would be appreciated.




  • http://finance edward sammak

    Yahoo is awful I am going to another site I waste too much time trying to remove stock symbols that I do not remove it is easy to enter but difficult to remove

  • http://finance edward sammak

    no wonder people complain

  • connie hanson

    always used yahoo but looking at google now, thanks for messing up my yahoo page, what a mess this is now. hate it big time.

  • Cheerios

    The ‘New’ Yahoo stinks… it forces too much garbage news, a tabloid approach to gluttony of information.. over the top.. and imposed.. like Facebook.. its a modern trick for sheep.. baa baaa baaaaaa follow along and the cookies will trail every choice… this feeds into marketing profits.. while the unsuspecting wanderer clicks on the bright pennies.

  • http://yahoo cindy

    yahoo used to be great. NOW YAHOO IS HORRID! Are they coo coo? What were the thinking? Everyone I know is moving out of yahoo to another carrier. Poor yahoo. They’re on their way out. Sad, because I used to like them. They used to have a great homepage. It is awful now, AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing but frustration.

  • http://yahoohomepage granny

    this new page is dreadfull– WAYYYY to busy – lost alot of the features I liked — WAYYY to much advertising — I know it pays you BUT really all this crap is bad. I have taken to noting the sponors and NOT using them. want the good olde days back – I may joing the band wagon and go somewhere else – more user friendly

  • meep


  • Bernie

    I hate the new MyYahoo homepage! I have been a Yahoo user for over 15 years and have been through changes but this is ridiculous. They have completely changed the calendar to some unusable ugly garbage. The calendar-and weather and homepage- do not update now so I constantly have to reload my page. The calendar randomly changes appointments and times. I used to be able to view my whole week at a glance but now I get an ugly monthly view with dots on the days I have appointments (or they could be holidays). You can't hover over your mail tab and see your first 10 or so emails (and delete them if you want). I could go on and on but those are my chief complaints. It's not about looks at all, but the functionality that they took.

    • Peter

      Go to “https://att.yahoo.com/” without quotes and there you’ll find the original
      yahoo page sponsored by AT&T. Then go to the new yahoo page and sign in to your yahoo mail and set your location for local weather and all else you need. When you sign in to yahoo mail at the new page, make sure you click on “Keep me signed in” so you don’t have to do it all the time. This only for your home computer. Bookmark both sites, the new yahoo & AT&T. It’s all the same with AT&T. The only difference is the few ads. I like it more and it’s cool. Hope this helps. One more thing, the reason for this is AT&T won’t let you log-in directly to your yahoo mail account and it won’t remember changes like your weather location. Also make sure you keep both pages open on two separate tabs while signing in for yahoo mail and making all other changes on the new page. Then go to the AT&T yahoo page and bingo your done! Good luck!

      • Cosmo


    • Cosmo

      what about NOW 5/15?

  • Ray

    Can't believe what a step backwards this is. Loss of functionality and poorly functioning links have me searching for alternatives. To still use some remnant of the old my yahoo page I'm using http://ca.my.yahoo.com instead. I know that will disappear too so I'm leaving as soon as I can.

    • 20yr yahoo veteran

      So sad that myYahoo Canada is indeed scheduled to go away on March 24th. :-( The new myYahoo no longer has much of the content I loved available. The weather features, which have been slowly degrading anyhow –please, Yahoo, my IP that you can read is generated by my cable internet provider, two suburbs over, 10+ miles and several micro-climates away–is truly awful now. The sizing and arrangement of content “boxes” on the page does not allow for the same readability the old design made possible. There seems to be no way to move the ad at the top to somewhere below, as was possible before, meaning that I have to scroll down to see next box on that side. Not everyone likes to have a full-screen browser window constantly. So sad. I’m sure I’ll keep my yahoo mail account that I’ve had for nearly 20 years, however, I think I’ll have to find other sources of news, weather, etc. I suppose that yahoo is responding to the fact that many people have smartphones, tablets and even Windows 8 fully-functional PCs that are “app driven” so they are trying to compete and offer people the same things, but personally I just hate and find it clunky and so much more difficult to customize to my own needs that I’ll have to abandon it after myYahoo Canada goes away on March 24th. Perhaps there’s a myYahoo remaining in some other English-speaking country they haven’t fouled up, but I’m not sure. Haven’t checked Belize yet…

