Teresa Giudice: Is Jacqueline Laurita Stalking Her?

By: Amanda Crum - September 27, 2012

The fun never stops when it comes to the girls from “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”, as Anderson Cooper proved when he had Teresa Giudice on his show “Anderson Live” yesterday.

After the housewives’ reunion show–which got uglier than most people were prepared for (and we were prepared for a lot)–Teresa felt she should make the rounds and try to explain her side of things. Cooper called her out for quite a bit of it, saying, “Who cares? You’re not 12-years old!” when she defended her cruel assessment of Caroline Manzo during their on-air argument. But he got to the meat of the story very quickly when he brought up Jacqueline Laurita’s visit to his show, during which he asked her point-blank who had not been supportive of her recent revelation that her son has autism. While Jacqueline swerved around the question, it was clear the answer was Teresa, and when asked about it, Teresa insisted she had reached out to Jacqueline when the news broke…with a text.

When Cooper pressed her, asking why she didn’t call her old friend, Teresa replied, “It’s gone further than that…If I show you the texts she sent to me, it’s like if it keeps going, eventually I’m going to go to the cops because I want her to leave me alone. I did nothing to her.”

Teresa says that there were a “lot of things” said to her during the reunion show that didn’t get caught on camera, and what we saw was her defending herself against them. However, anyone who has watched the show knows about Teresa’s track record, so it’s hard to say whether or not she’s being truthful.

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  • Nafilia Long

    Why are people supporting this very rude, angry, jealous, envious, … woman? She looks as if she has not fully evolved with hair growing down her face and she has a sick obsession for her own brother which is disgusting even if it’s done in jest. It seems that Teresa and her parents put too much of their hope in Joey taking care of them and got pissed off when he got a wife and his own family to care for. If they loved him more than themselves, they’d support his family and love them through a successful life. He doesn’t owe them anything but to love and respect them. Teresa is a fool and so is her bulldog looking husband.

    • Dannett Frey

      I agree with you on so many points. But you really have to understand that the reason she has made money, is because she acts outrageous and sells lies about her cast mates. The people offering her these opportunities cash in on the gossip and hate she spews. When the trip in Napa happened and Joe Guidice admitted they sold whatever stories the magazines wanted and asked why the others didn’t Chris Larita stated Jacqueline was approached but turned them down because she did not want to spread stuff about Teresa. Joe G. told him they were stupid.

      Moral, ethics, respect, personal pride keeps the others from getting the ‘same’ amount of money as Teresa. Sell yourself to the devil and there is hell to pay.

      • Karen

        Go back and read the Life & Style issues with Teresa on the cover. She doesn’t say anything about her castmates. The magazine uses quotes that the other women actually said on the show. The quotes are not from Teresa. They were just angry that she wss the cover, not them.

    • Karen

      Joey and Melissa went on this show to trash Teresa. Why doesn’t Joey just live his life? Why is he putting family issues on TV? Because he thinks this will make his ‘dancer’ wife famous.

      Read Melissa’s very first Bravo blog. All she does is complain that Teresa did not put her and Joey on TV.

  • Nikki Thomas

    Teresa never admits any wrongdoing in anything. She thinks everyone is jealous of her and if they don’t completely agree with her, then she throws them to the curb. I do respect her ability to make money on her own however. Successful cookbook, tv appearances, if everyone else can do it, why can’t she? She is also extremely loyal to her family, so even though she has a warped sense of what friendships are all about, she does have some values I can actually give her credit for.

  • Brenda Ness

    I think T is bipolar or has some other form of mental illness. She really believes she has done nothing wrong… I mean she really believes that. Very sad.

    • Dannett Frey

      She has the criteria for narcissistic personality and possibly other closely related mental health disorders. She is on a horrible collision course and like others in the media that have had this collision course, it is going to be public and ugly. She is out of control and we are all forced to watch it happen. She should bow out of the limelight, but her mental health issues won’t let her.

      • Karen

        She has no mental health issues. Don’t be ridiculous.

    • Karen

      What has she done wrong?

