Teen With Pellet Gun Shot By Police 7 Times

    October 25, 2013
    Erika Watts
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A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police on Tuesday afternoon after they spotted him carrying a pellet gun that looked like an AK-47 rifle. The two deputies didn’t realize the gun was fake and shot the teen seven times in about 10 seconds because they feared for their lives. The teen, identified as Andy Lopez Cruz, was an eighth grader living near Santa Rosa, California.

According to the report, the teen was told to put the gun down twice before the deputies opened fire. The deputies, who say they didn’t realize how young Andy was, said that the teen turned around and had the barrel of the rifle pointing at them. The pellet gun didn’t have the federally required orange tip that indicates it is fake, so the deputies thought it was real.

Here is the pellet gun that Andy Lopez had:


“He was holding it in his left hand, he turned toward his right, and in doing so moved the gun toward the deputy, and in his mind, he was fearful he would be shot,” said Santa Rosa Police Lt. Paul Henry. “The deputy then fired several rounds from his service weapon at the subject, striking him at least one time. The subject immediately fell to the ground.”

According to a neighbor that saw part of the incident, the police officers shot Andy after he was on the ground. The neighbor, Ethan Oliver. went outside after he heard two gunshots. “Then the cops went at it again and unloaded like 6 to 7 shots,” said Oliver. When Oliver was asked if he meant that Andy Lopez was shot after falling to the ground, Oliver said, “Yeah. Exactly what I saw.”

Andy’s family and friends are furious with the police officers for not taking the time to find out that the gun was fake. “He was a great boy, and I treated him like he was my son,” family friend Alma Galvan said. “Why couldn’t the police just shoot him in the hand or at least in the leg? Why did they have to kill him?”

During a news conference police said that it is difficult to tell a real rifle and an air soft rifle (pellet gun) apart. A police officer holds up a real AK-47 rifle and compares it to the pellet gun replica.


“They kinda look the same,” neighbor Christina Avila conceded, “but at the same time if you’re law enforcement your job is to know what’s real and what’s fake.”

Do you think police were in the right to shoot the teen? Respond below.

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  • Police Violence is Increasing

    We have an epidemic of police violence, judicial corruption, and unwarranted incarceration in this nation. It is getting out of control. Since 9/11, we have been on the steady path towards becoming a fully functional police state. The evidence is right before our eyes.

    If you ever have been around cops, you know they are gung-ho and soldier wannabees. They relish the chance to shoot someone. It does not surprise me at all they shot this kid after he was already shot and on the ground. Remember the guy that got shot 46 times by the police? If you don’t here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7upAFC2GR2c . A man holding a simple small knife is surrounded by cops and shot 46 times. Believe me, there are other ways to disarm a person.

    I am sorry but this is not some war torn country. There are not kids walking around heavily armed in this country. Doesn’t common sense tell you that the odds of the gun being real is slim to none? If he was injured and on the ground, then they shot again, then that is nothing but an execution.

    Do you really want to give up your guns America? Do you really believe that we could not become a police state? Really?

  • Tobias Roth

    This is absurd…so many kids in this country are raised playing with guns. That, in itself can be a bad thing, but now they can be shot and killed by police officers who see them with their real looking toys? What is going on with police officers when this happens?

  • Jen

    It shocks me how ignorant the general public is. Police have to make split second, life and death decisions. It is sad that a 13 year old died but what choice did the police have? Common sense should tell you that in this day and age it isn’t appropriate to be walking around with anything that resembles a gun, let alone turn towards the police with it. The police did the right thing in this situation.I’m sure the decision, even though it was correct, will haunt him for the rest of his life. It’s a tragedy in every sense.

    • Garret

      It shocks me how ignorant you are to make claims about the ignorance of the general public while you apparently did not even read the whole article. The shocking part is not that a child was murdered by police while carrying a toy that looked like a deadly assault weapon, it is that they fired numerous rounds after he had already been shot to the ground. Yes the general public is ignorant, you have proved that in posting your ill-informed opinion. Posting about something you failed to read is as ignorant as one can be. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • Backlash

    There’s a kid near a friend of mine house, that has a black electric taped toy assault rifle. He scared the crap out of me when I seen it. I nearly drew my concealed weapon on him and fired. This kid stands nearly 6ft. tall and have mental issues. And Cops are always over in that area, I’m not surprised he haven’t been shot yet.

    The problem is kids take these toy weapons and alter their toy appearance to make them look real. Then as the kid in California they get killed who is the blame? The parents or the police. Because I can guarantee sooner or later even that big kid here in Virginia will get shot if his parents don’t listen.

  • Backlash

    On that same note Police will not hesitate to shoot a minority with a Weapon than a Caucasian. When in most violent cases Caucasians are the offenders.

    Go figure?