    • martin

      fully agree i’ve just changed to yahoo canada while i look for something better

    • Les

      Thank you for providing a temporary fix to this crazy Yahoo “upgrading” as I too, will be searching for a new homepage when they yank our access to the old version!! Again, thanks for ending my frustration!!

  • Whole One

    I absolutely hate the look and lack of functionality of the "new" yahoo homepage. What garbage.

  • Shailesh

    The new version is crap. Not user friendly AT ALL

    so many times it happens that i do right click to delete spam or trash, but just does not give the pop up options. Again i have to refresh and it works

    Same for downloads

    clubbing of mails is very very confusing and send button goes beyond reach sometimes when there are too many conversations

    and lot more tiring stuff

    Can i get my older version or i switch to gmail !!!! sad

  • Dan

    The new Yahoo homepage has been a royal pain in the butt…..it has no new features, adds not one iota of new information and after having spent hours fiddling with it, still doesn’t work.

    Other than that, it has been wonderful…..

    Good grief….who knew that the fouled up sports section was just a foreshadowing of what was to come.

  • BA7

    Been a my yahoo user since the 90s. It baffles me how poor the new site is. How something like this happens is beyond me. Is it really possible that the peeps in charge at yahoo are that clueless? Have they ever used the page? Did they even get an ounce of feedback from regular users? It would appear that once you get high enough in an organization you lose all touch with reality and your ego takes over. Reminds me a lot of Windows 8. Train wreck…

    The link in this article points to a real time counter. That link now redirects to a general yahoo advertising page. Speaks volumes if you ask me.

  • ACDC Hack

    It has been a big pain in the butt….won’t keep my location….the redesigned sports page makes it much harder to read while presenting the same information etc. etc.
    This is not an improvement !!

  • Pete Charles

    Disgusted with it. Was my start/home page since 1997. Last month I finally made a real switch, now use uStart as home page. Almost as good as old MyYahoo. Will consider going back to Yahoo as start page ONLY if Yahoo gives me option to revert back. Too many negatives to list, get mad just thinking about what a colossal screw up the new page is.

  • Jearle

    Anybody remember the “New Coke” some years back??
    Similar screw-up here. Yahoo had a good thing going, but now they are pushing users away in droves. I wonder how long until they offer a Yahoo Classic ??

  • YC

    I think everything has been said about the new My Yahoo! page. The bottom line is that I used the old one EVERYDAY several times a day. Now I DON’T! They have screwed up the best home page ever. I tried to use Tabs to try and make it more user friendly to no avail. I had everything I needed in one tab. Now I don’t long to use it any more…. that is the bottom line!

  • orsay


  • alligatorpointer

    I have used “My Yahoo” as my home page for many years. Yahoo recently took away my familiar format and ruined My Yahoo in the USA, so I switched to the Canadian version which allowed me to have my preferred original format. Well, last week Yahoo cancelled the Canadian My Yahoo so I moved again … to the UK version … which thankfully allowed me to have my preferred original familiar format even though the news content was more UK oriented. I am now very angry because now I see that Yahoo plans to eliminate the UK version on March 31st. Hasn’t anyone at the corporate decision making level noticed all the feedback comments from an overwhelming majority of people who are extremely unhappy about losing the original MY Yahoo format? Why does Yahoo stubbornly refuse to provide what people want? Why did Yahoo decide to change something that was perfect? I have looked everywhere to see if I could find an option for keeping my original My Yahoo format but apparently I am doomed to be disappointed along with all the other loyal users of My Yahoo who have been begging Yahoo to restore the previous version and get rid of the “New” My Yahoo. The “New” My Yahoo is garish to look at, Yahoo got rid of the nice “Article Preview” feature (When you roll your mouse over headlines you can no longer read a snippet of the article without leaving My Yahoo), and (most egregious of all) the “New” My Yahoo” font-size is HUGE … much too large and cannot be adjusted even though I have tried setting it to “small” (yes, I found the setting page for font size and it does NOT work). I truly and deeply DISLIKE the “New” My Yahoo for the US. Here is what Yahoo posted on the UK site in preparation for shutting it down … however, I can find no way to “register” my preferred format when it transfers back to the US version after Yahoo shuts down the UK version on March 31st. Perhaps the content will ‘transfer’ … but I fear that the format settings will not transfer and I will be forever stuck with the ugly, distasteful “New” My Yahoo that the US version has become :(
    *copy/paste from the UK site:

