The Lone Ranger Reviews Rip The Film A New One

    July 9, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Disney’s modern-day re-imagining of the classic radio-serial-turned-television-show “The Lone Ranger” is facing a gratuitous amount of harsh feedback from critics. The film, which released in theaters on June 22, is facing criticism for being too long, riddled with incomplete and unnecessary sub-plots, and for straying too far from the original source material. The film has a mere 26% rating on rottentomatoes.com, and other sources have not been much kinder in their judgments.

Moria McDonald of The Seattle Times regards the movie as “off balance” and incomplete, stating that “Hammer is charming but bland, and Depp, hidden behind a mask of makeup, mostly gives Tonto a deadpan dignity; their often rote interactions don’t justify the film’s two-and-a-half-hour running time.” Peter Debruge of Variety seems to be in agreement, saying, “No longer simply the sidekick, Tonto gets top billing in Disney’s extravagant but exhausting reboot, whose vaguely revisionist origin story partners a heavily face-painted Johnny Depp with the blandly handsome Armie Hammer.”

It seems that even the two leading men, full of potential, experience, and a relatively abundant fan base were unable to save a film where “There are so many bad decisions on display… that I feel… it’s a film worth studying, if only to see clearly how not to bring a beloved character back to the big screen,” as Drew McWeeny of HitFix none-to-gently phrases it.

Overall, the film is a complete flop with critics who are certainly eager to tear it to shreds. One can only hope that Disney might take to the lesson from this film and learn to properly re-imagine classic, beloved characters and stories without completely destroying them in an attempt to milk them for all they are worth. Might this writer suggest that, next time, they start with not casting a white guy for the role of an American Indian?

  • Renee

    The Lone Ranger – The Great Gatsby – the most recent to be Bashed.
    I am here to inform those of you who have not seen these movies because of the Bashing of Technique, Political Correctness, Trueness to past renditions and outright Sarcasm; Both of these movies are Pure Entertainment!!
    When are people going to stop criticizing movies made today that were created yesterday…
    Today’s comtemporary perspective mixed with the technologies, brilliant sound, artful use of color, real landscapes and fantasy worlds combined with talented actors produce Truly Wonderful Entertainment! Are you attending movies as a resourceful learning experience or to be Entertained and Escape the reality of your day? Go to College to Learn, Work to gain experience and skills. For many of us I believe going to the Movies brings us Laughter, Suspense, Amazing Scenic Landscapes, Drama, and Action Adventure that we may not otherwise experience in our life. Who really cares about the trivial opinions of the critics and narrow minded persons. I encourage you to see these movies – preferably on the big screen at your local theatre or on a large screen TV to enjoy the full experience. Laugh at Tonto and his antics, see how resourceful he is dealing with saving his “kimosabee”. Anguish with John Reid as he learns that “justice” and the power of the so called elite wealthy are misused by greed. Cheer for John Reid as he becomes “The Lone Ranger”. I look forward to a sequel now that he has come into his destiny guided by the ‘Spirit’! Hi Oh Silver Away!!!!

    • http://webpronews smlgrier


      Taking shows, such as the Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and the Great Gatsby and totally recreating them into something that they are not, is lunacy. I’ve seen the Great Gatsby,(Robert Redfern, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern) and loved it. I had high hopes that Leonardo DiCaprio would do the role of Gatsby proud. But it flopped. They took what made the original show good and threw it out the window. This is true for both the Green Hornet and the Lone Ranger. Neither the Lone Ranger nor the Green Hornet were comedies but the people behind those movies took, what could have been instant block busters, and ruined them by allowing them to stray too far from the original source material. A shame.

    • Hoagy

      True Dat Renee! Don’t believe the critics, see the movie and judge for yourself. For me, just the panoramic view of the Western landscape, was already worth the money. It’s pure 101% Unadulterated Entertainment!

  • Name

    I love Depp, but he is not meant to play Tonto. Captain Jack Sparrow, yes. Tonto, no.

  • Phyllis

    If you are going to portray an icon then do not change him. Lone Ranger only wore white and Tonto was an American Indian in buckskin. In this movie Tonto looks more like a witchdoctor from Africa.

  • http://arm3taiwan.wordpress.com michael

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  • Cynthia

    It has been at least ten years since I walked out on a movie, but my friend and I walked out on this one – life is too short and losing the money on the tickets was worth it after about 30 minutes in. I love Depp, but this was a horrible, horrible excuse for a movie.