Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Want Cameras In The Courtroom

    August 20, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe have been involved in a massive legal battle over the past year, and according to some sources, the reality star doesn’t want cameras to capture the moment she is sentenced next month for fraud charges.

Giudice likely won’t get jail time, rumor has it, but her husband may face several years in prison for failure to file a correct tax return for four consecutive years and applying for loans with falsified documents. The couple have starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for several seasons, where the drama has played out for audiences, but Giudice reportedly doesn’t want Bravo to send their cameras into the courtroom in September.

“Teresa doesn’t want cameras from Bravo to be at her sentencing on September 23, and has told producers of the show her thoughts. Bravo doesn’t care what Teresa wants or thinks, and they are done protecting her,” a source said.

Giudice recently gave her daughter, Gia, a massive diamond ring which she claimed was a family heirloom, and the exchange was captured on camera for the show. However, a rumor is circulating online that the ring was actually a gift from a jeweler and that the gesture was actually just a push for the jewelry company.

The reality star and author has said that the couple’s children don’t know the details of their legal battles but is no afraid to come back to television, saying she will never hide.

“Hiding is the easy way out, and I’ll never do that, I can’t stop the world from gossiping, but it’s always in the back of my mind,” she said.

  • Habibi

    They BOTH plead guilty. Why should she not get prison time? Anyone else would.

  • Delysia

    The judicial system can be bought! Neither one of them will serve jail time. Money talks!!

    • Benjamin Ghazi

      As the rest are told, “sacrifice” and work harder, besides it is all god’s plan anyway right? The country needs a solid 10 year plague!

  • Linda

    Wow!! Mostly likely no jail time. Make me sick!

    • Benjamin Ghazi

      Is this your first day in the United States?
      This happens everyday 24/7.

      Hw about what all the religions get away with, and the kicker, the sheep still run to defend them. The whole country is a lie!

  • honus wagner

    if they both don’t do time then there’s a major flaw in our legal system. This has been dragged out long enough for the lawyers to make up their own scenario’s but guilty is guilty and if it weren’t a TV reality ploy they’d be in jail already as would anyone else who stole from the banks and govt,GUILTY and Jail time, they EARNED it, LOL

  • jitoria

    Makes me sick too, The whole country is suffering with money problems, and does not get away with what she and her husband has got away with.

  • michael

    send them to jail… that’s what anyone else would get

  • DH

    Teresa NEEDS to do time, otherwise this sends a TERRIBLE message to
    all HONEST TAX PAYING citizens, Joe and Teresa STOLE $12 million with
    47 counts of bank, mortgage and IRS fraud plus identity theft, and no time?

  • Pac10champs

    They both deserve prison. Set an example.

  • John

    If she escapes jail time the whole system is just as fraudulent as they are.
    They both forged documents and both did not file taxes and both were found
    guilty and both should serve time. Scum they are .

  • Mari Poli

    These people are criminals, I will never understand why Bravo T.V allowed to continue on the show…. its simply condoning criminal behavior

    • Rayzor

      Because they love dirty laundry.

  • Rayzor

    They can’t do any jail time! What about the children? The children would suffer so badly! B.S. -We all know that parents that commit crimes are separated from their children everyday. Those parents don’t have TV shows.