The MegaUpload Song: A Strange Gathering Of Celebrity Filesharing Advocates

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The RIAA and MPAA, in their push to rid the internet of what they dub rampant piracy, have set internet storage locker sites like MegaUpload firmly in their crosshairs as well. While saying that a site like MegaUpload is illegal would likely spawn quite a bit of debate, copyright holders obviously see it as part of the problem.

A group of artists have contributed their two cents to a campaign promoting the usefulness and likability of MegaUpload - and it's a rather impressive group of artists at that. P. Diddy, Snopp Dogg, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Lil Jon, Jamie Foxx, Brett Ratner and Mary J Blige are just a few of the stars that have voiced their support for the site in an incredibly odd yet somehow catchy song aptly titled "The Mega Song."

Check it out below:

Yes, you saw MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom make an appearance in the video. Recently, Creative America put out a video detailing the horrors of content theft. In this video, they specifically go after Kim Dotcom, detailing his previous arrest for "computer hacking" and suggesting that his advertisers fail to realize that they are running ads on an illegal site.

From the looks of this Mega Song, there are at least a decent number of A-listers that are pretty big fans of MegaUpload.

With all of the SOPA/PIPA drama going on in this country, this kind of topic is particularly relevant. It's also just too damn strange to ignore.

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