The Modern Warfare 3 Blackout Is Still On

By: Chris Richardson - April 9, 2012

Earlier this month, we discussed the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 blackout that’s scheduled for April 20th. The goal of the call to action is to get the game’s publishers (Activision and Infinity Ward) to address various user complaints about gameplay and other desired adjustments.

Judging by the list of complaints, which can be seen here, it seems like a comprehensive patch would be sufficient. Unfortunately for those who support the MW3 blackout, the publishers are concentrating more on downloadable content than they are fixing the game.

As the lead video indicates, the HC4M Elite group has experienced a few hurdles with the publishers, especially in relation to getting the word out. Apparently, any mention of the MW3 blackout on Activision’s forums are being removed, and a quick glance at the official Modern Warfare 3 forum reveals this to be so, at least in regards to the current and popular topics listed.

The video also features a quote from Infinity Ward employee who discusses the lag issues, essentially blaming it on the gamers by saying players are throttling their bandwidth and inducing latency on their connections, directly contributing to the lag conditions the MW3 Blackout group discusses. The Infinity Ward employee quote goes on to say the spawn issues have been assigned a lower degree of priority.

Instead of blaming players who made the Modern Warfare title the billion dollar operation it has become, the group would like the developers to actually address the issues at hand.

For those who might question whether or not a movement like this would be successful, it remains to be seen. While the initial video has over 120,000 views, the group’s Twitter page (@MW3Blackout) has only picked up an additional 400 or so followers since the initial article ran. At the time of the first video, the account had close to 500 followers. A week later and the total now stands at 856. It remains to be seen if the blackout movement will be effective.

If the YouTube comments are anything to go by, the desired effect may not be attained:

hate to bust your bubble, but one day of missing gameplay won’t make a bit of difference. Too many people won’t know, won’t care, and will just play anyways on that day.
Black it out for a week, or a month, or better yet, just get everyone to stop playing entirely and you’ll get your point across.



They already have your money so what good will this do?


Sadly, there’s a lot of truth to that last comment. What say you? Does the Modern Warfare 3 blackout sound like something you’d support or are you happy with the game as it is? Let us know what you think.

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  • Sancho

    Sounds like a terrorist group to me.

  • A Person

    Ok, were going to blackout for one day against a multi-million dollar company we’ve already bought the game from,and won’t cost the money if we don’t play it, but were going to play as normal afterwards, and come to think of it, there are a lot of kids that don’t have internet of think we’re bf3 trolls. Also they might put out DLC on that day so we won’t buy it, but we will buy it the day after probably. Do you think this sounds like a good plan?

    Thought so.

  • Purple

    r u for real 😀 black out lol u guys are joke there are still lots of players that will play the game i know i am. and bo2 ismade by tryarc and will be the best game ever mw3 best game ever 😀 beat the game so bf3 is the game i am playing now 😀

  • Willy wonka

    The reason for the blackout is so infinityward can see that enough ppl are having problems that it could affect future sales. If we aren’t afraid to quit playing a game we already paid for, then were definitely not afraid to quit buying future titles altogether. Billion dollar companies have went bankrupt before. It can happen again if they forget who’s lining their pockets.