That "Rambo" Rail Shooter Gets Yet Another Trailer


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Back in July of 2013, Reef Entertainment announced Rambo: The Video Game alongside a suitably action-packed reveal trailer. The publisher promised “shoot-outs, stealth killings, demolition, knife-play, and more,” but the game itself looked like it was made for the PlayStation 2.

As more videos for the game emerged, it became clear that Rambo is an on-rails shooter (think Time Crisis or The House of the Dead) and that these action-packed moments would generally be played in the form of quick-time events.

Today Reef released yet another trailer for Rambo: The Video Game. This one is similar to a movie action trailer with plenty of cut scenes, gunfire, and explosions.

Those who have seen the game's previous trailers will notice that this new video shows a game that is slightly better-looking than the one seen previously. It seems that the game's developer has improved its visuals in the run-up to launch, most noticeably Rambo's character model.

Still, it won't be the acceptably lush jungle visuals that gamers come to Rambo: The Video Game for. It will be the action, and with the action in Rambo limited to point-and-shoot and quicktime events, the gaming world is likely to forget the game quickly after a few amusing "let's play" videos.