    “My Yahoo shutdown
    At Yahoo, we are focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. More than ever, that means focusing on our core products and experiences. To that end, effective March the 31st, 2014, My Yahoo is shutting down.
    If you want to transfer your current My Yahoo settings, you are able to do so signing up on the my.yahoo.com site. Many of your applications will migrate to the US experience. However you won’t be able to transfer a small number of them. To fully understand the My Yahoo experience on the US site, useful articles can be found here.”

    NOOOO!! The format settings will NOT transfer so the content settings will NOT be displayed in the way that loyal users of My Yahoo prefer. It is just WRONG-headed corporate policy to refuse to listen to what the majority of Yahoo users want which is the original MY Yahoo format and settings. We do NOT want NEW.

    • Peter

      Try https://att.yahoo.com/ and make sure you are signed in for yahoo mail at the new yahoo page so you can be logged in to the AT&T yahoo page. It’s cool and just like the original.

  • Bummed

    I think Yahoo is getting ready to unveil its new name, F***You! That would explain why all the functionality I got used to for 15 years is gone and replaced with the new gaudy, ad infused, static disappointment that’s there today. Soon after that every other news story will be some adchoice BS that occasionally I accidentally click on before I realize it so Yahoo can put another penny in the bank. Not too long after that every other e-mail will be an advertisement so the pennies keep rolling in for them.

  • The Last Straw

    The new Yahoo Homepage change is the last straw for me. Marissa Mayer …. what an incredibly, unimaginable arrogant person you must be! How can you continue in your quest to destroy the Yahoo company considering the huge backlash of it’s users against the changes you have forced upon us? I continue to use the old Yahoo Mail, but others who have used the New Yahoo Mail say that it’s completely ruined. You destroyed our canoe and kayaking website on Yahoo Groups with the Neo Groups transition you imposed upon us last year. 355 members have posted 3 messages in the past 3 months! Now, once again I’m not given a choice. You’ve forced the new Yahoo Homepage down my throat. Any reasonable person in charge would give the users THEY SERVE a choice, or at the very least, give the experiment a trial test period. But no, as I was told by one of your phone operators … “Change is hard”. Don’t p**s on me and tell me it’s raining. I once had an eye doctor tell me that he knew better than me as to what my eye prescription should be for a new pair of eyeglass lenses. All I could see was a blur because his prescription was so far off. I never went back to him and obtained a pair of glasses elsewhere that I was most comfortable with. The point is …. if you don’t give people what they want … they go somewhere else. I hope the folks at Yahoo eventually wake up, and without giving YOU a choice, send you packing and tell you that it will be better for you to work someplace else. You’re chasing people off in droves girl! Wake up before your arrogance and stubbornness destroys your career and Yahoo along with it. As for me, I’ve had it with Yahoo and Marissa Mayer telling me what’s good for me. I’m going somewhere else!

  • Dora Q

    I do not like the new Yahoo home page. I do not find it user friendly & can not find an arrangement which includes what “I” want to see when I open My Yahoo. com. Give us the option to have the OLD page back.

  • harfdornman


  • Keith A Worrell

    Terrible change, maybe good for a phone but awful for a web page!
    Bye-bye rogers!

