Terrell Owens a Free Agent Once Again

    August 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Less than one month after being signed by the Seattle Seahawks, Terrell Owens has been released and is a free agent once again. The wide receiver announced his new free agency via his Twitter account:

Even though they didn’t believe Owens was right for the pared-down Seahawks roster, the organization had nothing but praise for the player. Coach Pete Carroll said on the Seahawks blog that Owens can still “run real fast” and that he could still make plays. From the blog post:

“I think he’s an extraordinary guy. He was fantastic with our players. Everybody liked him. He worked hard and got along with everybody. I think he’s uniquely gifted in how he sees the world. He’s been through so much. Few people would be able to understand what he carries with him from his past. Now he is a changed guy, in a sense that he wants to do something really special in these last couple years of his career. I think he’ll do that wherever he winds up.”

Owens’ release was part of a league-mandated roster-reduction to 75 players. Carroll said he thought there simply wasn’t enough time for Owens “to really get established for us in a way that it made sense to keep him. The Seahawks blog post also mentions that Owens’ increasing age (he’s 38) and being away from the NFL for two years meant he was put into an “unfamiliar situation.” Carroll again, from the blog post:

“We really like the group that we’ve assembled,” Carroll said of the wide receivers. “Terrell came in here and busted his tail. He looked really effective right from the start. But as we just took a look at our guys that have come through the program and the guys that are growing up with us, we just thought it would best for us to stay with those guys.”

  • Shane shoemaker

    I think Seattle made a big mistake, there roster include nobodies! Braylon Edwards happend to make a couple catches we all know that won’t continue.. Sydney rice will get hurt and then they will be in trouble as their left with a bunch of average midget receivers. T.O clearly wasn’t right with Flynn did have a huge drop but he did get wide open, cut him some slack as he probably was nervous. Now bring in russel Wilson and T.O looked a little better. Give him another preseason game and I tho k he starts getting more and more comfortable. It was clear he was in shape, physical could still win off the ball and Seattle Definately needs that! They will be sorry, but again Pete Carroll hasn’t won since he left SC!
    I hope T.O gets a chance with a team like the jets who desperately need a big physical receiver, no touchdowns through 3 preseason games! The titans, the dolphins, the raiders, the broncos, chargers, if something happens to dez or miles the cowboys. Just some thoughts

    • Miller

      For Terrell, I wish him well. I read comments made before his touch down into Seattle. A majority of the fans (with small minds) were intimidated and running off at the mouth, saying inappropriate and insensitive words. In my opinion, The Seahawks went along with the “small town minds”. A big mistake. Twice. Seattle got rid if the Sonics, and now trying to put the pressure on the fans to bring them back.

      If you have contact with Terrell or his management, please leave an email for business proposal.