Thanksgiving Google Doodle Is All About Turkey Customization

By: Josh Wolford - November 22, 2011

Today, in honor of the week of Thanksgiving, Google has unveiled a pretty cool Doodle that features a customizable Turkey. A rather goofy looking Turkey, mind you.

Users can change the shape and colors of the feathers, the type of head covering, and the shoes of the turkey by clicking on the specific parts. The four feathers are available in many colors and designs, and you can make it wear a toboggan, a wizard hat, and eye patch, and football helmet and more. On the footwear side of things, you options include sneakers, high heels, roller skates and many more.

If you click on the turkey’s wing, is will randomize everything.

UPDATE: Through playing with the Doodle a little more and with a little help from commenters, we’ve found that there are plenty of little Easter eggs hidden in the Doodle. If you align the feathers, hats, and footwear in the right ways, you unlock some sweet hidden animations. The more we learn about this Doodle, the more it’s looking like a productivity killer.

Once you’ve finished your unique creation, you can grab a shortened link to share with friends which will link to your specific turkey design – similar to how you could share your unique songs with the Les Paul playable guitar Google Doodle.

And for the first time that I can recall, there is an actual Google+ share button built into the Doodle. Here’s the box that pops up if you want to share your turkey with your Google+ acquaintances:

See what crazy turkey design combinations you can create, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Josh Wolford

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  • rob

    You can find some fun “easter eggs” this thanksgiving in google’s doodle.

    Try making a pirate turkey with all black feathers or a wizardly turkey with all purple feathers, you can even end up with a turkey that ski’s but you will have to find that one on your own!!

    good luck and happy thanksgiving!

  • Travis Stahlhut

    I’ve discovered that when you use just the right combination of items you’ll get bonus stuff that pops up. I’ve only found one combination but I continue to look for more. Try using the football helmet, the football cleats, and then start with a blue feather and alternate back and fourth blue-white-blue-white. When you click that last white feather into place, it will add a foam finger to the wing and a football on a tee in front of the turkey! What other combinations are out there???

  • amy

    the astronaut one is all silver feathers, regular chicken feet and dark hair

  • Paige

    the tofu cube(with eyes) is all white feathers, messy curly hair and flip-flops

  • Kevin

    Wizard is all purple feathers, wizard hat, curly shoes.

  • Sarah

    Old Chap: Black hair all black feather’s and brown shoes

  • Gary

    How many has everyone found. I have six so far, but haven’t found the sking one yet

  • Paige
  • Kevin

    Bicycle: beanie, opposing chicken feet, blue, red, yellow, green feathers

  • Martha

    purple heels + long brown hair + teal, yellow, pink, magenta feathers (in that order left to right) = princess

  • Sharon J

    I am in Canada…don’t see a turkey. Is this for US residents only? :-(

    • Jerica

      Yes being that thanksgiving (at least the one on November 24th) is only a US holiday. It only plays in America.

  • Kevin

    Disco: curly, skates, all teal

  • Martha

    roller skates + brown afro + all teal/aqua/whatever you wanna call that color feathers = disco dude

  • jbmoney

    pirate patch all black feathers and peg leg makes pirate.

  • Martha

    (whoops, sorry Kevin, didn’t see that you’d already posted that one)

  • Scarlett

    Ok, there’s obviously a Michael Jackson turkey. There’s a sequined glove and those infamous shoes! Can’t get it to work. Do we have to wait until tomorrow??? My work day is already shot, reveal the MJ already!!!

  • Martha

    Actually, looking at the sprites picture someone posted, what we’re missing are the nerd, skier, and surfer. No MJ in evidence.

  • Gary

    Is only in the USA. Sorry Canada

  • Brandon Vernon

    I found the skiing turkey.

  • Sarah

    skier: feet the same way, cold weather hat and all blue

  • Gary

    Has anyone figured out the nerd yet?

    • Chris

      Glasses, Blue Sneakers, Orange, Orange, Yellow, Orange.

  • Sarah

    nerd: Glass, tennis shoes. orange, orange, yellow orange.

  • Gary

    How about the surfer dude?

  • Chris

    Surfer – Long Blonde Hair, Sandals, Green, Yellow, Pink, Green

  • Martha

    Whoo-hoo! So, to summarize:

    astronaut = parallel bare feet, black hair, stripy gray feathers
    bicycle = opposing bare feet, beanie, blue-red-yellow-lime
    disco dude = roller skates, brown afro, all teal
    football fan = cleats, helmet, dark blue-white-blue-white
    gentleman = brown dress shoes, black hair, all black
    nerd = sneakers, glasses, orange-orange-yellow-orange
    pirate = peg leg, eye patch, all black
    princess = heels, long brown hair, teal-yellow-pink-magenta
    skier = parallel bare feet, winter hat, blue-blue-blue-teal
    surfer = flip-flops, short blond hair, green-yellow-pink-green
    tofurkey = flip-flops, brown afro, all white
    wizard = purple boots, wizard hat, all purple

    (What I find odd is that everything has 12 variations, except the poor fourth feather, which only has 11.)

    • Michael

      Also, the long blond hair is not in any combination! :)

      • Martha

        There are a lot of things that are not in any combination: the ballet flats, the loafers, the powdered wig, the aforementioned blond ponytail, and the dotted gray feathers. If you look at it on a per-feather basis, there are even more – red or yellow for the first feather, dark blue for the second feather, etc.

    • Michael

      AND, what looks like sparkly silver leopard feathers are not used!

  • rich

    Thanks for the solution. found 5 on my own but was going to kill the rest of the night trying combos. now I can sleep

  • jaw crusher and ball mill

    the ballet flats, the loafers, the powdered wig, the aforementioned blond ponytail, and the dotted gray feathers.

  • buzzit

    Google is hinting in its blog that there may be 12 different turkeys. find the 12 turkeys here at

    • Martha

      Uh, I think that site totally missed the point. There are 12 easter egg turkeys, i.e. combinations which cause something special to happen. Of those, that site has found exactly none. If we’re talking plain turkeys, i.e. number of different turkeys possible, that’s 12×12×12×12×12×11 = 2737152.

  • jaw crusher and ball mill

    If you click on the turkey’s wing, is will randomize everything

  • jeff

    1. eye patch, peg leg, all black feathers
    2. wizard hat, purple boots, all purple feathers
    3. football helmet, cleats, alternating blue and white feathers
    4. afro, skates, all turqoise feathers
    5. Burnet hair, high heels, feathers from right to left: turqoise, yellow, pink, pink
    6. Black hair, no shoes, gray striped fingers
    7. Black hair, old brown shoes, all black feathers
    8. glasses, blue shoes, dark orange, fluffy orange, fluffy yellow, fluffy orange
    9. ski hat, no shoes, all blue feathers
    10.blonde hair, flip flops, feathers: green, yellow, pink, green
    11.propeller hat, no shoes, feathers: blue, red, yellow, green
    12.afro, flip flops, all white feathers

    • Martha

      There are two different bare feet. See my summary above for a more accurate listing of all the easter eggs.

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  • fine crusher

    If you click on the turkey’s wing, is will randomize everything.

  • Donna

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  • ball mill

    the astronaut one is all silver feathers, regular chicken feet and dark hair