The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its First Real Gameplay Trailer

    November 8, 2012
    Zach Walton
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I’ve mostly gotten over the existence of The Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll still get the excellent single-player romps through Tamriel, and the MMO junkies can explore one of the more interesting fantasy worlds in gaming history. It’s a win-win for everybody. Now that the shock has worn off, Zenimax Online is ready to take the wraps off its newest MMO.

Zenimax Online shared the very first gamplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online today. In it, the team talks about bringing together two very different games – the single-player epics and MMOs. The team also discusses some really ambitious MMO design elements such as the Megaserver that contains all the players on a single server.

The initial response to The Elder Scrolls Online was skepticism at best and outright hatred at worst. The early previews did little to allay those fears. The latest preview is actually exciting, and it looks pretty good. The emphasis on the traditional Elder Scrolls single-player may help bring in the traditional players into the fold.

If Zenimax Online can deliver what they showed today, I think that The Elder Scrolls Online may very well be a hit. It looks like the core Elder Scrolls experience has been preserved, and the MMO players will be content with the new innovations in the space.

  • Ryan

    awesome video… definitely getting this game… wish it was for console though! :)

  • Apophis

    I don’t see this working. Bethsda is shifting there target market, and the end result could prove disastrous for them. Also, Elder Scrolls has been primarily a console driven game. PC gamers aside, the average gamer is not going to spend 1,000 to 3,000 dollars on a platform to play a single game.

    This will be one Elder Scrolls game I’ll let pass by.

    ~ Apophis – veteran Elder Scrolls player and longtime fan

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I would argue that Elder Scrolls has always been primarily a PC game. Sure, the series really took off in popularity thanks to Oblivion being an early title for the Xbox 360, but the communities that form around the games are very PC centric.

      Also, the idea that a decent gaming PC costs over $1,000 is archaic and plain wrong. MMOs never take that much power to run, and a decent $600 PC will probably run the game. It’s not as cheap as a console, but a good PC is an investment that will outlast any console.

  • robert

    This game will be pretty awesome. I find it humorous that you(apophis) say that its primarily a console game. Don’t get me wrong I love using my controller on pc and i have been an avid gamer on consoles. As a owner of every version released for every system( xbox, pc, xbox 360, ps3) I can honestly say that PC is the greatest. The mods extend replay value and keep me playing. The graphics for PC put the consoles to shame and there is no comparison. Built my PC about a year ago for around 1200 and I can max graphics on every game( obviously i play many pc games). I agree Zach a PC will always outlast consoles. And skyrim by itself will last longer on PC because of the mods people make and how much support it gets on PC. Can your follower have a horse? do you have horse armors? missing the arena? how about more weapon or armor variations? you had to wait for hearthfire to be released before you could build your own house, meanwhile PC already had the mod… I’m just stating the obvious. Yes I max graphics and have the graphics mods as well but a low end PC could run this game with the same graphics a console has lol… I do not usually comment but after watching the trailer I am impressed. They are still capturing that which is the elder scrolls and forming it into an MMO ( still want my single player releases) but honestly the MMO market needs something new and fresh( most MMO’s are carbon copys of previous MMO’s and are unimpressive every MMO in 2012 was fail although i didnt try GW2, I didnt even bother.). I believe this is the MMO that will bring a fresh outlook and I cannot wait.