“The Lion King” Inspires “American Idol” Contestant

    February 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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There are many factors that go into the success of a contestant on “American Idol”; not only does one have to find a way to let their personality shine amongst a sea of hopefuls, they also have to choose their wardrobe very carefully and not let the show’s stylists stray too far from who they really are. And, of course, the song choice is super important. Apparently.

One contestant learned last night that straying from the norm doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, especially with this year’s lineup of judges; they all seem to dig what Zoanette Johnson does, and this week was no exception. Johnson made it through a tough round–in which five ladies were cut–with her rendition of “The Circle Of Life” from “The Lion King”.

Her less-than-traditional song choice was met with some confusion and snark on Twitter today, however, as some fans of the show are wondering why she got to stay on over contestants with more vocal abilities.

  • JimmyMackey

    I wouldn’t say that Zoanette strayed from the norm with her choice of song but the way she sang it was a bit out of the norm. It was a big hit with my wife and I though as we were amazed. I work late on Idol nights at my DISH office so therefore I have to watch Idol the next evening. I like that I save time though by watching commercial free on my DISH Hopper because then I can watch an additional show, and get more out of my relaxing evening in front of the TV.

  • John

    Zoanett – I am not qualified to challenge the opinions of the Judges
    I am a simple person that loves good music and entertainment. For me
    Zoanett is the next generation of Tina Turner and Chaka Kahn. I love
    her spontaniety, her larger than life style of entertaining. I will buy a ticket tonight and go see her sing and entertain. Lion King song or whatever Zoanett likes… I like.

  • john

    absolutely the worst Idol singer I have ever seen, could not understand what she was singing even though I know the words to that song and she cannot carry a tune at all….and she gets a standing ovation from the judges???? Bring back Simon Cowell! I am through with this show!

    • Jane Do

      She’s so fugly, she makes Nikki Minaj look good.

    • Jane Do

      She is so fugly, she makes Nicki Minaj look good.