  • wingmate

    From my perspective, there was absolutely no need to change the Yahoo Homepage. It has worked for me for many years and I cannot find any “improvements” on the new Homepage. My Weather is messed up and only shows 3 stations, the Calendar lists my upcoming events in some random order and I find the calendar itself strange to look at, My Mail comes and goes, I can’t control the width of my columns, there’s no mouse-over for a capsule of the news, my Bookmarks are also in some random order (what was wrong with alphabetizing them?) plus I just plain don’t like the overall look. Looking through the many thousands of comments in the Feedback link, I can find nobody that has an overall favorable view and find an almost universal disdain for the new Homepage.

  • Goodbye Yahoo!

    Hate it, it’s a step backwards, hard to read comments, news stories pop up as another tab.
    Too many ads, if I want the weather, I’ll go to another site, I don’t care about comics, WAKE UP Yahoo, it’s a NEWS site, not a newspaper!

  • monte

    The Yahoo home page is a cluttered mess.

  • clark

    e-mail does not appear,articles don’t come up and other erratic behavior. very sad.

  • Eric Martin


  • marlasp8

    Thanks Yahoo. For about 2 weeks ive not been able to get my news. Your homepage sucks. I cant click on ANYTHING!!! Therefore I can see what i want to read about, i just have to do a search on what i want to read and find it somewhere else. Sure cant do it through Yahoo, cause I cant click on anything and open it.
    LG Motion

  • Tobiqueboy

    The yahoo home page is insulting to anyone not interested in hollywood hype. It has less real news than many half-baked tabloids.

  • socalifgirl

    I’m not sure if it’s yahoo or att but I HATE the email. What idiot decided it was a good idea to put the text options at the bottom?

  • Mary

    Here’s a list:
    1. I hate the Send button at the bottom.
    2. There is no Save to Drafts button. When I write a draft, rarely is it saved, and I can’t find it anywhere. Then I have to rewrite it WITH THE SAME RESULTS, then just give up and maybe call the recipient(s). Rarely is it saved; don’t know what I am doing right when this happens.
    3. Same is true when I try to reply to one person or a group; just doesn’t Send. When I open the Sent or any other folder to see if it went out or anywhere, it’s nowhere, and my response disappears into the ethernet. Maybe I just need to write new original messages to these folks instead of trying to”Reply”?
    4. Can’t print all of the text of an email for which I want a hard copy. While I can delete the ad column each time, the Folders column cuts off the left side of the message. Been going on for some time, and I used to be able to do it as recently as last summer or fall.
    5. When I’m finished with a message like the ones I successfully send or delete, it doesn’t automatically go back to the open folder, requiring me to click each time on that folder.
    Just can’t say enough bad things about it! Wish I could use stronger language, but it would be inappropriate. Guess I will have to leave and use my gmail account, but I resent the heck out of having to import all the Contacts and notify everyone. Sorry, Yahoo!–looks like you may have lost another customer. My husband already changed last year.

  • emilylast

    It sucks for air. I hate it. It doesn’t work. The calendar is now a pain. The weather module gives me weather for pretty much every where except where I live. I gave up changing it because if just reverts to yet another “not even close” location. The “MyYahoo” home page is anything but my yahoo. Their attitude was the final straw. I changed to another homepage, gave my contacts my new email address and Yahoo has lost me forever. I also won’t be using any of the companies that advertise on Yahoo.

  • michelle

    I hate this new format. I can’t even enjoy checking my email now and find myself online much less…perhaps thats a good thing. I am currently figuring out which browser to change over to because this yahoo page sucks. Totally busy, confusing, and looks like nothing but a full screen of “ads”. It doesn’t look for feel personal, cozy or welcoming.

  • nomorechanges!!

    I absolutely HATE the new Yahoo homepage. Why do you have to keep dickering with something that ain’t broke? I want the old YAHOO back or I’ll go somewhere else and bitch about Yahoo every where I go.