      • stephanie

        She has done a lot of things wrong.. She is uneducated, I don’t where she went to college, she certainly did not pass in English class, she has no class and is in complete denial about her actions… she never owns anything that she is wrong about.She plays the victim card and never admits her wrong doing, yes she has best seller books, but she has PR people that are helping her with this

  • Natalia

    It is quite obvious that Teresa is bipolar. No matter what is going on between Teresa and her cast mates, it is still sad to allow this woman to go untreated. She could still be on TV, but perhaps lead a more tranquil existence. Her children need her, and she is a talented writer. She needs to have treatment, and it is very sad if it is not encouraged or offered. I will add, I really don’t care for the woman, but would like very much to see her get help.

    • dr. josh

      finally, someone i can agree with. i don’t watch the show, but caught the reunion special and wow.

  • marie

    I think Teresa is one whacked out chick! I used to find the show midly entertaining but now I can’t even stand to watch it. I feel so sorry for those children of hers because they don’t stand a chance being raised by those two idiots. I LOVE the comment someone made about the hair growing down her face. Hysterical and too true! She disgusts me the way she sits there and tries to pretent she doesn’t stir the pot, tries to pretend that she is wronged by everyone and the way she fails to be accountable for ANYTHING! It scares me to watch her behavior and I pray that I never end up with those types of people in my life again! I agree with Dannett on the Narcissistic Personality Disorder as I have lived with one! And Karen, what kind of rock do you live under that you can’t see this woman is one brick short of a load? I bet you buy her crappy books, too don’t you? I wouldn’t buy anything affiliated with that crazy broad with someone else’s money!!!!!

  • Pamila

    Man, does he not try and put words in her mouth. His tact has a lot to be desired. He is not very professional he is also not a Teresa fan. It was a joke for him to have her on. He needs to watch the reunion before he judges her on a comment she made, then he would know the situation. Everyone has a defense mode, and Teresa for sure has a reason

  • Sayit

    I think all these women are is in a race to acquire some fame and fortune. It’s just the way they go about it. There appears to be a lot of jealousy between Caroline, Melissa and Theresa. Theresa is the most successful of the group and this doesn’t rest well with the others. So when the last fiasco occurred, it was because of ? meeting with that dude Angelo who said he knew Melissa 7 years ago when she was a stripper/dancer. Jaqueline supposedly was a stripper/dancer so she sided with Melissa and she is going through a rift with Theresa because she said Theresa doesn’t call her anymore, and they used to be such great friends. Meanwhile this was just another fiasco to gang up on Theresa and get some attention for the other cast members. Dina is the smart one. She’ll have none of Caroline or these witch hunt, attention seeking damsels. They sell eachother short for a piece of the pie every time. They are the antiheroines of their day.

  • cmmckim

    The real story should be about Tre’s husband. That phone call he was involved in when they were at the vineyard in CA hasn’t been mentioned.

    I can’t believe he allowed “them” to share that unless they are both on the money train. People who do outrageous things get noticed. Tre and Joe have managed that with soap opera flair. I can only hope women are not allowing their children to watch these shows so they don’t get brain washed like we did in the 60’s and 70’s by Eros love being the norm. We were trained wrong on how to love as television baby sat us in the years after WWII. That war brought women out of the homes and into the work place more than any time in history. I am glad women have this freedom, it should have happened sooner. But, it;s nearly impossible for people to live in the US without two incomes now and it is easier for a man (or woman) to pick up and leave their family if the wife (or husband) can earn enough to keep a roof and food going.

    Frankly I don’t care who stays home with the kids but it should be one of the parents, not nanny’s, family members, or hired strangers. Look at how the housewives children are being raise. Those who stay at home and tend their kids have children that are generally well behaved, mentally sound and intelligent. Those who allow their kids to be tended by others clash with their kids’ behavior or ignore their poor behavior out of guilt.

    Let this be a lesson to anyone breeding out there…raise your own kids and don’t allow your private business to be public, edited for shock value and perpetuating and condoning verbal and emotional abuse. The housewives shows are shock value, put me on TV to show just how good or bad I can be, edited for the most intense effect trash TV….just like all of the so called reality shows today. Change the channel. I have.



  • Kbush

    I think Karen is Theresa….

  • etta

    I have been to many comment boards of late but I have to hand it to all for being the strangest batch so far.

  • Ashley

    I agree with Karen.