  • Fence

    Late to the discussion but I hate the new My Yahoo! Page. I use to be on Yahoo! constantly for search, stories etc. Now I use it only when absolutely necessary…for Fantasy Football. Even now its a pain to use for Fantasy Football…15 years using it for FF and once we move our league I probably won’t be back to Yahoo!. They totally botched this one….I’ve given it a year+ but can’t take it anymore.

  • mommo43

    Absolutely awful. I open the computer to do some work, not to work on a new homepage. The new model is filled with junk-to-me sports, “Trending Now” (this one is unremovable), and customization options do not function. I cannot move the information most often used to better locations on the page, and the tacky sidebar of stuff I never use has displaced my Favorites and History. I am shopping for a new home page. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  • matt

    This new page in crapp

  • matt

    Just when you think every thing is going good some dickhead thinks they have a good idea

  • Bob Smiley

    Among many flaws of the web page design, one of the most annoying can be experienced while watching movie trailers: the navigation bar hides part of the video. Very bad web design. Yahoo needs to find some better programmers to build their site. There are so many skilled coders out there in need of work. Why settle for some mediocre crap?

  • roy trujillo

    I am a user of yahoo for 10 years ,I hated some of the changes they made but I got used to it,this new crap is totally upsurd,i am disabled,cant exen check the mail to be deleted,cant see the delets email,,alk about a stupid move,if they have any brains what so ever they will put it back before everyone stops using yahoo,i know a lot of people who absolutely will not use it because of all the dumb changes they keep making,i for one will quit using it if it isn’t fixed at least as good as it was before they got some retart to restructure the format,must of been some crack head,even my kids hate it,wake up yahoo.what the hell were you thinking.,you have realy screwed the pooch this time.

  • Teresa

    Yahoo has got to have the most annoying homepage ever. It is cluttered with useless ads and news items.

  • D Kay

    Hate it, it’s ugly and less functional.

  • Diane

    Brutal change! Difficult to read and just upsetting. They have now locked out the option to read the horoscopes on the home page with a white background. Do they really think the overwhelming and downright ugly graphics will entice us to go to the page? I really use to enjoy opening the page and reading it in the morning. I am back to the paper.

  • buck smith

    very disappointed that my home page no longer has the link to facebook..is there anything I can do

  • d

    I’d be willing to blow Satan himself to get the old Yahoo page back.

  • tori

    I do not like not having facebook on my yahoo home page. You keep doing things that you should not be doing. If people want changes, you should change theirs. Not mine.

  • Alice

    Yahoo SUCKS … everything they do sucks. They can’t even upgrade their email without screwing the hell out of it! Looks like they tried to steal code from google but they don’t know how to use it correctly.

  • Stew

    Pratically every update Yahoo makes the service actually gets worse! You can not even read the characters on my mail bar anymore. Yahoo sucks! Why does yahoo keep making its product worse? I, like most ppl just want to get their mail read a news story etc. Its not hard. 10 yrs ago yahoo had a better product out than they have today. Yahoo are you listening? Nope probably not

  • Stew

    Pratically every update Yahoo makes the service actually gets worse! You can not even read the characters on my mail bar anymore. Yahoo sucks! Why does yahoo keep making its product worse? I, like most ppl just want to get their mail read a news story etc. Its not hard. 10 yrs ago yahoo had a better product out than they have today. Yahoo are you listening? Nope probably not

  • Nobody

    The new yahoo home page looks like a banner farm that was created by a 10year old.

  • trikzipper

    Hate it! Make it go away!!!

  • Juanita

    This new homepage is not user friendly at all! I can’t easily get to pages I regularly used before! How can I change back to the old page??!??

  • Rich Ratliff

    Yeah WTF is up with this new crap, Yahoo?!?!?!
    Total bullshit! Get you head out of your ass, Yahoo!!!!!!

  • Laney

    Another total disaster from yahoo. The best yahoo homepage was in place before Marissa Mayer started at yahoo. It’s a shame when people initiate a change when the product wasn’t broken. Couldn’t yahoo have created new technologies to enhance their market instead of just trying to mimic facebook? Sad, sad, sad…

  • Joe Blow from Kokomo

    Well if you think it was crap then, this new incarnation should give you a stroke. Seriously, why do they think this will help? The newest redesign (10/31/14) is the most horrible.

  • Laqudis

    Yahoo has done “plenty” to be annoyed about but this homepage I think may be their “Mona Lisa” of stupidity. Truly awful… and thanks for the heads up yahoo, I’m moving my homepage elsewhere.

  • Stoopid Yahoo

    This new page sucks more balls than a Brunswick ball return. Hate It.

  • guest

    I hate the new yahoo homepage. How can i get the old one back? Why don’t we have a choice in which one we can use? I HATE THE NEW ONE!!!

  • traveler281

    Hate it, totally hate it.

  • Gary Foxon


  • chuck

    why can’t you see that the headlines cover the intro to a news story? why do some stories have no story, just a picture? sure don’t show me you give a damn about your readers!

  • n f

    its horrible, they tried for a brief moment to emulate the whole metro ui of windows 8 BARF thank god they gave that up but now they are insisting on pushing tons of mini auto starting videos on the main page with no option to stop or opt out of them, they suck. also their whole “feature” of telling them which type of articles you like and which ones you no longer want to see, does not work. because if it did I would never ever see anything kardashian ever again in my news feed. yahoo=fail

  • Sandra

    HATE the new design. Please bring back the old one. IT was so much better than this POS.

  • Laqudis

    To say its terrible, is a insult to the word “terrible”…. If something isn’t broken….don’t fix it…

  • Juan Duex

    Good bye Yahoo! Last straw, you suck

  • ginny

    I want my yahoo home page back I hate this one!

  • Wake

    Why does Internet Explorer have the “normal” page but none of the other browsers do? Is this to specifically force you back to the dead slow Explorer?

  • disqus_6IZlqStBjh

    posts here are from a year ago to a few days ago. My yahoo page keeps changing from the older format to a new one. I do not want to be part of a test program. I like older format (shown above). I can not find the type of news I want to read on the new page.

  • Lana

    I’m really getting sick of yahoo changing my home page without asking me or warning me ! They took away my local news, added a bunch of junk on the left side of the screen and got rid of the news scroll across the top. The new page looks like it’s from the 60’s and a child put it together ! I will no longer be using yahoo as my homepage, thanks for nothing. I was just getting used to the last version.

  • dbsheffield

    Yahoo new home page is not as good as prior sorry !!!!

  • Chris

    There are way to many news stories in the new yahoo home page. It is fun to have some news stories but having so many stories is a disaster it would be like going to a restaurant with a 15 page menu. I think you should cut the news stories to 10-15 news stories tops dont have over a 100 news articles the good stories get lost. I would also like more local stories.

  • Vintage1lady

    Why every time I click on Safari/yahoo on IPad I get a different home page.
    The home page I prefer has scrolling news under news picture, has my location & weather &
    Horescope. These different home pages you are trying out STINK. Return my home page.
    I have searched to locate the correct web address, for the home page I like, with no luck it always takes me to the garbage pages. How can this be fixed. Remember if it is not broke do not fix it.

  • http://www.youtube.com Danny R

    I have a great dislike for the yahoo app, including the mail and the IM…..Sometimes there are ads at the top of my browser that cannot be closed… there are times when I try to write a message in my yahoo mail acct. and the message I am trying to write will jump all over the place and it is very difficult to write a message… My yahoo IM message board will not be useable because there is no functional icons on the IM.. maybe that is because of the IP itself but I am not sure… all in all I am not happy with the functionality at all…. Maybe none of this is the fault of yahoo but maybe the fault of the IP …. Not a happy camper anyway…

  • Cosmo

    the latest iteration (5/2015) bites the bag!

  • Young Breezy

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact that it is my homepage

  • jacutignola

    the videos turn green again ,if this is the new yahoo then I need a new home page. me and countless thousands more. stop screwing with us.

  • TD

    What happened to MY Yahoo? New home page is a joke.